Fun Time Fuck Time On A Train


The Tales Of Lisa

It all started because I opened my big mouth, actually. And by the time everything had reached an end, I found myself simply amazed at just how far some people will go in order to encounter new experiences.
I’d just been hired by the new high school as a science teacher. Fresh out of college three months before, I spent the summer at my parent’s beach house, not doing much and making sure my beer intake, as well as the number of hours I laid in the sun were proportional. By the middle of August when I was supposed to report to East High School, my skin was a deep bronze color, my hair was a shade lighter, and I was ready to begin a career I knew would allow me to make a contribution to my nation. I’d already served four years in the USMC with two years of that time spent fighting in Lebanon. I was ready for a peaceful job, something that did not involve anyonue shooting at me. I was twenty-two years old and ready to take on the world.
The first two weeks of school hectic and time consuming. Every hour was with professional development classes, organizing our classrooms, and meeting with the academic teams we were assigned to. I was assigned to the Thoroughbred Team and as the junior member, it was my job to ensure each team meeting was stocked with donuts, pastries, coffee, and juice. I didn’t mind, really, because I just wanted to become a viable member of the team and to do my part and to contribute. I immediately liked everyone on the team and knew that the coming school year would be rewarding and educational toward my development as an effective teacher.
Mr. Sterns, taught History and was the team leader. He was nearing retirement, and at age sixty-three, I was sure he’d earned it. He treated me like an equal immediately and I grew to respect him in no time at all. Then there was Mrs. Woods, our literature teacher, who, like Mr. Sterns, was also nearing retirement. She reminded me of my grandmother: she had a full head of grey hair and continually kept us up to date on her seven grandchildren. Mr. Edwards taught math while also spending his afternoons as the assistant football coach. He was a big, burly kind of man who wore a close-to-his skull haircut that reminded me of the United States Marines. He enjoyed joking around at team meetings until Mrs. Woods reminded him that “We don’t have all day, Coach Edwards.” Just around the corner from my classroom sat the language lab where Miss Rodriguez taught Spanish. Unlike Mr. Sterns or Mrs. Woods, Miss Rodriguez was fairly new to teaching, this being only her third year. She was tall, dark-skinned, and had eyes that reminded me of two dark pools of oil: They were almost black in color, to match the thick rug of hair that covered her ead. Coach Edwards caught me staring at Miss Rodlriguez at one team meeting when she arrived wearing the shorts of shorts and a halter top that did nothing to prevent anyone who wanted to – that meant myself and the coach, at least – from seeing her huge nipples. “Don’t even think about getting next to that, Brad,” Coach Edwards said to me when we took a break from the meeting. “She lives with her wife.” Oh, okay, I said to myself: She’s a lesbian. I can accept that. Before the school year ended, Miss Rodriguez and I became good friends, and I often asked her questions about effective teaching and classroom management.
And then there was Mrs. Lisa Stinson, the Thoroughbred’s career management teacher. Our school district possessed a progressive state of mind and we believed that in addition to the basic core classes each student needed to be successful, they also needed guidance on how to use what we taught them toward choosing and pursuing a career. It was one thing, we believed, to know math, literature, history, and science, but it was another to use all that education to answer your reams. So far, more than ninety percent of our students had gone to a four year college, and of those that did, more than seventy-five percent had graduated. Even those students who chose not to enroll in a traditional four year college had gone on to trade school, and had become successful plumbers, electricians, nurses, and policemen.
And it was Mrs. Stinson’s job to prepare them for the future.

Let me describe Mrs. Stinson to you. By the time she introduced herself to me on my first day at the school, she’d been teaching for fifteen years. That doesn’t mean she was in her mid-thirties: no, Lisa had spent several years in the world of finance as a bank manager before one day deciding to obtain her college degree with an emphasis in education. She quit her job and graduated from the university in three years, not with a Bachelor’s degree, but, rather with a Masters degree in Education. She was that smart, and that driven to succeed. And if you think Lisa Stinson looked the part of a middle-aged teacher, I’m afraid you’d be wrong. She stood almost five feet 10 inches tall, and while she wasn’t overweight, she didn’t possess the body of a model, either. Her ass was semi-wide, and I learned quickly that it was easy to tell when Lisa chose to wear panties, a thong, or nothing to cover her ass because of the tight skirts and shorts she wore in the first days of school when there were no students in the building. She always wore at least three inch high heels or sandals, and her toes were always painted a bright, fiery red shade. “They resemble the heat inside me, Brad,” Lisa said to me one day when she caught me staring at her feet. Wiggling her foot, she remarked, “and you know what people say about a women’s toe color and a man’s shoe size!” While her comment was purely sexually based, I discovered that Lisa and I shared something: the joy of laughing at ourselves. By the time I joined the Thoroughbreds, Lisa Stinson was fifty years old. And, to be honest, she looked her age. Teaching school will do that to you: just ak any teacher. Two features stood out on Lisa that drove me crazy from the first day I met her. The first thing that caught my attention was her auburn-colored hair. It was a unique color that hung past her shoulders and framed her face quite well. But below that, there was the set of beautiful 36C tits that she continually had on display. I mean, I know it was still summer time and the temperatures were warm: but everyday Lisa came to school, she displayed more cleavage than you might see in an adult film. To make matters worse, she’d lean over my desk to ask me a question or come to my room to deliver supplies and there they’d be, her tits that all but jumped from the inside of her blouse. Whenever she walked, the thin high heels caused her tits to jiggle under her blouse, the huge melons waving back and forth, and up and down as if she had two live animals under her shirt. And because the air conditioning was turned so low, each prominent nipple announced its presence, driving myself and any other male who was interested – or who couldn’t keep their eyes off Lisa’s tits – an excellent view of two of the nicest tits I found myself near on a daily basis. Even when school began two weeks later, Lisa continued to wear low-cut, cleavage-revealing blouses that certainly delighted the high school-aged boys who attended Lisa’s Careers Class.

As time passed, however, Lisa and I became closer friends. I learned that her husband was a successful businessman who owned a series of hardware stores. And let me tell you: more than once over morning coffee, Lisa described to me in almost intricate detail the hot, wild sex she and her husband had the night before. “Oh, Brad, Steve does amazing things with that tongue of his,” she might say to open a conversation. Or, she might inform me that “Steve loves the fact that I never wear pantyhose: Nothing but lace top stockings for me!” It was when Lisa issued that last comment that I noticed she was wearing dark stockings: looking further, I saw the tell-tale evidence of the lower edges of the lace stocking top. Lisa caught me staring at her and rather than admonish me, simply laid her hand on my thigh and said, “If only you news, baby: if only you knew.” I had no idea what she was talking about.
By mid-October, Mrs. Lisa Stinson and I were the best of friends. We enjoyed each other’s company but we also had developed the habit of playing practical jokes on each other as well as daring the other to perform some act that often crossed the line of propriety and good manners. More than once, at the end of the day, I arrived at my car parked in the faculty parking to find a condom stretched over the car antennae. In response, she’d find a pair of men’s underwear draped over the head of her overhead projector. I enjoyed these jokes, and because neither Lisa and I believed we exceeded the limits, we still made sure to understand that there was a cutoff point in the event one of us felt the other might have gone too far. One Friday morning, Lisa found a copy of “Lesbian Nights” magazine in her school mailbox. I’d placed it in the small mail slot with just enough of the title showing that allowed anyone else collecting their mail to see what was in Lisa’s box. Shortly after homeroom when our students were at an assembly, Lisa stormed into my room with the magazine rolled in her hand and chased me around the perimeter of the room, slapping me with the rolled-up tube, but laughing as she did so. It wasn’t until Lisa had me trapped in the corner and was beating me like a bad dog that she finally stopped the assault. I offered her a cup of coffee from the small percolator behind my desk, handing the steaming cup to her as she sat in the leather chair located beside my desk.
Now, as I said, Lisa’s manner of dress caused certain nerve endings in my body to go on overload. This morning, she’d chosen to wear a clinging red dress, one that did show her small paunch, but one which also clung so tightly to her tits that I was able to see the bra size tag when she turned her back to me. And yes, the nipples were also there, protruding from under her tight dress like two fleshy thimbles. As usual, black seamed stockings covered her legs, her feet encased in four-inch, stiletto-heeled patent leather pumps. “That was some trick you played, Brad,” Lisa said, referring to the magazine I’d placed in her mail box. When she asked where I’d purchased the publication, I found I was hesitant to tell her that I’d found it at an adult bookstore located on my route home. “You’re kidding!” she squealed, leaning toward me now, the change in her body position causing the already low opening of her dress to sag further and the long line of cleavage dissecting her tits to become even more visible. Either Lisa had no idea I could see well into her dress – her tits were covered, partially, by a black lace bra – or that I was doing my best not to get caught searching for the elusive nipples I’d not yet had the pleasure of seeing. “You must take me there!” Lisa said, placing her long-fingered hand on my left thigh. “I’ve always wanted to go to one of those places, but never had the nerve,” she said, leaning forward even more now and displaying an added degree of cleavage. Two brown eyes bored into me, and I knew there was no way I could say no. When I asked about her husband and how he might feel about us entering an adult bookstore together, Lisa quickly stated, “Oh, hell, he won’t care. He’ll just be getting drunk at the corner bar. He won’t even miss me.” Again, I sat silently, asking myself what it was I’d gotten myself into. I mean, it was one thing to enter one of those stores by myself, spending perhaps a half hour looking at the various movie titles of magazines. But it was another to go there with a friend, especially a female friend.
Lisa immediately sensed my hesitation. Even when she stated she could never enter an adult bookstore alone, I still hesitated, primarily for two reasons. First, there was fact she was married and how would her husband view her going to a store full of videos showing people fucking, or toys designed to be jammed up an ass or into a cunt? When I asked Lisa what her husband would think when or if he discovered she’d gone to the bookstore with me, a single man, Lisa’s response surprised me. “So what if he knows? It’s not like he doesn’t have his own little secrets.” Okay, that’s interesting, I said to myself. But then there was the second reason: What if someone saw us? I mean, we were teachers and were supposed to always present a socially acceptable image. “Brad, come on,” Lisa said, her hand once more on my thigh. “If anyone we knows sees us, they can’t say anything because then we can tell everyone we saw them there as well.” Lisa had a point, but I guess it was my hesitation that caused her to bring her last weapon to the fight. Leaning back now, Lisa crossed her leg, the sensuous sound of the silk stocking reaching my ear.

“Come on, Lisa,” I said. “What would Steve think if he knew I took you there?” I was surprised when Lisa responded that Steve didn’t have to know. Her remark that Steve had his secrets and she had hers was quite informative. For the next few moments, Lisa and I went back and forth on this, me not believing how much effort my friend was putting into convincing me to escort her to an adult bookstore. But I was standing my ground, uncertain what the right thing was to do. Finally, Lisa stood and looked down at me. In my mind, I’d won the argument. How little I knew.
“Well, then, Brad, if you don’t have the guts to take me, I’ll find someone else who will.” I stood as well, my blood beginning to boil: I’d been to combat, twice, and I certainly did not need anyone to challenge me over such a simple task. Lisa and I stood toe to toe, each intent on winning this argument. Of course, she had the upper hand on me because I’d been to the store before and had no qualms about going there.
I informed Lisa that we’d go that very evening, instructing her to meet me at the Main Sail Tavern, a small bar located not too far from the adult bookstore. “You got it, mister,” Lisa said, a hint of mischief in her eyes. I spent the remainder of the day asking myself what I’d gotten into, and how I might handle matters once I stood beside Lisa looking at video covers showing women – and men – sucking cock, taking dicks in their pussies, up the ass, and so on. But there was one aspect of the adult bookstore I forgot to think of, something that came back to influence the entire evening. But more on that later.
I heard Lisa enter the bar before I saw her. Just as I was finishing my second whisky, I heard the tap-tap-tap sound of her stiletto heels as she made her way across the tiled floor. Maybe it was because I’d skipped dinner and had the two whiskies in my system that caused me to do a double-take when I saw Lisa. I mean, like I said, she was no young beauty queen, and she was well past the age of the women I dated. But as I watched Lisa make her way across the bar to where I sat, I suddenly felt something beyond friendship: I mean, she’d taken me under wing and mentored me as a young teacher, but we weren’t in school right now. We were in a bar and here came Lisa, again dressed in red. A short skirt barely covered her wide ass, and just as barely covered her legs, stretching no more than five or six inches below her ass cheeks. Black seamed stockings covered her legs, and her weight was supported by five inch stiletto heels. But more than the short skirt, stockings, and heels that I had difficulty keeping my eyes from, it was the jacket that covered her upper torso that I also found it almost impossible to divert my attention from. Lisa’s jacket remained open, revealing a light red colored and deep plunging pullover underneath. The long , deep line of cleavage I’d become so familiar with once more sprang into view, more so each time Lisa shifted her body from side to side. As she swiveled her body on the bar stool, I caught an occasional glimpse of stocking top. For whatever reason, my friend Lisa had come dressed for this special event. And I have to admit that my cock began to stir, fluttering wildly under my loose-fitting trousers. As Lisa slid up onto the bar stool behind me, before I could greet her, she raised her right index finger, and said, simply, “shut up.” Her next move was to order a double whisky, which she drained in one swift gulp before ordering another strong drink. Yet, again, another glass made its way to her lips, her third strong drink in less than five minutes.
“Wow, Lisa, are you okay?” I asked. She turned to me and informed me that she’d had a rough parent-teacher conference after school that had left her quite angry. She assured me, however, that she as feeling much better now, a statement I believed when I took into account the number of quick drinks she’d had in the short timespan she’d been in the bar. Finally, Lisa turned to me and asked when we were going to the adult bookstore. I led her outside to my car to begin the short, ten minute journey to a place I still had trouble believing Lisa had never been. Along the way, Lisa’s skirt rode up her leg and by the time we were halfway to the bookstore, her dress had risen to the point where I had a clear view of the lace stocking top. The material seemed stretched across her upper thigh, almost to the point of tearing. But instead, the silk remained in place. It was while we waited for a light to change that Lisa caught me staring wide-eyed at her stocking-covered legs. I asked if she was going to pull her skirt down, but all she did was simply to laugh loudly.
“Shit, Brad!” she said, her voice still wracked with laughter. “We’re going to a place where they have books showing people fucking and you’re concerned about a little stocking top?” Before I could respond, Lisa placed both hands just under the hem of her dress and hiked the red-tinted material upward until both stocking tops were visible. In fact, she’d lifted the dress so high, I was able to see at least three inches of bare thigh just above the lace tops. In my mind, I knew two things: One, Lisa was probably intoxicated from the three quick drinks she’s had and that was causing her to act this way. And, secondly, if she was this loose, she was probably going to be wild once we arrived at the bookstore. “Now, does that make you feel better, baby?” Lisa asked. For what seemed like an hour, I stared openly at my friend’s display of stocking tops and bare thighs. I was awoken from my stupor by Lisa’s voice, saying, “The light’s changed, baby.” I drove forward to the sound of Lisa sliding her dress back into place.
But there was more going on in the car than Lisa hiking her dress almost to her waist. Yes, I knew she was somewhat intoxicated, but I had no idea she could be this forward. I mean, to lift her dress and show me so much leg that the only thing I didn’t see was her cunt? And now that I’d viewed Lisa’s stocking tops, there was no way to calm my cock. By now, the shaft was long and hard and I knew there was an obvious bulge located by my seatbelt. Whether or not Lisa saw the bulge or not was beyond my knowledge. But if I thought the evening’s weirdness was over, I was wrong. I was completely wrong. Five minutes later, I steered the car into the bookstore parking lot. Because there were no parking places near the front door, I was forced to find a spot near the rear of the lot. And that is where the adventure and the unknown continued.
I parked my car between two sedans, one which had a gentleman wearing a long trench coat leaning against the right side car. “What the fuck is he doing?” Lisa asked, but before I could respond, the man opened his coat to reveal a very hard and a very long cock. I mean, the shaft of this man’s cock had to have measured at least nine inches. “Well, isn’t that interesting?” Lisa asked, her eyes intent upon exposed cock. To her credit, Lisa didn’t flinch when the made his way to Lisa’s side of the car and openly stroked his cock. Her head was turned away from me, but there was no mistaking the sound of her taking in a series of deep breaths. The only thing separating Lisa from this pervert’s cock and her face was a thin pane of auto glass. I wanted to jump from the car and beat the man’s ass, and I was in the process of doing so when, without looking at me, Lisa slid her hand to her left and placed it on my right thigh. “Wait,” was all she said as we sat in the relative safety of my car and watched a grown man stroke his cock. Lisa’s hand began to squeeze my thigh, exerting pressure on the muscle. Suddenly, she turned her head away from the cock located just outside the car and said, “I have a gift for this bastard.”
Before I could even ask what type of “gift” Lisa had for a man willing to stroke his cock in public, Lisa quickly swept both hands upward, slipped each opened palm inside the top of her low-cut dress and in an instant, scooped each huge titty from her dress. I was amazed and unable to speak. Lisa’s tits were huge, as I’d suspected, but the nipples were amazing. She held each titty in the palm of her hands and through the glass, yelled at the man whose eyes were now as wide as satellite dishes. “You like these, motherfucker?” she yelled through the glass. “I bet you’d love to get your greasy ass hands on these wouldn’t you, cocksucker?”
To say I was amazed would be an understatement. I mean, already I’d agreed to escort a colleague into an adult bookstore without her husband’s knowledge, and now, here was that same coworker displaying her tits to not only me but to a complete stranger, and one who had his cock in his hand, at that! I suppose the sudden appearance of Lisa’s mountainous tits was too much for the cock stroker because he quickly closed the overcoat and scooted away from the car. Lisa craned her neck as she watched him walk behind my auto and disappear into the crowded parking lot. Lisa turned away from the window, a long, wide smile on her face and her tits still cupped in each hand. “Well, I guess we scared him off, Brad!” Suddenly realizing her tits were exposed, Lisa silently tucked each fleshy melon back into her dress. Just before we left the car, she again placed her hand on my thigh, and this time, there was no mistaking the long, obvious glare she gave my still hard cock. With her eyes glued to the cock bulge making its presence known in my trousers, Lisa asked, “Should we wait here a few minutes, baby?”
I so desperately wanted Lisa to open my trousers and to take my cock into her mouth, but I was certain she didn’t feel that way about me. I was sure all she wanted was just a trip to a place she’d never been before. I slowly shook my head, and slid out of the car. Before I opened Lisa’s door, I made sure the phantom cock stroker was no where to be seen. As Lisa extended her right leg to leave the car, she again flashed the stocking top. By now, I was immune to seeing the lacy tops but was still unable to keep my eyes off them.
But just as she swung her body out of the car, I was greeted with the sight of a black silk thong covering Lisa’s pussy. It was obvious Lisa did not shave her cunt as I easily detected several thick tufts of black cunt hair jutting from the two legbands. Lisa caught me staring and said, “Hell, Brad, we could have our own little pornographic show right here in the parking lot, couldn’t we?” A loud laugh as she stood on her high heels, and one minute later, Lisa and I entered the adult bookstore.
If you’ve ever been inside an adult bookstore, you know that the moment a female steps inside and begins to cruise the aisles, the first thing the usual group of men begins to believe is that she is either a hooker or she’s come to fuck. Well, Lisa fit neither of those descriptions but she did seemed determined to explore every last corner of the bookstore. And if you’ve ever seen a child in a toy store, you’ll be familiar with the expression that spread across Lisa’s face. As we entered the store, we were forced to make our way through shelf after shelf of sex videos, the topics ranging from simple, raw sex to anal penetration, to the use if sex toys, and on and on. Lisa stopped every few seconds to either look at a video cover or to turn and stare at me. I was sure she wasn’t angry – coming here had been her idea, anyway – she was just curious. Row after row, shelf after shelf, Lisa and I scanned every title and every variety of sex.
But I noticed one other thing as Lisa and I scanned the films, sex toys, and every other sexual tool the store offered. And that was that every man in the store stared openly at Lisa and I, their glares fueled by curiosity, and some, I was certain, by outright and obvious envy for me. That Lisa was dressed so provocatively was one thing, but the fact that she seemed so at ease inside this place of sexual pleasure was another. She too noticed the men staring at us and I suppose the open stares of men she did not know added to the level of sexual stimulation she was feeling. It was then that Lisa began to give the men inside the store a small, low-level sex show: she began to bend over at the waist, the bending of her body exposing the lace stocking tops and lower edges of her ass cheeks. Or, she bent low enough that the jacket she was wearing over the thin under garment opened wide, the long, deep gash between her tits coming clearly into view. And each time Lisa semi-exposed her stocking tops or cleavage, she returned to a standing position with a sly smile on her face, her eyes locked onto mine as she sent me a silent message that she understood clearly what it was she was doing. We continued to scan the items on sale in the bookstore, her high heels clicking loudly with each step she took. Finally, we arrived at a rack of item aimed clearly to appeal to homosexual men.
It was interesting to me that Lisa stopped for the longest period of time at the gay sex rack. I watched as she picked up one video cover after another which offered the “hottest gay sex” on the planet. Lisa focused on the men sucking cock or taking a hard prick up their ass, often looking at me after she’d completed reading about one homosexual encounter after another. When I asked her if there was any one thing she was looking for, she simply replied, “No, but I’ll know it when I see it.”
We’d turned down the sex toy aisle when Lisa stopped and began to admire the array of dildos, vibrators, false pussies, and even the blow-up dolls. She turned to me and asked in a voice barely above a whisper, “Do men really fuck these fake pussies and blow-up dolls?” When I responded that yes, some men certainly did use them as sexual outlets, Lisa giggled before grasping my hand and leading me along the huge display of dildos. Before we reached the end of the display, she’d removed and handled at least ten of the various dildos, ranging in length from five inches to a gargantuan twelve inches in length. “My, my, my,” she said as she held the long, hard, plastic make-believe cock in her hands. “I bet this could do some serious damage.”
Now, so far, I was happy I’d been brave enough to bring Lisa to the adult bookstore, but I was suddenly conscious of the leers and stares we were receiving from the small, but all male crowd inside the store. I decided to call Lisa on her bravado. “I bet that thing would do a great deal of damage to someone like you, sweetie.” I was certain my comments would bring Lisa to her senses and we could leave. But as I learned then and in the next few hours to come, Lisa Stinson was not one to be easily intimidated.
Taking the dildo in both hands, Lisa pointed it at me like a spear. “And I bet it wouldn’t do a bit of damage, you young bastard!” she hissed at me, he eyes suddenly on fire. And to my surprise, Lisa suddenly marched across the store without me, laid the dildo on the counter and purchased the sex toy . With the plain brown bag in her hands, she returned to where I’d remained and said, “Okay, big boy: What’s next?” I was too amazed to answer, to which Lisa said, “Come on, now, I’m sure there’s plenty more here to see.”
I knew I could either try and convince Lisa to leave then – something I doubted I’d be able to do – or, continue to escort her around the adult bookstore. There was one particular area I knew we hadn’t yet visited, but was hesitant to take Lisa there, a long row of small booths located down a semi-dark hallway. These were the film booths, and while I was certain Lisa had enjoyed herself so far, I had no idea how she would react to me asking her to spend time with me in one of the phone-booth sized rooms. But I had nothing to lose, so, taking my friend by the hand, I led her away from the staring crowd, through a small doorway, and into the building-length hallway where patrons were offered the ability to watch an adult film in private. When I explained what the individual booths were designed for, Lisa said “Well, this is more like it!” And so, with the securely wrapped dildo in her right hand, Lisa slid her left arm up and over my right arm and we proceeded down the hallway.
Lisa and I walked past several doors which were locked before finally finding an unoccupied booth. We slipped into the small cubicle to find a short bench running the length of the wall facing a small television screen. I explained how the booths worked to Lisa, then, after carefully wiping the bench with my handkerchief, we sat. I swiped my credit card – a sign of progress when compared with the old machines that required a steady supply of quarters or tokens – and we sat back to watch the film. Because the bench was so short, Lisa and I were forced to sit very closely together. It was just as the room darkened and the film began that I felt her slide her right hand upon my thigh. It was then that a sudden thought came to me, and so, leaning toward Lisa, I asked, “What would Steve, your husband, say if he knew you were here right now?”
I felt Lisa shift her weight toward me, the pressure of her hand increasing on my thigh. Although the film had started, she turned and stared at me for a long, quiet moment. Finally, she said, “He’s not here right now, is he, Brad?” In the dim glow of the television screen, Lisa saw me shake my head slowly from side to side. “Well, then, we don’t have to worry about what he would think. Now, let’s watch the film.” It was then that I realized that I’d possibly gotten myself into something I hadn’t planned for. But Lisa was correct: her husband was not in the small booth with is, and that was one fact I was very grateful for.
To be honest, the film was only a mild-success. There were the usual scenes of men and women fucking and sucking, the women all wearing high heels in bed, the men all having phenomenally long cocks. What I found interesting was that not once during the film did Lisa remove her hand from my thigh, although there were several times she massaged my leg, the heel of her hand coming within inches of where my semi-hard cock lay under my trousers. When the lights suddenly came on at the end of the movie, Lisa and I sat and stared at each other for a long period, as if we each had something to say but weren’t quite sure which words to use. Finally, I stood and taking Lisa by the hand, led her again into the hallway. For some reason, rather than turn right to find the end of the hallway and to leave the bookstore, I turned left and led Lisa in that direction, after passing several more closed doors, realized my mistake. By that time, however, as I turned to retrace my steps, Lisa had stopped and was peering inside one of the half-closed doors. I stepped beside her without looking in the door and asked, “So, you wish to view another film?”
But Lisa didn’t respond to my question. Instead, she stepped through the door and disappeared into the booth. I followed and quickly realized two things: The size of this space more closely resembled a small room with a long sofa as the only piece of furniture. And the second realization was that Lisa and I were not alone in the room, either. The room was divided in half by a ceiling-to-floor length pane of glass. And on the other side of the glass sat a model, studying her long, sharp, red-painted nails, an expression of almost complete boredom on her face. She perked up somewhat when Lisa and I entered and stood before the glass, staring at her as she rose from her chair. A small sign taped to the glass said, simply, “Jade.”
I heard Lisa inhale sharply as Jade approached her side of the glass. She was barely dressed: A thin, sheer black robe covered her body, but only to the point that it wasn’t completely impossible to see her nipples. Because the robe was clasped just below Jade’s tits, the garment swung open with her movement, revealing a flat stomach, and a thong covering her pussy. Black matching stockings and four inch high heels matched Jade’s robe. Thick, auburn colored hair sat in a tight bun atop Jade’s head. Her makeup was thick as well, her cheeks bright red with rouge, her eyes heavily underlined with mascara. Jade arrived at the glass, extended her right hand to the side and depressed a small blue button. “Hi there, may I help you?” Jade’s eyes shifted from me to Lisa, then back again before she depressed the button and repeated her question.
It was obvious what Jade’s purpose was in the glassed-in booth, and that was to provide men with strip shows from behind the glass without the worry of being manhandled by them. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, “We wandered in here by mistake.” I placed my hand on Lisa’s right arm, hoping to steer her out of the live booth and back into the hallway. But Lisa didn’t move when I tried to turn her, instead now focusing her attention onto Jade. “Lisa?” I asked. “Are you coming?”
Lisa turned to me and offered a single word response; No. Confused by her response, I again stood beside Lisa who by now had placed her body against the glass and asked Jade what it was exactly that she did behind the glass. “I remove my clothes for cash, ma’am,” Jade said, spinning in a small circle on the stiletto heels, the robe opening several inches to reveal more of her well-conditioned body. Facing us again, Jade said, “I normally stay behind the glass, but, there are exceptions to that rule,” Jade said, pointing to a small door handle, something I’d missed when we entered the booth. “If I feel I won’t be harmed, I can leave the enclosure back here and perform my dance out there where you sit.” Jade stared intently at Lisa before adding, “It’s all up to you, of course, but I will say that the greater the amount of you ‘donation,’ the safer I usually feel.” The ensuing silence was Jade’s way of giving Lisa and myself a chance to discuss what we wanted to happen next. I mean, it was obvious Lisa wanted the young woman to dance for her: Now it was a matter of where Jade would conduct her performance. I knew now that Lisa wanted to experience the adult bookstore to the fullest, and since it was me who brought her here, I might as well do everything I could to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for my friend.
Lisa turned to me and spoke, her words rushed, almost breathless. “How much cash to do you have?” she asked as she thumbed through her own small purse. I produced five twenty dollar bills to match Lisa’s fifty dollars. Lisa held the cash in her hands and stared back at Jade who contemplated the small pile of cash in Lisa’s hand. It was when Jade smiled at Lisa and extended her arm to open the glass partition that Lisa smiled broadly, content that she was within minutes of having a private show.
Lisa and I sat on the sofa, our bodies close again as Jade closed and locked the door. In that brief interlude before anything happened, I felt Lisa slide her hand once again onto my thigh, and when I turned my head to look at her, I couldn’t help but notice the lacy tops of her stockings making their presence known again. But as my eyes traveled upward, I also noticed the obvious sign that Lisa was sexually stimulated: Two, pointed and wide bumps indicating the location of her nipples under her dress informed me that Lisa had reached a certain physical and erotic state as a result of the upcoming sex show.
Music suddenly erupted from the ceiling mounted speakers as Jade stood before us and began to gyrate her body from side to side. I was surprised that the music escaping the speakers was slow-paced rather than the usual, loud, rock-based music that sometimes seemed to dampen the senses. “Your ‘donation’ bought you a half hour,” Jade said, as she lifted both hands to the top of her head, her palms resting on the tight, brown-haired knot of hair. “And if you feel the need to touch each other, that’s okay. The door is locked and can’t be opened again until I deactivate the door lock.”
Without speaking, Jade began to dance, the robe swishing around her body as she turned slowly on the sharp-pointed stiletto heels. Several seconds passed before Jade lowered her hands and covered both tits, the silk robe pinned between her hands and her titties. Jade continued in this manner until she released her tits and placed her hands on the waistband of the thong covering her pussy. Teasingly, she pulled the waistband away from her body, affording Lisa and I a brief glimpse of that area located just below her navel but several inches above her forest of cunt hair. I heard Lisa inhale again sharply, but did not look at her. My attention was on Jade, mainly because the majority of funds we’d pooled to have Jade dance for us had come from my pocket. But I didn’t care and realized how much fun I was having. If I’d only known then how much more fun I was on the verge of having.
As I expected and eagerly waited for, Jade began to slowly disrobe, to remove the few garments covering her well-toned body. She teased Lisa and I by opening one side of the robe, the areole of the left tit coming slowly into view. I was delighted to see the areole seemed to be more than half-dollar sized, hoping that when they finally emerged, the nipples would be just as large. Jade tugged the robe further to the left again, more of the long cleavage between her titties coming into view as well. Lisa inhaled again beside me, but my attention remained on Jade. Doing her job well, Jade released the left side of the robe and repeated her actions on the right side, now exposing a greater amount of the right tit. As she had several times before, Lisa squeezed my thigh again.
It was when Jade suddenly and unexpectedly threw open the robe to reveal both massive tits that Lisa truly gave my thigh a force of pressure I’d not felt before. In one swift motion, Lisa’s right hand slid downward toward my now growing cock while simultaneously compressing the flesh of my thigh. I wanted to turn my head and stare at Lisa, but Jade’s actions were, at that time, more important to me. I noticed that Jade’s eyes also dropped toward my cock, something that caused my dick to begin to extend under my trousers. For the next several moments, Jade continued to tease Lisa and I, first opening the robe fully, then closing it, bending forward at the waist and jiggling her tits, and so on. Each move Jade made resulted in Lisa re-squeezing my thigh, and by her hand making its way slowly but surely up my thigh. I felt Lisa moving her ass slightly away from me, but then quickly returning it to where it pressed firmly against my side.
It was when I finally decided to avert my attention for one brief second that I turned my head to look at Lisa. I knew she was certainly into the strip show, but when I turned and first saw the hem of her skirt pulled so high that the thong covering her cunt was clearly visible, I realized then just how stimulated Lisa had become. But it was the dildo, held firmly in her left hand that caught the greatest amount of my attention. She held the dildo like a trophy, almost, the tip pointed at the ceiling, and Lisa’s hand gripping the center of the long, plastic shaft.
But more than simply gripping the dildo, Lisa had commenced to sliding her hand the length of the fake cock. From head to base, and although her eyes were glued to Jade’s dance, Lisa stroked the dildo as if it was an actual cock. By now, her breathing seemed more shallow as she stroked the dildo with her left hand. When she lifted her right hand from my thigh, I was disappointed until I saw Lisa insert the same hand under the waistband of the thong barely covering he cunt. Lisa’s eyes never left Jade’s seductive dance but her hands were busy with other things. “Oh, hell, ” I heard Lisa say, softly, but still loud enough for me to detect the lust in her voice. Hearing a rustling sound, I turned my attention back to the young stripper.
Jade had finally discarded the robe, allowing it to fall to the floor. Turning her back to Lisa and I, she bent forward at the waist and away from us, then began to tease us yet again by pulling the thong away from her ass crack to reveal brief glimpses of her hairy cunt. Every few seconds, Jade spread her cunt lips, but only for the briefest of periods. To my left, I sensed Lisa quickening the pace which she stroked the dildo. By now, low but clearly audible moans were escaping Lisa’s lips. “Oh, my, oh my, oh my,” I heard Lisa say. Jade, hearing Lisa’s moans, stepped toward the small sofa where we sat, lifted her right high heeled foot from the floor and placed it on the sofa, alongside and resting against Lisa’s now bare left leg. Jade’s stocking-covered ankle caressed Lisa’s bare skin where the stocking top bared her skin. Lisa’s eyes were glued to Jade’s foot, but it was then that I realized just how deep into the thong Lisa’s hand had gone. Not one portion of the back of her hand was visible as she began to stroke her cunt with her red-painted fingertips. “Oh, shit, Brad, oh, shit!” Lisa moaned.
I was amazed. Here I was sitting beside someone I’d only know a few brief months and she had her hand inside her panties, digging away at her cunt with one hand while her other hand stroked a long, hard dildo. Moan after moan slipped from Lisa’s lips, low in volume at first, but obviously becoming louder and louder as she slipped deeper into the depths of passion. And while Lisa’s eyes were glued to Jade the stripper, she allowed herself the freedom to masturbate in front of me and another complete stranger. And here I was with a hardon that was stiffer than any other erection I’d had before. This evening had taken so many different turns I was unsure – but excited – of what might happen next.
I didn’t have to wait long. By now, Jade had bent forward over Lisa’s body. She continued to gyrate her body to the music, but the young woman’s eyes were glued to the long dildo still clamped tightly in Lisa’s hands. Jade returned her right foot to the floor, grasped the waistband of the thong barely covering her cunt, and slid the garment down and off both stocking-covered legs. She stood before Lisa and I, her entire body covered now in nothing more than two black stockings and a high heeled shoe on each foot. And while it had been me who’d come up with the majority of the funds to hire Jade for this private dance, there was no mistaking an obvious fact: Jade was more interested in Lisa than she was me.
And I knew Lisa had become quite interested in Jade. As Jade stood before us and twirled the thin, silky thong on her left index finger. Lisa released the dildo, letting it fall to the sofa beside her. In a series of very quick movements, Lisa followed Jade’s lead and slid her own thong off her cunt, the silky but very thin – and very damp, I was sure – garment sliding sensuously down Lisa’s stocking covered legs, over the high heels until Lisa kicked the panty aside with a quick forward motion of her right foot. In an instant, however, Lisa bent forward at the waist, her huge titties mashed against her upper thighs, and retrieved the thong from the floor. Absent mindedly, she laid the thong over the bulge in my trousers. I grasped it with my fingers and noted the degree of moisture in the crotch. Feeling that damp spot told me something I already knew: Lisa was hot and certainly ready for an evening of great promise. From where I sat beside her, when I glanced down at Lisa’s cunt, I saw a thick forest of black pussy hair stretching upward from her cunt.
It was then that I decided to join the party. I mean, by this point, both Lisa and Jade had their pussies on display, so why shouldn’t I join in and show my manhood? I quickly opened my trousers and lifted my very hard cock from my pants. Lisa turned her head and stared at my cock, her eyes widening. There was no mistaking the obvious lust and desire in Lisa’s eyes, nor the slight smile that spread across her red lipstick covered lips. The silent message Lisa sent with her eyes told me all I needed to know: that this evening would come to an end, but before it did, our bodies would be meshed into one.
But after a few seconds of silent communication, Lisa again turned her attention to Jade. “Go ahead, baby,” she whispered to Jade . “Give us our money’s worth.” With a slight smile on her face, Jade stepped forward, again in Lisa’s direction. But there was no mistaking the fact that Jade stared at my cock for several seconds as she made her way to where Lisa sat on the sofa. For a long second as the music played in the background, Jade stared downward at Lisa’s now exposed, very hairy, and certainly exceedingly wet pussy. With my hand now wrapped tightly around my hard cock, but my eyes glued onto Jade’s amazingly sexy body, I smiled with anticipation as Jade lifted her right, high-heel covered foot in the direction of Lisa’s body. I was certain Jade’s intentions were to place her foot between Lisa’s body and mine, but the next few seconds proved me wrong. Delightfully wrong.
As Lisa and I watched Jade lift her foot, Jade inserted her stocking and high-heeled covered foot between Lisa’s now widespread legs, sliding her stocking covered toes forward until they became lost in Lisa’s thick forest of cunt hair. Jade’s foot remained supported on the leather cushion by the five inch stiletto heel, but it was impossible to see her toes: they’d become buried in the thick, dense mat of Lisa’s cunt hair. With a slight motion, Jade pushed her foot forward until the tips of her toes made contact with the black hairs covering Lisa’s pussy.
I felt Lisa arching her back, the motion causing her bare ass to lift several inches from the sofa cushion, and providing Jade the stripper with a few inches of additional space. The upward movement of Lisa’s ass also caused her already bunched up dress to slip several more inches upward as well, now revealing every inch of Lisa’s thick, black forest of pussy hair. Or maybe, it was Lisa who slipped the dress upward. I don’t know. All I knew was that I was sitting in a very small booth with a stripper who now stood before me dressed in nothing more than stockings and stiletto heels, and a coworker who was barely dressed. By now, despite the music playing somewhere in the background, the room was filled with the sound of Lisa taking in short, excited breaths of air, as if she was suddenly starving for oxygen. Her eyes were transfixed on Jade’s toes, still lost in that wall of pussy hair.
Sitting beside Lisa, I sensed something was about to happen, that Lisa would make a move. I wasn’t disappointed. She suddenly lifted her eyes from the sight of Jade’s stocking covered toes pressing against her cunt, turned her head to face me, and said, “Fuck it!” Extending her arms downward, she grasped the hem of the wrinkled dress, and in one very quick and very smooth motion, lifted the dress up and over her head, throwing the red-colored garment to the floor by her own high-heeled feet. “Goddamn that feels good,” Lisa said as she now sat on the leather sofa completely nude except for her own stocking-covered legs and feet encased in stiletto high heels. Lisa realized that for the first time since we’d met at the beginning of the semester, she now sat before me unclothed, nude, her tits heaving on her chest, her nipples extended a full inch, her dense coat of cunt hair fully in view. She again lifted both arms, cradled my face in her hands, and pressed her ruby-red lips tightly onto my mouth. As she kissed me, deeply and erotically, as her tongue dove deep into my mouth, as her tits and nipples pressed against my arm, my colleague Lisa pressed her nearly naked body against me, the sensuous moment causing my cock to harden as it never had before.
But Jade was determined not to be left out of the equation. As Lisa continued to press her mouth hotly against mine, I suddenly felt an additional hand join my, wrapping tightly around my cock. I opened my eyes in time to see Jade’s face less than an inch from mine, then felt her face wedged between mine and Lisa’s, and the intrusion of the young stripper’s tongue as it joined Lisa’s between my lips. The three of us kissed passionately for several seconds, three naked bodies gyrating together, as a light coat of perspiration formed on our sexually heated bodies.
But the kiss ended when both Lisa and Jade leaned back and away from me. Wanting to join the party fully, I removed all traces of clothing, and sat naked on the leather sofa, my right hand wrapped forcefully and securely around my aching cock. In awe, I watched as Jade leaned forward, and gently guided Lisa backward until her naked shoulders rested against the sofa cushion. Amazingly, Lisa’s amazing tits seemed to have grown larger in the few seconds we’d kissed, her nipples seemed to have lengthened, her cunt hair forest now thicker, now darker. With a smile on her face, Jade again lifted her right foot and once again slid the silk-stocking covered toes back against Lisa’s cunt. “Just enjoy, baby,” was all Jade said to Lisa, as she focused her eyes on the foot she was now pressing against Lisa’s pussy.
Lisa allowed a long, deep-throated moan to escape her lips as Jade began to stroke Lisa’s cunt with the tip of her high heeled shoe. Well, that isn’t exactly accurate, either. No, Lisa’s moans were the result of Jade’s silk-covered toes finding the entrance to Lisa’s pussy, the silk stimulating the excited nerve endings lining Lisa’s cunt lips. Jade began to lift her foot one or two inches, the motion causing the reinforced stocking toe to slide erotically up and down the full length of Lisa’s hyper-excited cunt. Each time Jade’s toes came into contact with Lisa’s clit, my friend moaned louder. It was then that Lisa realized the benefit of matching Jade’s cunt stimulating foot movements: each time Jade slid her toes upward and stimulated Lisa’s extended clit, Lisa lifted her ass upward as well, allowing Jade to maintain contact with Lisa’s now soaking wet pussy for longer periods of time. In just a matter of seconds, Lisa and Jade were performing a sexual dance the likes of which I’d never seen. As Jade pressed her foot harder against Lisa’s cunt, as she continued to foot fuck my friend, Lisa’s moans began to echo around the room, easily drowning out the music, and certainly drifting outside the small booth into the darkened hallway outside.
“Motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker!” Lisa moaned now she dropped her eyes to watch Jade stimulate her cunt with her foot. “Oh, baby,” she cried as Jade bent forward and without breaking the toe-to-cunt contact, pressed her lips against Lisa’s, their lips pressed together, their lipstick smearing to the corners of their mouths. By now, my hand was stroking my cock so quickly that I was certain I would come in just a matter of seconds. But to my amazement, just before I exploded a river of hot, pearly-colored come onto the tight fist wrapped around my shaft, I felt Lisa’s and cover mine, then, wedging her fingers nder my fingers, forced me to release the grip on my cock. Forming a tight circle with her index and second fingers, Lisa quickly cut off the flow of blood to my cock, causing my orgasm to never occur. And she did all this without once breaking the oral bond she maintained with Jade’s mouth. When she was sure she’d prevented me from coming, Lisa released my cock, returning her hand to the side of Jade’s face. And not once during this orgasm-preventing moment had Lisa or Jade ceased their foot fucking motion.
In awe, I watched as Jade broke the kiss, removed her foot from Lisa’s cunt and stood before my female friend, her legs spread wide, her own tits heaving on her chest. “Come here, baby,” Jade said to Lisa, the command clear, her intention of what she wanted Lisa to do unspoken but understood. Lisa smiled, leaned forward, and grasped the back of Jade’s thighs. I knew by the way Jade began to swivel, lift, and drop her ass that she too had deserted all pretenses and was now highly stimulated by the presence of two naked bodies in her dance booth.
Lisa’s forward motion guided her head deep into Jade’s trimmed pussy beard. As Lisa snaked her hands upward to cup each of Jade ‘s ass cheeks in her hands, the room once again became filled with the sound of sexually-created moans. But moments earlier where the moans had come from Lisa’s mouth, now they flew from Jade’s mouth, her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her hands cupping each of her titties in her hands. “Eat me, baby, eat me,” Jade whispered as she lifted her left leg and draped the limb over Lisa’s right shoulder. “Fuck yes, Lisa, fuck yes.” Lisa continued to driver her tongue deep into Jade’s cunt, the wet, lapping sound of two lips making contact with Jade ‘s pussy becoming louder and louder.
But Lisa had no intention of bringing Jade to orgasm with just her mouth. No, after loosening the oral grip on Jade ‘s cunt, Lisa lifted her right hand and with the index finger extended, began to finger fuck Jade. Lisa qickly established a rhythm that caused Jade to moan louder, and when she was satisfied Jade was deep in the throes of sexual passion, once again extended her neck forward and simultaneously finger fucked Jade while licking the young woman’s clit with her tongue.
“Motherfucker,” I heard Jade moan as Lisa slid the finger deeper into Jade’s cunt. “Show me what you can do with that finger, baby,” Jade continued to moan. Lisa complied with Jade’s request and began to insert then remove her finger from Jade’s cunt at a progressively faster pace. In seconds, the last knuckle on Lisa’s hand was smashing forcefully against Jade’s cunt as loud squishing sounds began to mingle with Jade’s moans. “Baby, baby, baby!” she moaned as Lisa established a finger-fucking pace that caused Jade to swing her naked ass from side to side. “Son of a bitch, don’t stop,” Jade said.
It was then that two things happened simultaneously. I don’t recall the order of events, but what I do know is that as soonas Jade requested that Lisa continue to jam her finger into her cunt, Lisa removed the long finger from between Jade ‘s cunt lips and inserted the finger instead into her own mouth. With her eyes locked onto mine, I watched intently while Lisa sucked the finger dry of Jade ‘s cunt juices. When Lisa was certain she’d cleansed the finger thoroughly, she once again slipped it forcefully into Jade ‘s now soaking wet cunt, resoaked the finger in pussy juices, and extended it toward my mouth. “Come here, Brad,” Lisa demanded, her intent clear. Just as I extended my neck forward, a move that put my own face very close to Jade ‘s naked ass, Lisa moved the soaking wet finger closer to her own mouth. “We’re going to share, baby,” she said to me. I pressed my lips onto Lisa’s mouth and felt her slip the pussy-juiced finger between our lips. Together, as Lisa slid the finger in and out of our mouths as if it were a small cock and our mouths was one large pussy, Lisa made sure that together, we cleaned her finger of Jade ‘s juices.
When the finger was clean, and the kiss as well, I slipped backward across Lisa’s body, past her hairy cunt and over her stocking-covered legs until my body was positioned between Lisa’s spread legs. From where I knelt, I had a clear view of Lisa’s pussy, and believe me, despite her age, the view was amazing. Thick, coarse black hair surrounded her cunt, but because she’d fingered herself, the pussy lips were spread and glistening with her pussy juices. I smiled at Lisa as she reinserted her fingers inside Jade ‘s pussy, a move that caused the young stripper to moan loudly again, and began to move forward again, my intent to place my lips as tightly as possible on Lisa’s hairy cunt. I wanted to eat Lisa’s cunt, to jam my tongue as deeply as possible into her vaginal cavern.
But Lisa had other ideas. “No, wait,” she said, stopping my forward movement with a hand on my shoulder. “You’ll really want to see this.” I heard Jade ask what Lisa and I were doing, wrds to whih Lisa responded by now jamming two fingers between Jade ‘s cunt lips. But as Lisa and I locked eyes, as she smiled coyly at me, Lisa grasped the huge dildo in her right hand, lifted the huge fake cock upward, and pressed the wide head firmly against Jade ‘s pussy lips. Tilting her head upward a few inches, Lisa said, “Get ready, baby. I’ve got a surprise for you.” Lisa slid her body several inches toward me now, the added space giving her the room to look up and into Jade ‘s pussy. “Here we go!” Lisa said before applying a steady force on the dildo until the expansive head slipped between Jade ‘s cunt lips and into her cunt. Suddenly, Lisa’s eyes were on me again. “What the fuck are you waiting for?” she asked. Although Lisa hadn’t give me instructions, or clarified what it was she was talking about, I knew exactly what she was asking. Or was she making demands now?
I’d never tasted cunt juice the flavor of that which seeped from Lisa’s cunt. I found that I enjoyd the salty taste that coated my tongue. After separating the thick mat of pussy hair with my fingers, I found her cunt lips, spread wide still, so wet with cunt juices that a small creek of pussy fluids streamed outward and downward, pooling in a small puddle by her ass crack. Lisa’s right had slipped between my mouth and her cunt, helping me to keep the thick, thick mat of cunt hair away from her pussy lips. But it was the middle finger that Lisa made the greatest use of. Despite having my tongue buried deep between Lisa’s pussy lips, I’d also inserted not one but two fingers inside her soaking wet cunt. And although Lisa had now picked up a rhythm of sliding her ass back and forth in time to my tongue licks, she placed the tip of the long, red-nailed fingertip onto her very prominent clit and began to massage the fleshy button with even greater speed than I applied to the finger fucking I was giving my colleague. Lisa began to moan now, her ass rapidly reacting to the finger and tongue fucking I was giving her as well as the pleasure she applied herself to her clit. Each insertion of my fingers or brush of her fingertip over her clit caused Lisa to moan louder and to lift and drop her ass higher above the sofa in response the oral and hand attack her pussy was undergoing.
“Motherfucker, baby, oh, hell yes, motherfucker!” Lisa moaned from between Jade ‘s stocking-covered legs. By now, with my mouth planted firmly against Lisa’s pussy mound, I was able to look up enough to see Lisa’s face. Her eyes were locked onto what I was doing to her: half-closed, but focused. Coated with sexual pleasure, but aware enough to know there was more sexual joy to follow.
But just as Lisa was moaning now, so too was Jade . By this point, Lisa was jamming at least six, perhaps eight inches of the dildo into the stripper’s cunt. Each time Lisa jammed the dildo upward, Jade squatted, her stocking-covered knees bending in an effort to place her pussy in a position to receive progressively more inhes of th dildo. “Oh, shit, oh, shit!” I heard Jade moaning now, her cries mixing with Lisa’s, echoing from the walls and returning to where we lay in a tangled sexual mess on the sofa. It was then, just as Lisa and I locked eyes again, that I actually witnessed Lisa smile. But you must understand: the smile creasing her lips was one created by sexual pleasure, yes. But there was something else there, and somehow, I just knew the next few seconds would reveal something I’d never seen before.
And then it happened. Lisa jammed the dildo upward with so much force into Jade ‘s cunt that only the last half inch located around the base remained visible from between her cunt lips. At first, now that a full twelve inches of hard, plastic cock rested inside he cunt, Jade suddenly stopped all movement, as if she was uncertain as to what had just happened. From where I squatted between Lisa’s legs, I could see just the thin, pink-colored dildo base protruding from Jade ‘s pussy, te false color contrasting deeply with the color of her thick, black cunt hair. But just as suddenly, two things happened. First, Jade began to move her ass in a back-and-firth motion, her ass crack and ass hole coming closer and closer to my face with each swing. But she also began to moan louder: Not the shrill, high-pitched cry of pleasure only women seem capable of producing, but, rather, a low-toned, deeply bass sound that seemed as if it were coming from a man. “Oh, god, oh god, oh, god,” Jade moaned as she continued to swing her ass closer now to my face. “Fuck but that feels so damn good,” the young dancer moaned.
Although it was me who had brought Lisa here, it seemed as if she had suddenly taken over the situation. She lifted her chin high enough to view the base of the dildo now jammed deeply inside Jade ‘s pussy, then, using her hands, gently coaxed Jade down from straddling her face. But where I believed Lisa wanted Jade to stand, I was incorrect. Instead, Lisa instructed Jade to turn her body so that she was still straddling Lisa’s face, but now facing outward toward the center of the small room. Jade did as she was asked – or was it instructed? – and now stood over Lisa’s face with the base of a twelve-inch dildo jammed as deeply as possible inside her cunt. “Yes, that’s it, baby,” Lisa said. “That’s just perfect.”
And with that, Lisa lifted her head, slipped several inches of the dildo from Jade ‘s pussy, and placed her tongue flat against Jade ‘s hairy cunt. I guess the sensations of a wide dildo pressing against the nerve endings of her pussy as well as the pleasures Lisa was creating as her tongue skid across Jade ‘s pussy lips was what caused Jade to begin to ride Lisa’s face as if she were fucking it. Lisa slid half the length of the dildo from Jade ‘s cunt and allowed the long plastic tube to hang suspended from the hairy lips. It was when my friend removed her hands from her own cunt that I knew matters had changed for me. Releasing my oral lock on LLsa’s cnt, I stood, all seven inches of my cock now rock hard and ready for serious action. I moved forward with my cock

New Girl In Ladies Prison

she was a good girl
but she partied too much
she got in trouble
and dropped out of college
her parents could not control her
smashing the family car again
and again
running away with boys
fucking all hours of the night
cat on a hot tin roof
and it was time to
extinguish her sins
in the Ladies Prison
she stood in the chow line
large women, black women,
straights, gays, lesbos
cunt whores, bikers
and they looked at the
new girl
“Wait till we get you
in the showers whore”
said the biker lady
“You gonna’ purr like
a kitten down there”
a black lesbo said
she ate her oats
and another big lady
bumped her
“You come to me honey
if you need protection,
I got pussy around her for sale
too,,,, if you need that” she said.
“You be my little cheesecake
& I can be your sexy Mommy”
she said
Buffy, was afraid
and it was time for the showers
The guards told her to strip
near the laundry basket
the guards were licking their lips
her small 5 foot frame
and pointed nipples to the sky
were hard as rock
and her blonde pig tails
were hanging low
her blonde pubic area
had a tuft of fur
and a lady guard
took a smell of her naked
as the girl reached for a towel
in the shower room
white girls, black girls,
pink girls, whore girls
tattooed and sweet
hairy pussy
bald eagle pussy
Tomboy lesbos
and they watched
the new little girl
touching herself with
a pink soap bar
and they nodded
to each other
“Get her”
they yelled
two black girls and a white
girl pulled her by the
and slapped her face
“To the laundry room”
and they carried her away
like a meat pie–
shoving her down,
onto the leather training table
a bondage room homemade
by guards & inmates
they got her wrists and ankles
in leather cuffs with
stainless steel rings
and she was helpless
she could not fight
they got her restrained
and she peed on the bed
“You like black girls whore?”
asked the white guard
“I could learn” the girl said
Buffy was spread eagled on
the leather table
and the black girls
had evil grins
“You gonna’ be our slave
down here” one said
The black ladies each
took a nipple of Buffy
and bit her nipples
sucking and biting
trying to arouse the girl
she tossed and turned and
could not fight the fight
the white guard
began licking Buffy’s inner thighs
with her long pink tongue
she began a game of cat & mouse
teasing her girl bud
and flicking her tongue on the
girl’s erect clitoris
“Mhhhhhhhh ohhhhh”
and she arched her back
the black girls continued sucking
her pussy
all of a sudden, a black man
entered with a large erection
He walked over to Buffy,
and put his cock on
Buffy’s inner thigh
teasing her
Then he pushed his cock
slowly into her girl hole
he built a tempo
and went in & out
in & out
and she was being fucked
to the gills
oh yeah she yelled
and he slid in & out
taking slow turns
of pounding her
then stopping & starting
she was being fucked very
the black girls continued sucking
her nipples
& now French kissing her
the white lady also
French kissed the black girls
the man grunted and let his
semen ejaculate from his
cock head
into the girl’s
honey hole
the black girls
dried the
girl’s sweating forehead
with a towel

My Little Whore

I fumble with her little dress
on the bed
she likes the color of pink
and she spreads her legs
all ready for “Mommy”
& wet, the smell of baby powder
the smell of a girl’s cunt
and sweat from her ass–
I have tricked my little cunt
she is my neighborhood girl–
I can smell my little whore
and her tongue is smooth
circling my face and chin
licking at my ear holes
wanting to eat a good girl’s cunt
is what I want
and I pull her pink panties off
and her bald hairless cunt
stabs at my mind
wanting to be licked and sucked
her pencil style eraser nipples
pink and erect
with a flat chest
she said she is 18 years of age…
and her pig tails bounced
with red ribbon bows
and the braces on her teeth
make her look young–
and I believe her
that she is 18 years old
I offer my toes into her mouth
and she kisses each morsel
the humidity of my sexuality
I smell and can taste my own pussy
with my finger tips
and rub it under my whore’s
to get ready for animal instincts–
like a meal
I catch her peeking at Mommy
looking up at my legs
and my thighs
she says she
“likes an older woman”
And the black woman enters the room
from a secret closet
and my blonde cunt whore
is shocked and stunned
with a whip and training flogger
“Get the tramp in bondage” she yelled
Then the black man, out of the closet
“Oh, we got the little blonde cunt
in our world now, oh fuck”
declared Tonya & Bobby…
“she Is going to fuck and suck all
of us, deep tonight” the black lady
And I hold her mouth open
and she tried to bite my fingers
and we got the rubber gag
full in her mouth
and she can no longer speak…
saliva drips from the little hole
The black lady and man
got her in restraints
on the leather table
spread eagled
very wide
her pink cunt lips
aroused and wet
and smells so delicious
she fights the leather table
but cannot win
against 4 point restraints
on the 4 bed posts
I walk over to my honey whore
and put my sharp fingernails
on her pink nipples
dragging them across
pleasure tonight
beyond all wildest dreams
and the black lady
and man, going to be
sucked and orally satisfied by my
little girl
dominated in her puss
and anal opening
My little whore
we will make her ass ache
and she will experience
pain & deep sexual pleasures
now, the black man
and woman strip
he is hard as a rock
fully muscular and solid
his shiny cock
ready to be orally sucked
I want to taste it baby
I love the big cock
all for my tasting and sucking
the woman, with beautiful
boobs,, I have eaten them before…
gigantic like peaches on a tree
bouncing as she struggles
to get her top off
now naked, they are ready
for my little cunt girl
Oh, she will enjoy her new
master and mistress
down in my basement sex hole
“Mommy is going to make you feel good”
I tell my blonde cunt
as she looks at me
then, I begin sucking
the black man’s cock
on my knees
Oh how delicious is he
and mistress, she
joins me on my knees
on the floor
at the leather table
we French kiss a bit
I love her tongue and her
sexy smell
I pull on her boobs
and she is lactating
I suck and kiss the
warm milk, from my
girl friend
“Oh fuck, my face full of her
milk, is so sexy”
dripping off my chin
as Master is now rock hard
as we make out in the milk
my blonde cunt is on the table
still spread eagled
tossing & turning
waiting for some big cock
in her puss and ass
so mistress & I eat the big dick
French kissing each other
turning on master
we long for each other
I put a finger in my black
girlfriends’ pussy
and she likes the attention
as I lick the white milk off her
black nipples
and oh fuck
“here comes another whore”
the black girl about 18 years old
entered the room
with cute hard nipples
like Hershey’s kisses…
and a flat chest
gives Mommy a kiss
and a quick lick on each
of my pierced nipples
spent some extra time
kissing my smooth
and smelling me
women love the
smell of their sexual nature…
she jumps on the leather table
spreads her young legs
pulls out my blonde cunt’s oral gag
and says, “eat my black cunt you fucken’ bitch”
and my whore must eat
she just has to eat this girl’s cunt
up above on the leather table
that is my gift to the blonde cunt
to make her eat a black girl’s pussy
and maybe her ass
and she is going to have the 10 inch cock
very soon
“Lick that asshole”
yells Yolonda
and my blonde cunt
eats her
just as I like it
Bobby cannot take it anymore
he is rock hard
and wants release
standing now by the leather table
his hand on his cock
we got the blonde cunt
off the table and
made her stand up
next to the table
the leather ropes fall from the
and her ankles are entrapped
now we pulled away
the table
and she in standing over the drain
Mommy and Yolonda work hard
to get the whore
on her feet
and suspended a bit
off the floor
arms above her head
and her legs spread wide for
Mistress and Master
now are up on their feet
and Yolonda got her pussy sucked
but she waited on her orgasm
getting ready for more sexual treats
evil things
We got the blonde cunt in bondage
and we formed a line
“I give all the orders here”
and they obey me
they must obey Mommy
in her castle of perverted female
“My blonde cunt, you like the taste of cock?”
“Yes Mommy” she declared
“You like the taste of black women whore?’
“Yes Mommy” my baby says
“Form a line and each take turns French kissing the whore”
I said
and they stood in line
Yolonda kissed baby’s face and kissed her lips
The blonde cunt kissed back hard
showing her inner sexual animal to
be filled
Oh, she will be filled soon
so filled up
with black cock
and Mistress kissed baby on the lips
and then Bobby (master) stood in line
and we all took a little bit of baby’s whoredom
“We got one cock, and 3 pussies to eat
down here” I told the whore
“You will eat Mommy’s cunt,
then Yolonda’s cunt
and then Tonya’s pussy…
Master will have you
suck him bone dry”
I said
“Am I a good Mommy?”
“Yes Mommy’
my baby whore whined
“Get the whip” I told the ladies
“Pinch her nipples, slap her tits, make her feel good”
I told them
“Uhhhhhhh, ooooohm, ” the girl moaned
as Yolonda pinched her pink eraser buds
Mistress slapped her tits and
spit on her nipples
Mistress got behind the blonde cunt
and rolled her nipples between
thumb and forefinger
“MMMMmhhhhhh shshghghgh ohhhhh” she moaned
Yolonda got in front of the blonde cunt
and bit her nipples
sucking and biting her pink titties
Master was again rock hard
and Yolanda dropped to her knees
and offered a suck
then Mistress began French kissing me
and we kissed
as I sucked her big black boobs
and ate her milk
Then all 3 of us ladies were sucking
Bobby’s big dick
on the floor on our knees
as our captive white slave
was hanging from the ceiling
on her pretty tip toes
that I painted black today…
we sucked hard
and Mommy likes black cock
an awful lot
and I got the most cock
more than the other girls
sucking and sucking
Tonya and Yolonda licked Bobby’s balls
as I orally gave my servitude
to this muscular and handsome black
and of course
Mommy gets wet once in a while
and the girls opened my legs
and licked Mommy’s white cunt
a bit
as I moaned and helped masturbate myself
as the black fingers
raped my horny hole
in & out
it feels so good
to be in this hot frenzy
and I popped the cock
in and out of my mouth
and I derived great pleasures
we got our attention back
on the whore
“Let’s make her ass ache”
I demanded
and the girls
got the pink leather saw horse
“No, No, I will not
the blonde cunt argued
“No, Please No, I cannot stand it
up my ass” she screamed.
Well, I got the pink dog collar
and put the choker around baby’s pretty neck
“Mommy is going to introduce baby to
some deep anal pleasure & pain tonight”
I told her
We got the pink leather saw horse
and the girls got her bent over the tool
Her hands were restrained on the floor with
some mental health mittens
and her feet were also entrapped
she was completely helpless on
the anal training sawhorse
Master got ready, already soaked in sweat
and ready for more pleasures
Yolanda spread open baby’s white ass cheeks
“No, No, I will not”, baby cried.
Yolanda began orally sucking, my blonde girl’s anal opening
Then mistress got in there too, sucking and kissing
the blonde’s pink hole, her asshole
“Mhhhhhhhhh gooooood” baby purred
as the pink tongues went in & out
then I got in there, and gave a few licks to baby’s cute ass
Yolonda popped the top, of the banana cream jelly
and wiped it on baby’s anal opening
we all had our fingers in her
and lubed her ass up
with the banana cream jelly
Master got behind baby
and was now a full firm 12 inches
“Take my baby to Heaven’s gates”
I purred
“Oh, please don’t fuck my ass
it will hurt, please Mommy, make him
not fuck baby’s ass”
“Fuck her tender white ass”
I said
:’MMMmmmmmmJjjjj ohhh uffkkc”
and Bobby entered baby’s tight anal opening
:Ouuuusuususususuu” it hurts
it is too fuccken big” baby yelled
“Sodomize the whore”
Mommy said
Yolonda & Tonya helped
spread open Baby’s ass
and held her ass cheeks open
“Damn she is a tight girl”
yelled Bobby
“No, No, yelled the girl
“OH take my ass, take that white ass
put that big black cock up my ass Daddy”
she moaned
“That’s what we like to hear down here”
Mommy said
Now Daddy Master
slid in and out of the girl
taking full advantage of her
smooth and tender ass
“Mhhhhhhhhhh’ yeah
“fuck that ass”
“fuck that ass”
baby yelled
Bobby was now on his tip toes
fucking the blonde girl
evil and dominated
the black girls & Mommy
French kissed each other
as baby was getting ass fucked
hard and deep
slow, than fast
a tempo, he held
in & out
in & out
like her pussy
but the different
world of ass
and Daddy was hard
as a rock
and the time was right
“Mhhhhhh basby bsby baby gonna cum”
yelled the white whore
her hard tits bounced
her pig tails bounced
she was enjoying the cock
“Give me something in my mouth
when I cum she yelled
Yolanda got a large 9 inch
rubber cock, and stuffed it
in baby’s mouth
deep in her throat
she gurgled and sucked
the phallus
“mmmhhhhhhh ooooh”
and Daddy grunted
and the girls held baby’s face
hard, like a criminal
“When you cum, look directly
into Mommy’s eyes”
“Show your deepest desires
into her eyes”
Mommy said
kneeling in front of baby
Mistress got in front also
and began squeezing her tits
and soaked baby’s face in the hot milk
Well, baby’s toes curled and she was fighting
the restraints
Tonya held her down, to the sawhorse
and Daddy grunted
and emptied his cum,
into baby’s chocolate hole
He continued to pound her
until all the fluid
was up her ass
Mommy, and the girls
continued French kissing the girls
and Daddy pointed to the bath tub
for a pink bubble bath
and more sex
All the ladies entered the large tub
Daddy was hard again
and baby was put in
the soapy water
Baby licked and sucked
all the black girl’s boobs
and Mommy’s boobs
Daddy was rock hard
The black girls slapped
baby on the tits
and abused her nipples
squeezing and pinching
the little whore
Daddy was ready
and stood up in the tub
with pink suds hanging
off his balls
all the ladies surrounded master
and began orally serving his
In Yolonda’s mouth
In Mommy’s mouth
In Tonya’s mouth
In Baby’s mouth
like sweet Heaven
Daddy leaned way
back like a king
getting sucked by the ladies
and it was good
very good
as his hard black cock
was honored by the ladies
he grunted and the girls
jacked off Daddy
with their hands
Mommy opened baby’s mouth
and Daddy popped into
her mouth
“Now close your fucken’ pretty mouth whore”
said Mommy
then she said:
“Swallow this black man’s cum
down your cute pink throat”
and baby swallowed
“Good girl” said Mommy
the other ladies French kissed
one another
and the pizzas were delivered
right to the tub
beer and champagne
was poured
as the ladies
an 18 year old
transgender girl
offered herself sexually
to Daddy, and the girls
the orgy of all orgies
was about to happen
the banana cream jelly
was grabbed by Momm

Abyss Of Passion

The touch of her fingers was soft and firm. They traversed the length of my arm with an almost exasperating slowness, causing my breathing to grow heavy and deafening to my own ears. As they traipsed ever further with painful slowness, I felt my heart beating at dizzying speed, as if I were on the verge of an abyss.

I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question.

I do not know if it was her, me or both, but soon the distance between her body and mine was shortened and I feared that she could hear the heart thudding in my chest. Her hand settled on my cheek gently – and maybe with some fear, as if my skin were as fragile as an insect’s wing – and she stroked it lightly. I looked to hand, then heard her sigh before she closed the centimeters that separated us and put her lips on mine.

They were soft and warm, and I gasped despite myself. They attacked mine by way of an answer, overcoming my mouth with gradual, yet unwavering intensity

Yet, the slowness with which our lips parried only served to make me run out of air earlier than expected, forcing me to withdraw for a moment. I recovered the image of her dark eyes that only asked me to return and, after inspiring nervously, I did. This time it was a deeper and more intimate kiss in which our tongues first met and played hide and seek. Finally I caught hers in a gentle bite and in return she caught me with a cheeky lick to my lower lip.

I opened my eyes at the absence of her lips, but soon I felt them cradling the sensitive spot where my jaw and neck joined.

She plucked sighs of pleasure from me easily as she traced my shoulder and then at last reached my collarbone. There, her teeth, no longer so delicate, staring digging into my skin as she continued to descend, at the same time she was getting rid of my dress. I could do nothing but mimic her movements and say goodbye to her white shirt, which fell to the ground anticipating what would happen in the next few hours.

If there was a bed in the room I did not realize; I was too busy letting myself be carried away by the sensation being released with every touch of their lips on my skin. She now knelt in front of me, kissing my abdomen, which no longer seemed mine: it was the home of at least a hundred butterflies, each competing to land against her lips. Forcing my head from its ecstatic loll, I looked down at her, her hungry eyes not wavering from my face. Like a puppet, I extended my hand and pulled her to stand. We melted again into a moist, needy kiss. I hugged her body and held on as she let her hands loose along body,

I moaned, softly, against the skin of her neck, and she hugged me even harder, as if I might escape at any moment, as if I had something more important to do, ha! Impossible. Never.

With urgency now, she met my mouth with a kiss that so devastated my senses, it took a full moment to realize I now found myself with my back against the shaggy carpet, and then her naked body enwrapping mine.

Her hands explored me fervently, with her mouth following dutifully, until they came to a part of my body that had been silently screaming in want for what felt like as long as I could remember. First were her nails, a gentle trace of my lips’ peak, and finally the tips of her fingers sinking into my folds, revealing the moisture that had been created within them.

I wrapped my hands around her neck, telling her that I needed more, much more. In response, her fingers pinpointed my clit with assured, circular movements. I let out several moans in which her name was camouflaged. Normally resting so easily and unexceptionally on my lips, it now seemed to acquire a totally different hue. Now it sounded passionate, more delicate.

As much as I was enjoying those caresses, how the intensity of the sensation was seeming to swallow me whole, I reached up to the edge to stop myself falling completely, and put my own hand between her thighs.

I felt the weight of her body fall on mine as I found her clit, and I began to match my caress to hers. I do not know if it was as a reward or as a punishment that I inserted two of her fingers inside me, but either way it was nearly too much. My body was undulating, welcoming them within, but still I felt the strength of her fingers as they pushed through. As I went inch by inch, I was forgetting everything, until I was only aware of her and me.

Plunging my own fingers within her silky wetness, we found a synchronicity, our bodies seeming to fit one over another perfectly, one inside another, one with the other. I imitated her rhythmic movements, but bent my fingers upward against the sensitive wall behind her pubic bone. She, instead, tapped gently on my clit with the palm of her hand.

Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence.

Her lips no longer wandered over my breasts, but seemed to chase something invisible back and forth as she stopped only for small bites of the flesh and hard sucking of my nipples. Then they came back to my neck, squeezing it hard, and I felt faint.

I had never thought that two people could synchronize to reach orgasm at the same time, but just then, as I reeled from the intensity of her mouth on against my neck, everything I thought I knew disappeared in a drunken fog. Her moans in my ear felt like a roar; her teeth caught my skin and her fingers came in and out without a second. It was then that I heard her hoarse cry and increased the pace of my movements, causing her to do so too.

I couldn’t hear if the moans that flooded the room were, again, hers or mine, but I nevertheless knew it to be true. Her hips joined in the game, and when I felt she was ready, I searched her lips in a desperate attempt to hide my gasps. We kissed with eagerness and vehemence, and as soon as her body began to tremble over mine, I felt that every muscle in my body clenched and fighting against itself, waiting… to explode together in a burst.

The waves of pleasure spread through me as her immobile body rode along with my muscles, gulping from exertion. After a few minutes our breaths slowed and synchronized, and I think even our chests started a heartbeat conversation at their own, secret speed. I opened my eyes to find myself in front of her own, and again, the words remained.

Tie Me Up And Take Me 

 So I have one of those beds with the mission style headboard and footboard. The one with the wooden vertical slats that just scream “let me hold you hostage”. It’s a king size pillow top, extra high off the ground. It needs a big man to occupy the space and I have a sexy fucking navy boy in mind.

Your mind wanders, and I know we are supposed to be going out tonight but the thought of holding me captive, all for yourself continues to overwhelm your senses. It excites you, the domination, the control, that fact that you can do whatever you want to me and I can’t do a thing but hope you will make me beg for mercy.

As you arrive at my door, it is unlocked as I am expecting you. I try to make small talk but you don’t answer, I bend over giving you just a glimpse of my tan ass in your favorite purple crotchless panties I have hidden under my skirt. You don’t speak. you just watch me strap on my heels and smile. I can see a deviant look in your eye. I am curious, excited and apprehensive at the same time. I know you well enough to know you have another plan for tonight in mind.

As I walk down the hall, you push me up against the wall, it is cold and hard and I have to take a second to catch my breath. you slowly take each one of my hands and place it over my head as I just stare into your eyes. You’re so serious and I am nervous. I stand there and my legs start to tremble but my body just aches for you. With your left hand you grab both of my arms and hold them tightly. You use your foot to spread apart my legs and take your right hand and find my soft pussy and you rub my clit with the palm of your hand and thrust two fingers up inside me. My knees slightly buckle and I suck in a gasp of air. You still have my hands pinned above my head. I close my eyes and my heavy breathing releases a flow of wet juices onto your hand as you thrust your fingers in and out of me. You are in total control. I can faintly hear Adele “one and only” playing in the background from the other room. I echo her lyrics as my mind engulfs what is happening right now. I softly hum ” “you’ve been on my mind, I grow fonder everyday” your fingers fuck me as I still cannot move away from the wall. I drift off and the song starts to fade away.

You tell me not to speak.

I can only do what I am told.

You pull your wet fingers from my pussy and release my arms. Your massive strong arms then ever so gently pick me up and place me on the bed behind you. You tell me to lay down in the center. You come to the left side of the bed, you lean in kissing my stomach, you tell me how much you want me, you tell me how much you want to feel me as you slide my skirt off. You take my left leg and pull it out to the edge of the bed, taking your hands and rubbing down it from my inner thigh to my ankle and then tie it to the bed. You tug on the knot just to make sure it won’t come loose. You lean up into the foot of the bed, your soft warm lips brush my pussy and you softly lick it but just once as you repeat the same thing to my right leg, grabbing my inner thigh and pulling it open to tie it to the other side of the footboard. The song again echoes in my mind “you’re the only one that I want, I don’t know why I’m scared, I’ve been here before, every feeling every word, I’ve imagined it all” I try to start to touch myself.

You sit me up, and in the silhouette of the candle light you remove my top, and in one quick motion push me back into the bed and pull up my right arm over my head, you tell me very matter of factly, Don’t Touch! You tie my arm to the headboard, I have little give but just enough that I can flex it as my body begins to writhe uncomfortably and vulnerably in bed. You can sense I am nervous and give me a sweet kiss. You promise me you will be just enough but not too much. You tell me to relax that you will always take care of me. I want to feel your lips kiss me again, but you put your finger to my lips and just .. ssshhhhh… then nothing!

You climb on top of me, and lay across me, pressing against me but not with all your weight to tie down my left arm. I try to resist and pull my hand away, you overpower me and press my hand back to the bed and tie up my last remaining source of freedom. So now I am tied to the bed, four point restraints, purple crotchless panties mixed with exciting apprehension. You take a step back to look at me, admiring me like you have just captured a precious trophy. You are so pleased with what you have done.

You come by my head and slightly pull my hair as you apply a blindfold. My body aches for you, all of my senses are heightened, it’s like that right after you cum state, where you can’t be touched as your body shutters and each nerve ending is screaming . I want you but I don’t know where you are, what your plans are, what do you want to do to me, but i want you to do it, I want you to do whatever it is so badly.

I can smell you, my favorite cologne. I hear where you walk. I can wiggle in the bed and my ass grinds into the mattress, my nipples are hard, I have goose bumps but I don’t know if it is because I am cold or so nervous and excited, I desperately want you to touch me.

I can hear you whisper and moan “Mmmmm, you look so beautiful”, your voice deepens “I’ve got you now, you can’t get away and I will have all of you”.

You grab my ankles and rub your hands up my legs, I try to close them but I can’t. Even tied to the bed, you push them open. Then nothing. I hear you move to the side of the bed. You sit. You lean over and bite my ear, my neck, my nipple. My back arches. I moan. I take in a deep breath. I bite my lip.

You straddle me and rub your cock over my lips, dripping onto my tongue. “Open your mouth, lick me”. I do as I am told, my soft tongue reaches out to feel you. I love the way you taste. You grab the headboard and kneel over me thrusting your hard dripping cock down my throat. I gag and spit runs down my cheek as a tear runs down my face. You pull out.

Then again, “I said suck my cock” down my throat you push. In and out of my mouth. I can’t move. I can only lay there writhing in the bed as you face fuck me. Every few minutes you have to stop and slow down, I can tell when your cock swells and I know you want to cum all over me but you want to wait.

I love knowing you want me, knowing you want to cum, and I love the fact your holding back, I can’t wait until you explode. I can’t wait to hear you. I can’t wait to please you. I want to ask you to touch me, I am dripping wet, but I don’t. This is all you tonight and I want to give you what you want. You kiss my cheek. You bite my lip, my neck, my nipples. You tease them with your tongue. I want you so bad. You run your tongue down my body. Stopping just short of my pussy. You thrust your fingers into my wet box. I moan. Again I try to close my legs. Your fingers move slowly at first in and out. You suck on my clit. You lick me up and down and use your left hand to lift my ass off the bed and pull me into your face. I want to open my legs but I can’t do that either. I want to grab your head and pull you into me.

I am helpless.

“Please baby” , you don’t respond.

The sheets are soaked, a combination of you and sweet pussy juice. It is dripping down between my ass. I can hear you suck your fingers every few minutes and then you slide them back into me. Each time I moan and squirm. You stop.



It’s like you disappeared. I hear nothing. I realize the music has stopped. It’s eerily quiet. Your left hand unites my left leg and simultaneously your right hand unties my left arm. You push me over face first into the bed. Before I can even think to move you have grabbed my arm and retied it to the headboard. You pull my leg open and tie it back to the footboard, my right arm and legs are tightly wound to the bed. I am spread eagle on the bed, face down. You pull my hips up as far as they will lift off of the bed. You are kneeling on the bed as I can feel your legs in between mine. Your hard cock rams between my legs and deep into me.

I scream, you respond. “Shut up you dirty bitch, take it and shut up”.

You slide your hands between me and the bed and squeeze my tits as you keep nailing me from behind. You pull my hair.

“I will destroy you, beg me to fuck you bitch”. Your voice is deep and stern. It feels like your dick is reaching my throat. My insides are being shoved up to my neck. It hurts. I really like it!

You smack my ass as hard as you can. “Tell me how much you like it, beg me to cum, beg me you little bitch”.

A tear runs down my face, but I am smiling and enjoying everything you can dish out.

I don’t listen, instead I taunt you. ” Fuck me harder, is that all you got, that’s all you can give me, you have to do better than that! Come on fuck me like you hate me”.

You thrust yourself faster and harder, feverishly into me.

“Fucking bitch, take it all you fucking dirty girl, I’m gonna cum so deep in you” you spank me again as hard as you can, my ass stings

“I’m gonna cum so deep in you, beg me to cum” you smack me again

“fucking beg me I said”.

Softly I start to beg you.

“I can’t hear you begging, speak up and tell me you want me to cum”.

I am so excited. I want you to fill me with cum. “Fucking cum inside me, fucking fill me with cum you fucking asshole, holy shit, make me cum with you. Fucking cum deep inside me, make me scream, I can take it, make me fucking scream”

you spank me again, the same place, I can tell my ass has multiple handprints and they all sting.

“I gonna fucking cum, baby” you’ve lost your tough exterior and ask me if you can cum, you know how much I like it when you ask.

I tell you “Beg me!, tell me you have to, tell me you can’t hold it, tell me how it makes you feel!” I am so wet and I can tell you are leaking all into me.

You moan so loud, “oh my god baby I have to, I can’t stop, I have to cum baby” pleading with me “baby say it’s ok, please tell me it’s ok, baby I can’t hold it”, your cock is so hard, thrusting deep inside me.

I whisper “baby it’s ok, slow down, fuck me slow, I’m gonna cum with you” your hands have such a tight hold of my hips.

You’re pulling my ass into you, your moaning so loud, “fuck me, oh my god, holy fuck the shit out of me baby, can you feel all of my hot cum? Oh I’m cumming again, holy fuck.”

My pussy tightens around your throbbing cock. My face is buried in the mattress.

“Holy fuck baby, give me that cock, I’m cumming all over your hard cock, that’s it, FUCK ME!”

I respond simultaneously to you, Your legs are shaking, twitching and you can’t sit up anymore as I have drained you of everything that you are. I am soaked on the bed. The nerve endings in my clit send sharp stabbing sensations throughout my body. I am swollen. I don’t think I could close my legs even if they were untied.

You collapse next to me. I turn my head to face you and you take off my blindfold, although I am still spread eagle on the bed . It is so hot and I am glistening with a combination of our sweat. The air from the fan cools me. Our breathing is still heavy. You rub the hair out of my face. I just smile and close my eyes, listening to you breathe. The smell of sex fills the room. I fall asleep still tied to the bed. I feel you loosen the ties and close my legs and put my arms down.

You kiss me softly. “I am all yours baby girl”, I can’t open my eyes but I smile softly and whisper “and I’m all yours navy boy, but next time your the one who will be tied and taken