MILF Slut Sequel Two

After hearing Phyllis’ Party Boat story, Sandy decided it was time to reconnect with Jacques. The video that Jacques had sent reminded her of his massive cock and she once again yearned to have him inside her. She wrote a short personal e-mail to his private address and asked how things were with him and the college.

He wrote back a day later and said he was still teaching at the college but was no longer a dean. Wendy, his wife, was reduced to part time in the AV department but her health benefits were retained as if she was full time. They were very happy with that. Also, most of their videos had been scrubbed from the system and he assured Sandy that she shouldn’t worry.

Jacques and Sandy kept in touch over the next month but never talked about getting together for sex. This drove Sandy crazy as she wanted him more and more with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Ann and Betty at the club asked her about Phyllis. They hoped Sandy had seen something suspicious and had some ‘dirt’ to share. But Sandy was non-committal and said there was nothing to report other than the usual daytime shopping trips, church and PTA meetings.

“Anyway, Ann,” she said, “it’s too dark in the evening to see when neighbors are going and coming.”

As the days rolled by, Sandy was beside herself with lust. Her husband, Andrew, was doing his best in bed but it just wasn’t enough. She thought about the three-some and wondered if Jacques and Tyler were still interested. Also, Sandy fantasized about the Party Boat and her dreams were always about having sex with younger men. What should she do?

She wondered how to broach the topic with Jacques of having a three-some with Tyler without seeming like a psychotic nymphomaniac? It was a delicate situation. It called for some discretion and subtlety on her part but at the same time, she needed to get her point across.

“Jacques,” she wrote, “Haven’t heard from Tyler since the incident a few months back. I think he was in one of the videos so I’m concerned. Has he experienced fallout from Wendy’s hacked computer? Maybe we can have lunch together and talk about how this is playing out.”

It was Tyler that replied. “Hi, Sandy. Jacques said you wrote. All is well here. I’m still teaching at the college. Jacques and Wendy got most of the heat but I’m okay. How about you?”

Sandy wrote back almost immediately and said she was doing fine. She told Tyler she had an interesting story he might be interested in but it was too long for e-mail. Sandy had the Party Boat story in mind and since he didn’t know the individuals involved, it was safe to tell him.

“Hey, Sandy. I’d love to hear your story sometime. Do you have Thursday afternoon free for lunch?” Tyler wrote.

“Sure,” she wrote. “Place and time?” It was a short response but she didn’t want to seem eager.

“How about at the Grand Hotel where they have a fantastic buffet? It’s on Fourth and Main. I’ll be there at 1:30.”

Again Sandy’s reply was short and to the point again. “Fine, c’ya then.”

Unlike the first meeting with Jacques, Sandy had no reservations nor misconceptions about meeting Tyler. Simply put, they were there to fuck and lunching at the hotel meant they didn’t have far to go to consummate the arrangement.

They greeted each other with a friendly hug and Sandy asked about Jacques. “Will Jacques be joining us?”

“Jacques can’t make it on Thursday. He has classes this afternoon. I hope that’s okay.”

Sandy thought, how convenient. “Sure, Tyler, that’s fine.”

Sandy had a light salad while Tyler seemed hungry. His plate overflowed with food. They had ordered a bottle of wine from the bar and sat down for lunch. It didn’t take long before Tyler touched on the topic for the afternoon. Tell me about the story you mentioned in your e-mail.”

Sandy gave him the Reader’s Digest version of the Party Boat. Tyler changed the subject and said, “I saw you on Wendy’s video before it was scrubbed. My God you are even more lovely on the video than when we first met. And now you are sitting in front of me as radiant as ever.”

“Thanks,” Sandy replied feeling embarrassed from the compliments. “And I saw you at one of their swing parties. You sure were an enthusiastic participant.”

“Really? Those parties were always fun but sadly they have come to an end. I just want to say, Sandy, that it isn’t just that you have a gorgeous body but the energy you showed with Jacques is amazing. You really enjoy sex, don’t you?”

“Well, I suppose so, like any healthy American woman I guess.”

Tyler reacted with a degree of hesitancy, as if he was thinking of what to say next. “I don’t want to be presumptuous here but I think we should get a room. What do you think?”

Sandy didn’t want to be overly anxious, although it was exactly what she wanted. Her frown was intended to give Tyler an impression that she might not like the idea. The glint in her eyes gave her away. “Maybe, Tyler. It’s just so soon.”

“There isn’t any secret why I invited you to lunch today, Sandy, so there is no need for you to play hard to get. That’s so high school. We both want to get laid.”

Sandy was upset by the high school reference but after she calmed down, she said, “I get your point. Maybe I did come here to be with you for more than lunch.”

“Good,” he said and got up from the table and walked over to the reception desk. He was back shortly and said, “We’re in room 254. After lunch, I’ll go up first and if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes, take the elevator to the second floor. Here is the key.”

Tyler didn’t wait to finish his lunch. He signed the tab writing room 254 and left. Sandy finished her salad before taking Elevator IV to the second floor. She felt no guilt or shame, only excitement. In fact, the excitement flowed between her legs. She had already soaked her panties at the thought of getting fucked by a man ten years her junior.

In the room, Tyler had opened another bottle of wine and had poured two glasses. He had removed his suit jacket and tie. On the desk was one red rose. Sandy thought it was a nice touch but wasn’t sure if he had put it there or if all of the rooms had a flower. Tyler sat opposite the bed when he said with a grin, “Take off your clothes, Sandy. I love having a drink with a naked woman, especially a naked woman as sexy as you.”

Obviously, this was not the first time Tyler had shacked up in the hotel and he knew just what he was doing. Sandy noted that his voice sounded like he was talking to one of his students. It was slightly demanding so she asked, “Tyler, do you do this with your students?”

“Well, I have but not too often. A couple of the girls came onto me and I couldn’t resist as long as they were legal. You might have seen one of them in the swing video.”

“Yes I did and she was really young and cute.”

“Okay, let me see what’s under those garments, then we’ll sip some wine.

Again feeling like one of his students, Sandy slowly and provocatively stripped. Of course, when she had only her thong left, Tyler could see her wetness and said, “Oh Sandy, those panties are so wet I can see you and I are going to have a good time together.”

She was humiliated but quickly recovered and slipped off her thong. Sandy sat on the edge of the bed completely naked opposite a completely dressed Tyler. They talked a short while about Jacques and Wendy and how they managed to host swing parties. Sandy was sorry they had ended, wishing she had been there.

When Sandy had almost finished her wine, Tyler moved closer to her and gently touched each of her breasts. He followed that by kissing her lips, then licking each nipple. Sandy was wild with excitement and her deep breaths told Tyler she was more than ready for him to take her.

“Look Sandy,” he whispered, “I have a hair trigger the first time I cum. Don’t be disappointed because I promise to perform in a way that will make you happy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Unzip me and you will see.”

Tyler stood directly in front of her as she unzipped his pants. He helped her pull his erect penis through the opening and said, “I need your rosy lips around my cock, Sandy.”

She went down on him and took him deep into her throat. Sandy was just a little disappointed because it was not Jacques mammoth cock but it was a nice cock. She wasn’t in a position to complain.

Quickly and without much more than a murmur, Tyler squirted a half dozen shots of his cum into Sandy’s mouth. It was all she could do to keep it from spilling out onto her lips. With a deft motion, Tyler picked up Sandy’s wine glass and said, “Wash it down with this.”

She did what he suggested. Sandy thought to herself that the mix of cum and wine had and interesting texture and a pleasurable flavor.

For a time, they sat waiting for Tyler to recover. He sat on the bed with his fly open and his cock dangling out from the opening. The view was both amusing and erotic and Sandy anxiously waited for its resurrection. She wanted him so badly in her pussy. Finally she could wait no longer and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. “It’s getting late, Tyler. Let’s wake up your sleeping Peter.” ‘Peter’ was her endearing term for her husband’s penis. She enjoyed the playful thought of Peter in Pussy as soul mates like Dick in Jane.

Sandy gently massaged ‘Peter’ until he was hard enough to get him inside her. She straddled his legs and pressed his firm muscle deep into her cunt. With each stroke his cock hardened further and she rode him almost violently until feeling her first orgasms. Although Tyler came almost immediately when she gave him a blowjob earlier, this time he had much better staying power. After some active and lengthy cowgirl action, Tyler exploded into her just as she was enjoying a third orgasm.

She lay exhausted on the bed and in a bit of a fog. Tyler’s performance was exactly as he had promised. She basked in the afterglow realizing that sex with Tyler was exactly what she needed. Obviously, it is one of the benefits of fucking a younger guy.

Tyler woke her from her trance and said, “I want to do you anal.”

“Another time?” she wondered. “Is he good for another time?” Sandy was in awe of his stamina. “Maybe he is a short hitter on the first round,” she reasoned, “but wow, the guy sure can perform.” And that’s just what she wanted.

At that he pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his pants laying naked next to Sandy. When the moment was right, Tyler turned Sandy on her stomach and brought out the lube. First with one finger, then two, he rubbed the ointment in her ass and smeared a large portion on his enlarged organ. He mounted her and slowly but relentlessly penetrated her butt hole until he was completely buried inside her.

Sandy felt no discomfort since she was accustomed to having sex this way with Andrew. Andrew was more forceful once he got in but Tyler let his cock rest for a moment and then pulled back almost completely pulling out. Then he pushed in again all the way to his balls, resting and pulled back again. This continued until he finally picked up speed and the momentum was so that Sandy could anticipate his movements.

Sandy moved onto on all fours so that Tyler could penetrate her even deeper and faster. Soon they were in sync with Sandy rocking her hips to meet each of his rhythmic strokes. She reached down between her legs to massage her clit, doubling her pleasure.

Toward the end, Tyler was vigorously pounding into her rear end and it seemed like forever and maybe it was. Tyler finally let loose with another blast of cum creaming her rectum just as he had done earlier in her pussy and mouth. After he pulled out, she kissed him and jumped into the shower. It was already 4:00 and Andrew would be home at six.

“I’ve gotta run, Tyler. It was fun.”

She dressed and left Tyler dozing on the bed, still naked dreaming of this glorious afternoon.

Sandy was beginning to pay the price on the drive home. Her butt was so sore it was hard for her to sit comfortably. Her next stop would be at the drugstore to pick up some anal cream to sooth her very painful ass. Well, she figured, the whole afternoon went well and was definitely worth a tender behind.

Sandy began thinking more about the Party Boat in the following week. Having sex with new partners was such a turn-on and she no longer had any feelings of guilt or regret.

Sandy realized she would be desirable to younger men for only a few more years and she should take advantage of those years while there are opportunities. In her whole life, she had experienced sex with only three men, Andrew, Jacques and now Tyler and it seemed she owed it to herself to make up for lost time. Sandy’s raging hormones added to the rationality she used to justify her lust. Anyway, times had changed since she was growing up. These days women are more open to having multiple partners and finding ways to satisfy their sexual urges.


MILF Slut Sequel One

A week passed and Sandy had not heard any fallout from the hacked videos. Jacques was under scrutiny at the college and as he had predicted, his deanship was rescinded. The perpetrators had not been found but the videos were being blocked as best the computer science department could manage.

Sandy was starting to feel a little more secure until she was at the club one Wednesday afternoon. As she walked toward her friends sitting at the bar, she saw that they were all talking to each other in hushed voices with an occasional glance at her.

“Uh oh,” she feared, “They know.” What could she do but buck up and face the music. After all, these women were her closest friends. She would just have to put on a happy face, the kind of bogus smile women use in uncomfortable situations.

She greeted them with all of the good cheer she could muster. “Hi ladies!”

“Sandy, you gotta hear his,” Betty said in a loud whisper. Betty was out of her mind with excitement.

“Hey, what’s up and where is Phyllis?” Sandy asked.

“Listen to this, Sandy. You won’t believe this!”

Of course Sandy liked to here the gossip as much as the next gal as long as it wasn’t about her. Sandy’s heart beat was so rapid it felt it might fly out of her chest. Well, maybe her friends would understand and with any luck, be a little supportive. Secretly, they even might be jealous. There’s no telling about these things.

“Come closer, Sandy. We want you to hear what’s going on in our town,” and Betty motioned for her to sit next to her.

Sandy put her purse on the bar and turned to Betty preparing for the worst.

“Sandy, guess what? We have an escort service going on right under our nose and our Phyllis is a part of it.”

“Oh my God,” Sandy said with relief. “You’re kidding! How did you find out?”

Betty licked her lips as if to devour a luscious piece of chocolate cake then said, “Well, it’s really only a rumor but Tina was talking to her housekeeper who is best friends with Phyllis’ maid. You know how the domestics know all of the private stuff in the family, right?”

“Sure, go on,” Sandy said.

“Here is where it gets interesting,” Betty said in a hushed voice. “Phyllis’ maid said Phyllis has a whole wardrobe of sexy lingerie and sex toys and something new arrives in the mail from a place called Wicked Temptations almost every week. You know that Phyllis and Bob have been separated for over a year so the seductive lingerie and toys are not intended for him.”

“That doesn’t prove anything, Betty.”

“I know, Sandy, but the maid said Phyllis goes out at about the same time three or four times a week around seven with a small suitcase and doesn’t come home until later the next day.”

“Okay, that’s circumstantial evidence and maybe Phyllis is having an affair.”

“Alright, but how about those phone calls that the maid answers from men, different men? One day it is Henry, then George, and Peter, and on and on.”

“Hmmm, maybe you are onto something but why do you think it’s an escort service?”

Betty didn’t answer because Ann who was overhearing all of this interrupted and said, “Look, Sandy, we know a lot more but for the good of our town, we need to keep it quiet. The truth is, Phyllis is not alone. We have heard the same story about three other housewives in town. We don’t know them well but see them at church and at PTA meetings.”

“Geez, Ann. Where does all of this take place?”

Ann said, “No one knows for sure but some say it might be on a yacht and the services they provide are done out on the lake so nothing is illegal.”

“One more thing,” Betty added. “We went online to Craig’s List and Backpage where a ‘Party Boat’ is listed in our area and it is very explicit about their services. You know, like, ‘Horny local housewives looking for romance’ and ‘Hot MILF’s for you’. Okay, that’s a little understated but it gets the point across. Don’t you agree?”

“I guess so,” Sandy agreed with little enthusiasm.

Ann then said, “Look Sandy, you and Phyllis are neighbors. Keep an eye on her and see what you can find out, okay?”

“Okay,” Sandy reluctantly replied. It’s what Sandy thought she should do but not what she felt comfortable doing. Spying on a friend never interested her so she needed to come up with an alternate plan.

Still experiencing a bit of guilt about her own recent transgressions, Sandy felt a degree of empathy toward Phyllis. What if the rumor was false and Phyllis was actually staying the night with an ill friend? Maybe she was going to a medical center to get treatment for an undisclosed illness. Yet, there were those intimate clothes and phone calls that made Sandy wonder if the rumors were really true. She just wanted to give Phyllis the benefit of the doubt.

Sandy felt it best to level with Phyllis and find out the truth. Anyway, it would be in her best interest if people zeroed in on Phyllis rather than spreading dirt about her. On Monday morning, Sandy called Phyllis and invited her over for an afternoon cocktail.

Out on the patio that afternoon, it was warm with a cloudless indigo blue sky. The two women sipped Chardonnay for over an hour before Sandy finally got to the point.

“Phyllis, have you heard anything about a Party Boat in our area? The girls at the club seem to think there is something interesting happening on board.”

Startled, Phyllis said, “Gee Sandy, I don’t know,” staring at her wine glass, “Someone mentioned it to me at our last PTA meeting.”

“What did they say?”

“Not much. It’s just a rumor I guess. You know how people talk.”

Sandy watched a squirrel scurry up a tree before saying, “Yes, I know how people talk and that is why I asked you to join me here for a glass wine.”

“What are you getting at, Sandy?”

“Well, there is another rumor going around and it involves you. Let me just say that if the rumor was about me, I would like a chance to clarify it with a friend and we are pretty good friends, Phyllis.”

“I see. Does it involve the Party Boat?”

“Yes it does.”

All of a sudden there was a deafening silence. Sandy adjusted the table cloth and refilled both glasses waiting for a reply.

“Okay, Sandy. I really need a trusted friend on this and you are the only one I can really trust. It’s a long story and easy to be judgmental but it is what it is.”

“I totally understand, Phyllis,” Sandy said without going into details. “What we say here stays here and you can trust me on that.”

Phyllis removed her sun hat and quietly said, “As I said, it’s a long story.”

Sandy said nothing but gave Phyllis an understanding nod. Phyllis didn’t exactly blurt out her story but let it fall out in tiny pieces like chards of a broken glass.

It might have been the wine or just a sense of relief but at that point Phyllis just opened up and began revealing all of her secrets to Sandy.

“Life is so complicated, Sandy. You and everyone knows that Bob and I have been separated for over a year. I just couldn’t stand his drinking anymore and when he started losing money by gambling on sports teams, it was the last straw. Now we are financially ruined. I can pay the mortgage and scrape together enough money for food but that’s about all.”

“Go on,” Sandy said sympathetically.

“Well, I need some romance in my life and coming home to an empty house and worrying about paying the bills, I just felt so depressed. You might not understand that in your situation, Sandy.”

“Well, Phyllis, you might be surprised but I do understand how you feel.”

Phyllis ignored the “you might be surprised” part and continued.

“So anyway, I ‘friended’ a guy online and he was understanding and has a great sense of humor. Okay he is ten years younger than we are but he has a nice build, is funny and best of all he is a compassionate guy. One thing led to another and eventually we decided to meet. You know, like in the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ movie.”

“Oh yeah, I love that scene where Tom Hanks goes to meet Meg Ryan for the first time.”

“Okay then, you can imagine what it was like but this was different. Joe asked me for a date on the Party Boat. Of course, I had no idea what it was but it sounded like fun. So I went and we met at the dock several miles out of town. You know where it is, right?”

“Yep, I know it. We go there to the beach on weekends,” Sandy said.

“Well, I could see there was no boat large enough for a party but Joe said the Party Boat never docks and we needed to take the ship’s tender. When we boarded, there were three other women without dates that were already there. I thought I recognized two of them. We probably had seen each other at the supermarket but they are definitely from our town and about our age. I introduced myself and they told me their names. I didn’t get a chance to talk with them because they pretty much kept to themselves.”

“So they knew each other, right?” Sandy asked.

“That’s right. There was one more thing and it was that each of them had brought along overnight bags. I didn’t ask about them but I was curious. Anyway, it took about twenty minutes to get to the most glamorous yacht I had ever seen! It was all lit up and must be at least half the length of a football feed, maybe more.”

Phyllis was animated and excited as she told Sandy the story. Her enthusiasm was infectious and Sandy was feeling the excitement she felt with Professor Carter.

Phyllis continued, “Once we boarded the ship, Joe introduced me to the captain who was dressed in a white seaman’s uniform and looked very dashing. The captain gave me a huge hug and said, ‘Welcome aboard, Phyllis!’ Then he handed me a glass of Champagne.”

“Joe took my hand and showed me around the ship. There is a dining area and kitchen as well as a game room and about six cabins. Finally he took me to the pool and that was where everyone was partying. There were about six women our age and probably a half dozen or more of young men Joe’s age. Everyone was in the pool and everyone was naked.”

“Joe cautioned me and said, ‘Phyllis, you don’t need to go swimming but if you wish to join everyone, I’ll show you a cabin where you can hang your clothes.’ Joe told me that there was a robe there as well.”

“You know Sandy, I felt so out of place. The nude men and women in the pool didn’t bother me because I had been to nude beaches before but it was awkward. I followed Joe to a cabin and removed my clothes. Joe just stood there watching. I was so embarrassed.”

“Then he told me what a lovely body I had and kissed me with a deep sexy kiss. The next thing I knew, we were on the bed touching and feeling each others’ intimate body parts. Joe went down on me like Bob never did. I was so hot and wet down there. There was only one thing on my mind. I wanted Joe inside me.”

“Joe made the move as he gently spread my legs further apart but I stopped him and said he had to wear a condom. He of course objected but agreed handing me the envelope. It gave me a good opportunity to see his size when I rolled the latex protection over his very healthy hard cock. I can’t go into the details here, Sandy, but after not having sex since Bob left, all I can say is it was sensational.”

“I can imagine,” Sandy replied with a wink and a smile.

“After that, we went down to the pool and I no longer felt ashamed or embarrassed. Being naked in front of everyone was kind of liberating. I actually felt a relief and a freedom I had never felt before.”

“I see. So you partied with the rest of the group romping in the pool for the rest of the evening?”

“Not exactly. What I noticed was that the women knew each other and would laugh and giggle among themselves but the men were strangers to them. This changed of course as people began to mingle. Joe was always kidding around with the women and the women shamelessly flirted with whomever they were near. At some point, Joe disappeared as did several couples when people paired up. One couple was in the corner on the chaise lounge having sex right by the pool. Can you imagine that, Sandy?”

“Amazing! Right in front of you?”

“Yes and they were rather vocal about it. Anyway, I was the only other woman left at the pool. There was a kid who was painfully shy sitting by himself on the edge of the pool with his enlarged penis straight up in the air. It had been like that for a long time. I went over to talk with him. Finally I got around to asking him why he always had a hard on.

He told me it just happened. Then he confided in me and said he had never had sex with a woman and was afraid he couldn’t get it up. “Ya know,” he said, “I’m here to fuck a lady like all the other guys, so I took a Viagra pill before coming on the cruise to be sure.”

“Hold that thought, Phyllis. Let me open another bottle of wine.”

When Sandy returned to the patio, Phyllis continued her story.

“I felt so sorry for him. I gave him a peck on the cheek and reached down to squeeze his very hard penis. I think he just reacted and grabbed my tits so I asked him if he would like to join me in my cabin. I was so horny feeling that kid’s hard erection that we started making love without a minute of foreplay. I don’t think the kid knew what foreplay was anyway.

“I helped him find the opening into my vagina and once he was in, he pushed it in all the way. The boy banged me for only a short time when he emptied a huge load inside me. Gee, Sandy, I hope this is not too graphic. I’m only trying to give you a heads-up on what happened.”

“No Phyllis, I’m okay with it.”

“We stayed the night together while I taught him how to have sex in lots of different positions. I had forgotten all about protection and condoms so he filled me time and time again with his hot semen. I figured since he was a virgin, there was no health risk.”

Phyllis then told of her joy each time the virgin boy ejaculated. “Sandy, the kid had the stamina of the Gods. Each time he came, a flood of juices spewed out of him like a volcano erupting. I’m embarrassed to say this but his hot cum felt so wonderful inside me.” And Phyllis was indeed embarrassed as her face turned crimson.

“So it was a memorable evening for you?” Sandy remarked.

“Oh yes and that wasn’t the end of it. We had one more round at daybreak. I gave him a short blowjob to get us started and then I had him sit on the rocking chair. I sat on his cock and we rocked each other for another half hour. It was the first orgasm I had since Bob and I screwed on our first honeymoon night and that’s a long time ago. Here’s the best part, Sandy. Before he finished, I took him in my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his boy joy juice. I had totally forgotten how much I love the taste of cum.”

While listening, Sandy could feel her excitement grow and knew her panties were drenched while imagining each detail of Phyllis’s story.

Phyllis finished her story by saying, “We dressed and just before leaving the cabin for breakfast, he gave me an envelope and said, ‘Thank you.’ I asked him what it was for and he said it was a gift. I put it in my purse and didn’t look at it until I got home. I got home around noon the next day and in the envelope I found $400. I couldn’t believe it.”

Sandy took a gulp of her wine and said, “That’s quite an experience, Phyllis. Have you ever gone back?”

“Of course. I know it’s just a sex party but there are new guys each time and I feel wanted and loved again. Women like me get the attention and romance we need from young studs and they help us with our finances because every guy leaves their woman a gift. I even spent an evening with the captain and apparently that’s something special. Really, Sandy, you would love it if you and Andrew weren’t so close. You are a beautiful sexy woman and are so attractive. The guys would go wild over you.”

“I gotta say Phyllis, it sure sounds exciting. I don’t think I could work up the nerve but I’m glad for you. Did you ever get to know the other gals from around here?”

“Yes, I know them but maybe I’ve told you too much already so I’m not naming names. You might have seen them at PTA meetings.”

After Phyllis left, Sandy was so wet and horny she went straight to her computer where she had downloaded the three-some video that Jacques and Wendy had sent. While she watched, she massaged her g-spot using her joy toy enjoying each and every orgasm while imagining fucking young men on the Party Boat.

My Dream Girl

I move my mouth from her lips, I follow the curve of her face with tender, soft kisses, I drift down onto her neck. The wonderful silky neck of a woman is a joy to kiss and nibble, usually an action greeted with delicate moans, as they turn for you to allow you access. Yes, she is one such woman. I move down her body, kissing every inch of skin I cross. She is starting to wriggle beneath me, this is getting her desire flowing, she wants to see what more I have to give her. It had been the longest day at work, to finish off the longest week. I was so glad it was the last Friday of the month, this meant only one thing, my online book club was getting together to gossip about their latest read, all of us would have a glass of wine or two as we swapped ideas on our most recent book.

I had a feeling tonight would be a good session as they had picked an erotic novel this time.

I was settled in front of my laptop, wine in hand, waiting for all the other girls to log on. Once they had all arrived, it became clear the topic of the book had got them all in cheeky moods, there were lots of suggestive messages and we hadn’t even got to discussing the book at that point. Once we got into the main discussion, it was revealing to see what bits the other girls liked and did not.

One section had an all-too-brief liaison between two women; personally I would have loved to have seen more of this, 4 out of the 6 of my friends weren’t bothered by it but weren’t overly turned on and one friend had admitted it had turned her on and that it had taken her by surprise. I was surprised that so few of us were drawn to the physicality and sensuality of other women. I myself find both women and men attractive, but the pastime of pleasuring a woman is a hard one to beat.

We had finished discussing the book, but as always we took our chatter late on into the evening. The wine had clearly taken effect, as had the content of the book. Suddenly they all seemed to think it was funny to post their bums and bra clad boobs as their profile pictures, asking the rest of us what we thought the lead character would like to do to that.

Mostly I was just thinking what I would like to do the all the shapely figures I was being teased with. My Dream Girlthough, did not seem to be joining in, I admit I was a bit disappointed as out of all the others she had always intrigued me most. She seemed to have a very sweet nature, her comments were always kind and fair and I was eager to put a face to her name.

As if the Gods had answered my plea, my Dream Girl  found her courage. I was not prepared for the vision she was though. Her first picture was her beautiful face, gorgeous plump pouting lips, lips I was certain I would kiss if they were brought too close to mine, and beautiful eyes framed by the loveliest long eyelashes. Everyone was quick to compliment her, and rightly so, such a truly lovely face.

She rebuffed our compliments, but did seem to find some added confidence from them, as she graced us with two more pictures, fully embracing the game the others had started. A fine body to go with that beautiful face, curves absolutely where they should be, oh, her picture was almost too much to take. It had been a long time since a woman had bowled me over like this. Then just as I thought I would have to take a break so as not to say something inappropriate she gave us all the treat of seeing her knicker-clad bottom. So peachy and smooth, the compliments I wished to give entirely crossing the boundaries. ‘Yes you have a lovely Ass, so lovely I’d like to bite it and spank it.’ Hardly the best thing I could say.

I could tell they were all getting progressively more tipsy and as amusing as their sexual confessions and comical outbursts were, I was starting to feel a little frustrated. It was hard not to imagine all manner of naughty things when they were being so explicit. My Dream Girl had also come out of her shell, and some of the information she shared made me ache with a desire to pleasure her. So I excused myself for the evening, and took the spoil-sport jibes on the chin and went to bed to be alone with my thoughts.

Oh, how she teased me. Visiting me in my dreams where I could not resist her. Her divine body encased in a sexy red chemise, made all the more appealing by those luscious dark locks tied in a ponytail that was begging to be grabbed.

I thought where I could direct those plump lips if I took that ponytail in my hand. I am rushing though. She is curious, needing to be shown how much pleasure can be found in two women coming together, I need to take her slowly through this new experience she desires. She is looking at me through those beautiful lashes and I want all of her at once, I want to lose myself in her and her pleasure.

I go to her, I take her soft hands in mine, hands I want to feel all over my body, I want to feel her little trembles as she moves uncertainly across my skin, unsure as to what to try and where to go. I will tell her though. I will tell her, I will show her, I will lay her down upon my bed and I will show her how you touch and caress a woman. I will be patient and I will resist the urge to ravish her. Where should I start with one so alluring? when every bit of her is calling to me, begging for me.

As she lays before me, I dip my mouth to hers. Oh my, to kiss those lips is like taking a sip of heaven itself. So soft, so full, so tentative, and then she relaxes into my kiss and those lips become eager. She likes this, this kiss of mine upon her sweet lips. Will she respond the same when I move my mouth to the soft, wet lips of her pussy? I hope so. I slow my thoughts down, we have barely begun.

I move my mouth from her lips, I follow the curve of her face with tender, soft kisses, I drift down onto her neck. The wonderful silky neck of a woman is a joy to kiss and nibble, usually an action greeted with delicate moans, as they turn for you to allow you access. Yes, she is one such woman. I move down her body, kissing every inch of skin I cross. She is starting to wriggle beneath me, this is getting her desire flowing, she wants to see what more I have to give her.

I free her breasts from the confines of her pretty chemise, one single tug of a silky front tie and they are free. Free and glorious. So full and shapely, her equally gorgeous nipples are standing erect for me, showing me she is enjoying my exploration of her.

I take one breast in my hand and a nipple in my mouth, my free hand playing with her enticing ponytail. As I lick and suck on her nipples I feel greedy for her, I use my hands to take as much of her breast into my mouth as I can and she is moaning for me, moaning for more, she loves to have her beautiful breasts adored by my mouth. Oh curious one, I would adore you whenever you wished.

I can wait no longer, I need to see how a divine beauty like this tastes. As I remove her lacy red knickers, I am overjoyed to feel how her juices have soaked them, confirming that I have been pleasing her with my affections. I push those shapely thighs apart, so I can see how wet she is for me. As I run a finger up her wet slit, I cannot resist the urge to taste her, I lower my head and my sense are aflame.

The vision of her is one thing, but her scent also has me giddy with lust. She smells sweet and musky and so ready. I know then she will taste like no other. Then my tongue is on her, she is warm and wet, my pussy is aching for her now.

I lick her pussy and suck on her clit, she arches her back and pushes up into me. She tells me this is good, that this is how she likes it. I am pleased she is becoming vocal, she is relaxing now, letting herself go to revel in the pleasure I am creating for her. I keep going with what she likes, I also push my fingers into her for added pleasure. She feels so perfect around my fingers, so eager for them as her pussy pushes down onto them. I curve my fingers searching for the spot that will cause her more sensations.

She is telling me yes, that this is the spot. She is so ready, I can feel how close she is, so I increase my efforts and give her what she is craving. She is ecstasy, her sweet voice calling out to me as her juices flow for me. She is in heaven, and she is my little taste of heaven.

As she returns to me from her orgasmic haze she begins to show signs of shyness. No, my curious one, don’t be shy, here let me show you. I lie beside her, take her hand in mine and place it on my breast, I tell her to mimic my actions, touch what appeals to her, those hands of her could do no wrong to my body. She hesitantly follows my instructions, every now and then looking up at me for approval through those thick, long lashes. Oh, curious one, you are just so pretty.

She is finding her courage now, she licks at my nipples and when I arch my back towards her mouth she instinctively sucks at them. I can feel her hand slowly brushing the skin of my stomach, I can feel she wants to explore lower but she is uncertain still. I suggest a different approach, so she doesn’t feel pressured to concentrate on bringing me pleasure.

I show her how we can place ourselves pussy to pussy, clit to clit. How our individual desires can bring the other pleasure. She likes this, she grinds with me, as we both make each other moan.

As she becomes more aroused, she becomes bolder again. I love this. I think that I would keep her aroused all the time if I could make her feel courageous too. She whispers to me so sweetly that she would like to taste me as I did her. This makes me want to taste her again, so I get her to straddle my face as she leans down to put her lovely lips and gentle tongue on my pussy.

She is cautious, but it feels amazing. She is grinding her pussy against my mouth, as I thrust my tongue up to meet her advances, her own efforts on my pussy are increased. She has stopped being cautious or following my lead, she has found her enjoyment of the task and she is lost to it now. It feels wonderful. She is pulling my climax to the surface without even trying. I start to call out to her, telling her how good it feels, how she is going to make me come. She too is going to come again, my mouth is eager to take her juices.

As my vision of her makes me climax, as her own orgasm makes her pussy clench around my tongue and her wonderful taste flow into my mouth, my own hand lost to my dream is working frantically to create my own pleasure.

I wake in in the grip of orgasm, my Dream Girl filling my mind. What I would give for it to not be a dream. Oh, that the Gods would look upon me favourably once more and bring her to me to sample her sweet delights in my waking state.