Ocean (A BDSM Story)

“Don’t move.”

I nearly jump out of skin, but then stand still, obeying the voice that has appeared behind me. I feel the pounding of my frantic heart and I fear she can hear it too. I realize that I’ve dropped my grocery bags, and they’ve spilled their contents onto the floor. My whole body is alert and my senses more receptive than ever, and I know I heard something break. Perhaps the bottle of white wine I’d bought for dinner, or the jar of sundried tomatoes. Whatever it was, it’s not important.

The female voice ceases to be just a voice: I feel her hands coming down my waist. It stops at my bottom, squeezing it. A slight tremor sets in my body and that’s when I begin to feel fear.

Ocean; the letters come in a strong swell in my mind.

“Open the door. And hurry up,” she says, with a tranquility that would puzzle me if I weren’t so nervous.

I put a hand in my purse and rummaged through cell phone, charger, lipstick, pens and old tickets, trying to find the keys. Het hands continue to traverse my body in a none-too-gentle way, causing me to shiver. I find my keys and fumble, making several attempts to put it in the lock, until she rips them out of my hands and opens the door in just a few seconds. She pushes me inside and slammed the door.

I want to scream, very strong, but I feel a knot in the throat that prevents me. Ocean, I hear in my head. I can only think of the fucking “ocean.”

She pushes me against the wall, pulling down my thin dress.

I close my eyes tightly and when I open them again, my dress is on the floor, ripped. It was one of my favorites. She’s in black and I can’t see her face. It is covered by a leather mask. What I do see clearly are her penetrating gray eyes.


She steps backward to look closely at my naked body. I feel shame. My panties are on the other end of the hall, almost in the living room. I try to cover my most intimate areas with my hands, but steps forward to push them away. She grabs my neck, causing me to turn my head to one side, and begins to bite it hard. I gasp, I do not know whether by shame, by anguish, by fear or…by an almost imperceptible excitement that I begin to feel.


I try to shake her off as soon as I have the chance, but she grabs my wrists and grabs them firmly. She puts them over my head and then begins to lick and nibble on my breasts.

Shortly after, she fixes my wrists with one hand and, with her free hand, enters me with two fingers at once. A tide seems to flood my brain, and then oscillates and spreads through my nerves, under my skin. Two fingers, strong, only two, many, form a tsunami of pleasure. I close my eyes at the shock and the hardness of her movements. I hear a low giggle.

“You don’t like it, but you’re soaked,” she murmurs in my ear and laughs again.

I can feel my cheeks staining red and I arched my back in protest.


“I’m going to release you and you’re not going to move. If you do,” she pauses and stares into my eyes, “you will receive and extraordinary punishment and I assure you that you’ll regret it.

Ocean. Ocean, ocean.

I swallow and try to stay as still as possible. With no need to hold my limbs, she crouches, separates my legs and opens her mouth to reveal her tongue. A moan escapes me and I don’t realize until I hear it.

Her tongue traverses my vulva with an unexpected ability, exploring the folds I did not know I had. It makes me twist and spread my legs almost inadvertently.

She’ll think I like it, I repeat, letting my voice ring in my head. Ocean.

But the truth is that yes, I love it, although I can’t express it aloud. I loved letting myself be subjected to the orders of my stranger, I loved lowering my guard.

I let her a few seconds later, take me by the arm and take me to the kitchen. Let her seat me up on the counter and put her fingers back, this time three…Her tongue renews its onslaught.

I now can’t help but let my body release the gasps and groans that are born deep in my being with each charge. I let her expert hands move faster and penetrate deeper. I let her tongue make more daring movements, twisting and unscrewing, making its way. I let it, with another hand, clench my nails into my ass and tighten it tightly closer to me.

Slowly, I let my hands come down slowly, with some fear. I grasp the hair on the back of her head and push with eager force, fusing her tongue with body in an almost impossible proximity.

I am no longer aware of where my body begins and where her body ends, so I let it go completely to the licks, the scratches, the thrusts.

My body runs. I have allowed it.

The orgasm is so intense that when I reach it, I am barely conscious of what’s happening. I think she’s taking me to bed, I do not know… She keeps touching me under the sheets and I’m back to the ridge of another wave of wet passion. I am ecstatic and calm, exhausted and fearful, excited and pleased. Dizzy, I do not find myself, but I enjoy this pinch of peace that I feel for the first time in minutes, hours, eons, what do I know!

I think it’s raining outside.


I open my eyelids little by little, as if the light of the room would blind me. Before I can see anything, I remember everything. I remember her. I start and see her standing, staring at me with her ash-colored eyes, which seem to interrogate me. She is wrapped in a white towel, just out of the shower.

It was not rain.

“There was a moment when I was about to use our safeword,” she murmurs before pausing, in a voice different from before. Now it conveys calmness and warmth to me, and love. I’ve notice you’ve already brought in the paper for me.

My beautiful wife.

I shiver with the delight at the memory. I, too, was about to say it. It was as easy as saying “ocean,” but neither my mind nor my body wanted to.


Ass Obsession

I’m Emily 19 years old the last year has been interesting. I live with my grandmother in a two bedroom house. A friend she use to work with needed a place to stay. Yes it was him it was Eddie, I had such a little school girl crush on him when I was in in High School. He’d come over and help around the house with things that needed fixing. Well this time he needed a place to stay. Of course grandma loved him so much he moved in. Eddie was the perfect man for me, nice build to his body, amazing beard he’d always let grow then cut. So nice and kinda shy but we talked and he was so sweet. He said “Emily wow! Your a woman now! Your very beautiful. My knees went weak when he told me that. Well a two months past and grandma gets a call from a her sister. Great gran gran is dying and she want to see her kids who still live. Great gran gran is very old. Grandma loved and trusted Eddie so much she asked him to take care of me and the house. I of course was excited, Not so much my Boyfriend Adam who I’d been with since middle school. As soon as grandma left I left to a party with Adam. This was when everything went to shit. Adam has been pressuring me for two years to have sex with him since high school but I keep telling him “No!” Because I’m not ready. Well he got drunk and took off with some bimbo that we went to school with. I hates that bitch so much, she always wanted Adam and now she had him. He tried to call me and when that didn’t work he came to the house and Eddie told him to get lost. “She’s hurt and you! You little limp dick motherfucker I don’t wanna see you around here again or near Emily. I felt so good Eddie stood up for me I was hurt and crying non-stop. Eddie and I talked and he gave me advice. Then I told him Adam has been pressuring me for a while to have sex with him. Eddie told me with cute smile on his face. “Why don’t you have Anal Sex if your not ready to lose your virginity? I was shocked he told me that.”Anal Sex like sex in butthole?” “Yes Sex in your butthole, don’t tell your grandma we talked about this but you’re a grown woman.” Then he says “What’s the most sexual thing you’ve done with Adam? Have you ever grabbed his dick? “No” I said. “Has he eaten your pussy or butthole?” “No we haven’t done anything.” “Well that’s the problem then you’ve been together and you won’t let him in your panties.” He said. The he says “You know what I do Emily? I collect panties from women I’ve fucked more precisely women who I’ve taken their ass cherry, I keep the panties they had on that day and I make them sign their name on them. Kinda like a trophy I take from each one.” He stands up goes to his bag and pulls out another back and tosses it to me “Open it”. I open the bag and sure enough 12 individual women’s panties with their names on each individual pair. Anna, Veronica, Josie, Bertha, Stephanie (Bertha’s sister), Marissa, Sophia, Jasmine, Mary, Lupe, Irene and Linda. I didn’t know what to think, he had videos too but didn’t want to show me. I knew was a ladies man. Honestly it turned me on. I asked him “Does Anal Sex hurt?” He said “No it feels great and it’s my favorite.” I figured grandma wouldn’t find out and Adam was a piece of cheating shit I was gonna get back at. So took a deep breathe and said “Eddie I trust you and care about you and so does grandma, so please don’t get mad at me but would you teach me?” He look straight at me grabbed me by the hand and twirled me visibly checking me out. “Yes but you have to do as I say ok?” Did you wanna start today or tomorrow when?” “Why not today” “Are you sure Emily? “Yes I’m sure Eddie.” He said sternly from now on you call me daddy you understand Bitch!?” Why did you call…….. I said, “Did you understand Bitch!?” “Yes daddy!” Ok then I record this on my camera because I like keeping track of how many women I pope from behind.” Ok put you hair in a ponytail or bun now!” I did as instructed and put it in a ponytail. The Eddie I knew was gone, he became cold and serious and I listened and did everything he asked. I’m gonna send your little fag boyfriend the finished video so he can see what he missed out on. We went to my room and he had a small handheld video camera and batteries. He turned it on and asked me What you name? “Emily” “how old are you Emily?” “I just turned 19 before you moved in.” “What is it you need my help with, what can I teach you?” “I’m pissed off Adam didn’t wait for me and I wanna get him back for humiliating me.” Then he said I’m gonna humiliate you worse than he ever could. Get on your knees Bitch! Look at the camera and tell Adam what you want me to do with you.” I looked at the camera and said “Adam it’s me the girl who never cheated or betrayed you, Remember my friend the one who threw you out a few days ago Well I’m gonna give it all to him.” Then Eddie interrupts me saying. “You hear that Adam that round piece of meat that hangs on Emily now belongs to me, that cute doll face and that lovely soft mouth are now mine! Enjoy! I know I will, Bitch you on your knees and take off that blouse.” I got on my knees and threw my blouse. Eddie towered over me his crotch in my face he just looked and said to me. “What The Fuck Bitch!” Open daddy’s zipper reach in and pull my cock out my pants!” I was so nervous I’ve never seen a dick in real life much less grabbed one. I reached in and feel something throbbing in there. I squeezed it and he said “Oh Fuck Emily you have soft hands.” “Pull it out bitch time to show you how adults play.” I pulled it out and it almost smacked my face. “Oh shit Daddy are they this huge, I’ve never grabbed one before, it’s so thick and hard.” “You see that Adam how fast it is to have your girl do what you want.” He grabbed his throbbing dick and slapped my face with it enjoying every contact it made with my soft face. “Open wide Emily time to show Adam how you feel.” I opened my mouth and could feel his thick head in my mouth, he pretty much filled my mouth with only his dick head. “It doesn’t fit” I said with his dick head filling up my innocent mouth. Don’t worry Emily in a few minuets my balls will be slapping your chin and Adam will be jacking off to this.” He pulled out and said. “You know what I’m gonna go all out on you Emily. Put you hands behind your back.” He got some zip ties and tied my hands behind my back. He slapped his cock on my face then said “Watch and Learn Adam. He pushed his cock so hard in my mouth I couldn’t breathe. He didn’t care how healthy I was a big dick will choke you. I couldn’t breathe as his huge meat pushed and stretched my little virgin throat. “Oh FUCK EMILY IT FEELS SO GOOD! Little by little my throat was opening up being forced in Eddie Man Meat. I choked and Gagged choked and gagged tears rubbing down my eyes. Hands bound behind. It went on for over 30mins I was getting stretched beyond repair. He would shove his cock in my mouth. hold it in a few seconds pull out and before I could catch my breathe his cock would be rammed back into my mouth Then as he had it all the way down my throat with his balls up against my chin he yells out “I’M CUMMING BITCH! SWALLOW THAT SHIT FUCKIN WHORE AHHHHHH OH FUCK!! I FELT A HOT GOOEY SUBSTANCE FILL UP MY MOUTH AS HE PULLED HIS COCK OUT. BUT IT WOULDN’T STOP CUMMING OUT OF HIS DICK. Ass soon as he pulled out of my mouth his dick sprayed my pretty little face. Covering me almost completely. I could see with so much in my eyes and hair. I could still feel it hitting my face and dripping down my chest and stomach. little trickles came out But he fed me for the entire day. I didn’t know what to do or think. I just got covered in semen almost completely by my grandmas friend. I opened my mouth to breathe and again he stuffs my mouth telling me to suck out whats left. He put me in front of the camera and showed me off to Adam. “Is that Adam? That right there is what her mouth is for. About a half hour later I’m still tied up and I’m still drenched in cum. Then my grandma calls to check up on us. Eddie talks to her as he stuffs my mouth and makes me suck his meat. He lies and says I’m Showering while recording everything on video. Little did grandma know I was showered in cum. Eddie grabs me by the hair and throws me on my bed he then ties my ankles together and picks up my ass so its in the air. “You ready you cum eating whore? yes daddy I’m ready. OK look what we got here. Eddie rubbed my asscheeks enjoying the curve before sliding my pants and panties down rips my panties off and plays with my asscheeks. Enjoying himself with my ass. As he dick slaps my buttcheeks to make them jiggle he calls my name. “Emily.” “Yeah daddy” Remember when you asked me if Anal Sex hurt? I said no right” “That’s right daddy you said it feels good.” “Well that’s not true you stupid bitch! How dumb can you be? My dick didn’t even fit in your mouth and your asshole is way tighter,why wouldn’t it hurt? This will be the most painful thing you’ll go through, but the harder you cry and scream the harder and faster I’m gonna fuck your butthole.” He then shoves my panties in my mouth and puts my cum drenched face in the pillow and pushes his beefy cock inside my virgin asshole. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh shit Eddie it’s too big it hurts!!AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” HE DIDN’T CARE. He just pushed harder and it felt better. “You dumb bitch! Oh fuck it feels like heaven!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAA TAKE IT BITCH!!!” It was so painful I cried. But never said Stop! Because I wanted this and I wanted Adam to See him enjoying my asshole that should have been his. Adam had given me a promise ring I wore everyday Eddie seen it and took it off my finger. Before he cummed he pulled out of my shithole and pushed the ring deep inside my ass. He blew a huge load almost like the 1st one but this one filled up my asshole cavity and he sprayed my now red asscheeks. I was tied and going in and out in my head. Later on I seen the edited version and Eddie records Adams Promise rings as I shit it out a few mins after he filled me up. The next few months even after grandma came back Eddie fucked my asshole almost everyday. Adam seen the videos but was too scared to stand up to a real man with a bigger cock that made me a woman.

Lay Your Body On Me

Leading me to your bedroom
Up the stairs teasing me
As you hike up your dress
Showing me your freshly shaved cunny

Looking back with that
Devilish look in your eye
Loving the fact how your tease
Is having this effect on me

Stripping revealing your
Pert and ample sized breasts
Your curves in all the
Right places

Pulling you in for kiss
Caressing your tits
Pinching your nipples,
Getting hard at my touch

Sliding my hand into your panties
Parting your lips sliding my fingers in
Making you moan finding your gspot
Bucking your hips onto my fingers

Getting on your knees
Undoing my belt unzipping my trousers
Letting them drop to floor
Pulling down my boxers

Looking at my hardness before you
Taking my shaft in your hand
Stroking making me moan

Using your tongue licking my shaft
Taking the head of my cock
Into your mouth
Bobbing your head up and down

Sucking my balls
Taking them in your mouth
Popping sound they make
Parting your lips

Pushing you on your back
Kissing your neck
Trailing kiss down to your boobs

Sucking and nibbling your nipples
Gently kissing down your belly
Parting your legs
Kissing up the insides of your thighs
Plants a kiss on your labia

Making you moan in pure ecstasy
As I lick and tongue your love canal
Digging your fingers in to my scalp
As your climax subsides

Crawling over your body
My cock now inches away
Looking you in the eye
Pushing in to your pussy

Pounding your vagina
Making you moan and groan
My cock sliding in and out
Bucking your hips meeting
My thrusts into you

Your soft breasts getting
Crush against my chest
As we make love

Picking up my pace
As we near to climaxing

Moaning in pure bliss
Taking you over the edge
Screaming as I take you to heaven
Flooding your insides with my seed

Collapsing on top of you
Bodies intertwined as we kiss
My fingers running through your hair
My cum pooling on the sheets

Falling asleep in each
other’s arms
Knowing your safe in
My muscular arms

Loving feeling of your
Body on mine

The Rhythm Of Sex

“Myfanwy… Myfanwy… Am I yours. Am I yours.”
“Yes, yes, yes you are -”
Oh! those words of reassurance, those words of need, those words of love.
The smile, the sigh, the open mouth, the lustful scent that drifts on the rising air.
The hand of hers, that slowly clutches and feeds their fingers through filamentous hair,
And the brush of fingertips against warm gossamer-like skin.
The heady rush of need, desire, lust, all brought on by wanton behaviour.

Her sharp intake of breath, synchronous to the touch of my lips,
On those downy hills that open without thought, without interrogation, without question.
And what of the flick of my tongue, prising open her depths and longing for that taste,
From the rivulets of honey that flow from her treasured land beyond,
Only to be gathered and savoured, in ever increasing appreciation, on my extended tongue.
I strum at her lips and lose myself between those plump, silky, guardians of pleasure.
And I feel the rise and fall of her gentle rolling hills, that belies the approaching storm.

I play with her tune – rising and falling, side to side, up and down,
Lost to the sounds from above and to the slipperyness of the slope that descends the abyss.
The fiery cavern, inflamed and engorged, is slowly disciplined by the
Moist and succulent rivers of nectar that are duly harvested.
My pulse races, a pounding sense of urgency envelops me as I feel the same need in her,
I clamp my mouth down hard onto her tender succulent stem,
And I tease it, entice it, encourage it to roar and growl.

And growl it does-
It fights, it bites, in ways that she knows not.
As she forces the growing urge away from her, and into the darkening night.
Hands that once clasped me to her minute yardang,
Now pushes and throws me away, discarding me from her shipwrecked thighs.
As the dying embers of that special moment, flare from the fireworks of her soul,
And the red fiery lust filled moans, and groans, abate and subside.

With apparent finality, creeping towards her,
I hear her moan, her knees collapse inwards, her hands grasp at the emptiness of the air.
And her thighs clamp me tight in the throes of her pleasure, as she cries-
“Yes, yes, yes-”
But these are not the words of love, nor the
Words of pleasure, or freedom, or absolution, or release.
These are the words of completion, of satisfaction, of conclusion, of outcome.

No-one is calm – There is no calm here.
No-one is silent – As echoes of lust reverberate through-out the enclosed space.
Her body flexes, but it is nothing like a quiescent butterfly.
More a bucking Bronco, or the tiniest vessel lost and tossed on the tempestuous seas, like an abandoned cork.
I raise my wet and dripping chin from her spent thighs, and lick my honey coated lips for her to see.
Her eyes widen, not for what has just passed,
But for what is about to come.

Her wry smile says it all,
Her gaze directed at the bob bob bobbing length between my legs.
The pulsating and throbbing rod of steel that dips and rises as I stride forwards,
Its motion, matching her throbbing need, as she watches, untethered and open-mouthed.
Her eyes close once more, satisfied by the slow, swing of stiffened flesh,
That plays to the same beat as her lust filled body.
And her thighs widen in response, accepting these, unplayed notes of desire.

And I…
I descend once more upon her and guide my expectation upwards.
Eyes close, breaths sigh, bodies are entwined and control relinquished.
I push, and she accepts, and her body takes her onto the next step of revelation.
A kiss is offered and with hands wrapped around me, she responds,
She pulls me into her warmth, she fixes me in place with her hands and heels,
And her body lifts and falls, in tune to the rhythm of sex.

“Myfanwy… Myfanwy… Am I yours.”
“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes -“

New Girl In Ladies Prison

she was a good girl
but she partied too much
she got in trouble
and dropped out of college
her parents could not control her
smashing the family car again
and again
running away with boys
fucking all hours of the night
cat on a hot tin roof
and it was time to
extinguish her sins
in the Ladies Prison
she stood in the chow line
large women, black women,
straights, gays, lesbos
cunt whores, bikers
and they looked at the
new girl
“Wait till we get you
in the showers whore”
said the biker lady
“You gonna’ purr like
a kitten down there”
a black lesbo said
she ate her oats
and another big lady
bumped her
“You come to me honey
if you need protection,
I got pussy around her for sale
too,,,, if you need that” she said.
“You be my little cheesecake
& I can be your sexy Mommy”
she said
Buffy, was afraid
and it was time for the showers
The guards told her to strip
near the laundry basket
the guards were licking their lips
her small 5 foot frame
and pointed nipples to the sky
were hard as rock
and her blonde pig tails
were hanging low
her blonde pubic area
had a tuft of fur
and a lady guard
took a smell of her naked
as the girl reached for a towel
in the shower room
white girls, black girls,
pink girls, whore girls
tattooed and sweet
hairy pussy
bald eagle pussy
Tomboy lesbos
and they watched
the new little girl
touching herself with
a pink soap bar
and they nodded
to each other
“Get her”
they yelled
two black girls and a white
girl pulled her by the
and slapped her face
“To the laundry room”
and they carried her away
like a meat pie–
shoving her down,
onto the leather training table
a bondage room homemade
by guards & inmates
they got her wrists and ankles
in leather cuffs with
stainless steel rings
and she was helpless
she could not fight
they got her restrained
and she peed on the bed
“You like black girls whore?”
asked the white guard
“I could learn” the girl said
Buffy was spread eagled on
the leather table
and the black girls
had evil grins
“You gonna’ be our slave
down here” one said
The black ladies each
took a nipple of Buffy
and bit her nipples
sucking and biting
trying to arouse the girl
she tossed and turned and
could not fight the fight
the white guard
began licking Buffy’s inner thighs
with her long pink tongue
she began a game of cat & mouse
teasing her girl bud
and flicking her tongue on the
girl’s erect clitoris
“Mhhhhhhhh ohhhhh”
and she arched her back
the black girls continued sucking
her pussy
all of a sudden, a black man
entered with a large erection
He walked over to Buffy,
and put his cock on
Buffy’s inner thigh
teasing her
Then he pushed his cock
slowly into her girl hole
he built a tempo
and went in & out
in & out
and she was being fucked
to the gills
oh yeah she yelled
and he slid in & out
taking slow turns
of pounding her
then stopping & starting
she was being fucked very
the black girls continued sucking
her nipples
& now French kissing her
the white lady also
French kissed the black girls
the man grunted and let his
semen ejaculate from his
cock head
into the girl’s
honey hole
the black girls
dried the
girl’s sweating forehead
with a towel

Flashback Of Sexual Abuse A La’ Carte

Daddy’s whip stung
the neighbor lady
liked foot long hot dogs
salivating through a
leather bondage mask
whips, the flanks & buttocks
not the place for honest people
whores and perverts
masturbate through their clothing
leaving stains permanently
on their dirty clothes
and salty souls
a girl screaming
as the penetration
takes control
the whip
a girl with long braids
and red freckles
her fingers
in petroleum jelly
a man and woman
getting it on
in a bean bag chair
dogs biting a screaming
singing drunk
in a basement recreation room
foreplay of a man
and woman
not the place of honesty
greed, lust, perversion
no laws, no rules
too many years ago
hidden chambers
riding on top
a boy turned into girl
a girl turned into boy
big cocks
and super 8 movie
too strong
in this town

April Likes Mommy’s Big Boobs

April was the neighbor girl
and Mommy was the pervert
after school buddies
a lady & a girl
toenails painted blue
nipples hard & pink
a woman’s pussy
and a younger girl’s
tight pink slit
running fingers through
a mature woman’s
pubic hair
kissing of tongues
sucking of chins
I will be your slave
you suck me here
I will kiss you there
forced to the nudist colony
people after hours
fucking on the floor
Mommy has big boobs
riding on top
her milk udders
so fucken’ delicious
in a girl’s mouth
biting the big nipples
she is lactating and
Mommy’s milk
squirts down a girl’s
pink throat
big pink phallus
up a girl’s ass
pain and grunting
the orgasm is
not far away
April loves Mommy’s
big boobs
tasty as peaches
sweating in the sun
bare feet on my shoulders
the taste of Mommy’s pussy
is dirty and evil
please don’t catch
us in our