Curvy Chocolate Woman

He liked his women big
He enjoyed curvy asses
He liked her to wear wigs
And experiment with glasses

He liked her to role-play
He’d bring in lots of toys
They’d play all kinds of ways
The games always brought joy

Sex was the main event
He liked to eat pussy
He enjoyed her scent
Liked her cunt a bit bushy

He licked her cunt dry
She’d scream out his name
Always with closed eyes
While playing sex games

She’d beg for his dick
Wanted him inside
He had a big prick
She wanted to be his ride

His hottie would dance
He loved her big breasts
He liked to watch her prance
While playing with her chest

He’d play with his big baton
Making him ready for her cunt
He liked that she was wanton
Making her sexy little grunts

He’d move over to the bed

He’d be on his back
He didn’t need head
Just wanted to play with her rack
She’d ease her pussy down
He’d get into her pussy hole
Time for smiles and no frowns
While his honey was in control

She moved her curvy hips
While fucking his big pole
He licked at his lips
While he fucked her pussy hole

Her pussy was so tight
While she rode his long stick
He liked them chocolate and not white
She’d move her body like a lunatic

She’d come like a racehorse
Letting out her sexy moans
He loved their intercourse
He too let out some groans

She’d want to lick his balls
And suck his cock till he came
Giving her man her all
Her throat is where he’d aim

A mouthful of his come
A night filled with sex
His woman was fun
She was better than his ex


Dreaming Out Loud

Voice sweet as syrup,
then awkward silence on the phone.
Ragged breathing
satisfied moan.

What are you wearing?
Silence, no reply.
Listening carefully,
audible sigh.

“I’m touching myself,”
“As am I,”
Seeking release.
Your voice caressing between my thighs.

Washing over me.
It comes in waves.
Pent up, built up
sensations I craved.
Calling out your name,
like a shot from a gun!
I shudder in ecstasy,
as together we cum.

It’s all a play,
expression of how I care.
Dreaming out loud,
what I’d do if I were there.


On your back in the bed
heels over head
face between thighs
satisfied cries

Held firmly in place
demanding something more
so I use my pinkie
to probe your back door

Hurtling close to the edge
easing back again
over and over
pausing now and then

Watching the signs
drawing it out until you beg

for me to light the fuse
and ignite this powder keg
The very tip of my tongue
sympathetic to how you plead
flicks out firmly on your clit
providing exactly what you need

My face slathered in your cum
as you scream your pent up release
I scramble to find my pants
before the neighbors call the police

Lay Your Body On Me

Leading me to your bedroom
Up the stairs teasing me
As you hike up your dress
Showing me your freshly shaved cunny

Looking back with that
Devilish look in your eye
Loving the fact how your tease
Is having this effect on me

Stripping revealing your
Pert and ample sized breasts
Your curves in all the
Right places

Pulling you in for kiss
Caressing your tits
Pinching your nipples,
Getting hard at my touch

Sliding my hand into your panties
Parting your lips sliding my fingers in
Making you moan finding your gspot
Bucking your hips onto my fingers

Getting on your knees
Undoing my belt unzipping my trousers
Letting them drop to floor
Pulling down my boxers

Looking at my hardness before you
Taking my shaft in your hand
Stroking making me moan

Using your tongue licking my shaft
Taking the head of my cock
Into your mouth
Bobbing your head up and down

Sucking my balls
Taking them in your mouth
Popping sound they make
Parting your lips

Pushing you on your back
Kissing your neck
Trailing kiss down to your boobs

Sucking and nibbling your nipples
Gently kissing down your belly
Parting your legs
Kissing up the insides of your thighs
Plants a kiss on your labia

Making you moan in pure ecstasy
As I lick and tongue your love canal
Digging your fingers in to my scalp
As your climax subsides

Crawling over your body
My cock now inches away
Looking you in the eye
Pushing in to your pussy

Pounding your vagina
Making you moan and groan
My cock sliding in and out
Bucking your hips meeting
My thrusts into you

Your soft breasts getting
Crush against my chest
As we make love

Picking up my pace
As we near to climaxing

Moaning in pure bliss
Taking you over the edge
Screaming as I take you to heaven
Flooding your insides with my seed

Collapsing on top of you
Bodies intertwined as we kiss
My fingers running through your hair
My cum pooling on the sheets

Falling asleep in each
other’s arms
Knowing your safe in
My muscular arms

Loving feeling of your
Body on mine

Morning Glory

Each dawn when the rays of the rising sun

Announce the coming of another day,

Even before the lethargy of sleep

Has relinquished its hold upon my mind,

Sweet memories of the torrid passion

Of our many nights of ecstatic love

Arouse exquisite stirrings in my loins;

And whilst warm limbs are bound in lassitude,

The beating of my heart grows fast and strong

Sending hot blood coursing through my body

And awaking my still recumbent cock

Until it stands erect in carnal pomp.

No longer able to resist the pulse

Of lubricious delight which burns like fire

Along the spine of my hardening shaft,

My fingers seek those sweet and tender spots

Behind the swollen crown, and with slow strokes

I rehearse the sensation of my cock
Parting your delicate engorged petals

And sliding deep into your velvet heat.

The motion of my hips thrusting upwards

Recollects the balletic ecstasy

Of our nightly ride on waves of rapture,

To the summit of libidinous joy.

An impulse of autoerotic lust

Captures me within its exquisite grasp

Driving me in ever faster frenzy

Towards the sweet death of orgasmic bliss.

The onanistic intoxication

Of erogenous self copulation

Fills my mind with explicit images

Of your soft naked flesh flushed with desire,

And piercing jets of promiscuous fire

Erupt in arcs of priapic pleasure,

On the altar of carnal elation,

In ejaculatory paradise

Becoming The Fire

He had never spoken to me
Or whispered my name
But I knew his voice
Like the wind from the rain
And I felt his calling
My body trembled at the thought
He knew all that I was
And everything I was not.
I could feel him softly caressing me
In the corners of my mind
My head ached in reaction
Afraid of what he might find
My chest felt heavy & tightened
It got harder and harder to breathe
As I thought of all the places
He had been inside of me
I brushed my fingertips across my lips
I swear his presence was there
Sliding my hands down the nape of my neck
It was him tugging at my hair
My eyes fluttered as my head fell back
My lips parted to take him in
My body shivered, then set flame to fire
He would be my greatest sin.
One by one, my buttons came unfastened
Until my blouse fell at my waist
Down came the zipper of my skirt
Revealing a black corset, stockings & lace.
I could feel his breath hot on my skin
And I sat back on the bed
Running my hands up those silky thighs
I closed my eyes and saw red
I knew that had to have him
I needed him to want me.
I craved the reckless abandonment
Of temptation setting us free.
So, hands moved across my breasts
His visions played out in my mind
Dangerously seductive and strong
But unveiled, felt gentle and kind
I arched my back,
Slid my hands further down.
He was right there with me
Circling fingers around and around
I trembled from this ecstasy.
Between my thighs, I was so incredibly wet
I felt his hands pushing me further
I knew he wasn’t done with me yet.
So, I pushed deeper and I felt more
With every twist of my hips
I swear I could smell the scent of him
His sweet seduction was on my lips.
He was all over the curves of my body
He was in every bend of my mind
The more I thrust forward, the deeper I drove.
The more his face was all I could find.
Closing my eyes, I looked straight into his
My body was on the edge of desire
No turning back as if there ever was
My sexuality just became the fire.

Heated Night

she awaits the 90 degree heat
phallus in hand
watching a BDSM
black & white movie
women in bondage
moaning in painful ecstasy
shoving the 10 inch
pretty pink phallus
up her anal opening
her girl boner
rubbing against
a silk stocking
as garter belts
and bras surround the
4 post bed
rubbing herself
touching herself
rubbing her small
and tiny girl boner
against a silk stocking
release will be silky
as her pink nipples
like pencil erasers
of a school girl
point to the sky
taking a drip of sweat
from her smooth armpits
and moistening her
bras surrounding the bed
her favorite training bra
so feminine
and the scent of her lesbian
girl friend
left her smell on
the hanging panties
that she sniffs
and masturbates
a heated night
as she cums
and observes
her smooth and tan
face in the many mirrors
placed about the bed
the tip of the phallus
reaches her inner glands
and the shiny fluid
is milked from her
hormonal glands
biting her lip
in orgasm
and orgasm denial
a game she plays
with herself
she cums hard
as she touches her
black dog collar
and sexual
like the whore
woman she
is becoming