Flying High

The thought of you
Sends my heart racing
At incredible speed.

My mind wishes
It was just you and me
Alone on an island.

You send a rush
That sends tingles
Up and down my body.

As your cock
Enters my pussy
Faster, deeper, harder.

Making me moan
As you thrust in and out
My mind sores high in delight.

My body twitches
As it reaches it’s climax
I burst all over you.

My juices dribble in and out my hole
As you keep the rhythm going
Feeling myself tighten around you tight.

Oh fuck the warm sensation fills me up
As you empty out I moan deeply
While you kiss my body and hold me.

Not wanting to release just yet
Your cock feels so good resting there
My emotions are flying high.

I bite my lip and hold back my words
Not wanting to scare you away
So I keep my mouth sealed.

I am thinking I love you
And I want to tell you
But am I just feeling the moment…of flying high?


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