Fucked Into Submission

Deep strides as I gaze into your innocent eyes
I want you, you lay there, while thick firm passionate love takes over you
wet in every position of penetration, tears of weak tingly secretions as your legs tremble and my cock savors and devours your body’s sensations.
I miss you.
orgasm after orgasms moans of pleasure as we both cum together.
Fucked into submission again and again grabbed by the throat pulled by the hair as it hurts
But you want me to, you cry and spread for more as you cum for me
so wet inside I slide in deep u scream.

To weak legs trembling wet out of breadth then I hear your sweet voice as you can hardly breathe, fuck me again baby please.

I’m so horny my cock refuses to sleep, so hard it hurts till ur pussy so full that it squeeze
Inside you is every full inch of me so wide so deep
I love the way your so tiny, and take all of me.


The Vibes Of Extasy

Grabbed by the waist your heartbeat increase as I pull you both closer to me
my tongue caress your breast nipples as my hands, slides down her body,
down between your thighs, ur wet inside,
feeling your body shiver just before I eat
grace before meals while she takes me Deep
I love the way you moan for me

Grabbed by the waist, S.W.A.G. position for me,
Sex with a bit of Gangsta, babygirl slow wine for me,
Breathless as I give you both my love in excess, deep strides of extasy.

A Good Morning Fuck

The alarm clock.
It’s 5:30.
Just getting light.
I set it 30 minutes early.
So we’d have time.
We fell asleep spooned.
We awake spooned.
After this many years.
It’s the way we are.
Half asleep.
My hand fondles her breast.
She takes my hand.
Kisses it.
Moves it to her panties.
Slowly I slide my hand inside.
As soon as my finger.
Touches the top of her pussy.
She spreads her legs.
My fingers find her pussy lips.
Her clit.
Rub it.
She squirms.
Begins to sigh.
I move her panties.
To her knees.
To her feet.
And off.
She spreads her legs wider.
Her hand finds my swollen cock.
Strokes it.
Finds a drop of pre-cum on its tip.
Pulls it to her pussy.
Parts her pussy lips with it.
Mixing my pre-cum with her wetness.
I fill her.
My cock deeply in her cunt.
I slide in and out of her.
Each time deeper.
Each time with more force.
I slide my skin against hers..
I lie.
On top of her.
Her legs wrap around my hips.
Holding my groin against hers.
With a kiss,
A deep long one.
I cum within her.
She cums with me in her.
I sigh.
She smiles.
“Good morning.”

Pussy Kingdom

Some guys travel around the world
in search of pussy and tits to twirl
I don’t meet ladies in the laundromat
or at the bus stop or places like that
I have the greatest luck with women that smile
that I find in the Super Market aisle
My dick is like a homing rocket
Most women end up in my pocket
Fat girls, skinny girls, married or single
Every woman wants that inner tingle
A tryst with my penis is a reminder
that nothing in her vagina ever felt finer

Women love a man who can cook
One who doesn’t use a cook book
and knows his way around the kitchen
How to pick fruit is his mission
Succulent melons need frequent mouthing
Even fat jack fruits deserve special housing
A man who fields a stiff cucumber
can keep a steady thumb’er
on that button that women hide—
sometimes you just gotta slip inside
and let it unfurl just like a flower
as you make her cum for an hour

The way to a women’s ripe pussy
is not canned cat food mushy
Oft times I cook’em a special meal
After which I start to feel
their tits and ass and holy water
I treat them good, you really ought’a
If a women can push away a good meal
She will also push away a cock of steel
You want a gal hungry for tube steak
to mouth your sweet breads and tongue your tate
To lie on her back wth her knees held back
as you mount with that special nack

Thin girls can wolf down a two pound t-bone
Fat girls who will suck a sausage and moan
(then cradle your dick like a telephone)
I have no preference racial
If they ask I’ll give’m a gooey facial
Some gals I find are kinky-er
they like to take it up their sphincter
Like a classic roast that’s in the stove
I like to pull down their panty hose
and fit my cock where God intended
deep inside their pussy extended

That’s why I go to the Super Market
I drive my car and then I park it
But I don’t come home alone
I bag a gal or two on loan
I don’t care if I fuck or am blown
One will do and two are finer
Two good friends make a grand bed liner
You’d be surprised how one will lick
as you insert your erect dick
in her girlfriend’s swollen chasm
Then suck your balls as you spasm
Don’t forget to give her a treat
with your tongue or a second heat

The Grocery Store is my own kingdom
Some women play smart and others play dumb
I make’em happy, I make‘em hot
I fill their hopes and tender spots
So gentleman, take my advice
Go out in search of the spice of life
Women want firm cukes and fresh banana
With open mouths they’ll swallow your Manna
No need to go to gay Par-ee
or London Town or Canarsie
Just check out the girls while you’re shopping
Pretty soon your pickle be a-popping

The Love Of Pain

I want,
To fuck you,
Till it hurts;
Both of us.

I will suck,
Your nipples,
Mark them with,
Kiss bruises,
While you,
Rake my back,
With nails,
Drawing blood.

My grip on your butt cheeks,
Will leave hand prints,
In angry red.

Your hands will mark,
My butt cheeks,
To match yours,
With spots of blood,
Where your nails,
Dig in.

I will spread you,
Stretch you,
Pound you,
My cock,
into your cunt,
Bruising your groin,
Damaging mine.

I will moan your name,
In tune to your,
Crying out mine.

Your hips will buck,
Your legs will shake,
Your cunt will tighten,
Your pussy will flood.

My groin will slam yours to the bed,
Pin it there,
My cock will throb,
My ejaculation will fill you.

We will lie exhausted,
On sweat stained,
Blood stained sheets.

Our bodies will,
Each other,
For days.

I Don’t Like Pretty Sex

Often I watch porn in the morning
Up early, I check my work email
Settle in my leather chair
Graze the offerings of the day

I don’t like pretty sex
Doing it or watching it
Sex should be rough and almost violent
That gets my attention, sets me up for my day

I used to be a romantic
Until it was so benign nobody was listening
If you love me you’ll crawl across a minefield of broken glass
It’s gonna be that kinda day, locked and loaded, I’m ready

Dinner Party

Four strangers
Daddy and I
Crowded around a table
He giving me the eye
Slide his hand up my thigh
As they talk
His finger slips inside
My phone begins to buzz
Daddy’s text reads
If you make a face
I’ll dive in deeper
Trying to act
Like I’m not on the edge
Of my seat
One guy turns to me
And starts a conversation
Daddy dives in
Trying not to succumb
I can’t look this guy in the eyes
Nodding my head
Like I’m taking his advice
Daddy knows
I’m about to crawl out of my skin
Leaning in
Be a good girl for Daddy and
Cum for me