Dark Paradise

Thoughts of you
permeate my sleep
dreams of me
within you deep

Naked bodies entwine
in green satin sheathed
satisfying every want
curing aching need

Hands caress
every sensuous curve
pleasure awakens
each electric nerve

Kissing your lips
breasts and flower
your natural scent
does me overpower

How glorious we sing
in harmonious climax
spent by the thrill
still conjoined we relax

With sadness I greet
the bright morning light
oh how I yearn
for perpetual night


Hot Blow Job To Start

Hot blow job today
Mouth opened wide
Sucking all kinds of ways
Looking at him open-eyed

Kisses down his shaft
Hot tongue on his tip
Totally serious not daft
Cock inside of her lips

Heat felt on his dick
Wetness and spit felt
Sucking at his prick
He feels weak and may melt

Deep throat at his cock
Hands on his balls
He’s hard as a rock
This girl gives her all

Deeper sucking now
Cock stuffed in her cheeks
Sweat forms on her brow
Sucking his cock very deep

She makes sweet sucking sounds
Looking into his eyes
Fingering at her mound
Pleasuring her guy

His dick throbs
While she sucks like crazy
He’s loving his blow job
He would like this daily

He moans and comes
She swallows his junk
She massages his buns
She loves her hunk

He wants to lick her cunt
She goes over to the chair
He likes when she grunts
She plays with her hair

He licks at her pussy hole
She screams with delight
She wants to fuck his pole
He likes that her pussy is tight

Tongue fucking her fast

She moans and she screams
She’s having a blast
While her pussy starts to cream
Drinking her sweet juice
Fluid rushes down her legs
Her pussy is a bit loose
She holds her tits and she begs

He sits on the edge of the bed
She eases down on his baton
He pulls her close and holds her head
She rides him and is very wanton

Her pussy is so slick
She rides his cock like a pro
His cock is long and thick
Her face starts to glow

Her breasts shaking so much
Hands on her rump
Enjoying his soft touch
Her pussy is rather plump

Slapping at her butt
Dirty talking to her man
Using cursing and other smut
He’s loving her nice body that’s tan

He wants to fuck her harder
To the bed on all fours
He loves his sex partner
She begs him for more

Deeper fucking in her muff
Slaps at her fanny
Fucking her really rough
She’s absolutely happy

Releasing a stream of sperm
Pulling out of her snatch
Her body creamed and very firm
This pair is quite a match

Sex Is Her Fuel

Hungry for sex you see
Arousal fuels her
Crawling on her knees
She grins and she purrs

She goes to his groin
She kisses his dick
Her face in his loins
She sucks on his prick

Her mouth is so full
She enjoys his cock
She’s got quite a mouthful
His baton like a rock

She looks into his eyes
While she quenches her thirst
She sucks his cock dry
This is what she does first

She’s finished giving head
Her pussy is on fire
She pushes him on the bed
Sex is what she desires

Her cunt is very hot
She eases onto his pole
Pleasure to hit her g-spot
His finger is in her asshole

She moves very slow
Holding her breasts
She fucks like a pro
He too holds her chest

Her cunt is making sounds
While she fucks his tool
He loves her tight mound

Fucking his dick is her fuel
Fingers deep in her ass
Pussy slapping right down
She’s got so much class
She’s wearing a bit of a frown

She screams in ecstasy
They come together at last
Panting breathlessly
She just adores his shaft

Kissing each other
He wants to lick her now
She loves her lover
Sweat drips from his brow

She opens her legs wide
Their cream pie drips
She looks at him open-eyed
She begs and bucks her hips

He licks their sticky cum
From her pussy folds
He rubs her clit with his thumb
Her pussy is his gold

Tongue-fucking her slit
She moans out of control
He squeezes her big tits
He’s adoring her pussy hole

Screaming in delight
His face covered in juice
This was an amazing night
Her pussy cream tastes like fruit

I’m Addiction to Your Love

Addiction to your love and body engrosses me so
your love in your eyes shine in my soul you’re
body so beautiful my Paradise complete
loving everything you do to me
everything you want everything you need
wanting to be the air you breathe

Addicted to you your body makes me smile
pleasure going on way beyond time
peaking sensations contentment so deep
you and I will forever be
love and lust in harmony

moving in circles inside of you
feeling all the love I feel from you
Addicted to you words could never contain
the pleasure I feel when you moan my name
so lover with your body strong emotions deep
your body and mine forever to be loved

Addiction so complete always done
can’t get enough of you
never will there ever divide
my addiction for your love and body
till the end of time.

Making Love To A Dream

Our lips brazen on each other

Our tongues in a swirl

Our smell so inviting

My fingers tracing your soft skin

Your areolas under my palms

Your moans penetrating my ears

My hands searching your stream

My mouth making love to your breasts

My fingers revelling in your humidity

Your love sounds louder

Two of me inside of you

Your body quivers

My lips tracing your thighs

My tongue teasing your beauty

My lips surround your pearl

My tongue darting on it

My fingers

My lips

My tongue

Your body

All are one

Your pleasure floods

I am coated by it

Smiling at you

I wake up

You are not here

You never were

Pain is all there is

All there was

Sex On Brain

Sex on the brain is what he had
Always horny and wanting sex
This made his wife glad
She loved that he was obsessed

Porno on the television always
His cock was hard as steel
He liked sex every day
His hard-on was hard to conceal

The wife wore sexy heels
Lingerie made of lace
He liked to make his wife squeal
He liked to stroke her face

She liked his big dick
And his nice smooth balls
She loved to suck his prick
While her husband drank alcohol

He liked to be dirty
Told her sexy things
He liked that she was curvy
She liked worshipping

He’d always blow his load
It was time for eating cunt
He liked when she’d explode
And make her sexy grunts

He’d move his tongue around
Suck on her pussy lips
Make munching sounds
Make her pussy drip

She’d scream and be crazy
Holding onto the bed rails
He’d lick her pussy daily
He loved when her legs would flail

Her nipples would be hard
She’d moan with closed eyes
You could hear her in the backyard

He’d lick her pussy and her thighs
The best part was the pussy cream
Dripping out of her hot box
He’d make her scream
She’d beg him for his cock

His face was soaking wet
His cock hard as a bat
Both of them covered in sweat
Her hair looked like a doormat

He got onto his back
She climbed on top
He played with her rack
Got situated on the right spot

Easing down on his pole
Her pussy nice and tight
She was now in control
Fucking his dick felt right

He played with her buttocks
Pressing his finger inside
She had her hands on her stomach
Her pussy was opened wide

He’d tell her she was his whore
While they fucked like rabbits
She’d purr and then she’d roar
Sex for them was their habit

Eventually they’d both come
Her pussy a wet mess
This was what they did for fun
Coming together was always a process

A couple of sex addicts
Sex was their fuel
Together they were perfect
They’d make love like fools

The Overrated Asshole

Top of the world
Fucking your girl
With the Biggest Spanish dick
Always write
Some New Erotic shit

And never pass
Fucking the
Baddest Onion ass

I’m so Overrated
Ask me
If i give a flying fuck

Sitting lounging
Rubbing my Hard dick
Thinking about this one fly chick

Even though she had a boyfriend
She always snuck out
To suck my overrated Dick

Thank god
Halloween is around the corner
I’m so fucking High
Thinking about eating some tricks and treats