Abyss Of Passion

The touch of her fingers was soft and firm. They traversed the length of my arm with an almost exasperating slowness, causing my breathing to grow heavy and deafening to my own ears. As they traipsed ever further with painful slowness, I felt my heart beating at dizzying speed, as if I were on the verge of an abyss.

I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question.

I do not know if it was her, me or both, but soon the distance between her body and mine was shortened and I feared that she could hear the heart thudding in my chest. Her hand settled on my cheek gently – and maybe with some fear, as if my skin were as fragile as an insect’s wing – and she stroked it lightly. I looked to hand, then heard her sigh before she closed the centimeters that separated us and put her lips on mine.

They were soft and warm, and I gasped despite myself. They attacked mine by way of an answer, overcoming my mouth with gradual, yet unwavering intensity

Yet, the slowness with which our lips parried only served to make me run out of air earlier than expected, forcing me to withdraw for a moment. I recovered the image of her dark eyes that only asked me to return and, after inspiring nervously, I did. This time it was a deeper and more intimate kiss in which our tongues first met and played hide and seek. Finally I caught hers in a gentle bite and in return she caught me with a cheeky lick to my lower lip.

I opened my eyes at the absence of her lips, but soon I felt them cradling the sensitive spot where my jaw and neck joined.

She plucked sighs of pleasure from me easily as she traced my shoulder and then at last reached my collarbone. There, her teeth, no longer so delicate, staring digging into my skin as she continued to descend, at the same time she was getting rid of my dress. I could do nothing but mimic her movements and say goodbye to her white shirt, which fell to the ground anticipating what would happen in the next few hours.

If there was a bed in the room I did not realize; I was too busy letting myself be carried away by the sensation being released with every touch of their lips on my skin. She now knelt in front of me, kissing my abdomen, which no longer seemed mine: it was the home of at least a hundred butterflies, each competing to land against her lips. Forcing my head from its ecstatic loll, I looked down at her, her hungry eyes not wavering from my face. Like a puppet, I extended my hand and pulled her to stand. We melted again into a moist, needy kiss. I hugged her body and held on as she let her hands loose along body,

I moaned, softly, against the skin of her neck, and she hugged me even harder, as if I might escape at any moment, as if I had something more important to do, ha! Impossible. Never.

With urgency now, she met my mouth with a kiss that so devastated my senses, it took a full moment to realize I now found myself with my back against the shaggy carpet, and then her naked body enwrapping mine.

Her hands explored me fervently, with her mouth following dutifully, until they came to a part of my body that had been silently screaming in want for what felt like as long as I could remember. First were her nails, a gentle trace of my lips’ peak, and finally the tips of her fingers sinking into my folds, revealing the moisture that had been created within them.

I wrapped my hands around her neck, telling her that I needed more, much more. In response, her fingers pinpointed my clit with assured, circular movements. I let out several moans in which her name was camouflaged. Normally resting so easily and unexceptionally on my lips, it now seemed to acquire a totally different hue. Now it sounded passionate, more delicate.

As much as I was enjoying those caresses, how the intensity of the sensation was seeming to swallow me whole, I reached up to the edge to stop myself falling completely, and put my own hand between her thighs.

I felt the weight of her body fall on mine as I found her clit, and I began to match my caress to hers. I do not know if it was as a reward or as a punishment that I inserted two of her fingers inside me, but either way it was nearly too much. My body was undulating, welcoming them within, but still I felt the strength of her fingers as they pushed through. As I went inch by inch, I was forgetting everything, until I was only aware of her and me.

Plunging my own fingers within her silky wetness, we found a synchronicity, our bodies seeming to fit one over another perfectly, one inside another, one with the other. I imitated her rhythmic movements, but bent my fingers upward against the sensitive wall behind her pubic bone. She, instead, tapped gently on my clit with the palm of her hand.

Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence.

Her lips no longer wandered over my breasts, but seemed to chase something invisible back and forth as she stopped only for small bites of the flesh and hard sucking of my nipples. Then they came back to my neck, squeezing it hard, and I felt faint.

I had never thought that two people could synchronize to reach orgasm at the same time, but just then, as I reeled from the intensity of her mouth on against my neck, everything I thought I knew disappeared in a drunken fog. Her moans in my ear felt like a roar; her teeth caught my skin and her fingers came in and out without a second. It was then that I heard her hoarse cry and increased the pace of my movements, causing her to do so too.

I couldn’t hear if the moans that flooded the room were, again, hers or mine, but I nevertheless knew it to be true. Her hips joined in the game, and when I felt she was ready, I searched her lips in a desperate attempt to hide my gasps. We kissed with eagerness and vehemence, and as soon as her body began to tremble over mine, I felt that every muscle in my body clenched and fighting against itself, waiting… to explode together in a burst.

The waves of pleasure spread through me as her immobile body rode along with my muscles, gulping from exertion. After a few minutes our breaths slowed and synchronized, and I think even our chests started a heartbeat conversation at their own, secret speed. I opened my eyes to find myself in front of her own, and again, the words remained.


Tie Me Up And Take Me 

 So I have one of those beds with the mission style headboard and footboard. The one with the wooden vertical slats that just scream “let me hold you hostage”. It’s a king size pillow top, extra high off the ground. It needs a big man to occupy the space and I have a sexy fucking navy boy in mind.

Your mind wanders, and I know we are supposed to be going out tonight but the thought of holding me captive, all for yourself continues to overwhelm your senses. It excites you, the domination, the control, that fact that you can do whatever you want to me and I can’t do a thing but hope you will make me beg for mercy.

As you arrive at my door, it is unlocked as I am expecting you. I try to make small talk but you don’t answer, I bend over giving you just a glimpse of my tan ass in your favorite purple crotchless panties I have hidden under my skirt. You don’t speak. you just watch me strap on my heels and smile. I can see a deviant look in your eye. I am curious, excited and apprehensive at the same time. I know you well enough to know you have another plan for tonight in mind.

As I walk down the hall, you push me up against the wall, it is cold and hard and I have to take a second to catch my breath. you slowly take each one of my hands and place it over my head as I just stare into your eyes. You’re so serious and I am nervous. I stand there and my legs start to tremble but my body just aches for you. With your left hand you grab both of my arms and hold them tightly. You use your foot to spread apart my legs and take your right hand and find my soft pussy and you rub my clit with the palm of your hand and thrust two fingers up inside me. My knees slightly buckle and I suck in a gasp of air. You still have my hands pinned above my head. I close my eyes and my heavy breathing releases a flow of wet juices onto your hand as you thrust your fingers in and out of me. You are in total control. I can faintly hear Adele “one and only” playing in the background from the other room. I echo her lyrics as my mind engulfs what is happening right now. I softly hum ” “you’ve been on my mind, I grow fonder everyday” your fingers fuck me as I still cannot move away from the wall. I drift off and the song starts to fade away.

You tell me not to speak.

I can only do what I am told.

You pull your wet fingers from my pussy and release my arms. Your massive strong arms then ever so gently pick me up and place me on the bed behind you. You tell me to lay down in the center. You come to the left side of the bed, you lean in kissing my stomach, you tell me how much you want me, you tell me how much you want to feel me as you slide my skirt off. You take my left leg and pull it out to the edge of the bed, taking your hands and rubbing down it from my inner thigh to my ankle and then tie it to the bed. You tug on the knot just to make sure it won’t come loose. You lean up into the foot of the bed, your soft warm lips brush my pussy and you softly lick it but just once as you repeat the same thing to my right leg, grabbing my inner thigh and pulling it open to tie it to the other side of the footboard. The song again echoes in my mind “you’re the only one that I want, I don’t know why I’m scared, I’ve been here before, every feeling every word, I’ve imagined it all” I try to start to touch myself.

You sit me up, and in the silhouette of the candle light you remove my top, and in one quick motion push me back into the bed and pull up my right arm over my head, you tell me very matter of factly, Don’t Touch! You tie my arm to the headboard, I have little give but just enough that I can flex it as my body begins to writhe uncomfortably and vulnerably in bed. You can sense I am nervous and give me a sweet kiss. You promise me you will be just enough but not too much. You tell me to relax that you will always take care of me. I want to feel your lips kiss me again, but you put your finger to my lips and just .. ssshhhhh… then nothing!

You climb on top of me, and lay across me, pressing against me but not with all your weight to tie down my left arm. I try to resist and pull my hand away, you overpower me and press my hand back to the bed and tie up my last remaining source of freedom. So now I am tied to the bed, four point restraints, purple crotchless panties mixed with exciting apprehension. You take a step back to look at me, admiring me like you have just captured a precious trophy. You are so pleased with what you have done.

You come by my head and slightly pull my hair as you apply a blindfold. My body aches for you, all of my senses are heightened, it’s like that right after you cum state, where you can’t be touched as your body shutters and each nerve ending is screaming . I want you but I don’t know where you are, what your plans are, what do you want to do to me, but i want you to do it, I want you to do whatever it is so badly.

I can smell you, my favorite cologne. I hear where you walk. I can wiggle in the bed and my ass grinds into the mattress, my nipples are hard, I have goose bumps but I don’t know if it is because I am cold or so nervous and excited, I desperately want you to touch me.

I can hear you whisper and moan “Mmmmm, you look so beautiful”, your voice deepens “I’ve got you now, you can’t get away and I will have all of you”.

You grab my ankles and rub your hands up my legs, I try to close them but I can’t. Even tied to the bed, you push them open. Then nothing. I hear you move to the side of the bed. You sit. You lean over and bite my ear, my neck, my nipple. My back arches. I moan. I take in a deep breath. I bite my lip.

You straddle me and rub your cock over my lips, dripping onto my tongue. “Open your mouth, lick me”. I do as I am told, my soft tongue reaches out to feel you. I love the way you taste. You grab the headboard and kneel over me thrusting your hard dripping cock down my throat. I gag and spit runs down my cheek as a tear runs down my face. You pull out.

Then again, “I said suck my cock” down my throat you push. In and out of my mouth. I can’t move. I can only lay there writhing in the bed as you face fuck me. Every few minutes you have to stop and slow down, I can tell when your cock swells and I know you want to cum all over me but you want to wait.

I love knowing you want me, knowing you want to cum, and I love the fact your holding back, I can’t wait until you explode. I can’t wait to hear you. I can’t wait to please you. I want to ask you to touch me, I am dripping wet, but I don’t. This is all you tonight and I want to give you what you want. You kiss my cheek. You bite my lip, my neck, my nipples. You tease them with your tongue. I want you so bad. You run your tongue down my body. Stopping just short of my pussy. You thrust your fingers into my wet box. I moan. Again I try to close my legs. Your fingers move slowly at first in and out. You suck on my clit. You lick me up and down and use your left hand to lift my ass off the bed and pull me into your face. I want to open my legs but I can’t do that either. I want to grab your head and pull you into me.

I am helpless.

“Please baby” , you don’t respond.

The sheets are soaked, a combination of you and sweet pussy juice. It is dripping down between my ass. I can hear you suck your fingers every few minutes and then you slide them back into me. Each time I moan and squirm. You stop.



It’s like you disappeared. I hear nothing. I realize the music has stopped. It’s eerily quiet. Your left hand unites my left leg and simultaneously your right hand unties my left arm. You push me over face first into the bed. Before I can even think to move you have grabbed my arm and retied it to the headboard. You pull my leg open and tie it back to the footboard, my right arm and legs are tightly wound to the bed. I am spread eagle on the bed, face down. You pull my hips up as far as they will lift off of the bed. You are kneeling on the bed as I can feel your legs in between mine. Your hard cock rams between my legs and deep into me.

I scream, you respond. “Shut up you dirty bitch, take it and shut up”.

You slide your hands between me and the bed and squeeze my tits as you keep nailing me from behind. You pull my hair.

“I will destroy you, beg me to fuck you bitch”. Your voice is deep and stern. It feels like your dick is reaching my throat. My insides are being shoved up to my neck. It hurts. I really like it!

You smack my ass as hard as you can. “Tell me how much you like it, beg me to cum, beg me you little bitch”.

A tear runs down my face, but I am smiling and enjoying everything you can dish out.

I don’t listen, instead I taunt you. ” Fuck me harder, is that all you got, that’s all you can give me, you have to do better than that! Come on fuck me like you hate me”.

You thrust yourself faster and harder, feverishly into me.

“Fucking bitch, take it all you fucking dirty girl, I’m gonna cum so deep in you” you spank me again as hard as you can, my ass stings

“I’m gonna cum so deep in you, beg me to cum” you smack me again

“fucking beg me I said”.

Softly I start to beg you.

“I can’t hear you begging, speak up and tell me you want me to cum”.

I am so excited. I want you to fill me with cum. “Fucking cum inside me, fucking fill me with cum you fucking asshole, holy shit, make me cum with you. Fucking cum deep inside me, make me scream, I can take it, make me fucking scream”

you spank me again, the same place, I can tell my ass has multiple handprints and they all sting.

“I gonna fucking cum, baby” you’ve lost your tough exterior and ask me if you can cum, you know how much I like it when you ask.

I tell you “Beg me!, tell me you have to, tell me you can’t hold it, tell me how it makes you feel!” I am so wet and I can tell you are leaking all into me.

You moan so loud, “oh my god baby I have to, I can’t stop, I have to cum baby” pleading with me “baby say it’s ok, please tell me it’s ok, baby I can’t hold it”, your cock is so hard, thrusting deep inside me.

I whisper “baby it’s ok, slow down, fuck me slow, I’m gonna cum with you” your hands have such a tight hold of my hips.

You’re pulling my ass into you, your moaning so loud, “fuck me, oh my god, holy fuck the shit out of me baby, can you feel all of my hot cum? Oh I’m cumming again, holy fuck.”

My pussy tightens around your throbbing cock. My face is buried in the mattress.

“Holy fuck baby, give me that cock, I’m cumming all over your hard cock, that’s it, FUCK ME!”

I respond simultaneously to you, Your legs are shaking, twitching and you can’t sit up anymore as I have drained you of everything that you are. I am soaked on the bed. The nerve endings in my clit send sharp stabbing sensations throughout my body. I am swollen. I don’t think I could close my legs even if they were untied.

You collapse next to me. I turn my head to face you and you take off my blindfold, although I am still spread eagle on the bed . It is so hot and I am glistening with a combination of our sweat. The air from the fan cools me. Our breathing is still heavy. You rub the hair out of my face. I just smile and close my eyes, listening to you breathe. The smell of sex fills the room. I fall asleep still tied to the bed. I feel you loosen the ties and close my legs and put my arms down.

You kiss me softly. “I am all yours baby girl”, I can’t open my eyes but I smile softly and whisper “and I’m all yours navy boy, but next time your the one who will be tied and taken

BBQ With Some Pussy On The Side

I have always been very close with a guy I used to work with, and have recently been spending time with both him and his wife, sometimes with the kids also. One day we decided to have a barbeque, child free grown up time, so we could all have some drinks and relax. My husband was away for work at the time, so it was just the three of us.

I was quite nervous to be spending time with Sarah, as it is always hard to get along with wives of male friends without causing problems. I was trying my best to appear relaxed and make her comfortable with me as well.

We all had a couple of drinks and chilled around the table talking about our families and small talk. After awhile Ben got up to start the barbeque, and Sarah went inside to finish organising salads and sides.

Feeling quite silly sitting there, I go inside to ask Sarah if there is anything I can help her with. She passes me some vegetables and asks me to cut some, and throw together a salad. She is asking me lots of questions about my friendship with her husband, and I try to assure her that we have always been quite close due to a lot of personal problems we have both had over the years, however we remain just that because we were both married.

We have finished doing everything we need for the barbeque, but are still standing in the kitchen talking. I had always been very attracted to Ben, but was doing my best to be a good friend to them both. While talking Sarah admits to her insecurities about me, I wanted to comfort her. I moved forward and leant into her to embrace her, as I pulled back I could see the relief on her face, and feel her body relax against me. I’m suddenly struck with an urge to kiss her, so I lightly press my lips to hers. She doesn’t move, but also doesn’t protest. I look into her eyes and see she doesn’t mind, and take that as a sign to continue. So I press forward and kiss her harder, lightly running my tongue over her top lip as I do it. She lets out a soft moan.

I place my hands on her hips and keep kissing. She starts to respond and massages her tongue with mine, while I rub my hands up and down her side. I can tell Sarah is enjoying it because her nipples brush up against mine, instantly making mine hard too. I get so turned on by hard nipples that I’m dying to play with them. Slowly I take my hand up to her breast and flick my thumb over her hard nipple. She jolts from the shock, but puts her breast back up against my hand. Pinching and gently tugging on her nipples through her shirt. Much to my pleasure she is braless, so her nipples are very sensitive and easy to play with. My pussy is feeling very damp from listening to Sarah’s soft little moans. I tug up her shirt and take one of her nipples into my mouth while still rubbing the other. I run my tongue over and over, gently flicking and sucking. Sarah is starting to grind against me, and runs her hands over my arse and digs her nails in. I start to nibble and graze my teeth on her nipple that is in my mouth.

She runs her hands down the outside of my legs and lifts my dress, so she can grab my arse better, and because I’m wearing a g-string she can dig those nails in hard.

At this point Ben comes into the kitchen to ask for something for the barbeque, stops dead in his tracks when he sees us. He asks us what is going on. I’m not sure how to respond, and look to Sarah. She winks at him, and grabs my hand and steers me towards their bedroom, indicating that he should follow us.

Once in the bedroom, I strip Sarah down until she is naked, and lay her on the bed with her legs dangling off. And I take my dress down and bra off so I’m only left in my g string. Ben moves to one side of the room to watch us. I’ve never been with a woman before and tell Sarah that if i do anything she doesn’t like to let me know.

I bend down and slowly run my tongue over her pussy hole and up to her clit, following with a finger sliding into her tight wet pussy hole. I can’t believe how wet she is for me. I’m obviously doing something right, between her wet pussy lips and I look at Ben and he has taken all his clothes off and is stroking his hard cock.

My finger is slowly fucking and stretching Sarah’s pussy while I’m licking and teasing her clit, making it easy for me to slip in another two fingers. I start fucking her with them, and rubbing the inside of her, making her pant and thrust. I can feel her walls tightening on my fingers, but I don’t want to bring her to orgasm with them. I want my tongue to cause her to cum. So I take my fingers out, hearing a slight moan of complaint from her, but quickly changes to pleasure again when I go back to licking her pussy. Her juices are over my tongue and mouth, and she tastes so sweet. It’s not long before she is squirming so much that I know she is going to cum soon.

Ben crawls onto the bed and over her so he can put his hard cock in her mouth. She sucks down on him hard, and gets into a rhythm that synchronizes with me tongue fucking her. I look up over her body and watch her deep throating her husband. It makes me so damn horny, I push my g-string aside and start rubbing my own pussy as well, teasing my clit and rubbing my pussy juice over it. I’m so slick and needy, I’m ready for more and I want Sarah to cum. So not sure whether Sarah will like it or not but I bite down on her clit, not so hard to cause a lot of pain, just enough to send her over the edge and have her screaming and thrashing underneath us.

Before Sarah has recovered from her orgasm, Ben lifts her up, and has her on all fours; he comes around and stands by the edge of the bed ready to impale her with his own need for release. I scramble to remove my underwear and get up onto the bed and lay with my legs wide open for both Ben and Sarah to see. Ben tells Sarah to lick my pussy while he fucks her.

She starts licking and sucking on my clit, and I can feel when Ben enters her, and she gasps and dives deeper into my freshly shaved pussy. I’m so on edge and I know it’s not going to take any of us long to cum. I rub and pinch my nipples while Ben is watching me, and he starts to pick up the pace not being able to handle the urge for much longer. The harder he fucks Sarah the deeper and harder she goes on my pussy. With one last long flick of her tongue across my clit, I’m undone. Bucking and shoving my clit further into Sarah’s mouth I grab onto her hair and hold her there. All while she is now cumming again from getting fucked so hard from Ben, she is screaming again into my pussy, and adding to the extra after tickles. Ben finally cums with one loud moan and hard slap across Sarah’s arse. He stands thrusting and jerking for quite awhile from aftershocks. Once we have recovered, we all collapse completely spent, and rest until we can go for another round.

Family Sercets

It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds He heard from his wife’s bedroom last night. He grinned to himself. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her own room, she could come to his room and have the big bed to play on. Missy was up next, she came in and hugged her dad, and kissed his chest. She felt his dick and smiled. She whispered: (“….daddy, I’m gonna get you tonight, I wanna be licked”…) Dad smiled and said back: (“you do?…well I think I have just the tongue to do that for you, little girl.”) She hugged him and squeezed his dick and said she was off to Jen’s house. Dad left to go golfing for the day. Josh finally woke up and smiled to himself about the thrill of last night. Fucking his mom was the best, hottest thing he’s ever done. God!…. she fucked awesome! Her pussy was like a glove around his dick. Her hands so warm on his butt cheeks, as she squirmed and pulled on them to bring him in tight to her deep pussy. He shook his head to snap himself out of it. He got dressed and went in and peeked at mom. She lay naked all sprawled out with a content smile on her face. He looked at her hot smooth body and just had to tip toe in and kiss her pussy. Mom smiled and put her hands on his head and moaned a long moan. She pulled him on top of her and squirmed, feeling his rising dick laying across her pussy. She whispered: (“where’s dad”) Josh said he’s gone golfing for the day, and …
Missy’s at Jen’s I think. Mom smiled and said: (“..let’s take a shower together…”) Josh was all for that, and they proceeded to the shower. Josh loved seeing his mom naked. He use to try and picture her naked when he was little, and now he could see the real thing. Mom smiled knowing his eyes were feasting her body. Mom grabbed a robe and Josh put his on. She came in his room just to watch him undress and put his robe on. She was already starting to get wet in her pussy. She led him by the hand and into the bathroom. She sat him down and he watched he slowly take the robe off, teasing him with a slow strip show. She stood him up and took his robe off and fondled his hard dick. In they went. The warm water was a turn on to both of them as they soaped each other up. She teased him a little. “Oh….can you reach my back Josh?… Josh, can you soap my legs in the very back…” Poor Josh has the jitters in his dick doing all this touching of his mom. She stood in front of him and smiled as she let the soap suds run down her tits and across her big bush. She soaped Josh up all over and then she pulled him into her wet soapy pussy, and started rubbing her pussy on his dick. Josh was a very happy 17yr old about now. Mom rubbed her whole body all over him….teasing him, just to watch his eyes feast on her wet soapy body. Mom was enjoy this as much at him. She had never done this with him ever, and it was turning her on more and more by the second. She rinsed them off and they got out to dry ..

MILF Slut Sequel Four 

Sandy’s evening at the Party Boat was not over. She was still full of lustful energy and felt as if she was only in the first inning of a nine inning game. After several minutes, Sandy decided to go out onto the deck for another look at the stars and full moon while Terry napped. It was a warm and comfortable summer night with only a suggestion of a breeze when a man came up behind her and said,

“Hi Queenie.”

Like Sandy, except for his thong and nipple clamps, he was nude. He had the start of a beer belly even though he was still young and was sporting an erection that Sandy could not ignore.

“Hello,” she said politely. “Looks like you are having a good time?” she said, gazing at the firm appendage between his legs.

“It’s okay. I wanted to do anal but Louisa doesn’t do anal. She wanted to be with Guy anyway. She’s there with him and Sylvia,” he said with a slight slur. “It’s okay. Now I’m here with you Queenie. Do you do anal, beautiful?”

“I suppose so, but it depends on my mood.”

“What’s your mood now?” the man asked.

“Romantic. The full moon really gets a girl in the mood.”

“So, let me do you here,” he said rather forcefully.

“No way. I’m not doing anything out here,” Sandy said leaving no room for compromise.

“Okay, let’s have a drink in my cabin.”

“Alright but just a drink.”

He grabbed her nipple chain and led Sandy to a cabin a few doors down from number three.

The man still hadn’t introduced himself when they stepped inside the room. He poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels.

“Ya want some?” he asked gruffly.

She said she didn’t drink whiskey.

“Okay, you don’t drink whiskey, but you do anal and that’s just fine with me. Bend over on the bed, slut,” he said brusquely and gave her a shove.

Sandy had never been treated that way but his rough manner turned her on in a way she had never experienced. She bent over on the bed as he had commanded, then turned back to him and said,

“I don’t do this without a condom.”

He was rubbing his dick to get himself harder in anticipation of plowing into her ass, but he stopped for a minute to reach on the bedside table to grab a small foil package and a jar of Vaseline.

“Here ya go whore. If you want it, put it on.”

Sandy took care to roll it on his stiff prick so as not to tear the latex. He gave her the jar of jelly and she obliged by smearing a large glob over his hard member.

“Get over by the bed, tramp,” he demanded.

In a strange way, being humiliated just made her feel sexy and she felt her juices flowing again. Sandy inexplicably enjoyed the suggestion that she was nothing but a fuck doll.

She bent over the bed waiting for his assault. The man’s first motion was to rip down her thong then split her ass cheeks with his cock entering her ass without the slightest hesitation. He banged into her for a couple of dozen savage strokes and was finished.

“Okay, get the hell out of here, bitch.”

“You’re an ass whatever your name is,” she said slamming the door when she left with cum oozing out of her rear and Vaseline smeared all over her ass cheeks.

Terry was awake when Sandy stumbled into cabin three. “My God, Sandy, you look like a tornado hit you.”

“I know. I met some jerk out on the deck. He was rude, condescending and an asshole. He treated me like I was a whore and his slave.”

“Oh you must be talking about Big Al. Ya know, when he has been drinking he gets that way but otherwise he is a teddy bear. Come over here. You need a hug.”

Sandy didn’t go into any more details but after cleaning herself up, she joined Terry on the bed. She felt the comfort of his arms and the warmth of his body. Quietly in a deep voice he began talking about his life saying he had been married for three years to a woman who was married to her job.

His wife was away on business trips almost every month and sex with her was mostly a quickie. He couldn’t explain why he had married her. They have little in common and are not a good match. Last week his wife filed divorce papers. Terry said he was unhappy and thought the Party Boat would boost his morale.

Sandy said she had a good marriage although being on the Party Boat was exciting. Her friend, Phyllis, had talked her into it and maybe her curiosity had gotten the best of her.

She said, “Here I am and you’re making tonight better than I could have ever imagined!”

“Let’s take off those clamps so I can help your nipples feel a different sensation.”

Once her nipples were free, it took time to get them feeling normal again but with Terry’s help, they soon became sensitive and responsive. He placed his lips up against each breast and circled her nipples with his tongue. Sandy’s erect nipples were ripe for Terry to suck sending electric sensations between her legs. She was moist again and eager to sit on his stiff elongated pole.

On top was her favorite position and that is where they began their second coupling. Sandy rode him with her accustomed energy and enthusiasm. Wanting more, she reversed herself and rode reverse cowgirl. Later, he slipped into her cunt doggie style and she indulged herself with the pleasure of each stroke . The blissful action lasted well into the night with Terry cumming often and Sandy enjoying euphoric highs with each of her orgasms. They fell into each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep around three in the morning. It wasn’t until dawn that Sandy gave Terry a gentle nudge to wake him.

Sandy said, “Terry, we need a shower. We both reek from last night,” and dragged him half awake into the shower.

She loved soaping his balls and penis. The contrast between his dark skin and the white soapy bubbles made for an alluring sight but best of all was the feeling of her hand washing the slimy soap on his soft balls and stroking his hard cock. Terry also enjoyed the moment by rubbing her heavy breasts giving special attention to her clit.

The shower stall was tiny but they managed. When they had rinsed off, Terry stood with his legs far apart inviting Sandy to use her lips on his squeaky clean shaved testicles. She got the message and was quickly on her knees. Water continued to cascade down their bodies as Sandy moved between his legs. His balls hung like fruit on a tree and she devoured them with her lips and tongue. His cock grew even harder and was full and hard again.

“Sandy, I need you one more time.”

She smiled. Terry helped her stand in the shower and she turned her back to him. The compartment was so small that when she leaned over offering him to take her from the rear, her head hung outside the stall. They both knew he was too big to take her anally, so he forcefully plunged into her cunt. His hands held her hips to help steady her as he continued to thrust into her welcoming pussy.

Terry drove his thick, rigid cock into her with strong, deep strokes. She once again entered that blissful serene world of sexual tranquility. Being filled with his hard muscular cock felt so overwhelmingly right that at first she couldn’t manage to say anything, yet she squealed with delight. She wanted to feel his cock pulse again and fill her with the spreading warmth of semen as he had done earlier.

Without thinking and unashamed, Sandy yelled, “I want you to cum inside me like it’s the last time you will ever cum.”

He moaned as he realized what she meant.

“I want you to shoot your jizz inside me, deep. Fill me with your seed my beautiful knight. Shoot that cum into me.”

Her orgasms began to build and with a quick flick of his middle finger on her clit, she was over the edge. Sandy came with orgasms so powerful that she was on the verge of fainting.

“Oh, God,” he said as his own orgasm began. The pressure behind the base of his cock finally erupted. His cock and balls convulsed together as he threw himself deeper into her clutching cunt, shooting volley after volley of his sperm-rich semen inside her fuck tunnel. Rope after powerful rope of his potent seed filled her pussy until he collapsed from exhaustion. And when their orgasms subsided, he locked eyes with her deliberately squeezing his last few milky drops of cum into her. She watched with pleasure, revered it and enjoyed it to the very last drop.

“Sandy, you get better each time we fuck,” he said as they helped each other towel off. “You are the fuck queen I had hoped for,” he said giving her a kiss.

“And you are the cock knight I have dreamed about.”

They dressed and went to breakfast, but first the Black Knight handed her a gift. It was like Phyllis had said, a sealed envelope to be opened later.

Sandy was home around two on Saturday afternoon. She showered again and changed clothes putting all evidence of the Party Boat in the washing machine to clean away the stains from the previous night. Her daughters arrived home about an hour later.

Sandy overheard the girls tell each other of their overnight with Herald and Floyd. She only half listened but learned that each of the girls had spent the night fucking these guys. She couldn’t afford to be hypocritical since she had been doing the same thing. She thought, “Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Sandy closed her bedroom door for some privacy. She sat on the bed and opened the envelope. Inside were five crisp new hundred dollar bills along with Terry’s business card. It read, “Call me. Love, your Black Knight.” And Sandy made a mental note to be certain to take advantage of his offer.

MILF Slut Sequel Three

The following day, Sandy called Phyllis. They hadn’t seen each other since their afternoon heart to heart conversation revealing how Phyllis got involved in the Party Boat. Sandy had kept Phyllis’ secret to herself but told the girls at the club that Phyllis had a job on a private yacht as a hostess. Sandy told her friends that it was a way for Phyllis to earn extra money because her ex, Bob, wasn’t reliable with his monthly payments. Sandy said she didn’t know much about the men calling on the phone but knew Phyllis was dating. All of that seemed to quiet down the escort service rumors for awhile.

After the usual morning greetings, Sandy said, “Phyllis, I know this sounds silly but I can’t get the Party Boat out of my head. It’s embarrassing to say this but I’m a little envious.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Then Phyllis asked, “Sandy, are you saying you would like to go out there some evening?”

“I guess so, Phyllis. I’m curious. Could I go there and not have sex or is that part of the deal?”

“It’s pretty much expected, Sandy. Look, I’ll talk to Joe and see if one of these nights there is an opening. The boat has only six cabins so they have a limit to how many woman can attend. Right now, it’s a very popular cruise and lonely housewives are coming from all over the state. Good news travels fast.”

“Okay, but I’m not a lonely housewife. I guess I’m just a curious lusty female. Let me know if something opens up a couple of days ahead, if you can.”

Sandy’s heart beat faster each time the phone rang but Phyllis did not call. However, Tyler kept asking her for lunch and Sandy kept putting him off. Finally Jacques wrote and asked if everything was alright and if she might consider a three-some. Her reply was non-committal like saying, “It’s a definite maybe.” Sandy needed to see how the Party Boat went first.

Just when Sandy had given up all hope, Phyllis called. “Good news, Sandy. There was a cancellation this Friday night. Look, I really pulled some strings and told Joe and the captain what a beautiful hot horny chick you are. They had a couple of other women in mind in case of cancellations but went along with my recommendation. I hope I didn’t exaggerate too much.”

“It’s okay, Phyllis but I didn’t want you to stick your neck out for me.”

“No problem. It’s lingerie night. You wear your sexiest outfit and we all walk around the pool modeling our apparel. The men vote and determine who are the first, second and third place girls. The winners receive a sex toy and get to choose their date for the rest of the night.”

“That’s really exciting but I don’t have intimate lingerie.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll loan you one of mine. Come over today and pick one out.”

“Okay, I’ve got some food shopping this morning. How about around two o’clock?”

“Good. See you at two.”

Sandy was in awe of Phyllis’s wardrobe of sexy lingerie. There were more than a dozen outfits and in a separate drawer, a large collection of clamps, collars, chains, whips, dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. It looked like a sex shop.

“Do you use these toys on the Party Boat?” Sandy asked.

Phyllis answered with a guilty smile, “Well, occasionally. Most of these I’ve won on theme nights like Friday’s lingerie night.”

Sandy browsed through the lingerie and tried on three of them. She chose a pink transparent baby doll that barely covered her ass cheeks and it came with a crotch-less thong. Phyllis said it hadn’t been worn on the boat before and was perfect.

Phyllis asked, “Have you thought about what you are going to say to Andrew?”

“About what?”

“About being away all night.”

“You won’t believe this Phyllis but the timing is perfect. Andrew has a weekend business seminar and he leaves for Dallas on Friday afternoon. The girls will be at a sleepover so I’ve got all Friday night and Saturday morning for this little escapade.”

“Fantastic and you aren’t scared like I was my first time?” Phyllis asked.

“Nope. I thought it all out and this is what I want to do.”

“Sandy, let’s have a glass of wine and celebrate.”

When the wine was poured, the two women clinked their glasses and Sandy said, “Cheers! I’m really looking forward to this, thanks to you.”


The stars were out and the moon was full when Sandy and Phyllis boarded the ship’s tender. Far off in the distance sat a huge yacht that was only seen due to the lights illuminating it. It gave Sandy a chill as she thought it looked eerie like a ghost ship. Sandy stepped onto the small craft and saw two women that had already boarded. Both were seated in the very front and had their backs to her when she sat down behind them. They were deep in conversation so Phyllis and Sandy kept to themselves.

There wasn’t much to do during the twenty minute taxi ride. Sandy was glad the lake was calm because she wasn’t much of a seafaring person. Excitement was about the only emotion she felt while tightly clutching to her small night bag. It only carried the costume she would wear and a few feminine items.

Upon arrival at the ship, the other women got off first and Phyllis and Sandy followed. The captain greeted them and handed each woman a card with a number. Sandy had number ‘3’ and that was her cabin number. She was instructed to drop off her belongings in the cabin, then join everyone in the dining area for Happy Hour.

After checking in her cabin, Sandy joined a rather boisterous group of men and women sipping drinks of all kinds. Everyone wore a pleasant accommodating smile and the conversation was what you would expect at a neighborhood cocktail party. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. There was no tension and no hint of what was ahead.

Sandy went to the bar where the captain was serving drinks. “What can I get you beautiful?” he asked.

“Thanks. Just a martini straight up with a twist.” She said it with great satisfaction because that was the most sophisticated drink she could remember from one of those forties movies where all the men wore tuxedos and the women wore dresses as if they were attending a ball.

“Enjoy,” the captain said handing her the drink.

Sandy accepted the drink with her sweetest smile and turned to see if she knew any of the women beside Phyllis. On the other side of the room, Sandy thought she saw a familiar face but the lady kept turning around and she wasn’t really sure it was a person she knew. Sandy moved closer and heard a very familiar voice. Oh my God, it was her friend Ann from the club!

At that, Ann turned her head and recognized Sandy immediately. “Sandy, what are you doing here? I mean, I never expected to see you here.”

“Hi Ann. We need to talk. I’ll explain but first, why did you want me to interrogate Phyllis when you knew all along what was happening?”

Ann answered in a soft voice, “Come over here and I’ll tell you all about it. Then you have to tell me about your situation.”

They moved to a quieter place in the corner of the room when Ann said, “Gee, Sandy, you are the last person I expected on the Party Boat.”

“I know, it wasn’t something that I had imagined either,” Sandy said with a touch of irony. “How often have you been here?”

“Oh, a half dozen times, I think. I started a few months ago when the escort rumor started. I did some research. It was easy to connect with someone on the Internet and get more information. It sounded like fun and hey, to be honest, I need some excitement in my life.”

“Obviously you are happy with your decision, right?

“Oh, Sandy, I love it here and you will too. I call it the Cougar Cruise but the other women like it to be the Party Boat. So, tell me about you. How did you get a reservation on this cruise? Lingerie night is the most popular cruise so you are really lucky.”

“Oh you know, the rumor and an afternoon of drinking wine with Phyllis got me thinking. She pulled some strings to get me here. I was so curious and wanted to see what it was like. It’s probably my first and last time but we’ll see.”

“Fantastic. I’m really really glad you came and hope you will be back.”

“Thanks Ann” and they smiled at each other while sipping their drinks.

The martini was delicious so Sandy returned to the bar for a refill and began to mingle.

The men were young like Phyllis had said. Some were tall and handsome and a few stocky and a little out of shape. Sandy shook hands with several of the men and one gave her a hug when they met. The conversation wasn’t particularly interesting with much of it asking where you are from and what do you do. Sandy wasn’t sure if she should stretch the truth but mainly kept to the truth.

With ample cleavage showing her large breasts and Sandy’s natural ability to flirt, she attracted most of the men who complimented her on her looks and her beautiful smile. Sandy was feeling confident and carefree and enjoyed the socializing. The martini helped her relax to the point of being more of an extravert than normal. Anyway it was a great social hour and Sandy was completely relaxed.

The captain asked for everyone’s attention at around 9:30. “Ladies, welcome to the Party Boat.” We are thrilled to have you.” That comment elicited a little chuckle from the men. “I would remind you that tonight is lingerie night,” everyone cheered, “so let’s get started.”

That was the queue for the women to return to their cabin and dress for the occasion. The men stripped and hung their clothes in lockers next to the pool. Some of the men jumped into the water while others took their places on poolside chairs. The women joined them several minutes later wearing robes.

Standing in line, the women watched as the captain stopped at each woman, introduced her by name and removed her robe until all sex women stood in front of their appreciative audience wearing only sexy negligees. Giggling to herself, Sandy remembered a joke she read in the newspaper earlier in the week:

A display in the window of a lingerie store caught a young mother’s eye while shopping at the mall with three children.

“Do you think Daddy would like this?” she asked, pointing to the lacy garments being modeled on the store’s mannequin.

“No way,” her horrified 6-year old son replied. Daddy would never wear that!”

The captain said, “Please, ladies, stroll around the pool three times so our gentlemen friends can fully appreciate all aspects of your feminine beauty.”

The stroll began with Ann in the lead followed by Phyllis, then Sandy, and three others. Sandy never thought of herself as an exhibitionist but on the other hand, she was competitive. She wanted to win. Sandy found herself showing off in ways that might not be considered lady-like. After all, she had been fucking on video and seen by many. So, she had nothing to hide.

Sandy made sure she took full breaths to inflate her chest and enhance her breasts. She would swirl so that her baby doll would fly up revealing the thong she wore allowing a good view of her pussy. She would stop at a man and tease him by touching his penis and saying, “Oooh, I like that.” Sandy was a shameless coquette.

When the march around the pool ended, the captain explained the voting rules. “Each man will have three votes. Our ladies are listed on the ballot and all you men have to do is put a check next to each name you prefer. When the votes are counted, the first place woman will choose her prize from the toys here on the table and point to her partner of choice for the night. Any questions?”

There were no questions and the men went about their task of choosing a winner or winners. The ballots were collected and there was a nervous excitement at the pool as the captain kept a tally.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is a shame that I have to declare three of these lovely ladies as having the most votes because all of them are winners.”

A cheer went up among the men.

“All of these lovely women gathered a great deal interest with your votes but according to the rules, I must to crown a queen and her court.”

The captain walked along the row of women standing in front of the men. He held a glittery tiara and stopped at one woman, gently placing it on the lady’s head.

“I am happy to declare a newcomer as our lingerie queen this evening. Let’s all give Sandy a big round of applause.”

There were hoots and hollers among the men and every woman came up to her to give her a hug. Ann took third prize and some woman with huge tits came in second. Sandy was first to claim her prize and took nipple clamps that were connected with a thin delicate chain. As lingerie queen, she was then to choose her ‘Knight’ for the evening. There was no delay in her choice. Sandy immediately pointed to the a really well hung black stud standing near the diving board. She had always fantasized about having sex with a black man and tonight was the ideal opportunity.

Her Knight walked up to her, took her hand and gallantly gave her a kiss. The couple walked away hand in hand with the Black Knight demonstrating a prodigious organ that was fully extended as they walked toward cabin number 3. Cheers were in order from everyone.

Before entering the cabin, the Black Knight picked her up as if she was his bride and carried her into the room. “Hi, I’m Terry and I’m really glad you picked me. You got me hard the moment the captain took off your robe but you probably noticed.”

Sandy didn’t say anything at first but put her arms around his neck. Then she said, “You are the handsomest guy here tonight, Terry. I think we make a lovely couple.”

“I agree. Do you mind if I remove your nighty?”

“Be my guest,” Sandy said with delight and a twinkle in her eye.

He pulled Sandy’s baby doll over her head and suggested they try out the nipple clamps.

“Fine but be gentle. I’ve never worn nipple clamps before.”

“Oh, these should be fine. They have a soft covering on the ends. Oh look, they’re the vibrating kind!”

Sandy only felt more aroused and sexy when Terry kissed and sucked each nipple before clipping them in place. Ecstasy filled her brain feeling the vibration on her tits and she couldn’t wait to feel that monster cock inside her.

Once wearing the ornamentation, Sandy knelt in front of Terry sucking his cock into her mouth. She had tamed her gag reflex when giving Jacques blowjobs but Terry was just too big. Sandy’s mouth was stretched to its limit and although she could get him into her throat, she could not take all him all the way down. To compensate, she rolled her tongue around his hard manhood and sucked as if she was trying to milk him like a child nursing on his mother.

Terry told her over and over again how nice if was to have a woman who really knew how to suck cock. “You are so good, Sandy. Keep going, don’t quit. You do it better than my wife ever has.”

After many minutes of trying to get Terry’s dick all the way down her throat, she stopped and said, “Let’s fuck.” She was more than ready to feel his meat fill her fuck hole and wanted him in all the way up to her cervix.

Sandy stood giving Terry a deep sensual kiss and he wrapped his muscular arms around her lifting her off her feet and laying her gently on the bed. Without a word, he moved quickly between her legs licking her cunt between the opening in the crotch-less thong. He finger fucked her while sucking her clit, then back to licking her pussy juices. “Sandy, I just love white pussy. You are so delicious,” then he returned to licking and sucking the fluids from her soaking wet vagina. Terry was an expert at conalingus. He knew how to please a woman.

Between heavy breathing she said, “Look, Terry, I love what your are doing but I need your cock inside me. I want you so much. Fuck me, Terry, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He moved up to give Sandy a kiss and at the same time pressed his engorged pole on her pussy lips, first moving it up and down along her slit before starting to penetrate her fuck hole.

Terry pressed in slowly at first waiting for Sandy to adjust to his size, then sliding in and out half way so that she could sense the feeling of being filled with his massive cock. He pushed in further knowing he could never have his cock entirely inside her. No woman had every taken him all the way in. He was simply too large.

Once Terry felt resistance, he knew that Sandy was good for all but two inches of him so the thrusting began with Sandy’s cries of, “Fuck, oh fuck. That feels so good. Fuck me harder, harder,” encouraging Terry to pick up the pace. With each of his strokes, Sandy could feel her juices flowing even though she was not yet having orgasms.

Terry had such a wonderful rhythm, not too fast but not too slow. He slid in and out of her in such a masterful way that unexpectedly and out of nowhere, Sandy had a massive orgasm. Her vagina contracted with each impulse and her inner fluids poured out of her like never before.

Terry could feel her heated fluid response and began to pound into her working for his own orgasm. Stroke after stroke, Terry plowed into her with his rock hard staff until he finally exploded. His hot cum gushed into her love channel until he had emptied his load filling her to overflowing.

Tears ran down her cheeks with pleasure. “Terry, oh Terry, you are so wonderful. I can’t believe it. I’ve never been so happy.” She was over the moon with joy. “Let’s do it again,” Sandy begged.

“In a minute,” her knight replied but in the next minute, Terry lapsed into a deep sleep.

…… to be continued To The Last Sequel In This MILF Story Of Passion And Lust 

MILF Slut Sequel Two

After hearing Phyllis’ Party Boat story, Sandy decided it was time to reconnect with Jacques. The video that Jacques had sent reminded her of his massive cock and she once again yearned to have him inside her. She wrote a short personal e-mail to his private address and asked how things were with him and the college.

He wrote back a day later and said he was still teaching at the college but was no longer a dean. Wendy, his wife, was reduced to part time in the AV department but her health benefits were retained as if she was full time. They were very happy with that. Also, most of their videos had been scrubbed from the system and he assured Sandy that she shouldn’t worry.

Jacques and Sandy kept in touch over the next month but never talked about getting together for sex. This drove Sandy crazy as she wanted him more and more with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Ann and Betty at the club asked her about Phyllis. They hoped Sandy had seen something suspicious and had some ‘dirt’ to share. But Sandy was non-committal and said there was nothing to report other than the usual daytime shopping trips, church and PTA meetings.

“Anyway, Ann,” she said, “it’s too dark in the evening to see when neighbors are going and coming.”

As the days rolled by, Sandy was beside herself with lust. Her husband, Andrew, was doing his best in bed but it just wasn’t enough. She thought about the three-some and wondered if Jacques and Tyler were still interested. Also, Sandy fantasized about the Party Boat and her dreams were always about having sex with younger men. What should she do?

She wondered how to broach the topic with Jacques of having a three-some with Tyler without seeming like a psychotic nymphomaniac? It was a delicate situation. It called for some discretion and subtlety on her part but at the same time, she needed to get her point across.

“Jacques,” she wrote, “Haven’t heard from Tyler since the incident a few months back. I think he was in one of the videos so I’m concerned. Has he experienced fallout from Wendy’s hacked computer? Maybe we can have lunch together and talk about how this is playing out.”

It was Tyler that replied. “Hi, Sandy. Jacques said you wrote. All is well here. I’m still teaching at the college. Jacques and Wendy got most of the heat but I’m okay. How about you?”

Sandy wrote back almost immediately and said she was doing fine. She told Tyler she had an interesting story he might be interested in but it was too long for e-mail. Sandy had the Party Boat story in mind and since he didn’t know the individuals involved, it was safe to tell him.

“Hey, Sandy. I’d love to hear your story sometime. Do you have Thursday afternoon free for lunch?” Tyler wrote.

“Sure,” she wrote. “Place and time?” It was a short response but she didn’t want to seem eager.

“How about at the Grand Hotel where they have a fantastic buffet? It’s on Fourth and Main. I’ll be there at 1:30.”

Again Sandy’s reply was short and to the point again. “Fine, c’ya then.”

Unlike the first meeting with Jacques, Sandy had no reservations nor misconceptions about meeting Tyler. Simply put, they were there to fuck and lunching at the hotel meant they didn’t have far to go to consummate the arrangement.

They greeted each other with a friendly hug and Sandy asked about Jacques. “Will Jacques be joining us?”

“Jacques can’t make it on Thursday. He has classes this afternoon. I hope that’s okay.”

Sandy thought, how convenient. “Sure, Tyler, that’s fine.”

Sandy had a light salad while Tyler seemed hungry. His plate overflowed with food. They had ordered a bottle of wine from the bar and sat down for lunch. It didn’t take long before Tyler touched on the topic for the afternoon. Tell me about the story you mentioned in your e-mail.”

Sandy gave him the Reader’s Digest version of the Party Boat. Tyler changed the subject and said, “I saw you on Wendy’s video before it was scrubbed. My God you are even more lovely on the video than when we first met. And now you are sitting in front of me as radiant as ever.”

“Thanks,” Sandy replied feeling embarrassed from the compliments. “And I saw you at one of their swing parties. You sure were an enthusiastic participant.”

“Really? Those parties were always fun but sadly they have come to an end. I just want to say, Sandy, that it isn’t just that you have a gorgeous body but the energy you showed with Jacques is amazing. You really enjoy sex, don’t you?”

“Well, I suppose so, like any healthy American woman I guess.”

Tyler reacted with a degree of hesitancy, as if he was thinking of what to say next. “I don’t want to be presumptuous here but I think we should get a room. What do you think?”

Sandy didn’t want to be overly anxious, although it was exactly what she wanted. Her frown was intended to give Tyler an impression that she might not like the idea. The glint in her eyes gave her away. “Maybe, Tyler. It’s just so soon.”

“There isn’t any secret why I invited you to lunch today, Sandy, so there is no need for you to play hard to get. That’s so high school. We both want to get laid.”

Sandy was upset by the high school reference but after she calmed down, she said, “I get your point. Maybe I did come here to be with you for more than lunch.”

“Good,” he said and got up from the table and walked over to the reception desk. He was back shortly and said, “We’re in room 254. After lunch, I’ll go up first and if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes, take the elevator to the second floor. Here is the key.”

Tyler didn’t wait to finish his lunch. He signed the tab writing room 254 and left. Sandy finished her salad before taking Elevator IV to the second floor. She felt no guilt or shame, only excitement. In fact, the excitement flowed between her legs. She had already soaked her panties at the thought of getting fucked by a man ten years her junior.

In the room, Tyler had opened another bottle of wine and had poured two glasses. He had removed his suit jacket and tie. On the desk was one red rose. Sandy thought it was a nice touch but wasn’t sure if he had put it there or if all of the rooms had a flower. Tyler sat opposite the bed when he said with a grin, “Take off your clothes, Sandy. I love having a drink with a naked woman, especially a naked woman as sexy as you.”

Obviously, this was not the first time Tyler had shacked up in the hotel and he knew just what he was doing. Sandy noted that his voice sounded like he was talking to one of his students. It was slightly demanding so she asked, “Tyler, do you do this with your students?”

“Well, I have but not too often. A couple of the girls came onto me and I couldn’t resist as long as they were legal. You might have seen one of them in the swing video.”

“Yes I did and she was really young and cute.”

“Okay, let me see what’s under those garments, then we’ll sip some wine.

Again feeling like one of his students, Sandy slowly and provocatively stripped. Of course, when she had only her thong left, Tyler could see her wetness and said, “Oh Sandy, those panties are so wet I can see you and I are going to have a good time together.”

She was humiliated but quickly recovered and slipped off her thong. Sandy sat on the edge of the bed completely naked opposite a completely dressed Tyler. They talked a short while about Jacques and Wendy and how they managed to host swing parties. Sandy was sorry they had ended, wishing she had been there.

When Sandy had almost finished her wine, Tyler moved closer to her and gently touched each of her breasts. He followed that by kissing her lips, then licking each nipple. Sandy was wild with excitement and her deep breaths told Tyler she was more than ready for him to take her.

“Look Sandy,” he whispered, “I have a hair trigger the first time I cum. Don’t be disappointed because I promise to perform in a way that will make you happy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Unzip me and you will see.”

Tyler stood directly in front of her as she unzipped his pants. He helped her pull his erect penis through the opening and said, “I need your rosy lips around my cock, Sandy.”

She went down on him and took him deep into her throat. Sandy was just a little disappointed because it was not Jacques mammoth cock but it was a nice cock. She wasn’t in a position to complain.

Quickly and without much more than a murmur, Tyler squirted a half dozen shots of his cum into Sandy’s mouth. It was all she could do to keep it from spilling out onto her lips. With a deft motion, Tyler picked up Sandy’s wine glass and said, “Wash it down with this.”

She did what he suggested. Sandy thought to herself that the mix of cum and wine had and interesting texture and a pleasurable flavor.

For a time, they sat waiting for Tyler to recover. He sat on the bed with his fly open and his cock dangling out from the opening. The view was both amusing and erotic and Sandy anxiously waited for its resurrection. She wanted him so badly in her pussy. Finally she could wait no longer and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. “It’s getting late, Tyler. Let’s wake up your sleeping Peter.” ‘Peter’ was her endearing term for her husband’s penis. She enjoyed the playful thought of Peter in Pussy as soul mates like Dick in Jane.

Sandy gently massaged ‘Peter’ until he was hard enough to get him inside her. She straddled his legs and pressed his firm muscle deep into her cunt. With each stroke his cock hardened further and she rode him almost violently until feeling her first orgasms. Although Tyler came almost immediately when she gave him a blowjob earlier, this time he had much better staying power. After some active and lengthy cowgirl action, Tyler exploded into her just as she was enjoying a third orgasm.

She lay exhausted on the bed and in a bit of a fog. Tyler’s performance was exactly as he had promised. She basked in the afterglow realizing that sex with Tyler was exactly what she needed. Obviously, it is one of the benefits of fucking a younger guy.

Tyler woke her from her trance and said, “I want to do you anal.”

“Another time?” she wondered. “Is he good for another time?” Sandy was in awe of his stamina. “Maybe he is a short hitter on the first round,” she reasoned, “but wow, the guy sure can perform.” And that’s just what she wanted.

At that he pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his pants laying naked next to Sandy. When the moment was right, Tyler turned Sandy on her stomach and brought out the lube. First with one finger, then two, he rubbed the ointment in her ass and smeared a large portion on his enlarged organ. He mounted her and slowly but relentlessly penetrated her butt hole until he was completely buried inside her.

Sandy felt no discomfort since she was accustomed to having sex this way with Andrew. Andrew was more forceful once he got in but Tyler let his cock rest for a moment and then pulled back almost completely pulling out. Then he pushed in again all the way to his balls, resting and pulled back again. This continued until he finally picked up speed and the momentum was so that Sandy could anticipate his movements.

Sandy moved onto on all fours so that Tyler could penetrate her even deeper and faster. Soon they were in sync with Sandy rocking her hips to meet each of his rhythmic strokes. She reached down between her legs to massage her clit, doubling her pleasure.

Toward the end, Tyler was vigorously pounding into her rear end and it seemed like forever and maybe it was. Tyler finally let loose with another blast of cum creaming her rectum just as he had done earlier in her pussy and mouth. After he pulled out, she kissed him and jumped into the shower. It was already 4:00 and Andrew would be home at six.

“I’ve gotta run, Tyler. It was fun.”

She dressed and left Tyler dozing on the bed, still naked dreaming of this glorious afternoon.

Sandy was beginning to pay the price on the drive home. Her butt was so sore it was hard for her to sit comfortably. Her next stop would be at the drugstore to pick up some anal cream to sooth her very painful ass. Well, she figured, the whole afternoon went well and was definitely worth a tender behind.

Sandy began thinking more about the Party Boat in the following week. Having sex with new partners was such a turn-on and she no longer had any feelings of guilt or regret.

Sandy realized she would be desirable to younger men for only a few more years and she should take advantage of those years while there are opportunities. In her whole life, she had experienced sex with only three men, Andrew, Jacques and now Tyler and it seemed she owed it to herself to make up for lost time. Sandy’s raging hormones added to the rationality she used to justify her lust. Anyway, times had changed since she was growing up. These days women are more open to having multiple partners and finding ways to satisfy their sexual urges.