Helping Hand

You’re going through a lot and it’s written all over your face
I genuinely care for you and nothing that I do or say is fake
The look in your eyes never lies and shows that you’re tired
They’re the windows to our soul that usually expose our desires
So if there’s anything I can do to help uplift you just holla at a dude
You put your faith in GOD to do the job but just know I’m here for you too
We all need a helping hand to help us stand and this I wholeheartedly understand
I’ve myself gone through hell that most can’t tell but it’s made me a stronger man
This isn’t about me but I just want you to see that I overstand life’s journey
The trials and tribulations that we all be facing sometimes makes it hard to breathe
So the purpose of this is to send you a virtual kiss on your forehead
When you need someone to lean on during your storm then I am here


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