The Ride

You picked me up one day
I whisper “Between you and I this must stay.”

You smile and agree
As you place your hand on my left knee.

While you drive and find someplace to park
I kiss your neck and leave a mark.

Your hand slides to where I’m wet
I purr loudly as you start to pet.

You pull over off the road
I moan softly that I want you and your load.

Reaching over you lower my seat
As I look into your eyes my heart skips a beat.

I drop my pants to the floor
Before I know it our heat starts to sore.

In and out you throb and pulse
This is what I’ve been wanting and nothing else.

I rock my hips as we go fast and deep
The same pass I do keep.

Moaning your name as we cum at last
We keep going deep and fast.

As you pound my pussy my nails dig into you back
Harder and deeper you hit me with your balls sack.

“Oh fuck!” I moan and moan
You bite your lip and start to groan.

With one final push our bodies twitch and release
You look at me then you kiss ever curve and crease.

We get dressed and sit a minute in our seats
Smiling knowing we let out our inner beasts.

Thank you I manage to push through my lips
Before you leaned in for a sweet kiss.

You drove away us hand in hand
Everything went exactly as planned.


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