Fucked Into Submission

Deep strides as I gaze into your innocent eyes
I want you, you lay there, while thick firm passionate love takes over you
wet in every position of penetration, tears of weak tingly secretions as your legs tremble and my cock savors and devours your body’s sensations.
I miss you.
orgasm after orgasms moans of pleasure as we both cum together.
Fucked into submission again and again grabbed by the throat pulled by the hair as it hurts
But you want me to, you cry and spread for more as you cum for me
so wet inside I slide in deep u scream.

To weak legs trembling wet out of breadth then I hear your sweet voice as you can hardly breathe, fuck me again baby please.

I’m so horny my cock refuses to sleep, so hard it hurts till ur pussy so full that it squeeze
Inside you is every full inch of me so wide so deep
I love the way your so tiny, and take all of me.


The Vibes Of Extasy

Grabbed by the waist your heartbeat increase as I pull you both closer to me
my tongue caress your breast nipples as my hands, slides down her body,
down between your thighs, ur wet inside,
feeling your body shiver just before I eat
grace before meals while she takes me Deep
I love the way you moan for me

Grabbed by the waist, S.W.A.G. position for me,
Sex with a bit of Gangsta, babygirl slow wine for me,
Breathless as I give you both my love in excess, deep strides of extasy.

A Good Morning Fuck

The alarm clock.
It’s 5:30.
Just getting light.
I set it 30 minutes early.
So we’d have time.
We fell asleep spooned.
We awake spooned.
After this many years.
It’s the way we are.
Half asleep.
My hand fondles her breast.
She takes my hand.
Kisses it.
Moves it to her panties.
Slowly I slide my hand inside.
As soon as my finger.
Touches the top of her pussy.
She spreads her legs.
My fingers find her pussy lips.
Her clit.
Rub it.
She squirms.
Begins to sigh.
I move her panties.
To her knees.
To her feet.
And off.
She spreads her legs wider.
Her hand finds my swollen cock.
Strokes it.
Finds a drop of pre-cum on its tip.
Pulls it to her pussy.
Parts her pussy lips with it.
Mixing my pre-cum with her wetness.
I fill her.
My cock deeply in her cunt.
I slide in and out of her.
Each time deeper.
Each time with more force.
I slide my skin against hers..
I lie.
On top of her.
Her legs wrap around my hips.
Holding my groin against hers.
With a kiss,
A deep long one.
I cum within her.
She cums with me in her.
I sigh.
She smiles.
“Good morning.”

Programed For Sex

Two weeks in the Spanish sun, just what the doctor ordered, was going to be a lazy time just eating and worshiping the warm rays and looking at all the beautiful women’s tanned bodies in the swimwear, that didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Some of the women’s bikini panties showed more than they were conscious of revealing in that their swollen, wet lips and moist patches in the garment or hard nipples. While extremely exciting, and cock erectile stimulating, for him, it might have been embarrassing for the girls, or mature women, wearing the swimwear.

A computer programmer, working for a big games company based in London, though they had offices all over the world, with a big financial turnover of millions. He had always been interested in compute games. At school his mum was always reminding him to ‘Do your homework and stop playing that stupid game!’ His mum was right. Too much time playing the latest action adventure game resulted in him just passing his school exams, though he got an ‘A’ in computer studies. His mum wasn’t too pleased with her son’s lack of academic ability, but at least he managed to concentrate long enough to pass something. Maybe, she hoped, his fascination with computer games might result in a job one day. Little did she know how much her son’s obsession would have such a dramatic effect on, not only him but her? Now, instead of her supporting him, he was supporting her. A single parent, bring up three children, wasn’t easy, but she managed. The two girls a boy all had good jobs and were making their own way in the world. She was a granny to the beautiful grandchildren.

After doing an access course to university, he gained a first-class honours degree in computer science. From university worked at various jobs from being a labourer on a building site to McDonald’s. Anything to pay-off the horrendous debt he managed to accumulate while at university. If it wasn’t for the fact he knew what he was going with his computer knowledge, he would have flunked university as well as school. Wine, women and song was the order of the day! In the ‘real’ world he had to get the £50,000+ debt down. Boy, he drank and shagged and lived the high life! The girls at uni were gorgeous and very sexual. A young boys dream. He licked a lot of pussy and nipples. Euphemistically saying his mouth was always covered in pussy juice and cock ready to fuck at a moment’s notice! Enjoying fucking pussy and anal, rimming a lot of arse. It was a wonder that his cock was stills attached to his balls! Seeing all the girls in their sexy panties and bras for the wet patches outlining their wet pussy as they saw the erect cock in his briefs. Kissing passionately for the first time and sliding his hand down to cup the wet pussy in her panties, which felt so amazingly exhilarating touching the girl’s wet womanhood. Most of their pussies were shaved and got very wet indeed when his hand would slide into their skimpy panties with a wet gusset where the prize was housed. Some were hairy with lots of bush around their puffy lips. Some were half shaven with a line at both sides of the lips and a tuft of hair above the clit. Some had small compact lips, while others were fleshy and got extremely swollen and wet. The breasts were amazing and the nipples got so large and exuded milk. He caught have sucked their tits for hours. He must have drank a few pints of milk while at university. If it were possible he could do a Ph.D. in shagging and tasting pussy, but thought how I could explain his Ph.D. research! ‘Ah, well!’ the Ph.D. Is in human biology. ‘You’re a medical doctor?’ ‘Sort of!’

Yes! He enjoyed his university days and gained a lot of life experiences. Ok! Have a big eight-inch cock might have helped. He wasn’t a Cloney look-alike, but nature was kind in giving him a big cock, which was quick to erect and the swollen helmet was huge. Getting a fast acting hard-on was an advantage and disadvantage. When a woman wanked for a couple of minutes his cock would harden ready for action, but when he saw a beautiful woman then the thing had a mind of its own and would resemble a growing rock. Embarrassing when wearing jeans and a T-shirt and his cock would erect spontaneously. For this reason, he always wore a long coat.

University was past and now it was time to knuckle down and try to pay off his huge debt. After various non-exiting jobs, he finally landed the dream. A computer programmer making computer action adventure games for all those addicted young boys, like he was at school, to while away the hour. Not only was he doing his dream job, but he got paid a fortune for doing it. How lucky was he!

The next couple of years were spent working all the hours and paying of the debt. They don’t tell you about debt at school. In his case, they didn’t teach him much at all. He didn’t really have time for a good shag, though there were one or two girls in the office he feasted on and fucked hard. One-night stands. The thrill of tasting sweet pussy was still there. Some men find their kicks from smoking or drinking, but the taste, and smell, of pussy juice did it for him every time. Watching her take off her bra and seeing her in her lace, or plain white, was so exciting. Fingers up the wet pussy, making it squelch, was heaven on earth. Feeling the eight-hard cock in her mouth, squeezing the shaft each time he thrusted and being sucked dry was mind-blowing.

The bank account grew and the debt was almost paid off. He bought his mother a new house and made sure that she was not financially poor. She was so proud of her son’s achievements even though he would remind her of the constant nagging she’d give him for playing computer games. Now the gamer was supporting his old mum instead of her supporting him.

The one luxury he enjoyed, during the hard-working days of paying off the debt, was his love of fast cars. ‘Chick pullers’ as he called them! Having a good salary meant he could indulge himself buying Porches and Lotuses, but by far his favourite was the Ferrari Testarossa. The Ferrari was a dream to drive and quite a head turner. On sunny summer days with the wind in his hair was such an exhilarating ex, it was almost as good as having a good blowjob and spunking in her mouth. Almost, but not quite!

Now, a couple years since joining the company and climbing the ladder to second in command, was time to relax on a good holiday. Sun, sand and sex! Spain was the chosen destination as it met the criteria and wasn’t too far flung. The flight to Spain was routine and relatively boring. Plastic food served on plastic trays with an accompanying drink in a plastic glassed dished out by beautiful stewardesses. One stew in particular was extremely beautiful and he could feel his cock erecting. Shiny black hair and a body so hot a man would spunk automatically. ‘OMG!’ he thought as his cock grew and bulged in his jeans and was glad he was wearing a long coat.

The hotel was lavish with expensive-looking decor and soft lighting. All designed to give the air if sophistication and all that psychological crap. His room was very nice with a double bed, TV and private bar, which you no doubt pay a fortune for a glass of water. The bathroom was functional with a separate shower instead of over the bath. The room was clean and tidy. After all he was only going to sleep and shite there!

On the beach the next day, wearing sunglasses and a long lightweight coat, to hide his suspected hard-on, over his swim boxer’s, trying to look ‘cool,’ but failing miserably. The sun was blue with wall-to-wall sun and the turquoise sea slowly lapped on the beach. A perfect scene in every way as the travel magazines show. Sun, sand and gorgeous women wearing bikinis, which showed off their beautiful tanned bodies and shapely legs. Trying not to overtly stair at them, in a tongue out ‘fuck me’ way his could sense his eight-inch piece of meal tingling and getting hard. Wow! Those bodies are a sight to behold. There were large, small and in-between breasts. Some of the lighter coloured bikinis showed the women’s plump succulent nipples. Looking down to their pussies he could see some had swollen bulges with tell-tale signs of pussy juice, which made him salivate even more and his cock erect even more.

One of the beauties suddenly looked his way and trying extremely hard not to stair show she had shoulder-length black her and a body to die for. She was looking at him! Probably size 36 round perfect breasts, not that he knew a lot about breast sizes, shapely tanned legs and a bulging pussy. Trying desperately not to look as nervous as sitting an exam or your driving test, she majestically walked up the white sands towards him. Body so beautiful and perfect the spunk in his balls stirred.

‘Hello! I’m Michelle,’ she said in a soft Scottish accent.

I’m Hugh. Nice to meet you Michelle. ‘

After the introductions and trivia things moved pretty fast. As soon as his hotel door closed she pushed him to the wall and the started wildly, feverishly kissing. Saliva and tongues were busy. His hand automatically slid between her legs. The pussy bulged out from the bikini and the material moist to the touch. Her hand felt his hard cock in his boxers. ‘OMG!’ she cried, joyfully.

Sliding her hand down the boxers pulled and wanked the helmeted cock and squeezed the spunk-filled balls. Two fingers up her puffy lipped, wet pussy he fucked her senseless and very wet. Falling to her knees took the eight-inch hard cock into her mouth to suck hard. Twisting, gorging hungrily she gagged and saliva drippled down her chin. Pressing her head onto his cock so it deep-throated more. Pumping increased and she gagged and salivated more. While speedily fucking, her mouth his hand exposed her tits and were rubbing them crazily, tweaking the pink plump nipples.

Leaning against the wall parted her bared leg, ready to be fucked up the arse. Lubing the rock-hard cock on the wet swollen crack he pushed the rock up her tight arsehole and slowly fucked. Faster and faster the rock fucked, balls slapping in time. Louder and louder she moaned and groaned as the ram-rod thrusted. Fucking and moaning noisily she screamed ‘Oh, God!’

Falling back on the bed he circled her swollen clit, rubbing it frantically in a circular motion with the palm while pulling and twisting the plump pink nipples, centred on a hued brown sphere. Harder and faster he circled the sensitive pink ball, her moans increased in volume, louder and louder she screamed as her clit became more sensitive. The more he rubbed her clit and finger fucked her very wet pussy, pushing two fingers as far up as possible, hearing the symphonic squelching of her juice, as her body arched under the fucking and rubbing. The bombardment increased in intensity until she gave a loud scream, body shaking violently, and squirted warm sticky pussy juice out in a cascade of fountainous magnitude, light hitting the juice as it was ejected in an array of prismed colours. Positioning himself in front of her breach legs he ran his helmeted cock up and down the puffy, wet crack until the veined cock was as hard as a rock. Pushing the helmeted purple swollen head veined cock into the tight, wet hole he started to slowly start to fuck. In and out the shaft went, pounding in and out the wet tunnel, getting wetter with each thrust. Brushing the G-spot with each thrust of the erectile rock. Fucking stupidly, she screamed noisily. Holding onto her tits with each fuck, to increase his thrusting momentum, he shot his creamy spunk up the tunnel before withdrawing and kneeling on the bed, over her face, so she could greedily deep-throat. Rubbing her clit, which was swollen and out of its hood, as she gorged. Wildly rubbing the swollen pink ball and her body shaking violently soon saw a jet of pussy juice cascading through the air.

Seconds later, after her quivering body had stopped, they went under the sheet and fell asleep cuddling. Later that day he packed to return to London.

‘Nice holiday?’ his colleagues asked.

‘Yes! It was ok, thanks.’

Crack Demon

Crack Demon loved boys. Loved flirting with them and alluring them into dark places that only hell could provide.

Ten so far. Ten young men, seduced from their innocent worlds and sucked down the rabbit hole of hell.

Big demon too. Big red dick, sprouting up hard, with big, round, tight balls filled with fire and cum.

His name was Bill. The demon that is. Taken cover in an older man’s body. Big, beefy, muscle ass with big arms and hairy chest, and balls that bunched in tight blue jeans. Fat soft cock, trailing down leg. Imprint of the head, clear as day, you could trace your finger along the rim.

The demon had a handsome face. Dark blue eyes, thick brown hair and full mustache. Beautiful soft lips.

First kid was Wallace, working at Discount Records. A small music store at the far end of a fading mall with very little life. Rumor had it, the mall was about to be knocked down, which made sense that everyone except a few stores were still in operation.

But Wallace didn’t care. He had another job already lined up at the end of the summer, and just stayed on for the hell of it. To ride it out till the end.

It was almost closing when Bill strolled into the store. “You still open, boy?” The demon asked, big hands on either hips, thrusting forward his crotch at the counter for the boy to see. He was also wearing a red cap turned backwards, and an open blue flannel checkered shirt.

“Huh? Oh. I’m….ÿeah. You have about ten minutes, can I help you?”

Wallace had never seen a man like Bill before. A big masculine sir with full arms, legs and fat package and a beautiful brown carpet of chest hair. He had to look away from blushing.

“Yes.” said Bill, little smirk on his face knowing that the kid was already uncomfortable. This kid was gonna be a piece of cake. His first one at that, since he smoked his way out of hell.

“Looking for country and western boy? You have any of that?”

“Um, …” Wallace took off his glasses, pushed his falling blond hair out of his eyes, and looked toward the far back. “Not much, but, there’s a small section back there by the posters. Mostly old.”

“That’s fine. Thanks.”

“No problem, sir. Let me know if you need any help finding something.”

“Rest assure I will, boy.” Bill winked, patting his big hands on his legs like, come and get it boy, giddy up!

Seeing that the store was empty, the demon wasted no time.

Stepping into the back area near the poster wall, the demon turned around, un-zippered his jeans and, after a grunt, dropped it’s fat cock down between it’s legs.

The demon spread his legs further and pulled out a long glass pipe formed like a snake, and dropped a piece of white rock into the mouth.

With his finger, came fire, and he slowly burned the top of the snake pipe.

“Gonna Fuck You Boy.” hissed the demon, sucking in the white smoke and watching Wallace as he leaned over, cleaning up the counter in his brown shorts.

The shorts were tight. So tight the demon could see the crack of his ass.

As the Crack Demon’s eyes flickered black up into his head, it’s cock started growing, swaying, between it’s legs. The demon tilted it’s face down and blew a steady stream of smoke on it’s piece.

It’s cock went wild. Springing to life, pre-cum spurting out like a mini-fountain.

“Come here boy.” The demon puffed. “I need help.”

“Yes, sir.”

Said Wallace, back turned, still doing his cleaning.

As he stepped toward the demon, he immediately got hit by a blast of white smoke that had him buckle to his knees in front of the big beast.

The record store started spinning as the boy tried to come to his senses. But, that was quickly lost as the demon dropped it’s dick in front of the kid’s face, knocking his glasses partly off his face.

“You like big elephant cock boy?” The demon purred.

“Huh? I’m sorry. What? I can’t…”

The demon took the kid by the back of his neck, flopped his pretty blond hair out of his face and said,


The beast took another hit from the glass snake and steamed out a wicked cloud of fog as Wallace tried to move away.

“No you don’t.” It growled, closing it’s eyes, holding it’s head up, and pushing he boy’s soft mouth on it’s giant, elephant cock.

Wallace gagged as salty poison and sweet crack smoke filled his lungs and then, the demon dick was inside his face. His glasses dangled off, his hair, now flopped back over one eye.

“Suck it Boy. Suck that Demon Cock!”

Wallace gagged, leaned back, watched the cock slide out of his mouth, his spit dripping, and white steam, swirling around it.

“Like it? Hmmmm?” The Crack Demon asked.

In a daze, Wallace nodded his head yes, and licked his soft, little lips.

“Uh huh. Taste like gumballs. Sweet. Sir”

“Yeaaaah. That’s right. You just keep sucking then. I have business to do.”

He ushered Wallace back down on his cock, and dropped his jeans to the floor.

“Grab those big balls boy, while you suck that elephant cock!”

“Yes. yes sir.” whispered Wallace, softly wrapping his fingers around the giant hanging sack.

The demon hit the snake again, white rock burning, sizzling…

“Harder Wallace! Grab those balls harder. And Suck!”

“Ok, sir. But, it’s so big…”

The monster then sprayed down a jet of smoke that immediately blew the boy away into space. The kid’s sweaty hole, sliding open like butter as he knees moved apart.

“Yeah. That’s it, boy. Take it home. Show daddy.”

Wallace paused for a moment, let out a little whimper, then, eyes on the prize, popped open his mouth and wolfed down on the giant dick, rising his little body, and working his jaws feverishly on it. His little tongue, darting out and licking the head, down the trunk, and all around the balls, as his little hand kept them tight.

“That’s it. SUCK IT!”

Wallace whimpered. His glasses now cracked and destroyed on the floor under the demon’s big right boot.

“Such a good cock, sir.” Wallace whined, tears from crack smoke and joy, filling his eyes.

His mouth moving faster around the demon’s tool, sucking hard, gasping, gagging, but going back down quick for more.

“All the waaaay, yeah. That’s my boy.”

“Fuck me.” Wallace whispered, releasing the devil dick, peeking up with one eye. “Fuck me.”

“You want to get fucked? Big elephant dick, up that little hole.”

The kid farted ever so sweetly.

“OOOOH. That’s what I call a Yes. Well, stand up boy.”

The demon stepped back, and helped the kid wobble up to his shaky, white legs.

He then stepped back against a shelf, putting just a few inches between them, and slapped his meaty thighs.

“Come on. Turn around, let’s ride this demon dick.”

“Yes, sir.” said Wallace, pulling down his wet shorts, his long pale pecker sticking strait out.

Before he knew it, the demon took another hit from the snake, a huge one, and, through a trail of white smoke, growled, and stuck it’s middle finger right up the kid’s crack.


Before Wallace could say ‘yes, sir’. the monster’s dick shoved inside of him, yanking his little ass and legs right off the ground.

Wallace screamed as the demon showed it’s true form.

“You wanna come with me, boy? To where I go? Hmmm?”

Screaming, “It hurts! Stop!” Wallace could see the shadow of a giant tail waving behind him. “No. It hurts!”

“I’m fucking you boy! That’s what you wanted up that hole. Big Demon Cock. Huh? You wanna go with me?”

“Ok.” cried Wallace. “Just take it out! Pleaaaase?”

The demon slid back, it’s pointy red cock riding out of him. Bright, red blood, dripping off the tip, and racing down the kid’s inner thigh.

“Let’s go Wallace. Let’s go home.”

The Crack Demon said, placing the kid in one arm, folding him over like a coat, blood oozing more out of his little hole.

Wallace, didn’t say a word. He just hung there, lifeless, in his arm, his head down, beside the demon’s big wagging cock.

It was about a quarter till nine when the security guard found the gate to the record store still open. And a puddle of blood, and soggy little wet shorts, and broken glasses on the floor, in the back near the poster wall.

The second kid was a few days later. The Crack Demon’s next choice.

“Come on Karen. You got me all the way up here, to tease me and then turn away. What gives?”

Asked Ryan, in his jeep, out near Falls Park. He folded his arms, pissed.

Karen, 17, shrugged and looked away.

“I’m not feeing right now, Rye. This place gives me the creeps. Take me home.”

Ryan, a year older, jet black hair, muscular, pale as the moon, took Karen’s hand once again and placed it on his cock that he had plopped out of his shorts, and tossed over the side.

“Come on. Don’t you like it? It’s the biggest around.”

The kid did have a big dick. Big man dick. Nice juicy black bush, glistening in the moonlight there at Falls Park.

“It’s ok. I just don’t Like it here! Next time, okay, Rye? I promise.”

“Just suck it, Karen. Come on. Just get me going, then I’ll take it from there.”

“No. I want to go home.”

“Fine. I’ll suck it myself.”

The boy then sat up in his seat, took a deep breath, wagged the cock upright, then, leaned down and slid his mouth over the head, and started slowly sucking.

“Eeeeh! That’s disgusting. Take me home, now!”

“Nope.” Ryan said, sucking faster.

”Fine! I’ll walk home. Freak!”

The girl jumped out of the jeep, grabbed her purse and slammed the door.

As she walked away from the jeep, calling him a loser, faggot,something like that, she didn’t notice the shadow of a large man standing a few feet away near the jeep.

The Crack Demon watched her go, and focused back on the kid, his head moving up and down in the front seat.

The demon pulled out the snake pipe and fired up. His eyes turned black as the first puff of poison filled the night air.

Sounds of wet smacking could be heard from the jeep, faster, as the muscle kid worked faster on his joint. His hungry mouth touching down, his face buried in his moist bush.

“Good cock. Who needs her?” he mumbled, before going back down on himself.

“Yes. Indeed, who needs her.” said a deep voice, somewhere outside the jeep’s window.

Ryan jerked up. His mouth wet and drippy.

“What the fuck? Who’s out there?”

The Crack Demon stepped up to the door and tapped.

“Excuse me, boy. Why are you out here this late?”

A flashlight popped on, and Ryan caught sight of the big police officer standing outside in front of him.

Embarrassed, Ryan tried to slip his big cock back into his pants, but the cop was already opening the door.

“Sir, I need you to step outside the jeep please, and show me some ID.”

“Um, okay…”

As Ryan slid out of the jeep, his wet cock flopped down between him, and his big white muscular arms, popped as he closed the door.

“I was only goofing around, officer.”

“I see. How long have you been able to suck your own cock, boy?”

“Excuse me? Wh-what are you doing?”

The cop took off his hat, dropped it to the ground, zipped open his jeans, and shook out his monster dick.

“You ever suck elephant dick, boy?”

“Fuck you.” said Ryan. “What are you? Some kind of fag? Now, what are you doing?”

The Demon pulled back out his snake pipe and placed white rock on it.

“Watch this. Wanna see something really cool?”

“Fuck no.”

The Demon took a hard hit, blew the smoke at Ryan, and watched the kid drop to his knees.

“I need you to go with me boy. Keep my little friend Wallace company. But first, I need you to suck my cock.”

“Fuck you!” snarled Ryan, trying to move away.

The Demon suddenly smacked the jock’s pretty face, knocking him down flat on the ground.

“You need to suck this big cock, Ryan. Just like you were doing in the car.”

“Sure. Ok, cop. Whatever. You smoke that stuff, and I’ll, I’ll suck your cock…”

Ryan suddenly kicked back, knocking the demon backwards, and scrambled to his feet.

Pussy Kingdom

Some guys travel around the world
in search of pussy and tits to twirl
I don’t meet ladies in the laundromat
or at the bus stop or places like that
I have the greatest luck with women that smile
that I find in the Super Market aisle
My dick is like a homing rocket
Most women end up in my pocket
Fat girls, skinny girls, married or single
Every woman wants that inner tingle
A tryst with my penis is a reminder
that nothing in her vagina ever felt finer

Women love a man who can cook
One who doesn’t use a cook book
and knows his way around the kitchen
How to pick fruit is his mission
Succulent melons need frequent mouthing
Even fat jack fruits deserve special housing
A man who fields a stiff cucumber
can keep a steady thumb’er
on that button that women hide—
sometimes you just gotta slip inside
and let it unfurl just like a flower
as you make her cum for an hour

The way to a women’s ripe pussy
is not canned cat food mushy
Oft times I cook’em a special meal
After which I start to feel
their tits and ass and holy water
I treat them good, you really ought’a
If a women can push away a good meal
She will also push away a cock of steel
You want a gal hungry for tube steak
to mouth your sweet breads and tongue your tate
To lie on her back wth her knees held back
as you mount with that special nack

Thin girls can wolf down a two pound t-bone
Fat girls who will suck a sausage and moan
(then cradle your dick like a telephone)
I have no preference racial
If they ask I’ll give’m a gooey facial
Some gals I find are kinky-er
they like to take it up their sphincter
Like a classic roast that’s in the stove
I like to pull down their panty hose
and fit my cock where God intended
deep inside their pussy extended

That’s why I go to the Super Market
I drive my car and then I park it
But I don’t come home alone
I bag a gal or two on loan
I don’t care if I fuck or am blown
One will do and two are finer
Two good friends make a grand bed liner
You’d be surprised how one will lick
as you insert your erect dick
in her girlfriend’s swollen chasm
Then suck your balls as you spasm
Don’t forget to give her a treat
with your tongue or a second heat

The Grocery Store is my own kingdom
Some women play smart and others play dumb
I make’em happy, I make‘em hot
I fill their hopes and tender spots
So gentleman, take my advice
Go out in search of the spice of life
Women want firm cukes and fresh banana
With open mouths they’ll swallow your Manna
No need to go to gay Par-ee
or London Town or Canarsie
Just check out the girls while you’re shopping
Pretty soon your pickle be a-popping

How I Met Melissa (Chapter 2)

My tongue left a wet trail across her throat as I sought out the hollow of her other armpit, she shivered with pleasure as I sucked at the tangy flesh I found there.
“Oh God Jackie,” she gasped and leaned back against the wall.

I slid my tongue, slavering wetly down to her breasts and sucked at each swollen nipple in turn before carrying on down over her stomach.

Her panties were moist, clinging to the contours of her slit, the heady aroma of her juices filled my nostrils as I ran my tongue down to where the delicate material caressed her legs.

Easing them apart I kissed each inner thigh, running my tongue lightly across her groin from one leg to the other, before worming a finger beneath the damp nylon and into her cloying wetness.

“Jackie,” was all she could manage before a gasp caught in her throat and she shook as another orgasm gripped her!

“No, no more Jackie, let me.”

Giggling she pushed me away and stepped out of her panties.

“Come down here and let me taste you.” she said as she lay on her back, arms outstretched to me.

Squatting down above her face, I held myself just a few millimeters away from her so she had to flick her tongue out, it was like an electric shock going through me as it touched my clitoris and I sank all the way down onto her mouth!

She ate me like she would a gourmet meal, her tongue first of all savoured the juices dripping from me, then she began the main course, taking each morsel of my labia in between her lips and worshipping them tenderly before delving into the steaming cauldron that was my cunt!

I felt the tips of her beautifully manicured finger nails scraping lightly across the flesh of my buttocks as she feasted, slowly the nails scraped lower down into the crease between my cheeks.

“Melissa,” I moaned, “Oh God Melissa!” and I ground myself sensuously against her mouth. I felt her tongue inside me licking all around the fleshy innards of my cunt, a fingertip touched my anus and prodded, opening me carefully but insistently.

Another shock wave hit me as I felt her tongue licking against the tip of her finger, separated only by the thin membrane of skin between them, I spasmed, every nerve in my body seemed to explode, I feared I’d smother her but I was out of control, completely unable to stop myself from cumming again and again!

I was still tingling with tiny little aftershocks as I collapsed beside her, our lips found each other’s and we tasted ourselves.

She giggled suddenly and I found myself joining in.

“What?” I asked and licked at a bead of my own moisture on her chin.

“Well on my way here, I was wondering what I was going to eat tonight.” she laughed, “I never thought it would be the best meal I’ve had in my life!”

“Hey” I smiled, “That was only the first course, we can make it a feast if you like,” and we kissed again.

We spent another hour bathing each other in in an orgy of mutual admiration between kissing and fondling. I felt deliciously wanton as I sat on the end of the bath, legs wide apart drinking gin and tonic while she wet shaved my pubes and tested for smoothness with her eager tongue.

When doing the same to her, I saw her clitoris properly for the first time, I teased it out gently from beneath it’s protective hood and told her it was the most beautiful little cock I’d ever seen.

She sighed with pleasure when I puckered my lips and took the nub between like I was giving head to a miniature penis.

“Jackie tell me you don’t have to leave tomorrow please.”

I used my tongue to part the folds of her sweet little cunt and lapped at the juices I found in there.

“I don’t have to go home tomorrow.”

I slavered my tongue down to the beautiful little rosebud where her juices had collected in a tiny pool on the warm ceramic.

“As a matter of fact…” I licked at the nectar that had so recently been inside her body, “I think I might open a branch here.”

She leaned back against the mirrored wall and moaned as I lifted her legs onto my shoulders.

“Do you know anyone who might be interested in managing it for me?” The lovely little rosebud opened under the gentle pressure of my tongue.

“You’ll make me cum again.” she gasped and she did as I folded my tongue and pushed forward into her sweet, yielding little cavern.


The restaurant was almost empty as the waitress showed us to our table, smiling as she noticed our fingers entwined with each other’s. Whether by accident or design, it was situated in a dimly lit corner and I smiled my thanks to her.

“You’re very welcome ladies.” she smiled in return and left us with the menu, returning a few seconds later with a wine list.

“Take your time choosing and when you’re ready if you just raise your hand, I’ll see you and come immediately!”

We smiled at the none too subtle nuance and I said we’d settle for the house white.

“Is that ok with you Melissa, I’m not too choosey about wine?”

“Yes, that’s fine with me,” she replied, “I’m not choosey either.”

“It’s actually rather nice,” the waitress said and then added softly, “But if you’ll allow me to say so, I think you’re both very choosey and with excellent taste too!

“How can people tell?” Melissa whispered as the girl went for our wine.

I squeezed her hand beneath the table and smiled.

“That’s probably my fault” I said, “You see I was going to ask you to spend the night with me.”

“You know I will,” she said softly and raising our hands up, touched her lips to my fingers. “But I still don’t know what you mean!”

“Well I’d hoped you’d say yes and I was thinking about being in bed with you.”

She looked even more puzzled at me.

“The thought of it has made me wet and… .”

I touched my lips to her ear, “She can obviously smell my cunt!”

“Jackie!” she squealed and we giggled together like a couple of silly schoolgirls.

I think both of us were too excited to eat a full meal so we settled for a salmon salad each, along with another bottle of the house white, which was quite delicious as the waitress had said.

Melissa had borrowed a little print dress of mine and like me, had opted not to wear a bra. Her breasts being bigger than mine, had jiggled delightfully with every movement and when she laughed, the view was quite spectacular. The stockings and panties were mine too, but she’d refused my offer to take her pick of the half dozen or so I’d brought with me. Instead she’d picked mine up off the floor, the one’s I’d been wearing all day at the exhibition and locked her eyes onto mine as she drew them up over her hips.

“This way I’ll be able to have you between my legs all the time.” she said and kissed me gently on the lips.

Of course after that little show of blatant eroticism, I’d stepped into her panties and found just the thought of her moisture between my legs better than any aphrodisiac I’d ever heard of!

Throughout the meal (such as it was) we would touch each other. I found her nearness intoxicating, she had a way of looking at me from under her eyelashes that made my nipples rise with anticipation.

Several times she would lean into me to whisper a little obscenity into my ear whilst slipping a hand onto my thigh beneath my dress. I’d feel the pressure of a breast against my arm and I’d make a conscious effort not to squeeze my thighs together in case I climaxed at the table!

The waitress was surprised and delighted when I settled the bill. Instead of putting it against my room number, I paid cash and I think I must have practically doubled her weekly wage with the tip!

“Thank you Madam,” she gasped, “I hope you have an enjoyable evening.

Melissa took my hand and sat back in her chair. Smiling at the girl, she parted her legs and said softly, “We will, thank you,” and blew her a cheeky kiss as our entwined fingers slipped into the leg band of my panties on her.