Loving My Daughter ( In Ways That I Never Thought Was Possible)

All characters are/were over 18 at the times of portrayal.


My wife Andy changed when our daughter became a teenager; I think she thought Janet had become a rival to her. Andy became so dark and spiteful. Things came to a head when Andy became violent with Janet when She was fifteen. Andy tried to strike at her daughter, but Janet youthful reflexes enabled her to push her mother away.

Unfortunately Andy was in the direction of a flight of stairs . . .

Andy survived, but from her hospital bed she set the police on Janet  was taken into custody and I first visited my daughter to comfort her, then to my lawyers and thirdly to the hospital to serve my wife with divorce papers, then back to Janet

I did what I could for Janet but I’m not a lawyer and I’m not rich; the court ended up sending her down for four years, to a young offenders’ institution. I visited regularly and she seemed to be doing okay there. At the very least she kept her head down, finished her schooling inside and got time off for good behaviour.

Janet release came just after her eighteenth birthday, which I was glad about; since any longer and she would have been sent on to a normal prison. We met in the release room, where she signed for her things and her parole.

She hugged me tight for what seemed like an hour; I felt the form of an adult woman pressing against me, where I had only been used to a child before. She was still shorter than me, but she had grown up.

Janet was quiet during the car ride home, except to ask where we were going; I explained I’d moved house, gotten a two-bedroom place for us since the divorce. When we arrived I showed her around and she remained quiet. It was only after I commented that her room was smaller than her old one that she whispered warmly that it was perfect and she hugged me again, pressing her face into my chest and she cried.

I let my daughter get it out; the mass of bottled up emotions she had been concentrating within her. Not letting go of me she sobbed as she told all of her fears, the possibility that I might abandon her, that she might go back to prison, that she had no future, that her mother might come back . . .

(Of course she wouldn’t know that her mother could never come back. A couple of years ago during the divorce she had shown up drunk and tried to attack me. I lost my temper and snapped her neck. I threw her body off of a bridge and with the alcohol in her blood the coroner concluded suicide. I kept all of it from Janet for her mental safety.)

I pulled Janet  off of me and looked her in the eyes. I said that I would be there for her, for as long as I lived, unconditionally. I told her I loved her more than any other person. Jess replied likewise and said she owed me everything.

That evening we had a takeaway and just watched TV together, enjoying each other’s company. I decided to turn in and Janet followed me up.


I was just falling asleep when I heard my bedroom door open. “Daddy, are you asleep?” (Janet had been calling me ‘Dad’ since she was ten, but on seeing me today she had gone back to ‘Daddy’.)

“Not quite, darling, is something the matter?” I asked in the dark.

“I don’t want to be on my own tonight.” She said nervously. “Daddy?”

“Okay.” I replied “It’s a bit of a shock being on your own again isn’t it, having a room to yourself again? Still you’re a grown woman now; just this once, darling.” I lifted up the covers on my bed and I heard her shuffle over until she found the bed in the blackness.

Janet climbed onto the bed and slid in between the sheets. Her hands and legs found my body and she pulled herself against me. “That’s nice.” She said softly as her head rested on my shoulder.

Something was amiss, I felt. Suddenly it came to me and my hand instinctively felt across, feeling only hot skin, not fabric. “Janet, are you wearing pyjamas?”

“Oh Daddy” she giggled. “I’m completely naked. Why don’t you take your ‘jammies off too?” I could feel her hands now feeling over my chest. This wasn’t the touch of a child, it was the touch of an adult; a lover?

“Janet; what are you doing?!” I said with a sense of urgency at the boundary my eighteen year old daughter seemed to be intent on bending, if not outright crossing.

“This is the only way I can thank you, Daddy. I’m here to give you what a man needs.”

“No!” I cried out and reached for the bedside lamp. We both squinted as it suddenly illuminated the scene, I lifted myself to a sitting position. “You don’t need to thank me at all. And I’m your father, this is just wrong. This isn’t how we should be.”

Janet looked at me pleadingly. She was sitting up too, holding the duvet to cover her chest. “But Daddy, I want to. All the time I was inside, you were the one who gave me hope; you gave me the strength to keep going. All I could think about was you, alone out here. Now I’m out, we’re together. We’re both adults. I even kept my virginity inside, to save myself for you.”

“Look darling, I think you’ve got things mixed up; one thing that should be two. I’m your father; I’m here to protect and support you. There will be another man out there for you to find; someone your age with whom you can fall in love with and build a future together.”

“Daddy; but what about your future? I want us to be together.”

“I’ll support you until you find your Way, and I’ll always be here just in case.” I was looking at my daughter torn between the image before me of a naked nymph in my bed, and the person that was my child. I was tempted certainly but I had to think of her actual needs first. “I can’t be your lover too, I’m your father.”

“I don’t care. You’re the only man in my life; I want to give you everything. I’ve had almost three years to think about this and my mind is made up.” Janet said, deliberately dropping the duvet to show off her pert breasts.

One of her legs was wrapped around mine. My cock was erect from the stimulation of her touch and view. She pulled away the duvet and took hold of my cock through my pyjamas.

I reached out and grasped her wrist. “No!” I said firmly.

“Trust me.” Janet replied.

I can’t explain it; my grip slackened and I let go of her wrist. She opened my pyjama Fly and pulled my cock out. I don’t know why I let her, but I felt I couldn’t move, like I was only a spectator as she crossed the line into incest.

“It’s so beautiful, Daddy; your cock is gorgeous.” Janet said, in quiet awe. “It’s better than I imagined, so much.”

I watched as her dainty hands grasped it while her body re-oriented. She stroked my cock a couple of times, which felt amazing, and then she plunged her mouth onto it, taking my eight inches deep into her throat.

Despite my pseudo-paralysis I was trying to stop her, but the moment I felt the tightness of her throat around my cockhead; I gave up and accepted it. Partially because my mind was now flooded with both hormones and a single question; where the fuck did she learn to do that????!

Janet must have read my mind as she came up for air “I did it Daddy! I practiced on Kealy’s dildo for months, to be able to deepthroat you! But a lump of silicon isn’t a cock; I didn’t know for sure until now! Woo!”

And to prove it wasn’t a fluke, she did it again; sinking her head down over my cock until I felt it bending with the shape of her throat as her lips kissed my crotch around the base of my cock.

She came up again and looked frustratedly at my cock. “Daddy, I so want to make you cum and swallow your cream, but I’m going to have to do that another time.” My teenage daughter turned to look at me. “Daddy? Can you take my virginity now please?”

I took a deep breath; this was all happening so fast. “Honey, are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want to hurt you. We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“I’m an adult now. I know exactly what I want. It’s not something normal, but I don’t care.” Janet said indignantly.

“I’ve been an adult for a lot longer; I wish I always knew exactly what I wanted.” I replied honestly.

“You haven’t been stuck inside with nothing to do but think about it, Daddy! I need you to take me, take my virginity and claim me as your lover.” Janet raised herself onto her knees and took my hands, pulling me up too.

I watched as she laid down on her back, her gorgeous flawless naked teenage body on display for me.

I knew I couldn’t deny either of us this so I climbed over her, my rock hard cock rubbing her belly as I placed my legs between hers. I moved down the bed, kissing her all the way down and sucking her nipples in turn.

“Just fuck me, Daddy!” She cried as I lavished attention on her body.

“No darling. Not this first time; . . . losing your virginity . . . can’t be the result . . . of a quick fuck. First I’m going . . . to taste you” I said as I reached her shaven sex. I cupped my mouth onto her wet snatch and probed inward with my tongue. The taste was unbelievable; I had found the ultimate flavour.

“Oh God! Daddy!!” Janet gasped as I licked her out “Yes, yes, lick my Pussy ,Daddy! It’s yours; all yours!”

Her hands pressed my head against her. A part of my mind was still incredulous; this was my little girl I was eating out; and yet now I was doing it, it didn’t feel wrong. We had simply found the ultimate way to express our love. I was eager now to take her; but this was my girl’s first time, so I took my time eating her out. Janet was already nice and wet but I was also enjoying her sweet virgin nectar.

It was also a massive turn on to know I was not the first person to eat her; how many lovers had she had on the inside? One thing was certain; they would have all been hot teenage girls just like her . . .

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddeeee!” She cried “I’m cumming!”

As she screamed out, her nectar flooded out. My little girl was obviously a squirter, very sexy. I drank it down and continued tonguing her pussy and rubbing her clit with my nose. The pressure from her hips was massive as her body clenched in her climax, my hands kept my head from being crushed.

As she descended from her orgasmic high I stopped licking and brought my head up. “Now you’re ready.” I declared.

“Yes, Daddy. Please fuck me. My body belongs to you now.”

“I love you Baby.” I said as I climbed over her. Any lingering doubts about the incestuous act I was about to commit had long faded. My daughter was now a grown woman; she had adult needs now.

“Daddy, please fuck me” Janet repeated “I know it’ll hurt but I have to have you inside me, so much!”

She is so beautiful beneath me. Her body is perfect and screams to be fucked. My cock is harder than I’ve ever known it, almost painfully engorged ready to serve my daughter. I guide it to her petal-like lips and slide it into her 

“Slowly please Daddy!” She cautions breathlessly, experiencing her pussy filling up for the first time.

“Trust me honey.” I replied, already going as slowly as I dared. She was very tight but so hot and wet; I was resisting plunging in, but only just; the last thing I wanted was to hurt her. I realised this was the thing about incest; we already had such a deep love and caring bond with each other that sex was simply a step further.

“I can feel you; you’re on my hymen. I’m ready Daddy; break through!” Janet said gasping as her vagina gripped the tip of my cock. “I need you in deep!”

I could feel it too. “How do you want it honey? Fast or slow?”

“Slow please Daddy, make me a woman now please!”

I added force and could feel it stretching.

“It hurts Daddy! It’s so painful.” My daughter cried out.

“Stop?” I asked, worried.

“No! Just fucking do it!” Janet screamed through the pain.

I pulled back a bit, and then plunged deep into my daughter, bottoming out inside; my balls slapping on her arsehole outside.

Janet eyes went wide “Fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed.

I held still, not wanting to hurt her any more.

After a few seconds, Janet looked up directly at me, grimacing. “Daddy, it still hurts but I think I’m ready now to get fucked.”

“Not fucked, darling. Loved.” I corrected her as I slowly pistoned in and out of her tight pussy. “I’m making love to you, my angel.” And I kissed her.

Janet responded to the kiss and our tongues soon met, sloshing together as we kissed passionately as we coupled. The kiss was broken as she orgasmed, gasping for breath as her body fluttered beneath me.

I slackened my effort as I waited for her to finish, my cock gently sliding in and out of her tight hot wet spasming quim. I want to make it last but my daughter was too tight a fit. I pulled out and let Her recover.

After a minute her eyes opened “Why did you stop Daddy?”

I kissed her again, still holding my body over hers. “I’d have cum, darling, and you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it.”

Janet looked down At her body at my still erect cock. “You’re all . . . bloody.”

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you shove something through a tissue membrane. Take a good look angel; that was the only time I want to see you bleed. Are you ready to keep going?”

“Can I be on top, Daddy? Oooh!” She asked and squealed as I responded, dropping my body onto hers, wrapping my arms around her; and rolling us on the bed.

“How’s that?” I asked, now lying on my back with her on top of me.

“Fun!” Janet replied as I released her from our embrace and she rose up over me. “I can’t believe I’m doing this! Again!” she said as she manoeuvred her hips over me, aligning her pussy over my cock.

I just laid there and let her handle me into docking angle. I was watching the look of concentration on her face.

She sighed as she lowered herself, embedding my bloody cock back inside her. “Ahhh, that’s better. That’s where your cock belongs, Daddy; in my Pussy. I was made to fit it.”
“It certainly is a tight fit darling.” I observed.

“Exactly!” She said, starting to bounce on me.

The delay had relaxed me and so we were fucking for a while. I loved watching her pert breasts bouncing and I held her hips with my hands, giving her a little help and steadiness.

“This is it Daddy, this is what I dreamed of when I was inside, I was riding my Daddy’s big cock; he was filling me up and fucking me!”

“I’m nearly there darling. Tell me who you belong to?” I asked.

“I belong to you Daddy; I’m Daddy’s little bisexual fucking slut!”

“So  fucking right!” I agreed and used my hands to ram her down upon me, my cock deep inside my daughter’s vagina as my orgasm hit and I fired up into her.

“You’re cumming Daddy! Aaah! I feel it hitting my insides!” Janet cried out “I’m cumming too Daddy! You’re too fucking gooooooooooood!”

I pulled her upper body down and held her body against mine as the last of my cum deposited inside my daughter. Her nipples were like bullets, indenting into my chest.

Janet raised her head once her orgasm finished and looked at me.

I broke the silence that had followed our orgasms. “I love you darling.”

“Love you too.” Replied Janet and we lightly kissed. “I meant what I said, Daddy; I belong to you now.”

“At least until we find you a nice boy your own age, darling. I can give you what you need for the now, but you need someone for your future.”

“The future can wait Daddy. I’ve got you back and I’m happy with now.” Janet said and slipped herself off me and laid her body beside mine, with her head on my chest. “Now is everything I need.”

I put one arm around her and the other pulled a sheet over us. We talked, basking in the afterglow of sex and feeling completely close to each other.

“What made you start thinking about us, sexually?” I asked, curious.

“Well, girls talk a lot. I learned so much in that place. A good number of the girls had been abused by their families; I mean sexually; some actually enjoyed it, most didn’t. One thing got me thinking; how could a father rape his own daughter? It seemed so evil at first. I thought of us in that situation; if you had forced yourself on me . . .”

“I would never do that!” I interjected.

“Oh Daddy, I know. But it turned me on; the idea of you taking me for your own pleasure. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. But I knew you wouldn’t do it, because you love me; I had to give myself to you first.” Janet explained. “I realised it was what was missing from both our lives and it would make you happy, and me too. Look Daddy, I really don’t want this to be a one-time thing.”

I stared at her. “Honey, what we’ve done is wrong and probably illegal too. But damn society, I’ve never felt closer to you. As long as you want to make love, well; I want to too.” I pulled her to me and we kissed again. “Besides, I own you now.” I added lightly.

“Yes, Daddy; I’m yours.” She replied seriously.

After a while, Janet lifted herself up and asked “Are you tired?”

“Not really, darling; you don’t have to go or anything.” I replied, looking up at her.

Janet played with my chest hair. “No, Daddy. First; I’m never leaving your bed. Second; I want to fuck again.”

“I wish I had your youthful energy, darling. I think I can manage another go. What do you want to do?” I loved her energy and realised I was going to be kept very fit; just from fucking my teenage daughter, or the exertion could kill me . . .

Janet looked at me with a mischievous glint in her eye “Would you like to fuck my arse, Daddy? I’m not a virgin back there, but I’m still nice and tight.”

“Who on Earth have you been having anal sex with?” I asked incredulously.

Janet smiled “Oh Daddy, don’t worry; yours will be the first real cock in my arse. When I was inside we . . . well, all the girls, we . . . well, fucked like rabbits! Strap-ons, toys, fingers and licking each other! When you lock a load of horny teenage girls up together; that’s what happens. But I wanted to save my pussy for you, so when I got initiated I sacrificed my other cherry instead.” She giggled “Turns out I like anal, so it wasn’t too much of a bother. Where do you keep the lube?”

“Lube?” I said blankly. “Err, I haven’t got any.”

“Oh my poor Daddy; all this time you’ve had no-one to love you; no-one whose arse needed fucking regularly. Don’t worry, you can get me nice and slippery with your tongue and I’ll then do the same to you.”

I got up and had her lay on the centre of the bed. I pushed her legs up until her knees were at her ears, exposing both her holes. I had her hold her legs in place and I went for a damp wash cloth.

Returning, I washed the entrances to my daughter’s holes and then my cock.

I discarded the cloth and bent down to get personal with her vagina again. She writhed as I ate her out. “Daddy, my arse, fuck my arse” she moaned.

“Patience, angel.” I replied and continued to tongue her cunt for a short while. Then I moved down her perineum and latched onto her arsehole with my mouth. I made as much saliva as I could and spat it into her rosebud and licked around it, enjoying her anal flavour at the same time.

Then I moved up over her, aligning my cock with her mouth. “Give it a good wet suck darling” I instructed, lowering my erect cock into her mouth. It felt heavenly as my daughter blew me but I regretfully pulled out.

I moved back down until our faces were level. “Ready?” I asked.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” She replied and we kissed for a moment then I aligned my cock.

I pressed against her anus, while watching her face for expressions of pain.

“Put it inside!” She moaned softly.

I pressed forward and felt her anus slide around my cock.

“Go deep, Daddy! You’re filling me up!” she exhorted as I continued to slide in. My cock felt like it was being crushed, but I could feel it was Janet skilful use of her muscles rather than her arse being unaccustomed to penetration.

I bottomed out, my balls resting against her. Janet relaxed her legs, letting them press against my shoulders


Family Sercets

It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds He heard from his wife’s bedroom last night. He grinned to himself. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her own room, she could come to his room and have the big bed to play on. Missy was up next, she came in and hugged her dad, and kissed his chest. She felt his dick and smiled. She whispered: (“….daddy, I’m gonna get you tonight, I wanna be licked”…) Dad smiled and said back: (“you do?…well I think I have just the tongue to do that for you, little girl.”) She hugged him and squeezed his dick and said she was off to Jen’s house. Dad left to go golfing for the day. Josh finally woke up and smiled to himself about the thrill of last night. Fucking his mom was the best, hottest thing he’s ever done. God!…. she fucked awesome! Her pussy was like a glove around his dick. Her hands so warm on his butt cheeks, as she squirmed and pulled on them to bring him in tight to her deep pussy. He shook his head to snap himself out of it. He got dressed and went in and peeked at mom. She lay naked all sprawled out with a content smile on her face. He looked at her hot smooth body and just had to tip toe in and kiss her pussy. Mom smiled and put her hands on his head and moaned a long moan. She pulled him on top of her and squirmed, feeling his rising dick laying across her pussy. She whispered: (“where’s dad”) Josh said he’s gone golfing for the day, and …
Missy’s at Jen’s I think. Mom smiled and said: (“..let’s take a shower together…”) Josh was all for that, and they proceeded to the shower. Josh loved seeing his mom naked. He use to try and picture her naked when he was little, and now he could see the real thing. Mom smiled knowing his eyes were feasting her body. Mom grabbed a robe and Josh put his on. She came in his room just to watch him undress and put his robe on. She was already starting to get wet in her pussy. She led him by the hand and into the bathroom. She sat him down and he watched he slowly take the robe off, teasing him with a slow strip show. She stood him up and took his robe off and fondled his hard dick. In they went. The warm water was a turn on to both of them as they soaped each other up. She teased him a little. “Oh….can you reach my back Josh?… Josh, can you soap my legs in the very back…” Poor Josh has the jitters in his dick doing all this touching of his mom. She stood in front of him and smiled as she let the soap suds run down her tits and across her big bush. She soaped Josh up all over and then she pulled him into her wet soapy pussy, and started rubbing her pussy on his dick. Josh was a very happy 17yr old about now. Mom rubbed her whole body all over him….teasing him, just to watch his eyes feast on her wet soapy body. Mom was enjoy this as much at him. She had never done this with him ever, and it was turning her on more and more by the second. She rinsed them off and they got out to dry ..

A Girlfriend With Benefits

Hello My name is John and this is my story about my life with my girlfriend. I met Red at work and we knew each other for a long time working together. Everybody calls her red because of her beautiful semi-dark long red hair. We got along so well at work decided to start dating. We went out for dinner and a movie coming back to her place in the country. It was late so I thought her daughter would be fast asleep. We came quietly in the house and her daughter was sitting at the kitchen table on line on her computer. We said our hello’s and sat down on the couch facing the TV. The kitchen was on my right side with Jenny facing both of us on the far side of the table. Setting in the chair facing us she could talk to us and play on her computer too. It was late and the movie we were watching put Red to sleep leaning against me and laying her head on my shoulder sound asleep. Jenny talked softly to me as she did her thing on her laptop. She got up and said she was going to get her night clothes on and she would be back. Red loved her soft sweats as she was wearing a black pair that night with a matching tight red silk top I think she had to be poured in them they were so tight. Red has a pair of 38DD and she loves to go braless. With my arm around her shoulder so she could snuggle up to me and nap beside me, my hand was lying right on top of her left tit.

I could feel her nipple get hard and poke into the palm of my hand. I haven’t seen her naked yet so my mind begins to wander about how big her nipples could get. I thought about that area between her legs and if she was shaved or had a red patch of fur down there. Red had a body that other women would kill for. Jenny came back in the living room waring a short cotton pink nighty just barley covering her thighs and barefooted. She was a strawberry blond and had just turned 17. Looking at her walk back into the room I could tell she had a body like her mothers. With the living room lights still on, she crossed in front of me and turned off the one of the end table lamps. I turned off the other to darken the room a little so Red could nap. Jenny crossed back in front of me again and stopped to face me telling me she approved her mom dating me. The screen light from the TV was enough light to light the room but still dark enough for Red to sleep and shine right through Jenny’s gown. I couldn’t see through it but I could see her camel toe in a silhouette making my imagination run wild. She was blessed with a pair of 38DD as well. She turned around to turn the volume down on the TV and showed me another shadow through her gown of her ass flipping through the channels.

My cock started to get rock hard fast. Something I could not hide wearing tight sweats as well to match what Red was wearing on our date tonight. I didn’t care as I placed one foot on the coffee table and slightly opened my legs staring at her ass and wondering if she had panties on. My cock was getting hard staring at her ass as she turned around to look right at my cock. Her nipples were hard and sticking through the cloth of her gown. She looked right at my cock and then at me and went over to the kitchen table and sat down in front of her computer. I pretended to watch TV while she was on line and my mind was racing a thousand miles a minute. My cock was hard as steel now pressing against my sweats trying to stand up. I had a glass of tea setting on the end table beside me and I turned slightly to get it and looked at Jenny setting at the table to see if she was looking at me. She was staring at her screen not daring to look at me. My eyes quickly moved down and seen she had parted her legs a little to show me she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She was shaved bald and her clit was sticking through her pussy lips poking out. I quickly looked away back at the TV. I pretended to have an itch and reached forward to rub my hard-throbbing cock to straighten it in my paints. I reached again for my tea and looked right between her legs and she had spread her legs wider and was typing away like she had forgot she was wearing a gown. Her pussy looked wet with her lips swollen and red with her clit bigger now poking out and pointing at me. She reached down and rubbed her slit and put one finger between the lips and ribbed the itch away too and took her hand back away to type. Red stirred a little pushing her tit into my hand letting me feel her hard nipple poke into my palm. I squeezed her tit making her softly moan. In her sleep, she reached over and started to rub my cock with her hand and fingers. I looked back over at Jenny to see her legs spread wide leaning back in her chair and her slowly rubbing her clit working her way down to her wet hole sliding in two fingers to the second knuckles.

She looked dead at me and slowly ran her tongue across her lips. Putting her legs up on the table she spread her legs wider now and took the handle of her hair brush she had on the table and slowly pushed it in and started fucking herself nice and slow. Red without opening her eyes asked me, “Do want fuck I’m so fucking horny for your cock. “Let’s go before you make me cum in my paints”, I replied. “You better not, you’re going to shoot that load deep in my wet pussy or mouth whichever comes first”, and she set up and looked at Jenny still working on her pussy with her hair brush and her head lying back and her mouth open in sheer pleasure. “You think you can stop long enough to come over here to mom and suck his cock”? “I thought you would never ask”, said Jenny getting up and taking her gown off and coming over to the couch naked.

Red stood up and pulled off her top and slid her paints down to revile her pussy with a butterfly trimmed into her red bush. Her pussy was very wet and red. I took off my shirt and Jenny got down on her knees and pulled off my paints with my cock springing out in to the air. “Oh god mom look at his cock”! “Yes, you must wait”, said Red staring at my hard dick standing up. She got on her knees too and took it in her hand and started licking up and down the shaft running her tongue around the head and then taking it in her mouth and slowly sliding her soft lips down over my cock all the way to the base of my cum filled balls. I threw my head back in pure heated pleasure. “Oh god suck my cock”, I moaned. “Jenny honey get up here on the couch and put your pussy in my face please”. Jenny stood up on the couch and lowered her wet dripping pussy onto my mouth and started rocking back and forth on my tongue and lips. I took ahold of her tight ass in my hands and pulled her tighter against my mouth.

I licked the tip of her clit and took ahold of it with my lips and sucked it in my mouth real hard as she threw her head back in wanton pleasure. I slowly fucked her with two fingers as I ate her clit and her wet cream started to flow down onto my hand. I took my fingers out and shoved my tongue in her wet hole very deep, trying to suck her load out into my mouth. Jenny started screaming, “I’m cumin, I’m cummmming now”! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa she screamed and she started bucking against my mouth as she started squirting cum into my mouth. “God she is a squirter”, I thought to myself. I grabbed both handfuls of her soft ass and sucked her harder. Being the first time I tasted teenage cum, as she squirted hard into my mouth, it tasted good. Jenny fell over onto the couch and layed there on her back with her legs spread wide exposing her drenched cunt. I was fucking Red’s mouth feeling my cock swell when she stopped and stood up. “Fuck me now” and she got between Jenny’s legs and started licking her wet crack as she put her ass up in the air and buried her mouth in Jenny’s wet pussy.

I stood up and took the head of my cock and slowly slid the head into her wet hole. I pushed it in a little more and slid it to the hilt deep in her dripping pussy with one thrust. She didn’t want a slow fuck and started to fuck me hard slamming against my balls and sliding back and forth on my hard shaft burying my cock deep and slamming against me again and again. Jenny wrapped her long legs around her mother’s head and humped her mouth hard. “Oh god mom eat my pussy”, said Jenny as she arched her back and threw her head back in pleasure. I grabbed ahold of Red’s hips and slammed into her with each thrust. My cock was so hard and her pussy was so wet I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure of hard core fucking. With my eyes closed I could feel the walls of her tight cunt gripping my cock as I slid in and out of her wetness.

It was like her cunt was sucking my cock trying to suck my hot load out and suck me dry of hot cum. As I fucked her hard I watched Red lick Jenny’s crack and dip her tongue deep into her wet pussy as Jenny grabbed the back of her mother’s head and thrust forward feeling her tongue enter her deeper and lick her out. I slammed into her one last time and felt my cock throb and swell up. The head of my cock swelled to the point I thought it was going to hurt and I then felt it rushing up and out of my cock like a jet stream. “I’m cummmming”, I’m cummmming now”, I said as I felt the flow of hot cum rushing out, blowing deep into her hot wet cunt. My cock throbbed with each squirt shooting in her. She must have felt me swell up before I came because she slammed her ass against me as I blew it deep into her. I held on to her hips and buried my hot throbbing dick deep in her and held her there tight as I throbbed and throbbed inside her wet cunt.

She moaned over and over real loud as she sucked and licked Jenny’s hot wet pussy and feeling her pussy being fucked like it hasn’t been fucked like that in a long time. I could feel her shake as she felt me shoot my load making me shake lost in pleasure as well. She must have cum too as the juices flowed out running down my tight balls and onto the floor. “Let’s take this party into the bedroom, I’m not finished yet”, said Red lifting her face out of Jenny’s very wet pussy. “It feels so good I don’t want to take my cock out yet”. “You’re in trouble tonight so you better be ready for some more hot pussy fucking”, said Red and we all laughed. We went into her bedroom with Red grabbing ahold of my still hard cock pulling me along to a large king size bed. All the lights were out and candles were lite around the room. This was a setup by Red and her daughter to bring me here and fuck me silly. Mirrors lined every wall so you could see every angel of fucking and sucking on the big bed.

“Who am I to complain”? Jenny got in the bed and layed down on her back in the middle spreading her legs wide. “Mom set on my face so I suck his loads out of your pussy”. “I knew you would want to do that”, said Red and smiled at the thought. “John I want you to fuck Jenny’s pussy like you did mine and slam it into her good”. “Make her scream”. I got between her legs and took my cock in hand. If I do say so myself, I have a nice 9 inches, very thick and very hard looking at her wet pussy waiting for my cock. I started rubbing my swollen cockhead up and down between her red pussy lips and rubbing it around in circles on her hard clit. Jenny started moaning and rubbing her pussy back across the tip of my cock. I moved down to poke the head at the opening of her wet hole, pushing it in and out. Each time I slid the head in her hole, her pussy muscles grabbed at the head trying to suck it in deeper.

Red was on her knees sucking and licking her hard nipples moving down to her swollen clit. I pushed in another inch and felt her pussy squeeze it tight. Pulling it back out, it made a popping sound as I put it back in again over and over. Red was licking her clit and sucking it faster and faster. Jenny started moaning real loud and grabbed my ass to pull me deep in her. “Your mean, shove that cock in her and fuck her hard”, said Red. I spread her legs wide and shoved my cock in her hard all the way to the hilt slapping my balls against her ass. Red got up and squatted over Jenny’s face and lowered her wet pussy to her mouth. The race was on. Red started riding her tongue feeling it go up and inside of her wet cunt. I passed Jenny’s legs to Red and she held her legs up in the air as I slammed into her hot wet pussy. We all got real loud as I heard and felt my hot balls slap against her ass making a loud slapping sound as I plunged in and out of her. She screamed through her mother’s cunt sucking and licking even harder and faster.

Jenny had her ass in her hands; pulling her tight against her mouth and tongue. Red screamed madly humping her daughter’s mouth and tongue. “Oh god her pussy is so tight and wet”, I shouted as I kept slamming into her hard and fast. “Mom your pussy taste so good with his load in it”, shouted Jenny. “Lick and suck my pussy harder”, screamed Red as she leaned over to kiss me fully on the mouth. Our tongues did their own little dance as she started sucking my tongue into her mouth. I could taste pussy juice on her tongue and in her mouth making my cock want to explode. The bed was soaked with the juices of Jenny as she fucks me back hard and fast. We all fucked it seemed like for the next hour as I felt it coming hard and fast. “Jenny I’m getting ready to cum”, I shouted. “Blow it in me like you did mom”, “Shoot that fucking load now I’m cummmming toooo”, screamed Jenny bucking against my swollen dick. “I felt it coming again like a bullet swelling my cock all the way to the head.

“I need your dick buried in my ass later”, screamed Jenny as he started to cum. Squirting wet sounds came out of her pussy as she came over and over lasting five minutes. “I’m cummmming, I’m cummmming hard”, screamed Jenny over and over as her cum poured out of her wet cunt and down her ass soaking the bed even more. My cock exploded shooting thick gobs of cum deep into her pussy. “I feel you shooting, I feel you shooting”. “Oh, god it’s warming my pussy it’s so hot. “I love cum”, shouted Red as she started cummmming in Jenny’s mouth screaming and humping her mouth and tongue. Red fell onto the bed and I kept fucking Jenny lying down on top of her. I could feel her hard nipples poke into my chest as she wrapped her long legs around my ass and pulled me deeper. We started to fuck hard and fast again starting over as Red layed beside us resting. I wish I could have seen behind me.

I could imagine watching my cock sliding in and out of her pussy deep and fast. I could see my shaft hard and thick stretching her wet hole open and with her cum coating my shaft with white dripping cum as she fucked me hard using her cunt as a weapon fucking my cock. She wrapped her legs around me tight and started talking dirty to me. “That’s it, fuck my hot cunt”. “Work that dick in and out of my wet cunt baby”. “That’s it, fuck me harder, screamed Jenny. “Fuck that hot cunt”, she screamed. “I can’t get enough of your hot thick dick”. “Fuck me”. “Fuck me hard”. Our bodies were wet with sweat fucking hard and fast. I had my hands locked on to her shoulders pulling her against my body as I drove my dick in deep. “You like that”? “I’m driving my cock in deep you little hot cunt”. “Yes fuck my hot cunt”. “Show me what your cock is for”. “My cock is for fucking hot pussy like your”. “Hot teen pussy needs fucked like this with a hard dick like mine”.

I buried it to the hilt and stopped when I felt Red spread open my ass cheeks and started tonguing and reaming my ass. “Oh, god Jenny your cunt is so hot and wet the deeper I go”. “I can feel your dick buried deep in me”. “Lick his ass mom”. Red licked the whole crack of my ass stabbing my asshole with her tongue. “Oh, god Red lick me”. She took the flat of her tongue and licked my asshole and licked down to my balls and sucked them in her mouth one at a time. “I can feel your cock throb inside of me as she sucks your balls”, said Jenny mashing her clit against the top of my mound and cock. She moved on down to lick the rim of Jenny’s cunt and around my shaft. I took Jenny’s legs and locked them with my arms holding her ass higher as Red licked my shaft slowly sliding out of her pussy and licking Jenny’s cum off my shaft. I pulled it out stopping at the head just inside her hole and stopped. Red licked and sucked the underside of my cockhead and I thought I was going to cum right then.

She pulled my cock out of her hole and sucked the head in her mouth and licked the tip. “Oh, god I’m cummmming”, I said with Jenny’s legs still locked open by my arms lying on top of her. Jenny started French kissing me driving her tongue deep into my mouth. I started moaning into her mouth as I felt myself shoot from Red suck and lick job she was preforming. Jenny’s hole was still wide open from my fucking as Red held my cock and aimed the head at the opening. I shot four good squirts into her open hole as my cock throbbed in her hand. Red then licked the tip of my cock licking up the last drop of cum off the tip. I came so hard I was shaking. I rolled off jenny to lay beside her. “You milked him good mom”. “I felt his cum shoot inside of me”. “I know and you know what’s next”, said red coming up to Jenny and lying down beside her. “I sure do”, said Jenny taking her mom into her arms and their lips locking onto each other’s soft lips.

Their tongues did a dance as they moaned in each other’s kissing. I layed there and rested watching a fuck session right in front of me. Jenny threw her leg up and over reds leg and smashed her clit against her mom’s clit rubbing hard clit to clit. Red got on top setting up and took one of Jenny’s legs up and over her shoulder pressing her hot wet cunt into her and grinded hard. “Oh, god that feels so good, grind into my wet pussy mom”, said Jenny grinding back hard. You could hear their pussy’s wetness as they pick up the pace. They were slapping their hard clits together and the wetness pouring out making gushing sounds of cum pussy to pussy. Mom your cunt feels so good”. “You like that baby”? “Yes fuck me hard with your hot cunt”. “I love sucking your hot pussy”, said Jenny. I love sucking your hot pussy too”. I’m going to cum already”, screamed Jenny and thrust into her mom’s hot cunt. Me toooo, fuck my hot cunt”, said Red. I’m cummmming now as Jenny squirted in her mom’s hot cunt.

“Oh god Jenny I’m cummmming too”, as Red squirted in Jenny’s pussy as well. Red layed back on the bed and Jenny got on top and lowered her wet pussy on Red’s face. She buried her own face in her mom’s hot pussy and started to lick and suck each other furiously. “Oh god suck my cunt”, cried out Jenny. The bed was moving as they humped each other’s mouths. Moaning and screaming they licked and sucked and moaned and screamed into each other’s cunt cummmming over and over. I got on top between Jenny’s legs and spread her ass cheeks and started to lick and ream her asshole with my tongue getting her ass nice and wet. I was ready and put the head of my cock against the opening of her ass and pushed in a little. Jenny raised her head and said, “push it in slowly”. I slowly pushed the head in and her ass was just as tight as her pussy. I pushed in a little more until I buried my cock in her ass. I rolled over pulling Jenny on top of me fucking her spreading her legs wide.

Red went and put on a strap-on cock and got between her open legs and shoved the cock deep into her wet pussy. I could feel the cock rub against mine through the fleshy wall of her pussy and ass. We fucked Jenny as her eyes rolled up into her head screaming with pleasure. “Oh, god don’t stop fucking me please” screamed Jenny. We turned her over on her side and fucked her holes on her side until we fell asleep. The next day Red and Jenny insisted on me moving in with them to service their needs as well as mine. I’ve been here a month now and every day is paradise. Then my daughter came to stay with us but that’s a story for another day. If you like this story please request more and I will tell you the rest of, my life with Red, Jenny, and my daughter Kim.

Family Affair

I was 29 and dating this girl named camy who was 19. i am a good looking guy with a nice size thick cock at 7×5
She was a hot girl with an amazing body with the nicest set of tits i have ever played with and they were real.
she was tall at 5’10” and had a bald tight pussy and ass
she lived with her mom and dad still and her divorced sister lived there
as well. her mom (barb) wasnt bad looking for an older 45 year old woman with a nice body still and it was clear where camy
got her body from and her sister (mary) was built the same as camy but a little taller at probably6′ like their dad.
one day i am over at her house and no one was home and we were in the living room watching tv when one thing led to
another and we started fooling around. she sucked my cock for a solid half hour always looking up at me while she did
and it was all i could do not to blow my load but i held out. i ate her for about 20 minutes and she said fuck me now so i got
on the floor in front of couch and she laid back and we started fucking. we had been going at it for about 20 minutes when
her sister mary came home and i was starting to scatter about and camy said dont stop and keep fucking me. who was i
to stop after her pleading so i continued to fuck her and she was saying harder harder when her sister came in living room
mary saw what we were doing , smiled and walked upstairs and never came back down. we finished fucking and i asked
camy if she got off on her sister seeing us fuck and she was ready to fuck again. i said i have to go and maybe tomorrow
we can get caught again. nothing happened for a few days and we are in her living room again and she is blowing my dick
again and her mom comes home, i wait a second to see if she will stop but she keeps licking and sucking me and the
her mom barb walks in, says camy fuck why do you always have to be seen go to your room and do that. i am embarassed but
notice bar checking out my cock and smile at me. we go to her room and she jumps on me and fucks my lights out and is very
loud about it in the process. she really got off on being seen in the act. a few days later when i came over she was talking to her
mom and they were planning a trip to florida and was trying to figure out who they could get to drive them because their
dad had to work and couldnt go. i suggested i could take time off work and could drive and had a van with plenty of room.
so the trip was planned where i was to drive Camy, her sister mary, and mom barb to floriday in two weeks and stay at a
friends of barbs for a week of relaxing, sunning and beer. lots and lots of beer. about a week after making the plans me and
camy got in a huge fight over a guy and her i caught making out behind her house and we split up. i came by a couple days
later to get some stuff i left at her house and barb was home and said hey you are still going to drive us to florida aren’t you
and i said i dont think camy would be happy about that and her mom said she could stay home if she didn;t want to go. so
i said i would still drive to florida and her mom said it will be fun i promise and gave me a big hug and a nice kiss on the lips
i was floored but turned on to what may happen on this trip.
i pilled up on a saturday morning at the end of the week and they all started loadeing their bags in the van. camy never spoke
a word and you could tell she was not happy to be going with me involved but she wasnt going to miss florida either. so
once packed we started out to florida from ohio and hit the highway. about two hours on the road and they all needed to stop
and use the bathroom so i pulled into a rest area and they went about their business as i did too. i was first back to van and
then mary was next and asked if i would watch out for anyone coming so she could change out of her jeans into shorts and i
said sure. i turned my back to her and could tell she was changing by the movement of the van and she said ok thanks and
i turned around just as she was pulling her shorts up over her naked ass and she just winked at me and smiled. by then the
other two camy and barb were back and we hit the highway again. we had driven all day and finally arrived and after we met the
couple whose house we were staying at and lori and steve welcomed us, showed us the outside bar and the pool and said make
yourselves at home. i showered in the guest bedroom and put on some trunks and met everyone out by the pool. i was
suprised to say the least when i walk up and lori, barb and mary are all in skimpy thong bikinis. i didnt say anything and after
grabbing a beer got in the pool. after a few hours of relaxing in the pool and about 10 beers later i was starving and asked
where the best fast food joint were. lori said she ordered pizzas and they should be there anytime but if i couldnt wait i could
eat her. i must of had a funny look on my face because her husband was sitting right there and with everyone laughing he
said she does that to everyone. so i ate some pizza and drank a few more beers and steve and lori said enjoy they were
going to bed and i watched as steve followed her playing with her ass along the way. mary said she was going to bed also
and her and camy went inside leaving me in pool with barb floating around on a raft. a few minutes went by and i said i am
getting a beer and another slice of pizza when barb said would you like desert instead and when i looked she had her thong
pulled to the side and her bald pussy was there for anyone to see. she stated she needed a beer and why dont i bring her one
i took her a beer and handed it to her and looked over and her pussy was still naked and right there so i got bold and stated
i would love some desert and if she didnt mind this looks like a nice desert and i slid a finger along her bald pussy and she
moaned and put her hand on mine and said dont play with your food, just eat it. so i start licking her pussy and she just keeps
moaning and finally says she is going to cum and squirts lots and lots of liquid cum all over my face. i have made camy
squirt just the same but not in this quantity. i kept licking until she pulled me to her face and licked and kissed my whole
face trying to taste her own cum off of me and says my god i havnt squirted like that in a while. i said it was a good desert
and she says can i have some desert and pulled me to the steps of the pool and starts sucking and licking my cock just
like her daughter with her eyes always on mine. she bobbed for all she was worth trying to get me to cum, but i wanted
to fuck her so i pulled her to me and she climbed on top and sank all the way to my balls and moaned again very loud.
she said i was touching her in places her 5″ husband couldnt and she was squirting again. she squirted so much she had
to be dehydrated. after she was done cummimg she went back so sucking my cock and cleaning her squirt from me and
finally got me to blow in her mouth, showed it to me all swirling around her tongue and swallowed. grabbed me , kissed me
shoving her tongue in my mouth and said she had wanted to do that ever since she saw camy sucking me in her living room
we called it a night and she said she would have some more of that before the week was out and i said ok. the next morning
after breakfast everyone wanted to go to the beach and i said i was going to hang out by the pool and would catch up with
them later. so everyone left except mary and me. i was in the pool and drinking a beer and was watching mary in her thong
through my sunglasses and she kept looking my direction to see if i was looking but with the sunglasses on she couldnt
tell. finall she just walk right up and said i watched you with my mom last night and i about shit my self. i said what do you
mean and she said i saw you eat her on the raft, and her blow you cock and then ride you and then swallow you. i came
back outside last night to ask mom something and i watched you guys and masturbated to it while you did it and now i want
my turn. i said mary i dont know what to say and she covered my mouth with hers and we had a nice hot kiss that lasted
a few minutes and she said i have wanted you ever since i walked in on you and camy fucking and now i saw you and mom
and i want my turn and with that she started pulling my trunks off and started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow
the only thing different was she didnt look at me like camy and barb but her sucking was deeper, wetter, and softer and i blew
my cum in her mouth and she said lets go inside. so we dried off and went inside and she got naked and said my turn, so
i started licking her and she imediatly started squirting in my mouth and was moaning and said i need you to fuck me now
so i rollerd her over and shoved my cock in her and started fucking her from behind. we had a real good rythem going
and i heard camy and her mom come in and started to stop and mary said dont you dare stop just keep fucking me
so i thought why not and kept slamming into her from behind and camy comes storming in and says i cant believe you mary
you know how i feel about him you slut and storms back out of the room and mary is saying dont stop fuck me harder
when barb walks over grabs me and starts kissing me and says camy will be alright she should have not cheated on you
and leaves just as i am cumming deep in marys pussy. after me and mary come down from fucking i said i cant believe
this is happening and mary leans over and says you are mine now if you’ll have me and starts rubbing me again and says
you have to get hard so you can fuck my ass while i am on my back and watch me squirt on your chest. something she says
she taught herself while masturbating. i said i am a little tired right now but i will have you and will definately fuck that ass later
she says ok and runs into the shower. i drifted off to sleep and when i woke up they were all out by the pool so i showered
and went out to party with the rest. i was greeted by mary and she yanks my trunks down in front of everyone including steve
i am standing there with my trunks around my ankles and mary says we are now boyfriend and girlfriend and that my cock
is hers and that i cant mess around with mary or camy unless she is asked first and only if she gets to watch. i said dont i
have any say and all three say no at same time and start laughing. mary stops laughing and says but lover i have been asked
by lori if she can have some of your cock and steve here wants to watch with us if your game, so i said who am i to argue
and was led over to lori by my cock and instructed to eat her pussy. i laid down and lori squatted over me face and i began to
eat her when i noticed someone was stroking and rubbing my cock except it was four hands not two

Ski Trip

I boarded the shuttle bus to Tahoe’s ski slopes at Reno’s International Airport. After I found a seat I sent a text to my wife, letting her know I had arrived. The shuttle quickly filled and we soon departed. At last, I was on the way to meet my stepsister, Yvonne. An amplified feeling of anticipation filled my chest. Despite the fact we were both married, every year my stepsister and I traveled to Tahoe without our spouses to reconnect with each other. Neither of our spouses had ever complained about the annual get together, but then they were unaware that the affection my stepsister and I showed each other was physical.

Yvonne’s father married my mother about the time I started junior high. It was the second marriage for both of them. Yvonne was two years older than I was and lived most of the year with her mother. But, she spent summers with us and she spent those summers lying by the swimming pool in a tiny bikini, driving me nuts with lust. It seemed I spent my entire adolescence with a hard-on because of Yvonne. She teased me relentlessly with sexual innuendos and risqué double entendres. Her overt sexuality intimidated me. And, even at my young age I understood the taboo nature of my desires.

Once in the mountains the greenery of ponderosa pines contrasted with the clean whiteness of the snow. The winter scenery had my mind wandering back to the first time my stepsister and I had made a ski trip to Tahoe. It was back when we were attending the same college. My fraternity and her sorority had partnered to sponsor a trip to a ski lodge during a long winter weekend. Days spent skiing and snowboarding on the slopes were followed by nights of drunken reverie at the lodge.

The last night of the trip, I was tired and sore. I had struck out with the babes all weekend, so I decided to head down to the hot tub and soak instead of partying. The hot tub was outside on the snow covered deck. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my bikini clad stepsister already in the hot tub. My cock immediately grew hard.

Yvonne was wearing a wool knit cap and a pink bikini. She was just stepping out of the hot tub. Steam shimmered from her body in the cold air. Her nipples were rigid beneath the wet bikini top. The wet bikini bottoms clung seductively to her labia, creating a well-defined came-toe that left little doubt about the pleasurable delights hidden just beneath the tiny strip of cloth. She grinned at me after catching sight of my cock tenting my swimming trunks. Her expression was mischievous as she giggled, “What’s up little bro?”

“Nothing,” I muttered red faced, slipping into the hot tub as quick as I could. I sat down to hide my erection.

She teased, “Looks like something’s up.”

My blush grew more flushed. Trying to change the subject, I stammered, “I didn’t think you wanted any one to know we were related.”

“Why would you think that?” she asked with a frown.

“Because you’re embarrassed by me.”

“I’m not embarrassed by you,” she said, sinking back down into the water. She glided next to me. Her large breast bumped my arm, taking my breath away and causing my cock to throb. She giggled at my reaction then lustily said, “I think I might embarrass you.”

“You don’t embarrass me at all.”

Shaking her head, Yvonne said with conviction, “You’re embarrassed because you’ve wanted to have sex with me for a long time now and you’re afraid to make your move.”

“I, uh,” I stuttered. My eyes dropped to the frothing water of the hot tub.

Hooking her finger under my chin, Yvonne pulled my face up until I was looking into big brown eyes. Under water, her hand grasped my cock. She boldly gave it a squeeze and said, “You don’t have to be afraid. A girl likes to be desired.”

She hesitantly brushed her lips to mine. Then pulled back and looked into my eyes, gauging my reaction. A pleased smile painted her lips and she brought her lips once again to mine. This time she kissed me with fierce enthusiasm. Feverishly, she forced my lips to part and thrust her tongue into my mouth, our tongues wrestled with lustful intent. The kiss grew more passionate like the soldering heat that joins metal.

Breaking our kiss, I pushed Yvonne to arm’s length and wheezed, “We can’t be doing this?”

“Why not?” she asked.

“We’re related.”

“Not by blood.”

“It’s taboo.”

“That only adds to the excitement,” she stated boldly. Reaching behind her neck, she untied the top string of her bikini. She yanked the second tie from behind her back and then pulled the bikini top from her heaving breasts. Her pink nipples were hard and beckoned me to give them more intimate attention. She was a thing of exquisite beauty.

My eyes widened with lust. I tried to temper it by saying, “You know someone might catch us.”

“Yes, I know, that makes it more exhilarating,” she replied before kissing me again.

I returned my stepsister’s kiss with a passion I had never felt before in my life. Cupping one of her breasts, I squeezed it gently. Tenderly, I pinched her nipple and she squealed with delight. Breaking the kiss, I sucked her nipple into my mouth.

“Feels good,” moaned Yvonne.

My face arose from her breasts and I locked eyes with her. I whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

“I want your cock inside me,” she panted with need.

Quickly, I untied the strings that held the bikini bottoms to her hips. I jerked them from her clinging wet cunt. My finger sank deeply into her simmering snatch. I pushed my palm against her protruding clit and she gasped. I admitted, “I want to fuck you so badly, Yvonne.”

“Not as much as I want to fuck you,” she rasped, pushing me back into the hot tub’s seat. She ripped my hard cock from my swim trunks. Straddling my lap, she clutched my cock and brought it to the entrance of her wet womanhood. She gasped as the bulbous head of my cock penetrated her pussy. Her face contorted into a grimace as the rest of my shaft followed. Finally, she was completely impaled on my cock.

I whispered, “You’re pussy feels so good, so tight.”

“Big… cock… so hard,” she groaned as my cock stretched her snatch. Her pussy convulsed around my cock in an unexpected orgasm. She wailed, “Oooooh! Cumming!”

I closed my eyes and fought back own urge to cum as her cunt squeezed my cock like a velvet vice. Opening my eyes, I watched Yvonne’s facial expressions. It was mesmerizing.

With her orgasm complete, Yvonne collapsed in my arms, panting as if she had run a mile.

“My turn,” I mumbled. Grabbing her buttocks, I stood up in the water and sat her on the edge of the hot tub. Water cascaded down her body and steam arose from it in the fridge air. With a single savage thrust I stabbed my cock back into my stepsister’s gushing gash. Tremors of excitement traversed my cock as her cunt clutched my cock like a wet welcoming handshake.

“Oof,” she exhaled as my cock fully penetrated her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking her ankles together. She kissed me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth as deeply as my cock penetrated her cunt. She broke our kiss and whispered hot and naughty in my ear, “Your cock feels so good inside me, Bro, fuck me.”

With that kind of encouragement, I pounded her pussy with rapid machine-like thrusts. My hips propelled my cock in and out of her sweet cunt like a rocket. Timed with my thrusts, my breath came in gasps, “uh, uh, uh, uh.”

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” Yvonne returned in a primitive mating call. Her snatch clutched at my cock with wet silky spasms that motivated me to increase my momentum. The angle of my pelvis put pressure on her clit, intensifying the pleasure in her pussy. Her breath grew more labored. She shook her head from side-to-side and babbled incoherently. Her complexion turned crimson as the heat of her orgasm began to rise. She blinked her eyes, rapid fire. Her brow contorted into climatic creases. Soon her cunt was convulsing around my cock in warm wet spasms. She screeched in joyful release, “Cum, my pussy, cum.”

It was more than I could take, and I buried my cock into her with a final thrust. My testicles contracted then shot spurt after spurt of cum into the depths of my stepsister’s pussy. I felt her nails dig into the flesh of my ass as she tried to get more of my cock inside her. I hissed, “Cum-ah-cum-oh-cum.”

She held me in a tight embrace cooing in my ear as I emptied my balls into her. She whispered, “I love your cock, Bro, and I love you.”

Finally spent, my cock softened and slipped from her well-serviced snatch. I looked into her eyes and said, “I love you too Yvonne.”

The decade old memory made me smile. It had all began with a simple kiss and a subtle touch. But, that first kiss laid bare a need, a need to explore and discover each other’s bodies. It woke a desperate hunger, a hunger to take and give each other sexual pleasure.

I recalled Yvonne had somehow managed keep the sock cap the entire time of our first coupling, and I chuckled. My cock throbbed in anticipation of the sexual delights to come. After that first sexual encounter my stepsister and I agreed that our parents and society would prevent us from having couple’s type relationship. We made peace with it. But, we promised each other that we would get together every year, just the two of us, to reconnect and refresh the loving bond we shared.

The shuttle bus arrived in Tahoe and stopped at a ski lodge where most of the passengers disembarked. The shuttle then proceeded to individual cabins dropping off the remaining passengers. At my stop, I collected my luggage and the van pulled away.

The snow crunched beneath my feet as I made my way to the A-framed cabin. The door wasn’t locked so I went inside. I dropped my bags by the door and hollered, “Yvonne!”

“In the kitchen, Bro,” she responded in kind.

She was cutting slices of cheese and placing them on a platter. A bottle of wine was on the counter next to the platter. She wore one of her husband’s flannel shirts. It fit her like a mini dress and barely covered her white panties. To keep her feet warm she wore a pair of anklet socks. She turned and said, “I was just getting some wine and cheese ready.”

I pulled her into my arms. My lips pressed against hers, then covered her mouth with a demanding hunger. Instinctively, my stepsister submitted to the forceful domination of my lips, returning my kiss with primal intensity. The kiss ignited a sensuous flame of desire. It grew more passionate as my tongue penetrated he mouth and wrestled hers into submission. My hand slid from her waist down to her panty clad buttock. I squeezed it, and her body melded into mine.

Breaking the kiss, Yvonne mumbled, “Take me to bed.”

“Too far,” I returned, panting with desire. I unbuttoned her flannel shirt, but left it on her. I tenderly squeezed one of her bare breasts while sucking on the other’s nipple. I backed her against the table until her buttocks encountered the wood. Rising on her tip-toes, she rested her ass on the table top. I pushed her down until her back was flat against the surface.

For a long moment, I studied the beauty of my stepsister. One flap of the flannel shirt covered one breast. The other was exposed. Its nipple was hard and glistened wet from my attentiveness. Her panties were damp and clung to the folds of her pussy. She watched me ogle her.

“You are so sexy,” I choked. Flipping the shirt off her breast, I exposed both of them to my gaze. I reached down and cuddled a breast in each hand. With tenderness, I squeezed them both then gently pinched each hard nipple. My stepsister inhaled sharply from the pleasure of my touch. I choked, “I love looking at you, Yvonne. I love you. You’re still so hot.”

I ran a finger up and down her panty-clad slit, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy just beneath the thin material. As I tucked at her panties she raised her hips, allowing me to peel them off her body. Unzipping my trousers, I pulled out my hard cock and stepped between her spread legs. I ran my cock up and down the warm wet folds of her hairless pussy. Grinning roguishly at my stepsister, I declared, “I’m going to fuck you now, Yvonne.”

“Yes, Bro, fuck me,” she whimpered expectantly. Then looking into my eyes, she panted, “Fuck me… right here… right now.”

I stabbed my hard cock into her sizzling snatch. With a single thrust I packed myself completely into her cunt. I groaned, “Yvonne, your pussy feels so good.”

“Cock… hard… good,” she stuttered enthusiastically. Her eyes widened as her pussy convulsed around my cock with an abrupt orgasm. Closing her eyes, she wailed in release, “Ahhhhh!”

As my stepsister’s cunt squeezed my cock, I curled my toes and fought my own urge to cum. I rasped, “Yvonne, your pussy is so responsive. I love it so.”

Only half-recovered, she muttered with urgency, “Fuck me, Bro. Fuck me hard.”

Encouraged by her enthusiasm, I pummeled her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. With animal-like lust I set a frantic pace that made her breasts bounce around her torso in time to my thrusting.

“Ah,” bleated Yvonne with each powerful thrust of my cock. It brought contact between my pubic bone and her exposed clit. Each connection sent an electrical charge of pleasure surging through her body. Suddenly, she grabbed my ass pulling all of my cock inside her convulsing cunt. Another orgasm ripped pleasurably through her body. She wailed, “Cumming, Bro.”

With my cock buried to hilt inside my stepsister and her pussy contracting hard upon it, my bloated balls constricted and blasted their load deep inside her. I looked deeply into my stepsister’s pleasure-glazed eyes and groaned.

“That’s it, Bro,” Yvonne encouraged. “Fill my pussy with your cum.”

Spent, I practically fell on top of my stepsister. Once I recovered, I pushed myself up off of her. I helped her off the table and she stood on wobbly legs. Playfully, I patted her bare ass and declared, “I love you, Yvonne. I love you, so much.”

“I love you too. Let’s go fuck in the shower,” she suggested with an impish grin.

We raced through the cabin. Her buttocks jiggled as she stomped up the stairs. Grabbing her, I sucked a hickey on her butt-cheek while she squealed with delight. Breaking free, she rushed towards the bathroom giggling. Reaching the shower door first, she stuck her tongue out at me like a kid who had just tagged home free.

Warm water beaded on her luscious breasts and streamed down her belly to disappear between her thighs. She kissed me passionately, her tongue explored my mouth. Turning, she grasped the shower head. Rising up on her tip-toes, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Ready to fuck me again?”

“I sure am,” I groaned, penetrating her pussy from behind.

Yvonne took the initiative and swiveled her hips rapidly up and down on my hard cock. She changed the rotation of her hips, and with a giggle, she wiggled figure-eights on my cock. Groaning with pleasure, I squeezed her big breasts like they were ripe fruit.

“Pinch my nipples,” she ordered. “Hard, but not too hard.”

I complied and she yelped with joy. Thrusting into her pussy urgently, I growled and groaned in my own rapture. My hands sled from her breasts down to her hips. I used them to support myself as I leveraged my cock in and out of her.

At the breakneck pace I was going Yvonne knew I was going to cum again and soon. She reached between her thighs and diddled her clit with passionate purpose. She chattered confused syllables of lust, “Fuck good… hard cock.”

“Pussy… good… so good,” I returned just as primitively.

She screamed in ecstasy when I penetrated her puckered butthole with my finger, sending it clear to my second knuckle. Her pussy convulsed and then erupted with frothy ejaculate which splattered with a wallop on the shower floor.

The spasms of her cunt clutched at my cock and sent me over the top. I pushed into her as far as I could and unloaded yet another load of cum into the depths of her pussy. My cock was buried so far into her that I had actually lifted her off her feet. With her quim quivering and quaking around my spewing pecker a kaleidoscope of lights shot through my brain with dizzying delight.

After our vigorous shower roam we dressed and headed into town in Yvonne’s SUV. She lived a lot closer to Tahoe than I did and had driven up. She had made reservations at the Top of the Town, the best restaurant in Tahoe. It occupied the top floor of the Lakeside Casino.

As we made our way across the gaming floor of the casino, I paused in front of slot machine. I dropped in a dime and pulled down the lever. The reels spun around and around. The first reel stopped, displaying a bell. The second reel also stopped on bell. Finally, the third reel quit spinning and came to rest on a bell. Immediately, the one-armed bandit flashed jackpot and spat out 100 dimes.

Yvonne grabbed a plastic cup and scooped up the money. She smiled at me, saying, “You’re a winner, Bro.”

“I’m always a winner when I’m with you,” I boasted with a wink.

I traded the dimes for a ten-dollar bill at the payout window near the elevators. Once we got into the elevators, I pulled my stepsister into embrace and kissed her. My mouth moved over hers devouring its softness. I forced her lips to part, and thrust my tongue into her mouth just like I had thrust my cock into her pussy. As I roused her passion, my own grew stronger, and I circled her breast with my hand. Placing my hand on her ass, I pulled her close so she could feel how hard she had gotten my cock. In turn, she ground her pelvis on my erection.

The elevator stopped with a dinging bell. Yvonne pushed against my chest, breaking our kiss and leaving my mouth burning with fire. Her scent filled the closed space and my nostrils flared in primeval response. The door opened and an older couple got on to the elevator. The man sniffed the air and the woman smiled knowingly at my stepsister. She whispered in my ear, “I’m not wearing any panties. They know you’ve aroused me.”

The elevator arrived on the top floor and opened. We strolled into the restaurant and were escorted to our table. Pulling out the chair for my stepsister, I gazed longingly at her the curve of her ass as she sat down. We ordered dinner and sipped cocktails as we waited.

Dinner arrived. It was superb. Along with the good food there was good wine and good conversation. We discussed life in general and our families in particular. At some point our conversion came to an end and we just held hands across the table. Looking out the floor-to-ceiling window we saw the moon reflecting off the lake and its light shimmering off the snow.

“It’s beautiful,” said Yvonne.

Kissing her hand, I replied, “Yeah, the scenery is almost as beautiful as you.”

“You’re so full of it,” she shot back. Smiling, she said, “I so love our time together. Let’s go back to the cabin and fuck.”

With an ear-to-ear grin, I agreed, “Let’s.”

We left the restaurant holding hands. Once again we made out in the elevator on the way down to the first floor. The valet brought Yvonne’s SUV up to the entrance and she handed me the keys, saying, “You drive.”

As I pulled into traffic and headed to the cabin, Yvonne slyly pulled the hem of her sweater dress up past her thighs, revealing her excited pussy. The scent of her sex filled the car and made my nostrils flare with yearning. The headlights of an oncoming car illuminated the wetness of her pussy as she ran her middle finger up and down her slit. Huskily, she asked, “Is this where you want to put your hard cock, Bro?”

“Oh, yeah,” I babbled, straining to look into her lap without wrecking the vehicle.

An irate driver honked as the SUV veered in his direction. I swore and hurriedly adjusted course. I split my attention between the traffic and my stepsister as she continued playing with her pussy. She teased me, “And, this is where I most definitely want you to put your cock.”

“Yvonne, you’re going to make me wreck,” I groaned.

Reaching into my lap, Yvonne squeezed my cock through my trousers and taunted, “Oh my, Bro, you’re so hard. I can’t wait to get this hard thing inside me.”

“I can’t wait either,” I choked.

“Poor thing,” she cooed, unzipping my trousers and fishing out my cock. She licked her palm then clutched my cock. Slowly, she stroked my hard shaft. She smiled as I moaned then asked, “Does that feel better?”

“Uh-huh,” I hissed once again steering back into my own lane.

With her free hand she slipped her middle finger completely into her saturated slit. Her voice was thick with lust as she said, “I’m so wet. I’m so in need of your hard cock, Bro.”

With vigor, she pressed her palm against her agitated clitoris. She quit stroking my cock and squeezed it tightly as if she was using it for a lifeline. Her thighs trembled uncontrollably. A low growl deep in her throat grew into a full blown howl of ecstasy. She screamed, “Cumming!”

I slowed the car in front of our cabin then parked in front of it. The vehicle’s interior light temporarily blinded me. My stepsister opened her door and stepped out of the SUV, leaving me unsatisfied and muttering. I put my cock back in my trousers and got out of the car.

Yvonne practically sprinted to door of the cabin with me close behind. The interior of the cabin glowed with the flickering light from the fireplace. Yvonne turned to me. With a wicked grin she grabbed the hem of her sweater dress and pulled it over her. She tossed it to the floor and stood before me, wearing nothing more than black stockings and sexy black boots. The stockings framed her pretty pink pussy into a picture of wanton pleasure. Her pussy lips glistened with excited anticipation and her clit peered from its hood seeking attention.

I watched her in silence as she walked slowly towards me, seductively swinging her hips. My eyes tarried on her breasts. I noticed her nipples were hard and rose rigidly from the center of her pink areolas. My eyes roamed down to her bald pussy and I licked my lips. Impishly, she smiled at me. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she kissed with so much passion I could taste her affection on my lips. I gently, but firmly squeezed her breasts. I took an erect nipple into my mouth and sucked on it hard.

“Not yet, Bro,” she hissed. Pushing me away from her breasts, she undressed me. She pulled my sweater off first. Running her fingers through my chest hair, she raised goose-bumps on my flesh. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped my trousers. Gleefully, she fished my hard cock out and studied it for a moment. She kissed its swollen helmet then licked the drooling pre-cum from it. Looking me straight in the eye, she said, “I love your forbidden cock. It gives me so much taboo pleasure.”

I stammered, “Glad you like it.”

“I love it, especially, when it’s so hard.”

She licked the underside of my shaft. Smiling up at me, she stroked my cock. Her hands twisting and turning as she tugged on it. She put my cockhead into her mouth and sucked on fiercely while continuing to stroke the remaining shank. Soon, she was sucking and stroking my cock for all she was worth.

In no time my cock twitched in a frenzy and my testicles tightly contracted. Cum spewed from my cock. My shout of elation reverberated throughout the cabin, “I’m cumming, Yvonne.”

Her mouth filled with my cum. She swallowed it all. Twirling her tongue around my still bloated cockhead, she cleaned cummy remnants from it. Then she released my cock from her mouth and giggled as I collapsed into a nearby chair. She smiled at me and whispered huskily, “Your cum tastes great, Bro.”

Sprawling back on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, she pinched a nipple. In the dancing firelight she lazily ran a finger between the folds of her glistening labia. Seductively she cooed, “I’m ready for you to fuck me now.”

I stood and shed my trousers then stepped out of my boxers. Joining her on the bearskin rug, I reached for one of her creamy white breasts. Gently, but firmly I squeezed it. I smiled as she moaned, appreciating her responsiveness. I kissed her lips then her neck. Slowly, I moved my lips down her body to suck an erect pink nipple into my mouth.

Running her hands through my hair, she murmured, “That’s it, that feels so good.”

Leaving her heaving breasts, I trailed my tongue down her trembling torso. I teased her by blowing my hot breath over her tummy. Goose-bumps rose all over her trunk. I kissed and licked my way down her body until I was between her legs. I brushed my lips on the bare skin above her stocking tops before sucking little hickeys on her thighs.

Her pussy splayed wide before me like a blooming rose and her fragrance beckoned me to feast. Nipping one of her pussy lips lightly with my teeth, I gently tugged it from side to side and sent snake-like tongue flickers into her interior. She moaned, tangling her fingers in my hair and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. When I slid two fingers into her simmering snatch she gasped at the unexpected penetration and muttered, “Feels good, so good.”

Her clit peeked from its hood and I darted my tongue against it. While I sucked on it, she babbled unintelligibly. Her body was racked with pleasure. Pulling my fingers from her pussy, I replaced them with my thumb. Meanwhile, I worked a saturated finger up her butthole while she clutched the bearskin rug, growling. I pinched my finger and thumb together until they touched, separated only by her interior. At the same time I tenderly bit her clit.

Yvonne arched her back and screamed. Her body convulsed with orgasmic gyrations for several long moments. It seemed her whole body was trying to levitate. Suddenly, she collapsed into silence. Looking at me through half-open eyelids, she feebly smiled.

I arose from between her spread legs and put my hands behind her knees. As I pushed them towards her breasts, she seized my rock solid cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. I slowly sank my cock completely into her pussy. When my bloated balls rested against her pretty pink pucker, and I could go no deeper, warranted gratification caused us both to sigh.

“So hard, so hard,” groaned Yvonne. She dug her fingernails into the flesh of my ass. Her eyes widen as her cunt convulsed around my cock in a sudden orgasm. She shut her eyes and wailed, “Ahhhh!”

I hissed and fought back my own urge to cum as her cunt wetly contracted around my cock. I huffed, “Yvonne, your pussy feels so good.”

Once she recovered, she demanded, “Fuck me, Bro. Fuck me hard.”

With that kind of encouragement I pummeled her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. I set a fantastic pace that drove waves of ecstasy throughout her body. As I hammered my cock into my stepsister, her big breasts bounced to and fro directly propelled by my cock.

She twisted her nipples, squealing with depraved delight. Reaching between her legs, she diddled her clit with urgency. Her hips bucked upward furiously matching my downward thrusts. Her passion peaked. Wild-eyed, she howled, “My pussy… cum… my pussy… cum.”

I felt her cunt contract as she wailed in ecstasy as wave after climatic wave crashed down on her. After she relaxed I frantically plunged my cock into her hot box like a lunatic while she bounded her heels across my ass like bronco rider.

My stepsister must have felt my cock grow inside her and surmised I was ready to cum. She begged, “Fill my pussy, Bro. Fill my pussy.”

My cock exploded into her quivering quim. I spewed spunk deep into her belly. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I hissed as white light exploded in my brain like bolts of lightning. My passion drained with each lustful spurt.

I rolled off of my stepsister spent. I lay on my back panting and gasping for breath.

Yvonne cuddled up to me. She kissed me. Running her fingers across my skin sent tingles to my core, I hugged her closer. Basking in post-coitus bliss, she looked into my eyes and said, “I just love our annual ski trips, and I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I replied, smiling at my stepsister. Then I asked, “Do you think we’ll actually go hit the slopes this year?”

Grasping my cock, she tugged it back to hardness and said, “I doubt it.”

MILF Slut Sequel One

A week passed and Sandy had not heard any fallout from the hacked videos. Jacques was under scrutiny at the college and as he had predicted, his deanship was rescinded. The perpetrators had not been found but the videos were being blocked as best the computer science department could manage.

Sandy was starting to feel a little more secure until she was at the club one Wednesday afternoon. As she walked toward her friends sitting at the bar, she saw that they were all talking to each other in hushed voices with an occasional glance at her.

“Uh oh,” she feared, “They know.” What could she do but buck up and face the music. After all, these women were her closest friends. She would just have to put on a happy face, the kind of bogus smile women use in uncomfortable situations.

She greeted them with all of the good cheer she could muster. “Hi ladies!”

“Sandy, you gotta hear his,” Betty said in a loud whisper. Betty was out of her mind with excitement.

“Hey, what’s up and where is Phyllis?” Sandy asked.

“Listen to this, Sandy. You won’t believe this!”

Of course Sandy liked to here the gossip as much as the next gal as long as it wasn’t about her. Sandy’s heart beat was so rapid it felt it might fly out of her chest. Well, maybe her friends would understand and with any luck, be a little supportive. Secretly, they even might be jealous. There’s no telling about these things.

“Come closer, Sandy. We want you to hear what’s going on in our town,” and Betty motioned for her to sit next to her.

Sandy put her purse on the bar and turned to Betty preparing for the worst.

“Sandy, guess what? We have an escort service going on right under our nose and our Phyllis is a part of it.”

“Oh my God,” Sandy said with relief. “You’re kidding! How did you find out?”

Betty licked her lips as if to devour a luscious piece of chocolate cake then said, “Well, it’s really only a rumor but Tina was talking to her housekeeper who is best friends with Phyllis’ maid. You know how the domestics know all of the private stuff in the family, right?”

“Sure, go on,” Sandy said.

“Here is where it gets interesting,” Betty said in a hushed voice. “Phyllis’ maid said Phyllis has a whole wardrobe of sexy lingerie and sex toys and something new arrives in the mail from a place called Wicked Temptations almost every week. You know that Phyllis and Bob have been separated for over a year so the seductive lingerie and toys are not intended for him.”

“That doesn’t prove anything, Betty.”

“I know, Sandy, but the maid said Phyllis goes out at about the same time three or four times a week around seven with a small suitcase and doesn’t come home until later the next day.”

“Okay, that’s circumstantial evidence and maybe Phyllis is having an affair.”

“Alright, but how about those phone calls that the maid answers from men, different men? One day it is Henry, then George, and Peter, and on and on.”

“Hmmm, maybe you are onto something but why do you think it’s an escort service?”

Betty didn’t answer because Ann who was overhearing all of this interrupted and said, “Look, Sandy, we know a lot more but for the good of our town, we need to keep it quiet. The truth is, Phyllis is not alone. We have heard the same story about three other housewives in town. We don’t know them well but see them at church and at PTA meetings.”

“Geez, Ann. Where does all of this take place?”

Ann said, “No one knows for sure but some say it might be on a yacht and the services they provide are done out on the lake so nothing is illegal.”

“One more thing,” Betty added. “We went online to Craig’s List and Backpage where a ‘Party Boat’ is listed in our area and it is very explicit about their services. You know, like, ‘Horny local housewives looking for romance’ and ‘Hot MILF’s for you’. Okay, that’s a little understated but it gets the point across. Don’t you agree?”

“I guess so,” Sandy agreed with little enthusiasm.

Ann then said, “Look Sandy, you and Phyllis are neighbors. Keep an eye on her and see what you can find out, okay?”

“Okay,” Sandy reluctantly replied. It’s what Sandy thought she should do but not what she felt comfortable doing. Spying on a friend never interested her so she needed to come up with an alternate plan.

Still experiencing a bit of guilt about her own recent transgressions, Sandy felt a degree of empathy toward Phyllis. What if the rumor was false and Phyllis was actually staying the night with an ill friend? Maybe she was going to a medical center to get treatment for an undisclosed illness. Yet, there were those intimate clothes and phone calls that made Sandy wonder if the rumors were really true. She just wanted to give Phyllis the benefit of the doubt.

Sandy felt it best to level with Phyllis and find out the truth. Anyway, it would be in her best interest if people zeroed in on Phyllis rather than spreading dirt about her. On Monday morning, Sandy called Phyllis and invited her over for an afternoon cocktail.

Out on the patio that afternoon, it was warm with a cloudless indigo blue sky. The two women sipped Chardonnay for over an hour before Sandy finally got to the point.

“Phyllis, have you heard anything about a Party Boat in our area? The girls at the club seem to think there is something interesting happening on board.”

Startled, Phyllis said, “Gee Sandy, I don’t know,” staring at her wine glass, “Someone mentioned it to me at our last PTA meeting.”

“What did they say?”

“Not much. It’s just a rumor I guess. You know how people talk.”

Sandy watched a squirrel scurry up a tree before saying, “Yes, I know how people talk and that is why I asked you to join me here for a glass wine.”

“What are you getting at, Sandy?”

“Well, there is another rumor going around and it involves you. Let me just say that if the rumor was about me, I would like a chance to clarify it with a friend and we are pretty good friends, Phyllis.”

“I see. Does it involve the Party Boat?”

“Yes it does.”

All of a sudden there was a deafening silence. Sandy adjusted the table cloth and refilled both glasses waiting for a reply.

“Okay, Sandy. I really need a trusted friend on this and you are the only one I can really trust. It’s a long story and easy to be judgmental but it is what it is.”

“I totally understand, Phyllis,” Sandy said without going into details. “What we say here stays here and you can trust me on that.”

Phyllis removed her sun hat and quietly said, “As I said, it’s a long story.”

Sandy said nothing but gave Phyllis an understanding nod. Phyllis didn’t exactly blurt out her story but let it fall out in tiny pieces like chards of a broken glass.

It might have been the wine or just a sense of relief but at that point Phyllis just opened up and began revealing all of her secrets to Sandy.

“Life is so complicated, Sandy. You and everyone knows that Bob and I have been separated for over a year. I just couldn’t stand his drinking anymore and when he started losing money by gambling on sports teams, it was the last straw. Now we are financially ruined. I can pay the mortgage and scrape together enough money for food but that’s about all.”

“Go on,” Sandy said sympathetically.

“Well, I need some romance in my life and coming home to an empty house and worrying about paying the bills, I just felt so depressed. You might not understand that in your situation, Sandy.”

“Well, Phyllis, you might be surprised but I do understand how you feel.”

Phyllis ignored the “you might be surprised” part and continued.

“So anyway, I ‘friended’ a guy online and he was understanding and has a great sense of humor. Okay he is ten years younger than we are but he has a nice build, is funny and best of all he is a compassionate guy. One thing led to another and eventually we decided to meet. You know, like in the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ movie.”

“Oh yeah, I love that scene where Tom Hanks goes to meet Meg Ryan for the first time.”

“Okay then, you can imagine what it was like but this was different. Joe asked me for a date on the Party Boat. Of course, I had no idea what it was but it sounded like fun. So I went and we met at the dock several miles out of town. You know where it is, right?”

“Yep, I know it. We go there to the beach on weekends,” Sandy said.

“Well, I could see there was no boat large enough for a party but Joe said the Party Boat never docks and we needed to take the ship’s tender. When we boarded, there were three other women without dates that were already there. I thought I recognized two of them. We probably had seen each other at the supermarket but they are definitely from our town and about our age. I introduced myself and they told me their names. I didn’t get a chance to talk with them because they pretty much kept to themselves.”

“So they knew each other, right?” Sandy asked.

“That’s right. There was one more thing and it was that each of them had brought along overnight bags. I didn’t ask about them but I was curious. Anyway, it took about twenty minutes to get to the most glamorous yacht I had ever seen! It was all lit up and must be at least half the length of a football feed, maybe more.”

Phyllis was animated and excited as she told Sandy the story. Her enthusiasm was infectious and Sandy was feeling the excitement she felt with Professor Carter.

Phyllis continued, “Once we boarded the ship, Joe introduced me to the captain who was dressed in a white seaman’s uniform and looked very dashing. The captain gave me a huge hug and said, ‘Welcome aboard, Phyllis!’ Then he handed me a glass of Champagne.”

“Joe took my hand and showed me around the ship. There is a dining area and kitchen as well as a game room and about six cabins. Finally he took me to the pool and that was where everyone was partying. There were about six women our age and probably a half dozen or more of young men Joe’s age. Everyone was in the pool and everyone was naked.”

“Joe cautioned me and said, ‘Phyllis, you don’t need to go swimming but if you wish to join everyone, I’ll show you a cabin where you can hang your clothes.’ Joe told me that there was a robe there as well.”

“You know Sandy, I felt so out of place. The nude men and women in the pool didn’t bother me because I had been to nude beaches before but it was awkward. I followed Joe to a cabin and removed my clothes. Joe just stood there watching. I was so embarrassed.”

“Then he told me what a lovely body I had and kissed me with a deep sexy kiss. The next thing I knew, we were on the bed touching and feeling each others’ intimate body parts. Joe went down on me like Bob never did. I was so hot and wet down there. There was only one thing on my mind. I wanted Joe inside me.”

“Joe made the move as he gently spread my legs further apart but I stopped him and said he had to wear a condom. He of course objected but agreed handing me the envelope. It gave me a good opportunity to see his size when I rolled the latex protection over his very healthy hard cock. I can’t go into the details here, Sandy, but after not having sex since Bob left, all I can say is it was sensational.”

“I can imagine,” Sandy replied with a wink and a smile.

“After that, we went down to the pool and I no longer felt ashamed or embarrassed. Being naked in front of everyone was kind of liberating. I actually felt a relief and a freedom I had never felt before.”

“I see. So you partied with the rest of the group romping in the pool for the rest of the evening?”

“Not exactly. What I noticed was that the women knew each other and would laugh and giggle among themselves but the men were strangers to them. This changed of course as people began to mingle. Joe was always kidding around with the women and the women shamelessly flirted with whomever they were near. At some point, Joe disappeared as did several couples when people paired up. One couple was in the corner on the chaise lounge having sex right by the pool. Can you imagine that, Sandy?”

“Amazing! Right in front of you?”

“Yes and they were rather vocal about it. Anyway, I was the only other woman left at the pool. There was a kid who was painfully shy sitting by himself on the edge of the pool with his enlarged penis straight up in the air. It had been like that for a long time. I went over to talk with him. Finally I got around to asking him why he always had a hard on.

He told me it just happened. Then he confided in me and said he had never had sex with a woman and was afraid he couldn’t get it up. “Ya know,” he said, “I’m here to fuck a lady like all the other guys, so I took a Viagra pill before coming on the cruise to be sure.”

“Hold that thought, Phyllis. Let me open another bottle of wine.”

When Sandy returned to the patio, Phyllis continued her story.

“I felt so sorry for him. I gave him a peck on the cheek and reached down to squeeze his very hard penis. I think he just reacted and grabbed my tits so I asked him if he would like to join me in my cabin. I was so horny feeling that kid’s hard erection that we started making love without a minute of foreplay. I don’t think the kid knew what foreplay was anyway.

“I helped him find the opening into my vagina and once he was in, he pushed it in all the way. The boy banged me for only a short time when he emptied a huge load inside me. Gee, Sandy, I hope this is not too graphic. I’m only trying to give you a heads-up on what happened.”

“No Phyllis, I’m okay with it.”

“We stayed the night together while I taught him how to have sex in lots of different positions. I had forgotten all about protection and condoms so he filled me time and time again with his hot semen. I figured since he was a virgin, there was no health risk.”

Phyllis then told of her joy each time the virgin boy ejaculated. “Sandy, the kid had the stamina of the Gods. Each time he came, a flood of juices spewed out of him like a volcano erupting. I’m embarrassed to say this but his hot cum felt so wonderful inside me.” And Phyllis was indeed embarrassed as her face turned crimson.

“So it was a memorable evening for you?” Sandy remarked.

“Oh yes and that wasn’t the end of it. We had one more round at daybreak. I gave him a short blowjob to get us started and then I had him sit on the rocking chair. I sat on his cock and we rocked each other for another half hour. It was the first orgasm I had since Bob and I screwed on our first honeymoon night and that’s a long time ago. Here’s the best part, Sandy. Before he finished, I took him in my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his boy joy juice. I had totally forgotten how much I love the taste of cum.”

While listening, Sandy could feel her excitement grow and knew her panties were drenched while imagining each detail of Phyllis’s story.

Phyllis finished her story by saying, “We dressed and just before leaving the cabin for breakfast, he gave me an envelope and said, ‘Thank you.’ I asked him what it was for and he said it was a gift. I put it in my purse and didn’t look at it until I got home. I got home around noon the next day and in the envelope I found $400. I couldn’t believe it.”

Sandy took a gulp of her wine and said, “That’s quite an experience, Phyllis. Have you ever gone back?”

“Of course. I know it’s just a sex party but there are new guys each time and I feel wanted and loved again. Women like me get the attention and romance we need from young studs and they help us with our finances because every guy leaves their woman a gift. I even spent an evening with the captain and apparently that’s something special. Really, Sandy, you would love it if you and Andrew weren’t so close. You are a beautiful sexy woman and are so attractive. The guys would go wild over you.”

“I gotta say Phyllis, it sure sounds exciting. I don’t think I could work up the nerve but I’m glad for you. Did you ever get to know the other gals from around here?”

“Yes, I know them but maybe I’ve told you too much already so I’m not naming names. You might have seen them at PTA meetings.”

After Phyllis left, Sandy was so wet and horny she went straight to her computer where she had downloaded the three-some video that Jacques and Wendy had sent. While she watched, she massaged her g-spot using her joy toy enjoying each and every orgasm while imagining fucking young men on the Party Boat.

MILF Slut 4 The Finale

Sandy received a message on Lush from Professor Carter saying he had to cancel lunch next week because he was leaving for a week long seminar in Vegas. He thanked her for a lovely afternoon and expressed his appreciation for the added attention. So, Sandy did not hear from him during the week he was away and strangely, during the week after he returned.

During those two weeks, Sandy started her new story about a teenage girl and an older man who was her high school English teacher. It was much easier to write now that she had sex with the professor. The story was based on her experience with only a few embellishments. For instance, Sandy added that the girl had pierced nipples and the older man used a cock ring to keep him firm. She thought that these and a few other titillating details might interest the reader. Sandy also relived the excitement of her afternoon and knew she was headed for a sequel with the professor.

Finally, Sandy dropped a note to the professor saying she missed their lunch dates and wondered if the seminar was worthwhile. She really didn’t care about his trip to Vegas but needed to show an interest in him. He wrote back two days later on a rainy Tuesday morning saying things were hectic at the college and he was up to his ears with papers to grade and year end evaluations. Professor Carter also mentioned that someone had nominated him to be dean of his department. He just hadn’t the time to go on Lush.

More of Sandy’s insecurities crept in. She wondered if these were just excuses and he was giving her the brush-off. She didn’t need to worry when she read his next message on the following Friday. He invited her to a small cocktail party at his house celebrating his assignment as dean. He said only a few of his closest colleagues would be there and his wife would like to meet her. The open house started at two on Sunday afternoon. Professor gave her his address and wrote that it was across the street from the college so she wouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Sandy was puzzled by his comment, “and his wife would like to meet her.” Did he tell her everything? She knew he was honest and probably told his wife he had lunch with a female friend but did he also tell her he had sex with her? This could be a very awkward meeting at the party but she was curious and decided to accept the invitation.

Sandy told Andrew she was going shopping on Sunday afternoon and would be back around seven. Maybe they could eat out if it was alright with him. Andrew agreed and made reservations for seven thirty.

The college was forty-five minutes from her house. Sandy wanted to be certain not to be first at the party so she decided to arrive a few minutes late. By one thirty, she was in her BMW headed toward the college.

She rang the doorbell with the same anxiety as though she was meeting the professor for the first time. It wasn’t the professor that gave her butterflies but meeting his wife. Professor Carter answered the door with a broad smile and said, “Sandy, I’m so glad you came! Come in and meet everyone.”

There were a half dozen people of various ages standing at the bar in deep conversation when she spotted an attractive Asian woman in a wheelchair. She was much younger than the professor and had facial features resembling those of a black American. Later, Sandy learned that she was a love child of an American ‘advisor’ stationed in Saigon before the war.

Professor Carter held Sandy’s hand saying, “I want you to meet my wife, Wendy.” The introductions were made and Wendy smiled when she said, “I’m honored to meet Jacques’ paramour. You are a very beautiful woman, Sandy.”

Wendy’s smile calmed Sandy’s fears but being called a “paramour” alerted her to the obvious. Wendy knew of her husband’s infidelity. There would be no secrets hidden between the two women.

Most of the party talk was about college politics and the selection of Jacques Carter as dean. Sandy sipped her wine and listened but rarely spoke. One of the men showed some interest in her and offered to refill her glass. She was grateful that someone noticed that she was not totally invisible.

When he returned with her drink, he introduced himself as Tyler. Tyler was in his mid-forties and quite handsome by her standards. She said her name was, Sandy. They spent a few minutes exchanging small talk and she learned he was a professor of English Lit. They got on rather well until Wendy asked for everyone’s attention. It was time to toast Jacques on his new position at the college. Everyone raised their glasses and gave him a cheery, “Hip hip hooray!”

Sandy left shortly afterward but not before Wendy drew her aside and said, “Wendy, there is something I’d like to discuss with you. We’d like you to join us for lunch tomorrow at one. Can you make it?”

Monday was the usual day she met with Professor Carter so it fit fine with her plans. It just seemed unusual for a wife to be so accommodating toward her husband’s mistress. Under the circumstances, maybe it wasn’t so unusual after all.

A quick message came to Sandy in her Lush mailbox. It was from the professor saying how glad he and Wendy were that she came to the party and that he couldn’t make it to lunch the next day. However, Wendy hoped Sandy would still join her at lunch for a little girl talk. Sandy said that would be fine and would be there at one.

The women got along with each other as if they had been long time schoolgirl friends. They shared all sorts of secrets that only close friends should know. Wendy told of growing up with a single mother and how the Vietnam people discriminated against her and the other mixed race children. She told Sandy when she met Jacques, she felt so much sympathy toward a wounded POW far from home. Wendy felt, perhaps because of the discrimination she suffered, it was so unfair because America wasn’t even at war with them at that time.

Wendy revealed that she and Jacques were a very sexual couple but never had children. The doctor said that Jacques’ sperm count was too low. Anyway, they had joined a swingers club and both of them were passionate members until her accident in 2012. Jacques hadn’t had sex with a woman since, that is, until he met Sandy.

Wendy confided, “That afternoon with you has made him a different man, Sandy. His depression has vanished and Jacques is his old self again. Can you see, Sandy, what a wonderful gift you have brought us? It isn’t only Jacques that you have made happy, I have also benefited. That’s why I asked you here for lunch. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your compassion for Jacques and to thank you.”

Sandy was embarrassed but said, “Yes, I understand.”

Sandy shared some personal information about herself saying that she was a virgin when she and Andrew got married. Sandy admitted she and her husband were very active sexually although Andrew was her first and only sex partner before meeting Jacques. Sandy emphasized that Andrew was her first and only love and they were still madly in love with each other. Sandy wanted to make it clear that it was her compassion for Jacques that attracted her to him and offered sex, not love.

Wendy said, “You are a good woman, Sandy, and I can tell you did not intend to take Jacques for yourself. As his wife, you can understand how relieved that makes me feel.”

Before leaving, Wendy had one more thing on her mind. “This is awkward, Sandy, but I have to ask. You know that we have had sex parties with our swinger group so we are accustomed to being watched while having sex. Would you mind if I watch when you and Jacques have sex the next time?”

“Oh my God,” Sandy thought. It really blindsided her. “I don’t know Wendy. I’ve never done that and I would be so embarrassed.”

“Think about it. You might have been embarrassed the first time you were naked in front of a man but now you are probably comfortable with it. This is very much the same thing. You really forget about the other person in the room and concentrate on the love coming from your partner.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it, Wendy. Thanks so much for lunch,” and Sandy drove home with another perplexing question to resolve.

The truth is that Sandy couldn’t get the idea of being watched out of her mind. She went back to Lush to read voyeur stories and found most to be very erotic and stimulating. Most of them made her horny imagining she was the lady being watched. After awhile, Sandy simply decided there would be little harm in letting Wendy share in her husband’s joy. After all, Sandy reasoned, she had already contributed to their happiness. Including Wendy, her new friend, wasn’t much of a leap.

So it was arranged. Sandy and Jacques would have a spectator on Friday afternoon at his home. Sandy was beside herself with anticipation. She wanted to look spectacular for the event. Her legs and arms were shaved and most importantly, she had a freshly shaved pussy. She wore her best pearls and the French perfume they discovered years ago in Paris.

Friday afternoon couldn’t come quickly enough. Jacques greeted her at the door wearing a silk oriental kimono and no shoes. She was wearing an off the shoulder zippered dress with nothing underneath. Sandy knew she was not going to a prom but was there for sex. Wendy wore a halter top that wrapped around her neck that was just tight enough to show her protruding nipples.

Jacques and Sandy sat on the sofa with a bottle of wine and Wendy wheeled around the room serving delicious Asian treats. Wendy was the perfect hostess and when the wine began to take effect, Wendy pulled off her top and said, “Sandy, this is my way of saying we are in this together.”

Her tits were gorgeous. Sandy thought, if I ever had sex with a woman, this is what she should look like. Sandy guessed she was a 36D with dark nipples that were erect and hard. Jacques came over to her and gave her a deep kiss and fondled her breasts stopping to suck each nipple.

Instead of sitting back on the sofa next to Sandy, Jacques took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Wendy stayed to straighten up the living room.

“Sandy,” Jacques said, “Wendy left you a surprise in the bathroom. Try it on.”

Sandy found a transparent pink flimsy pullover that barely covered her ass. It might have been bought at Fredrick’s of Hollywood but certainly not Macy’s. It was so shear that when Sandy looked at herself in the mirror, every detail of her body was visible. It almost seemed silly to have anything on at all, yet it made her feel so incredibly sexy.

She demurely entered the bedroom with Jacques seated on the bed. She fingered her pearls with a shy provocative smile and did a pirouette to show off her exquisite body. He immediately stood up and wrapped his arms around her. “Sandy, you look ravishing and I’m the lucky man to ravish you.”

She undid the belt around his waist and opened his robe revealing the hard shaft that rubbed against her belly. She helped him out of the kimono and onto the bed. They laid together on silk sheets exploring each other’s bodies.

Jacques had his hands all over her tits while she held onto his cock but they both felt an overwhelming urgency to give and take erotic pleasures from each other. Sandy lowered her head between Jacques’ legs and positioned her lips to take Jacques into her throat. She gagged but never stopped taking him deeper with saliva slurping down his dick onto his balls. Sandy was at the threshold of deep throating Jacques’ massive cock.

Jacques turned so he could pleasure her with his lips and tongue and soon they were doing a sixty-nine with his head snuggled between her wide open legs. He could now lick her slippery slit and suck on a very inflamed clit while she continued to slurp on his engorged member.

Sandy had entered a state of ecstasy so powerful that there was space in her brain for only a singular thought. She had entered a fourth dimension, a trance, and could only think of Jacques driving his thick hard cock deep into her pussy.

She didn’t have to wait long. Jacques pulled the nightgown over her breasts and over the strand of pearls so that he could suck on her tits while he positioned himself to enter Sandy’s slut hole. “Hurry, Professor. I need you so badly. Fuck me. I need your fat dick inside me. Pleasure this slut.”

With that encouragement, he drilled into her cunt with the powerful strokes of a man half his age. Jacques had the energy of a thousand stallions.

At first she was in the missionary position until he turned her over and entered her on all fours. Next it was her turn to choose the position when she sat on him and rode him cowgirl, first forward, then backward.

She wanted him to cum into her when he was fully inside so she sat on the very edge of the bed with the nightgown covering her to the waist and her legs splayed apart. Professor Carter stood between her legs and plowed back into her with renewed energy until he stopped balls deep. Sandy began to feel his contractions. The professor unleashed a torrent of fluid with squirt after squirt of his aged cum filling her cunt to overflowing.

Grunt after grunt of pleasure came from Jacques’ throat, then he said, “You are such a tramp, Sandy, such a lovely beautiful tramp.”

Another voice said, “Turn this way, Sandy, so I can get a better view of my husband’s cum gushing out of your pussy.”

Sandy knew the voice was Wendy’s and hadn’t realized she was in the room. Sandy turned her pussy toward the sound of Wendy’s voice but her natural shyness kept her from looking at the woman who obviously had been watching. Sandy had agreed to be watched but it was hard to look back.

“Jacques, eat her out,” Wendy commanded. “She has such a lovely pussy and you left her with such a generous gift.”

Jacques followed his wife’s wishes and savored to the very last drop his jizz from Sandy’s cunt.

Sandy’s face was still flushed and she was even a little dazed when she raised her head from the bed to look directly into a camera lens. “Oh my God. What are you doing, Wendy?”

“My dear Sandy, you are so sweet and you fucked my husband so passionately I had to get it on camera. You are a fantastic whore, more than my most enviable thoughts had permitted me to imagine. Sandy, you are a slut just like I used to be.”

“But you never said you would be taking a video of us. You just said you wanted to watch.”

“You know dear, we all have our little fetishes. I’m an AV person so filming is what I do and you make me happy when I can capture your beautiful body fucking Jacques. I just felt it was me in the video, not you. Now we have recorded a precious moment that none of us will ever forget.”

“Jacques,” Sandy said in anger. “Did you know she was going to do this.”

“Well, not exactly,” Jacques replied calmly, “but Wendy loves her work so it isn’t surprising. Look, let’s calm down, take a shower and then watch the video and you can tell us what you think.”

It was four in the afternoon when the three of them sat down to watch the video. Sandy was now dressed and still seething about what she considered treachery. Professor Carter relaxed nude on the sofa while Wendy was still topless when she inserted the DVD.

The movie began with the sixty-nine scene. Sandy reached over to hold Jacques’ hand to help comfort her because she felt like Marie Antoinette going to the guillotine. He whispered, “It’s going to be alright, Sandy. You are a lovely woman.”

Then he reached over and touched her blushing, soft, child-like face and gave her a gentle reassuring kiss. “Look how beautiful you look, Sandy,” pointing at the TV. “Wendy is so good with the camera and it compliments your lovely body. Don’t you agree?”

Sandy said nothing but just watched. Now she was the one watching just as she had imagined being watched. The video, in fact, was nicely photographed and Sandy could feel herself getting wet again.

When she was jumping on Jacques’ cock in the video, Professor Carter also became aroused so he took Sandy’s hand and wrapped it around his growing erection. She didn’t object but just held him.

The reverse cowgirl was probably the most erotic scene when the camera captured her tits flopping followed by a close up of the dreamy expression on Sandy’s face. Sandy didn’t realize how totally into the moment she had been. It was as if Sandy had been transported into another place and time.

When the video showed the professor going down on her to suck out the juices between her legs, Jacques tenderly took Sandy’s head and lowered it to his lap. Wendy was watching them intently and said, “Suck him one more time. He needs something to get him through the weekend.”

Sandy couldn’t understand her emotions but she felt obligated and not strong enough to resist sucking him into a forceful orgasm. She tried to swallow it all but it just kept cumming and cumming and flowed over her lips. Wendy had the camera rolling but when she took a close-up of Sandy’s lips overflowing with cum, she put the camera down and scooted over to put her lips and tongue onto Sandy’s. They licked and kissed each other until all of the professor’s milky fluid was shared between the two women.

Sandy had no words for the excitement she felt while driving home. It was a mixture of emotions that included both intoxicating sex and guilt. Sandy marveled at how Jacques, a man of an advanced age, could perform even better than her much younger husband. She didn’t want to admit to herself that having someone taking a video of her having sex was incredibly erotic. She didn’t even want to admit she was a tramp. If she let herself admit it, she just might find herself fucking on camera again and she thought that would make her a whore, just like Wendy had said.

The next day, Saturday, Jacques’ e-mail included a link to several videos stored in Wendy’s iCloud account. He said Wendy was sending her the video of their afternoon together along with several other clips she thought Sandy would enjoy. He also asked if she remembered Tyler from the party. The professor wrote that Tyler was rather taken by her. Tyler asked if the three of them might have lunch together one of these days soon. Tyler had hinted that they might make a handsome threesome at the local motel after lunch. Jacques thought that would be fine with him but wanted to check with her. He wrote, “This might be fun if you’d like.”

Sandy replied with a thank you for the links but made no comment regarding Tyler. She was struck by the arrogance of Tyler’s suggestion. She was already feeling a little guilty for cheating but having sex with two men went way beyond her boundaries.

On Sunday afternoon when Andrew was watching football and the two girls were out with their boyfriends, Sandy watched the first link called, “Jacques and Sandy.” It included everything from their sixty-nine scene to the last sequence when she gave Jacques a blowjob on the sofa. Unfortunately, the kissing part between the women was not included.

The next video was called, “Saturday, 8/12/2011.” It was a clip from one of their swinger parties and showed in very explicit detail men sharing their woman and women sharing their men. This party was photographed before the accident and Sandy could see Wendy’s spectacular body while she fucked three gentlemen in different scenes. The sequence Sandy enjoyed the most was watching one woman with immense tits take on two men, one in the ass and one in her pussy. Sandy began wondering what it would feel like to have two men inside her at once.

Finally, “Friday, 10/21/2011,” was a video with a very young blond, college age, having sex with Jacques and Tyler. The two men pleasured themselves with her in every possible position and her shouts of joy told the story. The girl was enjoying every type of penetration and her orgasms came early and often. Sandy had to mute the sound for fear of Andrew becoming suspicious. In the climax, Jacques squirted in the girl’s mouth and Tyler filled her snatch with a mammoth load of his own.

During the editing process, Wendy had added a frame that said, “And a good time was had by all.”

Of course, Sandy recognized this as a not so subtle suggestion and it was working. Sandy was so aroused she replayed the threesome over and over again but this time with the help of her Hitachi Wand. God, what heavenly satisfaction she felt and thought this threesome idea might not be such a bad idea after all.

Sandy wrote the professor and said she would love to have lunch with him and Tyler. If all went well at the restaurant, she might accompany them to the motel but there were no guarantees. The lunch date was set for a week from Monday.

Sandy felt it was a good thing she had included an escape clause in the agreement in case her doubts reasserted themselves. But then disaster struck.

She received a message from Jacques on Thursday. Their lunch date had to be canceled. Wendy’s computer had been hacked and all of their videos were now easily available on the University network. Jacques apologized and said they think it was someone or someones in the IT department at the college. An investigation was underway. Anyway, he was concerned for his job and in a best case scenario, he would no longer be dean. The worst case would be that he would be forced into early retirement and Wendy would be asked to resign.

Sandy was understandably concerned to the point of being traumatized and tormented with fear. The worst case was that she would be recognized by people that knew her and Andrew. Even worse, Andrew might find out and their marriage would be at risk. She had to backtrack and be Andrew’s loving, slut wife again. Her feelings of guilt reverberated when remembering the cliché, “No good deeds go unpunished.” Maybe Camelot wasn’t so bad after all.