The Vibes Of Extasy

Grabbed by the waist your heartbeat increase as I pull you both closer to me
my tongue caress your breast nipples as my hands, slides down her body,
down between your thighs, ur wet inside,
feeling your body shiver just before I eat
grace before meals while she takes me Deep
I love the way you moan for me

Grabbed by the waist, S.W.A.G. position for me,
Sex with a bit of Gangsta, babygirl slow wine for me,
Breathless as I give you both my love in excess, deep strides of extasy.


A Good Morning Fuck

The alarm clock.
It’s 5:30.
Just getting light.
I set it 30 minutes early.
So we’d have time.
We fell asleep spooned.
We awake spooned.
After this many years.
It’s the way we are.
Half asleep.
My hand fondles her breast.
She takes my hand.
Kisses it.
Moves it to her panties.
Slowly I slide my hand inside.
As soon as my finger.
Touches the top of her pussy.
She spreads her legs.
My fingers find her pussy lips.
Her clit.
Rub it.
She squirms.
Begins to sigh.
I move her panties.
To her knees.
To her feet.
And off.
She spreads her legs wider.
Her hand finds my swollen cock.
Strokes it.
Finds a drop of pre-cum on its tip.
Pulls it to her pussy.
Parts her pussy lips with it.
Mixing my pre-cum with her wetness.
I fill her.
My cock deeply in her cunt.
I slide in and out of her.
Each time deeper.
Each time with more force.
I slide my skin against hers..
I lie.
On top of her.
Her legs wrap around my hips.
Holding my groin against hers.
With a kiss,
A deep long one.
I cum within her.
She cums with me in her.
I sigh.
She smiles.
“Good morning.”

Crack Demon

Crack Demon loved boys. Loved flirting with them and alluring them into dark places that only hell could provide.

Ten so far. Ten young men, seduced from their innocent worlds and sucked down the rabbit hole of hell.

Big demon too. Big red dick, sprouting up hard, with big, round, tight balls filled with fire and cum.

His name was Bill. The demon that is. Taken cover in an older man’s body. Big, beefy, muscle ass with big arms and hairy chest, and balls that bunched in tight blue jeans. Fat soft cock, trailing down leg. Imprint of the head, clear as day, you could trace your finger along the rim.

The demon had a handsome face. Dark blue eyes, thick brown hair and full mustache. Beautiful soft lips.

First kid was Wallace, working at Discount Records. A small music store at the far end of a fading mall with very little life. Rumor had it, the mall was about to be knocked down, which made sense that everyone except a few stores were still in operation.

But Wallace didn’t care. He had another job already lined up at the end of the summer, and just stayed on for the hell of it. To ride it out till the end.

It was almost closing when Bill strolled into the store. “You still open, boy?” The demon asked, big hands on either hips, thrusting forward his crotch at the counter for the boy to see. He was also wearing a red cap turned backwards, and an open blue flannel checkered shirt.

“Huh? Oh. I’m….ÿeah. You have about ten minutes, can I help you?”

Wallace had never seen a man like Bill before. A big masculine sir with full arms, legs and fat package and a beautiful brown carpet of chest hair. He had to look away from blushing.

“Yes.” said Bill, little smirk on his face knowing that the kid was already uncomfortable. This kid was gonna be a piece of cake. His first one at that, since he smoked his way out of hell.

“Looking for country and western boy? You have any of that?”

“Um, …” Wallace took off his glasses, pushed his falling blond hair out of his eyes, and looked toward the far back. “Not much, but, there’s a small section back there by the posters. Mostly old.”

“That’s fine. Thanks.”

“No problem, sir. Let me know if you need any help finding something.”

“Rest assure I will, boy.” Bill winked, patting his big hands on his legs like, come and get it boy, giddy up!

Seeing that the store was empty, the demon wasted no time.

Stepping into the back area near the poster wall, the demon turned around, un-zippered his jeans and, after a grunt, dropped it’s fat cock down between it’s legs.

The demon spread his legs further and pulled out a long glass pipe formed like a snake, and dropped a piece of white rock into the mouth.

With his finger, came fire, and he slowly burned the top of the snake pipe.

“Gonna Fuck You Boy.” hissed the demon, sucking in the white smoke and watching Wallace as he leaned over, cleaning up the counter in his brown shorts.

The shorts were tight. So tight the demon could see the crack of his ass.

As the Crack Demon’s eyes flickered black up into his head, it’s cock started growing, swaying, between it’s legs. The demon tilted it’s face down and blew a steady stream of smoke on it’s piece.

It’s cock went wild. Springing to life, pre-cum spurting out like a mini-fountain.

“Come here boy.” The demon puffed. “I need help.”

“Yes, sir.”

Said Wallace, back turned, still doing his cleaning.

As he stepped toward the demon, he immediately got hit by a blast of white smoke that had him buckle to his knees in front of the big beast.

The record store started spinning as the boy tried to come to his senses. But, that was quickly lost as the demon dropped it’s dick in front of the kid’s face, knocking his glasses partly off his face.

“You like big elephant cock boy?” The demon purred.

“Huh? I’m sorry. What? I can’t…”

The demon took the kid by the back of his neck, flopped his pretty blond hair out of his face and said,


The beast took another hit from the glass snake and steamed out a wicked cloud of fog as Wallace tried to move away.

“No you don’t.” It growled, closing it’s eyes, holding it’s head up, and pushing he boy’s soft mouth on it’s giant, elephant cock.

Wallace gagged as salty poison and sweet crack smoke filled his lungs and then, the demon dick was inside his face. His glasses dangled off, his hair, now flopped back over one eye.

“Suck it Boy. Suck that Demon Cock!”

Wallace gagged, leaned back, watched the cock slide out of his mouth, his spit dripping, and white steam, swirling around it.

“Like it? Hmmmm?” The Crack Demon asked.

In a daze, Wallace nodded his head yes, and licked his soft, little lips.

“Uh huh. Taste like gumballs. Sweet. Sir”

“Yeaaaah. That’s right. You just keep sucking then. I have business to do.”

He ushered Wallace back down on his cock, and dropped his jeans to the floor.

“Grab those big balls boy, while you suck that elephant cock!”

“Yes. yes sir.” whispered Wallace, softly wrapping his fingers around the giant hanging sack.

The demon hit the snake again, white rock burning, sizzling…

“Harder Wallace! Grab those balls harder. And Suck!”

“Ok, sir. But, it’s so big…”

The monster then sprayed down a jet of smoke that immediately blew the boy away into space. The kid’s sweaty hole, sliding open like butter as he knees moved apart.

“Yeah. That’s it, boy. Take it home. Show daddy.”

Wallace paused for a moment, let out a little whimper, then, eyes on the prize, popped open his mouth and wolfed down on the giant dick, rising his little body, and working his jaws feverishly on it. His little tongue, darting out and licking the head, down the trunk, and all around the balls, as his little hand kept them tight.

“That’s it. SUCK IT!”

Wallace whimpered. His glasses now cracked and destroyed on the floor under the demon’s big right boot.

“Such a good cock, sir.” Wallace whined, tears from crack smoke and joy, filling his eyes.

His mouth moving faster around the demon’s tool, sucking hard, gasping, gagging, but going back down quick for more.

“All the waaaay, yeah. That’s my boy.”

“Fuck me.” Wallace whispered, releasing the devil dick, peeking up with one eye. “Fuck me.”

“You want to get fucked? Big elephant dick, up that little hole.”

The kid farted ever so sweetly.

“OOOOH. That’s what I call a Yes. Well, stand up boy.”

The demon stepped back, and helped the kid wobble up to his shaky, white legs.

He then stepped back against a shelf, putting just a few inches between them, and slapped his meaty thighs.

“Come on. Turn around, let’s ride this demon dick.”

“Yes, sir.” said Wallace, pulling down his wet shorts, his long pale pecker sticking strait out.

Before he knew it, the demon took another hit from the snake, a huge one, and, through a trail of white smoke, growled, and stuck it’s middle finger right up the kid’s crack.


Before Wallace could say ‘yes, sir’. the monster’s dick shoved inside of him, yanking his little ass and legs right off the ground.

Wallace screamed as the demon showed it’s true form.

“You wanna come with me, boy? To where I go? Hmmm?”

Screaming, “It hurts! Stop!” Wallace could see the shadow of a giant tail waving behind him. “No. It hurts!”

“I’m fucking you boy! That’s what you wanted up that hole. Big Demon Cock. Huh? You wanna go with me?”

“Ok.” cried Wallace. “Just take it out! Pleaaaase?”

The demon slid back, it’s pointy red cock riding out of him. Bright, red blood, dripping off the tip, and racing down the kid’s inner thigh.

“Let’s go Wallace. Let’s go home.”

The Crack Demon said, placing the kid in one arm, folding him over like a coat, blood oozing more out of his little hole.

Wallace, didn’t say a word. He just hung there, lifeless, in his arm, his head down, beside the demon’s big wagging cock.

It was about a quarter till nine when the security guard found the gate to the record store still open. And a puddle of blood, and soggy little wet shorts, and broken glasses on the floor, in the back near the poster wall.

The second kid was a few days later. The Crack Demon’s next choice.

“Come on Karen. You got me all the way up here, to tease me and then turn away. What gives?”

Asked Ryan, in his jeep, out near Falls Park. He folded his arms, pissed.

Karen, 17, shrugged and looked away.

“I’m not feeing right now, Rye. This place gives me the creeps. Take me home.”

Ryan, a year older, jet black hair, muscular, pale as the moon, took Karen’s hand once again and placed it on his cock that he had plopped out of his shorts, and tossed over the side.

“Come on. Don’t you like it? It’s the biggest around.”

The kid did have a big dick. Big man dick. Nice juicy black bush, glistening in the moonlight there at Falls Park.

“It’s ok. I just don’t Like it here! Next time, okay, Rye? I promise.”

“Just suck it, Karen. Come on. Just get me going, then I’ll take it from there.”

“No. I want to go home.”

“Fine. I’ll suck it myself.”

The boy then sat up in his seat, took a deep breath, wagged the cock upright, then, leaned down and slid his mouth over the head, and started slowly sucking.

“Eeeeh! That’s disgusting. Take me home, now!”

“Nope.” Ryan said, sucking faster.

”Fine! I’ll walk home. Freak!”

The girl jumped out of the jeep, grabbed her purse and slammed the door.

As she walked away from the jeep, calling him a loser, faggot,something like that, she didn’t notice the shadow of a large man standing a few feet away near the jeep.

The Crack Demon watched her go, and focused back on the kid, his head moving up and down in the front seat.

The demon pulled out the snake pipe and fired up. His eyes turned black as the first puff of poison filled the night air.

Sounds of wet smacking could be heard from the jeep, faster, as the muscle kid worked faster on his joint. His hungry mouth touching down, his face buried in his moist bush.

“Good cock. Who needs her?” he mumbled, before going back down on himself.

“Yes. Indeed, who needs her.” said a deep voice, somewhere outside the jeep’s window.

Ryan jerked up. His mouth wet and drippy.

“What the fuck? Who’s out there?”

The Crack Demon stepped up to the door and tapped.

“Excuse me, boy. Why are you out here this late?”

A flashlight popped on, and Ryan caught sight of the big police officer standing outside in front of him.

Embarrassed, Ryan tried to slip his big cock back into his pants, but the cop was already opening the door.

“Sir, I need you to step outside the jeep please, and show me some ID.”

“Um, okay…”

As Ryan slid out of the jeep, his wet cock flopped down between him, and his big white muscular arms, popped as he closed the door.

“I was only goofing around, officer.”

“I see. How long have you been able to suck your own cock, boy?”

“Excuse me? Wh-what are you doing?”

The cop took off his hat, dropped it to the ground, zipped open his jeans, and shook out his monster dick.

“You ever suck elephant dick, boy?”

“Fuck you.” said Ryan. “What are you? Some kind of fag? Now, what are you doing?”

The Demon pulled back out his snake pipe and placed white rock on it.

“Watch this. Wanna see something really cool?”

“Fuck no.”

The Demon took a hard hit, blew the smoke at Ryan, and watched the kid drop to his knees.

“I need you to go with me boy. Keep my little friend Wallace company. But first, I need you to suck my cock.”

“Fuck you!” snarled Ryan, trying to move away.

The Demon suddenly smacked the jock’s pretty face, knocking him down flat on the ground.

“You need to suck this big cock, Ryan. Just like you were doing in the car.”

“Sure. Ok, cop. Whatever. You smoke that stuff, and I’ll, I’ll suck your cock…”

Ryan suddenly kicked back, knocking the demon backwards, and scrambled to his feet.

1 2 3

I’m gonna fuck your bitchin ass, as you eat you’re girlfriend out
sixty-nining under me.
Ill stuff it in her warm wet mouth, just as soon as I pull it out
It’ll stop her moans , she’ll just gurgle groans
while your tongue licks, and flicks about.
Her swollen labia will make her clit stick out
like a micro cock, her juices will leak out.
As I hear those sultry, sexy sounds, and as i see the slutty sight.
I add my own groan and moan, to the fuck-fest delight.
I’m going to blow, so I gotta go, right in your whorin’ cunt.
this dream come true, involves me and you,
I fire it out and like LEO grunt.
All sticky, slick and sweaty now, we three catch our breath,
the sex we had is just love of lust
and for myself without would be death.
This afternoon was bloody fun, over for now, we all must run.
For our lives need still go on, VAPID; BORING; PALLID; WAN.
But on we go. We will toil, we will strive.
Memories of a pleasant 1 2 3 keeping us alive.

4 Times

I sit here now naked bare
In one hand quill the other dink
Stroking with both and I don’t care
What the fucked up prudes do think

My muddled messed meandering mind
Envisions crazy kinky things
Leather lace whips chains that bind
The game we play the pleasure it brings

My ocean muse and my mistress
Allow me life in this b s world
I love you ell and lady s
Oops your pantyhose have become pearled

That’s ok it’s just round one
I’ll dress up now in hose and heels
Sexy corset for filthy fun
Hey guess what they’re only clothes

Pink peep toe pumps showing nails bright blue
Light orange stockings with a black back seam
A leather mini and a silken blouse of a pastel hue
Damn the thought again I cream

I love a woman who loves to play
Sexy games and masturbate
To please each other in a private way
Are you there can you relate

My kinks are mine and I’m just fine
Just a different duck pure and free
To love my life and accept thine
For all I am is only me

I guess round three can get going now
In silver sparkly four inch pump heel
Pink pantyhose cut crotch meow wow
A short silk blue dress completes the deal

I see and smell you deep down in my brain
As you four finger your hole and erupt in a gush
Watching me and smiling as I blast off again
Sweaty and smelly my skin all aflush

I now soak in the tub to refresh my bod
Yet my libido takes me over anew
The warm soapy water gives rise to my rod
As you’re in the mirror again I pull it for you

Burnt right out and totally spent
I climb into bed to enjoy much needed sleep
As I close my eyes in you creep and my sheets do tent
I’ve no choice you’re in to deep

That’s OK with me I don’t mind at all
It would be nice to have a real live gal
With all her emotions and issues big and small
Til the right one is here you’ll be my pal

My fantasy my muse my far away friend
Someone to occupy my all alone time
Something to think about some thoughts to send
Perhaps poetic prose with reason and rhyme

So smile sweetly sleep sound and stay solid
I’ll do the same and live just for today
Making the most of the gifts I’ve been allotted
Just to pass pleasure is what I truly pray

Did She Know?

My girlfriend Zoe knew it turned me on to know she made others horny and I had mentioned this, more so in drunken texts, than anything else. Of course I didn’t want her cheating. But, whatever did happen it would be an experience as a couple and both hopefully getting pleasure out of it. It was more the thought of her pleasuring another cock that got me going, a strange cock, so not someone we knew or local to the area we lived in. A Gloryhole experience was the ultimate fantasy but not really a possibility as I can’t say they are as well known in England it seems. Anyway, there was no rush for anything so we carried on with our varied sex sessions as usual.

So, we had our first short trip away from home. Two nights in a fairly remote part of Ireland for my Cousins wedding. A chance to relax, drink plenty, as with all Irish weddings, and in a nice plush hotel, with a big shower & bed so we could get some serious sex in the new surroundings.

We flew over on the Friday afternoon and after getting acquainted with the hotel it was straight out for something to eat & some warm up drinks in a few of the towns pubs. It was her first Irish wedding and I’d warned her that the drinking can become relentless so to take it easy as the rounds can flow & drinks passed to you even when you haven’t asked for another, but that’s what I love about them personally! It was always the case that everyone said they would ‘take it easy’ the night before but that was never the case, so a hopefully mild hangover, was going to be the case in the morning.

By midnight we were back at the hotel bar for the accustomed ‘one for the road’ drink. But we’d already decided between us, both feeling horny of course, that an early exit was in order. It had been a long day, so that and the effects of the alcohol, meant a ‘quickie’ was in order tonight before we got some much needed rest in preparation for wedding festivities tomorrow.

The alarm went at half 8 and we had both managed to sleep through which was a result as a long day/night lay ahead. Breakfast was served until 10am so of course we had some time to make use of the large shower. She pulled me by the cock into the bathroom, flicking the shower on to get it to the optimum temperature, she was on her knees in a flash, working my head with her cute tongue and mouth. I could have quite easily cum, she knows how to perfectly with that mouth but she really needed cock inside her before breakfast. So, ushering her up, we stepped into the shower. It was divine. She immediately leaned forward, holding the rail with one hand, head pressed lightly on the tiles, reaching back with the other for the hardness she needed. She had it, ‘her cock’ as she calls it, and in one swift movement I was balls deep inside her. Her fingers were straight to massaging her clit, she needed to cum and as fast as possible. I got into a rhythm, the water direction meaning I was looking down which of course I preferred. Seeing her pussy engulf all of me, I lightly rubbed her inviting asshole. A butt plug would have been our preference but we hadn’t packed any sex toys, just a blindfold and arm ties to possibly be used tonight. Her heavy breathing and moaning signified she was close. She slammed back onto my length, furiously rubbing herself and with my thumb in her rear she came hard. Her hand moved to my tight balls, cupping and massaging them expertly as ever, I shuddered too a climax filling her with my cum. Now we set for the day ahead!

The Wedding was done in the afternoon & after some food, speeches & steady(ish) drinking we returned to the room to freshen up for the night ahead. She had her ‘night’ dress laid out ready and knew that I would want her in the full stockings & suspenders attire to compliment the dress.

The night went on with the usual Irish craic, plenty of Guinness and shorts were being consumed. After a few hours we took a few minutes out of the main room and were sitting by reception. I was getting horny again but there was no escaping early, it’s not the done thing so I wouldn’t even suggest it. My hand wandered up her leg during some tongue tennis, feeling her stocking top. I pulled away & kissed her neck, momentarily looking up and catching the lad behind reception on his own, probably in his early twenties, staring straight between her legs. I looked away and wondering if he was still getting an eyeful, pulled her legs apart a bit more giving him that perfect view. I glanced back and he was indeed engorged in the free show I was putting on, now all for his benefit. I hoped his cock was hard at the sight and would have continued but we were suddenly disturbed and she pushed my hand away. Walking past on the way back to the main hall I caught his eye and smiled, he coyly smiled back and the seed was set in my mind.

It was after 2AM and the main hall had shut but this didn’t mean the drinking had. A separate bar room was opened to all guests of the hotel & it was starting to fill up. We were both drunk, who wasn’t!, but not to the point of falling over so I suggested one more in the side bar & then too bed. I mentioned the blindfold & restraints upstairs and she was very keen on that idea.

Well obviously the last pint turned into three & another short. I told her we’ll make a sneaky move after this one and went to the toilet which was by reception. On returning I saw the lad who had been ogling her earlier. Feeling brave, in no doubt due to the drink, I made my way to the desk and asked him how he was & did he enjoy the view earlier. Surprising me, he confidently said he did indeed & said how lucky I was to have her. I agreed completely and then in a purely spontaneous act I asked him for a pen & paper. Looking quizzical at me, I wrote down our room number and told him to give it at least half & If he was interested in a closer look to come up. He advised me he was on the over night shift but did get a break shortly but had to be careful as fraternising with the guests was forbidden. I assured him if he kept his mouth shut I would to, and with that, I walked back to the bar.

Soon as I returned, I gave her a kiss and said let’s go. We somehow managed to sneak off, avoiding anymore chance of another drink being offered.
As we walked past reception he was no longer there. We headed for the lift and once inside immediately set about each other. Her hands were grabbing at my cock & mine at her breasts, our tongues entwined, before the bing of the lift broke our concentration.

We got through the door and she headed for the bathroom giving me time to put the door on the latch, switch the television on for some background noise and get the blindfold & restraints out of the suitcase. Suddenly, I was somewhat sobering up. Would he arrive, I was edging on the side of no but time would tell.

She came out of the bathroom, naked but for her stockings & suspenders, and slightly swaying as she headed for me by the side of the bed. She questioned why I wasn’t naked as I started to place the blindfold on her, giggling as I did. I put the arm restraints on & tied them to the metal bed frame.
Her chest heaving & nipples fully erect, I moved between her legs, leaning down to suck and slightly bite them just as she liked.

Just at that point, and slightly noticeable above the sound of the music playing on the television, I looked to my left to see he had entered the room. My heart rate quickened. As dorky looking as he was, he looked quietly confident. I put my finger to my lips, he needed to be silent of course, and ushered him too the side of the bed. In moments his trousers and boxers were down and I could see his erection despite just the faint lamp & television being the only light in the room. He had a big bulbous head, just like myself. His cock wasn’t as thick as mine but beat me in length if I’m honest.

I moved back & guided him forward towards her head. Then at that moment, he pushed himself towards her willing mouth, holding his hard length, her tongue darting forward to take a strange cock, licking his obvious pre cum, as she worked his shaft unable to touch of course due to the restraints. I backed off & unashamedly started wanking myself at the sight, pre-cum already leaking from me.

After a few minutes, and getting the feeling he wasn’t gonna last long, I moved forward to pull him away slightly & asked her what she wanted. ‘I need cock inside of me’ was her adamant reply.
Backing off again, he positioned himself between her wide legs. All his Birthdays had come at once he no doubt thought. A stunning woman, stocking clad legs wide open and the most inviting, wet pussy you could hope for.
He rubbed the head of his long cock against my girlfriends opening and slipped straight in.
I moved over to get the view I craved and he wasn’t taking it easy from the off, thrusting into her balls deep. He leaned forward to get those hard nipples in his mouth, licking and sucking them. Her drunken moans and the sight of his big cock covered in all her juices now had me wanking furiously.

She wrapped her stockinged legs around him, mouth wide open as if ready to cum on his length and at that point I unashamedly released my load all over the edge of the bed, cumming in droves, my groans all but covered by the music playing in the background. He looked towards me & gave a smug grin at the pervert beside him.
Turning back briefly, It seemed like seconds later that said, ‘I’m gonna cum’. And she did just as he let out an unfamiliar grunt to her & came hard and deep inside her pussy, thrusting on and on as to make sure she got all his fresh spunk. I doubt he’d ever felt that rush before.

Pulling out, he cheekily wiped his cum covered cock on her stocking top and backed away.
I moved to her right against the bed and leaned down too kiss her. It was then she said the words I wasn’t expecting, ‘clean me up with your tongue please’. Well, we had spoken about this before, and how I’d like to do this sometime, but it wasn’t my load inside of her! But what could I do, and of course the days drinking helped numb any thought process, so I positioned myself between her legs. I looked behind and he had already vanished thankfully. I tentatively licked her stocking top where he had wiped their combined juices and, feeling around them with both hands, I licked her opening all the way up, cum spewing into my mouth. He had indeed filled her up! Strangely getting into it, I cleaned up as much as I could then moved up to kiss her again, exchanging fluids with our tongues. Both now spent we fell asleep quickly, bodies entwined.

I awoke before the alarm, my cock feeling like a piece of iron and seriously requiring a quick release. There was only one place it was heading so seeing her leaning slightly on her side I reached down and began massaging her clit. Luckily she was already wet, probably still a combination of last nights events and that was turning me on immensely. I rubbed the head up and down her slit and she awoke. ‘Morning!’, I said. ‘I’m still tired’ she responded, followed by ‘And you’re still horny’. ‘Uh huh’, I said as I entered her, reclaiming what was mine. I wasn’t going to last long and she knew it. She looked me in the eyes and reached below to cup my balls. The build up was quick, and her comment of ‘give it to me baby, cum for me’, sent me over the edge. She was full again.

Our lift to the airport was at 11am so we had time for another hearty breakfast and to say goodbye to anyone we could see milling about. Passing reception to the breakfast room I glanced over, but there was no sign of him. It didn’t matter, I had no interest in him and he had served his purpose. Presumably he had finished his shift now and was at home wanking to the memory of last night. I couldn’t blame him and It was certainly going to be used for many a play session going forward for both of us no doubt.

Breakfast and goodbyes finished we made our way to reception to hand the door card in. There were two girls behind the counter and as we made pleasantries, he suddenly made an appearance from the door behind, smiling like the cat that got the cream. We both thanked them for the overall service and he coyly remarked, ‘You’re both very welcome’. With that we exited the hotel.

Walking down the steps towards the taxi rank her hand reached back, grabbing my cock and squeezing it. Turning her head slightly she said, ‘Happy now?’. I didn’t respond, just smiled thinking to myself, did she know?

BBQ With Some Pussy On The Side

I have always been very close with a guy I used to work with, and have recently been spending time with both him and his wife, sometimes with the kids also. One day we decided to have a barbeque, child free grown up time, so we could all have some drinks and relax. My husband was away for work at the time, so it was just the three of us.

I was quite nervous to be spending time with Sarah, as it is always hard to get along with wives of male friends without causing problems. I was trying my best to appear relaxed and make her comfortable with me as well.

We all had a couple of drinks and chilled around the table talking about our families and small talk. After awhile Ben got up to start the barbeque, and Sarah went inside to finish organising salads and sides.

Feeling quite silly sitting there, I go inside to ask Sarah if there is anything I can help her with. She passes me some vegetables and asks me to cut some, and throw together a salad. She is asking me lots of questions about my friendship with her husband, and I try to assure her that we have always been quite close due to a lot of personal problems we have both had over the years, however we remain just that because we were both married.

We have finished doing everything we need for the barbeque, but are still standing in the kitchen talking. I had always been very attracted to Ben, but was doing my best to be a good friend to them both. While talking Sarah admits to her insecurities about me, I wanted to comfort her. I moved forward and leant into her to embrace her, as I pulled back I could see the relief on her face, and feel her body relax against me. I’m suddenly struck with an urge to kiss her, so I lightly press my lips to hers. She doesn’t move, but also doesn’t protest. I look into her eyes and see she doesn’t mind, and take that as a sign to continue. So I press forward and kiss her harder, lightly running my tongue over her top lip as I do it. She lets out a soft moan.

I place my hands on her hips and keep kissing. She starts to respond and massages her tongue with mine, while I rub my hands up and down her side. I can tell Sarah is enjoying it because her nipples brush up against mine, instantly making mine hard too. I get so turned on by hard nipples that I’m dying to play with them. Slowly I take my hand up to her breast and flick my thumb over her hard nipple. She jolts from the shock, but puts her breast back up against my hand. Pinching and gently tugging on her nipples through her shirt. Much to my pleasure she is braless, so her nipples are very sensitive and easy to play with. My pussy is feeling very damp from listening to Sarah’s soft little moans. I tug up her shirt and take one of her nipples into my mouth while still rubbing the other. I run my tongue over and over, gently flicking and sucking. Sarah is starting to grind against me, and runs her hands over my arse and digs her nails in. I start to nibble and graze my teeth on her nipple that is in my mouth.

She runs her hands down the outside of my legs and lifts my dress, so she can grab my arse better, and because I’m wearing a g-string she can dig those nails in hard.

At this point Ben comes into the kitchen to ask for something for the barbeque, stops dead in his tracks when he sees us. He asks us what is going on. I’m not sure how to respond, and look to Sarah. She winks at him, and grabs my hand and steers me towards their bedroom, indicating that he should follow us.

Once in the bedroom, I strip Sarah down until she is naked, and lay her on the bed with her legs dangling off. And I take my dress down and bra off so I’m only left in my g string. Ben moves to one side of the room to watch us. I’ve never been with a woman before and tell Sarah that if i do anything she doesn’t like to let me know.

I bend down and slowly run my tongue over her pussy hole and up to her clit, following with a finger sliding into her tight wet pussy hole. I can’t believe how wet she is for me. I’m obviously doing something right, between her wet pussy lips and I look at Ben and he has taken all his clothes off and is stroking his hard cock.

My finger is slowly fucking and stretching Sarah’s pussy while I’m licking and teasing her clit, making it easy for me to slip in another two fingers. I start fucking her with them, and rubbing the inside of her, making her pant and thrust. I can feel her walls tightening on my fingers, but I don’t want to bring her to orgasm with them. I want my tongue to cause her to cum. So I take my fingers out, hearing a slight moan of complaint from her, but quickly changes to pleasure again when I go back to licking her pussy. Her juices are over my tongue and mouth, and she tastes so sweet. It’s not long before she is squirming so much that I know she is going to cum soon.

Ben crawls onto the bed and over her so he can put his hard cock in her mouth. She sucks down on him hard, and gets into a rhythm that synchronizes with me tongue fucking her. I look up over her body and watch her deep throating her husband. It makes me so damn horny, I push my g-string aside and start rubbing my own pussy as well, teasing my clit and rubbing my pussy juice over it. I’m so slick and needy, I’m ready for more and I want Sarah to cum. So not sure whether Sarah will like it or not but I bite down on her clit, not so hard to cause a lot of pain, just enough to send her over the edge and have her screaming and thrashing underneath us.

Before Sarah has recovered from her orgasm, Ben lifts her up, and has her on all fours; he comes around and stands by the edge of the bed ready to impale her with his own need for release. I scramble to remove my underwear and get up onto the bed and lay with my legs wide open for both Ben and Sarah to see. Ben tells Sarah to lick my pussy while he fucks her.

She starts licking and sucking on my clit, and I can feel when Ben enters her, and she gasps and dives deeper into my freshly shaved pussy. I’m so on edge and I know it’s not going to take any of us long to cum. I rub and pinch my nipples while Ben is watching me, and he starts to pick up the pace not being able to handle the urge for much longer. The harder he fucks Sarah the deeper and harder she goes on my pussy. With one last long flick of her tongue across my clit, I’m undone. Bucking and shoving my clit further into Sarah’s mouth I grab onto her hair and hold her there. All while she is now cumming again from getting fucked so hard from Ben, she is screaming again into my pussy, and adding to the extra after tickles. Ben finally cums with one loud moan and hard slap across Sarah’s arse. He stands thrusting and jerking for quite awhile from aftershocks. Once we have recovered, we all collapse completely spent, and rest until we can go for another round.