Loving My Daughter ( In Ways That I Never Thought Was Possible)

All characters are/were over 18 at the times of portrayal.


My wife Andy changed when our daughter became a teenager; I think she thought Janet had become a rival to her. Andy became so dark and spiteful. Things came to a head when Andy became violent with Janet when She was fifteen. Andy tried to strike at her daughter, but Janet youthful reflexes enabled her to push her mother away.

Unfortunately Andy was in the direction of a flight of stairs . . .

Andy survived, but from her hospital bed she set the police on Janet  was taken into custody and I first visited my daughter to comfort her, then to my lawyers and thirdly to the hospital to serve my wife with divorce papers, then back to Janet

I did what I could for Janet but I’m not a lawyer and I’m not rich; the court ended up sending her down for four years, to a young offenders’ institution. I visited regularly and she seemed to be doing okay there. At the very least she kept her head down, finished her schooling inside and got time off for good behaviour.

Janet release came just after her eighteenth birthday, which I was glad about; since any longer and she would have been sent on to a normal prison. We met in the release room, where she signed for her things and her parole.

She hugged me tight for what seemed like an hour; I felt the form of an adult woman pressing against me, where I had only been used to a child before. She was still shorter than me, but she had grown up.

Janet was quiet during the car ride home, except to ask where we were going; I explained I’d moved house, gotten a two-bedroom place for us since the divorce. When we arrived I showed her around and she remained quiet. It was only after I commented that her room was smaller than her old one that she whispered warmly that it was perfect and she hugged me again, pressing her face into my chest and she cried.

I let my daughter get it out; the mass of bottled up emotions she had been concentrating within her. Not letting go of me she sobbed as she told all of her fears, the possibility that I might abandon her, that she might go back to prison, that she had no future, that her mother might come back . . .

(Of course she wouldn’t know that her mother could never come back. A couple of years ago during the divorce she had shown up drunk and tried to attack me. I lost my temper and snapped her neck. I threw her body off of a bridge and with the alcohol in her blood the coroner concluded suicide. I kept all of it from Janet for her mental safety.)

I pulled Janet  off of me and looked her in the eyes. I said that I would be there for her, for as long as I lived, unconditionally. I told her I loved her more than any other person. Jess replied likewise and said she owed me everything.

That evening we had a takeaway and just watched TV together, enjoying each other’s company. I decided to turn in and Janet followed me up.


I was just falling asleep when I heard my bedroom door open. “Daddy, are you asleep?” (Janet had been calling me ‘Dad’ since she was ten, but on seeing me today she had gone back to ‘Daddy’.)

“Not quite, darling, is something the matter?” I asked in the dark.

“I don’t want to be on my own tonight.” She said nervously. “Daddy?”

“Okay.” I replied “It’s a bit of a shock being on your own again isn’t it, having a room to yourself again? Still you’re a grown woman now; just this once, darling.” I lifted up the covers on my bed and I heard her shuffle over until she found the bed in the blackness.

Janet climbed onto the bed and slid in between the sheets. Her hands and legs found my body and she pulled herself against me. “That’s nice.” She said softly as her head rested on my shoulder.

Something was amiss, I felt. Suddenly it came to me and my hand instinctively felt across, feeling only hot skin, not fabric. “Janet, are you wearing pyjamas?”

“Oh Daddy” she giggled. “I’m completely naked. Why don’t you take your ‘jammies off too?” I could feel her hands now feeling over my chest. This wasn’t the touch of a child, it was the touch of an adult; a lover?

“Janet; what are you doing?!” I said with a sense of urgency at the boundary my eighteen year old daughter seemed to be intent on bending, if not outright crossing.

“This is the only way I can thank you, Daddy. I’m here to give you what a man needs.”

“No!” I cried out and reached for the bedside lamp. We both squinted as it suddenly illuminated the scene, I lifted myself to a sitting position. “You don’t need to thank me at all. And I’m your father, this is just wrong. This isn’t how we should be.”

Janet looked at me pleadingly. She was sitting up too, holding the duvet to cover her chest. “But Daddy, I want to. All the time I was inside, you were the one who gave me hope; you gave me the strength to keep going. All I could think about was you, alone out here. Now I’m out, we’re together. We’re both adults. I even kept my virginity inside, to save myself for you.”

“Look darling, I think you’ve got things mixed up; one thing that should be two. I’m your father; I’m here to protect and support you. There will be another man out there for you to find; someone your age with whom you can fall in love with and build a future together.”

“Daddy; but what about your future? I want us to be together.”

“I’ll support you until you find your Way, and I’ll always be here just in case.” I was looking at my daughter torn between the image before me of a naked nymph in my bed, and the person that was my child. I was tempted certainly but I had to think of her actual needs first. “I can’t be your lover too, I’m your father.”

“I don’t care. You’re the only man in my life; I want to give you everything. I’ve had almost three years to think about this and my mind is made up.” Janet said, deliberately dropping the duvet to show off her pert breasts.

One of her legs was wrapped around mine. My cock was erect from the stimulation of her touch and view. She pulled away the duvet and took hold of my cock through my pyjamas.

I reached out and grasped her wrist. “No!” I said firmly.

“Trust me.” Janet replied.

I can’t explain it; my grip slackened and I let go of her wrist. She opened my pyjama Fly and pulled my cock out. I don’t know why I let her, but I felt I couldn’t move, like I was only a spectator as she crossed the line into incest.

“It’s so beautiful, Daddy; your cock is gorgeous.” Janet said, in quiet awe. “It’s better than I imagined, so much.”

I watched as her dainty hands grasped it while her body re-oriented. She stroked my cock a couple of times, which felt amazing, and then she plunged her mouth onto it, taking my eight inches deep into her throat.

Despite my pseudo-paralysis I was trying to stop her, but the moment I felt the tightness of her throat around my cockhead; I gave up and accepted it. Partially because my mind was now flooded with both hormones and a single question; where the fuck did she learn to do that????!

Janet must have read my mind as she came up for air “I did it Daddy! I practiced on Kealy’s dildo for months, to be able to deepthroat you! But a lump of silicon isn’t a cock; I didn’t know for sure until now! Woo!”

And to prove it wasn’t a fluke, she did it again; sinking her head down over my cock until I felt it bending with the shape of her throat as her lips kissed my crotch around the base of my cock.

She came up again and looked frustratedly at my cock. “Daddy, I so want to make you cum and swallow your cream, but I’m going to have to do that another time.” My teenage daughter turned to look at me. “Daddy? Can you take my virginity now please?”

I took a deep breath; this was all happening so fast. “Honey, are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want to hurt you. We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“I’m an adult now. I know exactly what I want. It’s not something normal, but I don’t care.” Janet said indignantly.

“I’ve been an adult for a lot longer; I wish I always knew exactly what I wanted.” I replied honestly.

“You haven’t been stuck inside with nothing to do but think about it, Daddy! I need you to take me, take my virginity and claim me as your lover.” Janet raised herself onto her knees and took my hands, pulling me up too.

I watched as she laid down on her back, her gorgeous flawless naked teenage body on display for me.

I knew I couldn’t deny either of us this so I climbed over her, my rock hard cock rubbing her belly as I placed my legs between hers. I moved down the bed, kissing her all the way down and sucking her nipples in turn.

“Just fuck me, Daddy!” She cried as I lavished attention on her body.

“No darling. Not this first time; . . . losing your virginity . . . can’t be the result . . . of a quick fuck. First I’m going . . . to taste you” I said as I reached her shaven sex. I cupped my mouth onto her wet snatch and probed inward with my tongue. The taste was unbelievable; I had found the ultimate flavour.

“Oh God! Daddy!!” Janet gasped as I licked her out “Yes, yes, lick my Pussy ,Daddy! It’s yours; all yours!”

Her hands pressed my head against her. A part of my mind was still incredulous; this was my little girl I was eating out; and yet now I was doing it, it didn’t feel wrong. We had simply found the ultimate way to express our love. I was eager now to take her; but this was my girl’s first time, so I took my time eating her out. Janet was already nice and wet but I was also enjoying her sweet virgin nectar.

It was also a massive turn on to know I was not the first person to eat her; how many lovers had she had on the inside? One thing was certain; they would have all been hot teenage girls just like her . . .

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddeeee!” She cried “I’m cumming!”

As she screamed out, her nectar flooded out. My little girl was obviously a squirter, very sexy. I drank it down and continued tonguing her pussy and rubbing her clit with my nose. The pressure from her hips was massive as her body clenched in her climax, my hands kept my head from being crushed.

As she descended from her orgasmic high I stopped licking and brought my head up. “Now you’re ready.” I declared.

“Yes, Daddy. Please fuck me. My body belongs to you now.”

“I love you Baby.” I said as I climbed over her. Any lingering doubts about the incestuous act I was about to commit had long faded. My daughter was now a grown woman; she had adult needs now.

“Daddy, please fuck me” Janet repeated “I know it’ll hurt but I have to have you inside me, so much!”

She is so beautiful beneath me. Her body is perfect and screams to be fucked. My cock is harder than I’ve ever known it, almost painfully engorged ready to serve my daughter. I guide it to her petal-like lips and slide it into her 

“Slowly please Daddy!” She cautions breathlessly, experiencing her pussy filling up for the first time.

“Trust me honey.” I replied, already going as slowly as I dared. She was very tight but so hot and wet; I was resisting plunging in, but only just; the last thing I wanted was to hurt her. I realised this was the thing about incest; we already had such a deep love and caring bond with each other that sex was simply a step further.

“I can feel you; you’re on my hymen. I’m ready Daddy; break through!” Janet said gasping as her vagina gripped the tip of my cock. “I need you in deep!”

I could feel it too. “How do you want it honey? Fast or slow?”

“Slow please Daddy, make me a woman now please!”

I added force and could feel it stretching.

“It hurts Daddy! It’s so painful.” My daughter cried out.

“Stop?” I asked, worried.

“No! Just fucking do it!” Janet screamed through the pain.

I pulled back a bit, and then plunged deep into my daughter, bottoming out inside; my balls slapping on her arsehole outside.

Janet eyes went wide “Fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed.

I held still, not wanting to hurt her any more.

After a few seconds, Janet looked up directly at me, grimacing. “Daddy, it still hurts but I think I’m ready now to get fucked.”

“Not fucked, darling. Loved.” I corrected her as I slowly pistoned in and out of her tight pussy. “I’m making love to you, my angel.” And I kissed her.

Janet responded to the kiss and our tongues soon met, sloshing together as we kissed passionately as we coupled. The kiss was broken as she orgasmed, gasping for breath as her body fluttered beneath me.

I slackened my effort as I waited for her to finish, my cock gently sliding in and out of her tight hot wet spasming quim. I want to make it last but my daughter was too tight a fit. I pulled out and let Her recover.

After a minute her eyes opened “Why did you stop Daddy?”

I kissed her again, still holding my body over hers. “I’d have cum, darling, and you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it.”

Janet looked down At her body at my still erect cock. “You’re all . . . bloody.”

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you shove something through a tissue membrane. Take a good look angel; that was the only time I want to see you bleed. Are you ready to keep going?”

“Can I be on top, Daddy? Oooh!” She asked and squealed as I responded, dropping my body onto hers, wrapping my arms around her; and rolling us on the bed.

“How’s that?” I asked, now lying on my back with her on top of me.

“Fun!” Janet replied as I released her from our embrace and she rose up over me. “I can’t believe I’m doing this! Again!” she said as she manoeuvred her hips over me, aligning her pussy over my cock.

I just laid there and let her handle me into docking angle. I was watching the look of concentration on her face.

She sighed as she lowered herself, embedding my bloody cock back inside her. “Ahhh, that’s better. That’s where your cock belongs, Daddy; in my Pussy. I was made to fit it.”
“It certainly is a tight fit darling.” I observed.

“Exactly!” She said, starting to bounce on me.

The delay had relaxed me and so we were fucking for a while. I loved watching her pert breasts bouncing and I held her hips with my hands, giving her a little help and steadiness.

“This is it Daddy, this is what I dreamed of when I was inside, I was riding my Daddy’s big cock; he was filling me up and fucking me!”

“I’m nearly there darling. Tell me who you belong to?” I asked.

“I belong to you Daddy; I’m Daddy’s little bisexual fucking slut!”

“So  fucking right!” I agreed and used my hands to ram her down upon me, my cock deep inside my daughter’s vagina as my orgasm hit and I fired up into her.

“You’re cumming Daddy! Aaah! I feel it hitting my insides!” Janet cried out “I’m cumming too Daddy! You’re too fucking gooooooooooood!”

I pulled her upper body down and held her body against mine as the last of my cum deposited inside my daughter. Her nipples were like bullets, indenting into my chest.

Janet raised her head once her orgasm finished and looked at me.

I broke the silence that had followed our orgasms. “I love you darling.”

“Love you too.” Replied Janet and we lightly kissed. “I meant what I said, Daddy; I belong to you now.”

“At least until we find you a nice boy your own age, darling. I can give you what you need for the now, but you need someone for your future.”

“The future can wait Daddy. I’ve got you back and I’m happy with now.” Janet said and slipped herself off me and laid her body beside mine, with her head on my chest. “Now is everything I need.”

I put one arm around her and the other pulled a sheet over us. We talked, basking in the afterglow of sex and feeling completely close to each other.

“What made you start thinking about us, sexually?” I asked, curious.

“Well, girls talk a lot. I learned so much in that place. A good number of the girls had been abused by their families; I mean sexually; some actually enjoyed it, most didn’t. One thing got me thinking; how could a father rape his own daughter? It seemed so evil at first. I thought of us in that situation; if you had forced yourself on me . . .”

“I would never do that!” I interjected.

“Oh Daddy, I know. But it turned me on; the idea of you taking me for your own pleasure. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. But I knew you wouldn’t do it, because you love me; I had to give myself to you first.” Janet explained. “I realised it was what was missing from both our lives and it would make you happy, and me too. Look Daddy, I really don’t want this to be a one-time thing.”

I stared at her. “Honey, what we’ve done is wrong and probably illegal too. But damn society, I’ve never felt closer to you. As long as you want to make love, well; I want to too.” I pulled her to me and we kissed again. “Besides, I own you now.” I added lightly.

“Yes, Daddy; I’m yours.” She replied seriously.

After a while, Janet lifted herself up and asked “Are you tired?”

“Not really, darling; you don’t have to go or anything.” I replied, looking up at her.

Janet played with my chest hair. “No, Daddy. First; I’m never leaving your bed. Second; I want to fuck again.”

“I wish I had your youthful energy, darling. I think I can manage another go. What do you want to do?” I loved her energy and realised I was going to be kept very fit; just from fucking my teenage daughter, or the exertion could kill me . . .

Janet looked at me with a mischievous glint in her eye “Would you like to fuck my arse, Daddy? I’m not a virgin back there, but I’m still nice and tight.”

“Who on Earth have you been having anal sex with?” I asked incredulously.

Janet smiled “Oh Daddy, don’t worry; yours will be the first real cock in my arse. When I was inside we . . . well, all the girls, we . . . well, fucked like rabbits! Strap-ons, toys, fingers and licking each other! When you lock a load of horny teenage girls up together; that’s what happens. But I wanted to save my pussy for you, so when I got initiated I sacrificed my other cherry instead.” She giggled “Turns out I like anal, so it wasn’t too much of a bother. Where do you keep the lube?”

“Lube?” I said blankly. “Err, I haven’t got any.”

“Oh my poor Daddy; all this time you’ve had no-one to love you; no-one whose arse needed fucking regularly. Don’t worry, you can get me nice and slippery with your tongue and I’ll then do the same to you.”

I got up and had her lay on the centre of the bed. I pushed her legs up until her knees were at her ears, exposing both her holes. I had her hold her legs in place and I went for a damp wash cloth.

Returning, I washed the entrances to my daughter’s holes and then my cock.

I discarded the cloth and bent down to get personal with her vagina again. She writhed as I ate her out. “Daddy, my arse, fuck my arse” she moaned.

“Patience, angel.” I replied and continued to tongue her cunt for a short while. Then I moved down her perineum and latched onto her arsehole with my mouth. I made as much saliva as I could and spat it into her rosebud and licked around it, enjoying her anal flavour at the same time.

Then I moved up over her, aligning my cock with her mouth. “Give it a good wet suck darling” I instructed, lowering my erect cock into her mouth. It felt heavenly as my daughter blew me but I regretfully pulled out.

I moved back down until our faces were level. “Ready?” I asked.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” She replied and we kissed for a moment then I aligned my cock.

I pressed against her anus, while watching her face for expressions of pain.

“Put it inside!” She moaned softly.

I pressed forward and felt her anus slide around my cock.

“Go deep, Daddy! You’re filling me up!” she exhorted as I continued to slide in. My cock felt like it was being crushed, but I could feel it was Janet skilful use of her muscles rather than her arse being unaccustomed to penetration.

I bottomed out, my balls resting against her. Janet relaxed her legs, letting them press against my shoulders


Holy Shit………..

His mouth drops open at the sight. On the couch Karen lays back naked, her big tits bouncing as her best friend Katie fervently grinds her pussy against his sister’s thigh. Katie’s thick ass and thighs bounce with every thrust and, even though he can’t see it, her arm moves in a way that he knows she’s fingering Karen just as emphatically as she is grinding against her.

Frozen in place, he stares, unsure how to react to the scene until Karen’s face turns and sees him. Her eyes grow wide with fright as she reaches up to push Katie off of her.

“Oh my god! Katie stop. Oh my god. Brett, what are you doing home? OW!”

Katie’s legs clamp down around Karen’s thigh, shaking and arching her back, as an orgasm washes over her. “Fuuuuuuuuuck…”, she moans out as her whole body shakes, cumming harder than Brett has ever seen a woman do before.

Both Brett and Karen can only watch as she rides out the orgasm until her body falls limply against his sister’s chest. With a flushed face, she sheepishly apologizes, “Sorry, I couldn’t stop it.”

Pushing her off and onto the couch Karen stands up, trying to cover both her tits and her crotch. It’s a futile effort, her breasts spill up and over the arm crossed over them. “Brett, you saw nothing. Do you understand? We were just… we were… Shit.”

Brett already knows he’ll never forget what just happened, or the unexpected reaction he’s feeling. He wishes he’d seen more, seen his sister cum just as hard and uncontrollably, even wishing that he’d been able to join in. “Yeah, I don’t think I do.”

“What do you mean? You don’t understand?” She stands there, looking back and forth, confused at the unexpected reply. “Brett, I need you to forget about this.”

Finally starting to come around Katie chimes in, “Yeah, I doubt that’s going to happen.” She starts making a jerking motion with her hand, “You know what he’s going to do tonight thinking about what he just saw.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Karen’s exasperated statement comes as she turns and begins to walk away.

Katie smirks, catching him staring at his sister’s swaying ass as she walks up the stairs. “It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?”

“What?” Brett asks with a face quickly flushing from embarrassment.

Scooting up and leaning back against the arm of the couch Katie repeats herself, “It’s pretty amazing. Her ass that is.”, she elaborates a little to make sure he understands.

Still ashamed of himself, he murmurs his response, “Yeah, it is.”


Breaking his gaze, fixated on the stairway Karen had disappeared up, he turns to look at her. Her hands have moved up to her tits, almost as large as his sister’s, and spread her legs to show off her clean shaven pussy.

A hand starts making its way down between her thighs, parting her wet pussy lips. “I see what you’ve got there.” Nodding down, to his crotch, making him realize the physical effects of the scene were clearly visible. “Can I help you with that?”

Massive tits, thick ass, always covered by clothing that hugs her body showing off all of her curves, of course he’s imagined fucking Karen’s best friend before. He never imagined he would have the opportunity though. Now that he does, he pauses, but only for a moment before stripping his shirt up over his head and crossing the living room to the couch.

Stopping in front of her, he undoes his belt and starts shoving his pants to the floor. As they come down just past his thighs, and his cock pops up into view, she reaches out to wrap her hand around it. Running her thumb along the underside of his head, gathering the precum already leaking, and then using it to allow her hand to slide smoothly back and forth.

Sliding her hand down to the base, she leans in, opening her mouth, and takes him in. The position of her body on the couch prevents her lips from going far so she makes up for it with her tongue. It alternates between rolling in a wave against the underside of his cock and circling around the head. Her hand gets back to work, stroking what she can’t get into her mouth. She bobs her head, pulling back until just the very tip is left pressed between her lips, then back forward again to engulf the head.

He’s had his head tilted back, eyes closed, almost overwhelmed by the sensation of her lips wrapped around him. Adjusted now, his eyes open to look down at the top of her bobbing head, it’s curly blond hair covers half of her face and he wraps it up in his hand to make sure it doesn’t get in her way. They wander down to her large breasts, then follow her arm down to where her hand is still tucked between her thighs. Its fingers still spread her lips allowing her juices to visibly run down and soak into the couch cushion.

The need for more builds, overwhelming him to the point where he roughly grabs her wrist and tugs her head back from his cock by her hair. “That’s enough of that.”, he orders before releasing his grip only to then grip her by her ankles. Too impatient to allow her to move on her own, he twists her around so her ass is at the edge of the couch and pushes her legs up in the air.

“Oh yes.” She whispers wither her legs in the air, almost folded over, and then held there by his weight as he leans in. Spread wide, dripping wet from her previous orgasm, as well as the blow job, he slides right into her. He takes a moment, to enjoy the feeling of his balls pressed up against her upturned ass. The moment passes, the impatience taking back over and he moves one arm behind her neck, the other on the couch to keep himself from collapsing into her as he begins to fuck her.

He pulls her in closer to him, using her body to fuck him back. “Yes, use me.” She repeats it over and over again as her hand moves down to rub her clit. His eyes stayed glued to her tits, jiggling and bouncing with each of his thrusts down into her. Suddenly she goes quiet, her mouth hanging open, before letting out a groan. “Right there. Keep hitting me right there…”

The walls of her pussy tighten around his cock, clamping down firmly, almost pinning him inside. For seconds it stays that way her whole body tense, until her hands grab onto his arms, digging their nails in. The tension in all of her muscles come and go in waves, each contraction pulling her body up off the couch before releasing, allowing her to settle back.

Watching her lose control pushes him over the edge. Pulling out he strokes his cock as he starts to cum. Still in the midst of her orgasm with her eyes closed tight and quivering, shots of his cum land against her body. Each one going further than the first, leaving her coated from her stomach to her chin.

“Wow,” startled at the sound of his sister’s voice behind him, he whips his head around. “Impressive Brett. You too Katie.” Now clothed, she stands there with her hand on her hip, shaking her head, taking in the scene.

Any shame he had at the beginning is now gone. Turning around to face her he stands a little straighter than usual to make sure she can clearly see his cock. “Shit, when did you get here?” Whether it was from interest or the way it hung there, still wet from Katie’s sopping pussy, and it’s last dribbles of cum dripping to the floor, her eyes flick down to it.

“Oh,” Katie chimes in, “she’s been there for a while.” They both look over at her, cleaning herself by scooping up his cum and sucking it off her fingers. “She even had her hand down her pants for some of it.” she says giggling.

Karen does, in fact, seem to have a wet spot on her leggings right at her crotch. “Well, um…”, she starts and then quickly leaves the room again.

Plopping down next to Katie, he leans back, and sighs.

Her hand snakes over to play with his softening cock. “We should totally do this again, what do you think?”

“Yeah, definitely.” he replies and then just barely loud enough to be heard, “But, how do I fuck my sister?”

Katie giggles, “I’ll help with that.

Family Sercets

It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds He heard from his wife’s bedroom last night. He grinned to himself. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her own room, she could come to his room and have the big bed to play on. Missy was up next, she came in and hugged her dad, and kissed his chest. She felt his dick and smiled. She whispered: (“….daddy, I’m gonna get you tonight, I wanna be licked”…) Dad smiled and said back: (“you do?…well I think I have just the tongue to do that for you, little girl.”) She hugged him and squeezed his dick and said she was off to Jen’s house. Dad left to go golfing for the day. Josh finally woke up and smiled to himself about the thrill of last night. Fucking his mom was the best, hottest thing he’s ever done. God!…. she fucked awesome! Her pussy was like a glove around his dick. Her hands so warm on his butt cheeks, as she squirmed and pulled on them to bring him in tight to her deep pussy. He shook his head to snap himself out of it. He got dressed and went in and peeked at mom. She lay naked all sprawled out with a content smile on her face. He looked at her hot smooth body and just had to tip toe in and kiss her pussy. Mom smiled and put her hands on his head and moaned a long moan. She pulled him on top of her and squirmed, feeling his rising dick laying across her pussy. She whispered: (“where’s dad”) Josh said he’s gone golfing for the day, and …
Missy’s at Jen’s I think. Mom smiled and said: (“..let’s take a shower together…”) Josh was all for that, and they proceeded to the shower. Josh loved seeing his mom naked. He use to try and picture her naked when he was little, and now he could see the real thing. Mom smiled knowing his eyes were feasting her body. Mom grabbed a robe and Josh put his on. She came in his room just to watch him undress and put his robe on. She was already starting to get wet in her pussy. She led him by the hand and into the bathroom. She sat him down and he watched he slowly take the robe off, teasing him with a slow strip show. She stood him up and took his robe off and fondled his hard dick. In they went. The warm water was a turn on to both of them as they soaped each other up. She teased him a little. “Oh….can you reach my back Josh?… Josh, can you soap my legs in the very back…” Poor Josh has the jitters in his dick doing all this touching of his mom. She stood in front of him and smiled as she let the soap suds run down her tits and across her big bush. She soaped Josh up all over and then she pulled him into her wet soapy pussy, and started rubbing her pussy on his dick. Josh was a very happy 17yr old about now. Mom rubbed her whole body all over him….teasing him, just to watch his eyes feast on her wet soapy body. Mom was enjoy this as much at him. She had never done this with him ever, and it was turning her on more and more by the second. She rinsed them off and they got out to dry ..

Ski Trip

I boarded the shuttle bus to Tahoe’s ski slopes at Reno’s International Airport. After I found a seat I sent a text to my wife, letting her know I had arrived. The shuttle quickly filled and we soon departed. At last, I was on the way to meet my stepsister, Yvonne. An amplified feeling of anticipation filled my chest. Despite the fact we were both married, every year my stepsister and I traveled to Tahoe without our spouses to reconnect with each other. Neither of our spouses had ever complained about the annual get together, but then they were unaware that the affection my stepsister and I showed each other was physical.

Yvonne’s father married my mother about the time I started junior high. It was the second marriage for both of them. Yvonne was two years older than I was and lived most of the year with her mother. But, she spent summers with us and she spent those summers lying by the swimming pool in a tiny bikini, driving me nuts with lust. It seemed I spent my entire adolescence with a hard-on because of Yvonne. She teased me relentlessly with sexual innuendos and risqué double entendres. Her overt sexuality intimidated me. And, even at my young age I understood the taboo nature of my desires.

Once in the mountains the greenery of ponderosa pines contrasted with the clean whiteness of the snow. The winter scenery had my mind wandering back to the first time my stepsister and I had made a ski trip to Tahoe. It was back when we were attending the same college. My fraternity and her sorority had partnered to sponsor a trip to a ski lodge during a long winter weekend. Days spent skiing and snowboarding on the slopes were followed by nights of drunken reverie at the lodge.

The last night of the trip, I was tired and sore. I had struck out with the babes all weekend, so I decided to head down to the hot tub and soak instead of partying. The hot tub was outside on the snow covered deck. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my bikini clad stepsister already in the hot tub. My cock immediately grew hard.

Yvonne was wearing a wool knit cap and a pink bikini. She was just stepping out of the hot tub. Steam shimmered from her body in the cold air. Her nipples were rigid beneath the wet bikini top. The wet bikini bottoms clung seductively to her labia, creating a well-defined came-toe that left little doubt about the pleasurable delights hidden just beneath the tiny strip of cloth. She grinned at me after catching sight of my cock tenting my swimming trunks. Her expression was mischievous as she giggled, “What’s up little bro?”

“Nothing,” I muttered red faced, slipping into the hot tub as quick as I could. I sat down to hide my erection.

She teased, “Looks like something’s up.”

My blush grew more flushed. Trying to change the subject, I stammered, “I didn’t think you wanted any one to know we were related.”

“Why would you think that?” she asked with a frown.

“Because you’re embarrassed by me.”

“I’m not embarrassed by you,” she said, sinking back down into the water. She glided next to me. Her large breast bumped my arm, taking my breath away and causing my cock to throb. She giggled at my reaction then lustily said, “I think I might embarrass you.”

“You don’t embarrass me at all.”

Shaking her head, Yvonne said with conviction, “You’re embarrassed because you’ve wanted to have sex with me for a long time now and you’re afraid to make your move.”

“I, uh,” I stuttered. My eyes dropped to the frothing water of the hot tub.

Hooking her finger under my chin, Yvonne pulled my face up until I was looking into big brown eyes. Under water, her hand grasped my cock. She boldly gave it a squeeze and said, “You don’t have to be afraid. A girl likes to be desired.”

She hesitantly brushed her lips to mine. Then pulled back and looked into my eyes, gauging my reaction. A pleased smile painted her lips and she brought her lips once again to mine. This time she kissed me with fierce enthusiasm. Feverishly, she forced my lips to part and thrust her tongue into my mouth, our tongues wrestled with lustful intent. The kiss grew more passionate like the soldering heat that joins metal.

Breaking our kiss, I pushed Yvonne to arm’s length and wheezed, “We can’t be doing this?”

“Why not?” she asked.

“We’re related.”

“Not by blood.”

“It’s taboo.”

“That only adds to the excitement,” she stated boldly. Reaching behind her neck, she untied the top string of her bikini. She yanked the second tie from behind her back and then pulled the bikini top from her heaving breasts. Her pink nipples were hard and beckoned me to give them more intimate attention. She was a thing of exquisite beauty.

My eyes widened with lust. I tried to temper it by saying, “You know someone might catch us.”

“Yes, I know, that makes it more exhilarating,” she replied before kissing me again.

I returned my stepsister’s kiss with a passion I had never felt before in my life. Cupping one of her breasts, I squeezed it gently. Tenderly, I pinched her nipple and she squealed with delight. Breaking the kiss, I sucked her nipple into my mouth.

“Feels good,” moaned Yvonne.

My face arose from her breasts and I locked eyes with her. I whispered, “You’re so beautiful.”

“I want your cock inside me,” she panted with need.

Quickly, I untied the strings that held the bikini bottoms to her hips. I jerked them from her clinging wet cunt. My finger sank deeply into her simmering snatch. I pushed my palm against her protruding clit and she gasped. I admitted, “I want to fuck you so badly, Yvonne.”

“Not as much as I want to fuck you,” she rasped, pushing me back into the hot tub’s seat. She ripped my hard cock from my swim trunks. Straddling my lap, she clutched my cock and brought it to the entrance of her wet womanhood. She gasped as the bulbous head of my cock penetrated her pussy. Her face contorted into a grimace as the rest of my shaft followed. Finally, she was completely impaled on my cock.

I whispered, “You’re pussy feels so good, so tight.”

“Big… cock… so hard,” she groaned as my cock stretched her snatch. Her pussy convulsed around my cock in an unexpected orgasm. She wailed, “Oooooh! Cumming!”

I closed my eyes and fought back own urge to cum as her cunt squeezed my cock like a velvet vice. Opening my eyes, I watched Yvonne’s facial expressions. It was mesmerizing.

With her orgasm complete, Yvonne collapsed in my arms, panting as if she had run a mile.

“My turn,” I mumbled. Grabbing her buttocks, I stood up in the water and sat her on the edge of the hot tub. Water cascaded down her body and steam arose from it in the fridge air. With a single savage thrust I stabbed my cock back into my stepsister’s gushing gash. Tremors of excitement traversed my cock as her cunt clutched my cock like a wet welcoming handshake.

“Oof,” she exhaled as my cock fully penetrated her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking her ankles together. She kissed me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth as deeply as my cock penetrated her cunt. She broke our kiss and whispered hot and naughty in my ear, “Your cock feels so good inside me, Bro, fuck me.”

With that kind of encouragement, I pounded her pussy with rapid machine-like thrusts. My hips propelled my cock in and out of her sweet cunt like a rocket. Timed with my thrusts, my breath came in gasps, “uh, uh, uh, uh.”

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” Yvonne returned in a primitive mating call. Her snatch clutched at my cock with wet silky spasms that motivated me to increase my momentum. The angle of my pelvis put pressure on her clit, intensifying the pleasure in her pussy. Her breath grew more labored. She shook her head from side-to-side and babbled incoherently. Her complexion turned crimson as the heat of her orgasm began to rise. She blinked her eyes, rapid fire. Her brow contorted into climatic creases. Soon her cunt was convulsing around my cock in warm wet spasms. She screeched in joyful release, “Cum, my pussy, cum.”

It was more than I could take, and I buried my cock into her with a final thrust. My testicles contracted then shot spurt after spurt of cum into the depths of my stepsister’s pussy. I felt her nails dig into the flesh of my ass as she tried to get more of my cock inside her. I hissed, “Cum-ah-cum-oh-cum.”

She held me in a tight embrace cooing in my ear as I emptied my balls into her. She whispered, “I love your cock, Bro, and I love you.”

Finally spent, my cock softened and slipped from her well-serviced snatch. I looked into her eyes and said, “I love you too Yvonne.”

The decade old memory made me smile. It had all began with a simple kiss and a subtle touch. But, that first kiss laid bare a need, a need to explore and discover each other’s bodies. It woke a desperate hunger, a hunger to take and give each other sexual pleasure.

I recalled Yvonne had somehow managed keep the sock cap the entire time of our first coupling, and I chuckled. My cock throbbed in anticipation of the sexual delights to come. After that first sexual encounter my stepsister and I agreed that our parents and society would prevent us from having couple’s type relationship. We made peace with it. But, we promised each other that we would get together every year, just the two of us, to reconnect and refresh the loving bond we shared.

The shuttle bus arrived in Tahoe and stopped at a ski lodge where most of the passengers disembarked. The shuttle then proceeded to individual cabins dropping off the remaining passengers. At my stop, I collected my luggage and the van pulled away.

The snow crunched beneath my feet as I made my way to the A-framed cabin. The door wasn’t locked so I went inside. I dropped my bags by the door and hollered, “Yvonne!”

“In the kitchen, Bro,” she responded in kind.

She was cutting slices of cheese and placing them on a platter. A bottle of wine was on the counter next to the platter. She wore one of her husband’s flannel shirts. It fit her like a mini dress and barely covered her white panties. To keep her feet warm she wore a pair of anklet socks. She turned and said, “I was just getting some wine and cheese ready.”

I pulled her into my arms. My lips pressed against hers, then covered her mouth with a demanding hunger. Instinctively, my stepsister submitted to the forceful domination of my lips, returning my kiss with primal intensity. The kiss ignited a sensuous flame of desire. It grew more passionate as my tongue penetrated he mouth and wrestled hers into submission. My hand slid from her waist down to her panty clad buttock. I squeezed it, and her body melded into mine.

Breaking the kiss, Yvonne mumbled, “Take me to bed.”

“Too far,” I returned, panting with desire. I unbuttoned her flannel shirt, but left it on her. I tenderly squeezed one of her bare breasts while sucking on the other’s nipple. I backed her against the table until her buttocks encountered the wood. Rising on her tip-toes, she rested her ass on the table top. I pushed her down until her back was flat against the surface.

For a long moment, I studied the beauty of my stepsister. One flap of the flannel shirt covered one breast. The other was exposed. Its nipple was hard and glistened wet from my attentiveness. Her panties were damp and clung to the folds of her pussy. She watched me ogle her.

“You are so sexy,” I choked. Flipping the shirt off her breast, I exposed both of them to my gaze. I reached down and cuddled a breast in each hand. With tenderness, I squeezed them both then gently pinched each hard nipple. My stepsister inhaled sharply from the pleasure of my touch. I choked, “I love looking at you, Yvonne. I love you. You’re still so hot.”

I ran a finger up and down her panty-clad slit, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy just beneath the thin material. As I tucked at her panties she raised her hips, allowing me to peel them off her body. Unzipping my trousers, I pulled out my hard cock and stepped between her spread legs. I ran my cock up and down the warm wet folds of her hairless pussy. Grinning roguishly at my stepsister, I declared, “I’m going to fuck you now, Yvonne.”

“Yes, Bro, fuck me,” she whimpered expectantly. Then looking into my eyes, she panted, “Fuck me… right here… right now.”

I stabbed my hard cock into her sizzling snatch. With a single thrust I packed myself completely into her cunt. I groaned, “Yvonne, your pussy feels so good.”

“Cock… hard… good,” she stuttered enthusiastically. Her eyes widened as her pussy convulsed around my cock with an abrupt orgasm. Closing her eyes, she wailed in release, “Ahhhhh!”

As my stepsister’s cunt squeezed my cock, I curled my toes and fought my own urge to cum. I rasped, “Yvonne, your pussy is so responsive. I love it so.”

Only half-recovered, she muttered with urgency, “Fuck me, Bro. Fuck me hard.”

Encouraged by her enthusiasm, I pummeled her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. With animal-like lust I set a frantic pace that made her breasts bounce around her torso in time to my thrusting.

“Ah,” bleated Yvonne with each powerful thrust of my cock. It brought contact between my pubic bone and her exposed clit. Each connection sent an electrical charge of pleasure surging through her body. Suddenly, she grabbed my ass pulling all of my cock inside her convulsing cunt. Another orgasm ripped pleasurably through her body. She wailed, “Cumming, Bro.”

With my cock buried to hilt inside my stepsister and her pussy contracting hard upon it, my bloated balls constricted and blasted their load deep inside her. I looked deeply into my stepsister’s pleasure-glazed eyes and groaned.

“That’s it, Bro,” Yvonne encouraged. “Fill my pussy with your cum.”

Spent, I practically fell on top of my stepsister. Once I recovered, I pushed myself up off of her. I helped her off the table and she stood on wobbly legs. Playfully, I patted her bare ass and declared, “I love you, Yvonne. I love you, so much.”

“I love you too. Let’s go fuck in the shower,” she suggested with an impish grin.

We raced through the cabin. Her buttocks jiggled as she stomped up the stairs. Grabbing her, I sucked a hickey on her butt-cheek while she squealed with delight. Breaking free, she rushed towards the bathroom giggling. Reaching the shower door first, she stuck her tongue out at me like a kid who had just tagged home free.

Warm water beaded on her luscious breasts and streamed down her belly to disappear between her thighs. She kissed me passionately, her tongue explored my mouth. Turning, she grasped the shower head. Rising up on her tip-toes, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Ready to fuck me again?”

“I sure am,” I groaned, penetrating her pussy from behind.

Yvonne took the initiative and swiveled her hips rapidly up and down on my hard cock. She changed the rotation of her hips, and with a giggle, she wiggled figure-eights on my cock. Groaning with pleasure, I squeezed her big breasts like they were ripe fruit.

“Pinch my nipples,” she ordered. “Hard, but not too hard.”

I complied and she yelped with joy. Thrusting into her pussy urgently, I growled and groaned in my own rapture. My hands sled from her breasts down to her hips. I used them to support myself as I leveraged my cock in and out of her.

At the breakneck pace I was going Yvonne knew I was going to cum again and soon. She reached between her thighs and diddled her clit with passionate purpose. She chattered confused syllables of lust, “Fuck good… hard cock.”

“Pussy… good… so good,” I returned just as primitively.

She screamed in ecstasy when I penetrated her puckered butthole with my finger, sending it clear to my second knuckle. Her pussy convulsed and then erupted with frothy ejaculate which splattered with a wallop on the shower floor.

The spasms of her cunt clutched at my cock and sent me over the top. I pushed into her as far as I could and unloaded yet another load of cum into the depths of her pussy. My cock was buried so far into her that I had actually lifted her off her feet. With her quim quivering and quaking around my spewing pecker a kaleidoscope of lights shot through my brain with dizzying delight.

After our vigorous shower roam we dressed and headed into town in Yvonne’s SUV. She lived a lot closer to Tahoe than I did and had driven up. She had made reservations at the Top of the Town, the best restaurant in Tahoe. It occupied the top floor of the Lakeside Casino.

As we made our way across the gaming floor of the casino, I paused in front of slot machine. I dropped in a dime and pulled down the lever. The reels spun around and around. The first reel stopped, displaying a bell. The second reel also stopped on bell. Finally, the third reel quit spinning and came to rest on a bell. Immediately, the one-armed bandit flashed jackpot and spat out 100 dimes.

Yvonne grabbed a plastic cup and scooped up the money. She smiled at me, saying, “You’re a winner, Bro.”

“I’m always a winner when I’m with you,” I boasted with a wink.

I traded the dimes for a ten-dollar bill at the payout window near the elevators. Once we got into the elevators, I pulled my stepsister into embrace and kissed her. My mouth moved over hers devouring its softness. I forced her lips to part, and thrust my tongue into her mouth just like I had thrust my cock into her pussy. As I roused her passion, my own grew stronger, and I circled her breast with my hand. Placing my hand on her ass, I pulled her close so she could feel how hard she had gotten my cock. In turn, she ground her pelvis on my erection.

The elevator stopped with a dinging bell. Yvonne pushed against my chest, breaking our kiss and leaving my mouth burning with fire. Her scent filled the closed space and my nostrils flared in primeval response. The door opened and an older couple got on to the elevator. The man sniffed the air and the woman smiled knowingly at my stepsister. She whispered in my ear, “I’m not wearing any panties. They know you’ve aroused me.”

The elevator arrived on the top floor and opened. We strolled into the restaurant and were escorted to our table. Pulling out the chair for my stepsister, I gazed longingly at her the curve of her ass as she sat down. We ordered dinner and sipped cocktails as we waited.

Dinner arrived. It was superb. Along with the good food there was good wine and good conversation. We discussed life in general and our families in particular. At some point our conversion came to an end and we just held hands across the table. Looking out the floor-to-ceiling window we saw the moon reflecting off the lake and its light shimmering off the snow.

“It’s beautiful,” said Yvonne.

Kissing her hand, I replied, “Yeah, the scenery is almost as beautiful as you.”

“You’re so full of it,” she shot back. Smiling, she said, “I so love our time together. Let’s go back to the cabin and fuck.”

With an ear-to-ear grin, I agreed, “Let’s.”

We left the restaurant holding hands. Once again we made out in the elevator on the way down to the first floor. The valet brought Yvonne’s SUV up to the entrance and she handed me the keys, saying, “You drive.”

As I pulled into traffic and headed to the cabin, Yvonne slyly pulled the hem of her sweater dress up past her thighs, revealing her excited pussy. The scent of her sex filled the car and made my nostrils flare with yearning. The headlights of an oncoming car illuminated the wetness of her pussy as she ran her middle finger up and down her slit. Huskily, she asked, “Is this where you want to put your hard cock, Bro?”

“Oh, yeah,” I babbled, straining to look into her lap without wrecking the vehicle.

An irate driver honked as the SUV veered in his direction. I swore and hurriedly adjusted course. I split my attention between the traffic and my stepsister as she continued playing with her pussy. She teased me, “And, this is where I most definitely want you to put your cock.”

“Yvonne, you’re going to make me wreck,” I groaned.

Reaching into my lap, Yvonne squeezed my cock through my trousers and taunted, “Oh my, Bro, you’re so hard. I can’t wait to get this hard thing inside me.”

“I can’t wait either,” I choked.

“Poor thing,” she cooed, unzipping my trousers and fishing out my cock. She licked her palm then clutched my cock. Slowly, she stroked my hard shaft. She smiled as I moaned then asked, “Does that feel better?”

“Uh-huh,” I hissed once again steering back into my own lane.

With her free hand she slipped her middle finger completely into her saturated slit. Her voice was thick with lust as she said, “I’m so wet. I’m so in need of your hard cock, Bro.”

With vigor, she pressed her palm against her agitated clitoris. She quit stroking my cock and squeezed it tightly as if she was using it for a lifeline. Her thighs trembled uncontrollably. A low growl deep in her throat grew into a full blown howl of ecstasy. She screamed, “Cumming!”

I slowed the car in front of our cabin then parked in front of it. The vehicle’s interior light temporarily blinded me. My stepsister opened her door and stepped out of the SUV, leaving me unsatisfied and muttering. I put my cock back in my trousers and got out of the car.

Yvonne practically sprinted to door of the cabin with me close behind. The interior of the cabin glowed with the flickering light from the fireplace. Yvonne turned to me. With a wicked grin she grabbed the hem of her sweater dress and pulled it over her. She tossed it to the floor and stood before me, wearing nothing more than black stockings and sexy black boots. The stockings framed her pretty pink pussy into a picture of wanton pleasure. Her pussy lips glistened with excited anticipation and her clit peered from its hood seeking attention.

I watched her in silence as she walked slowly towards me, seductively swinging her hips. My eyes tarried on her breasts. I noticed her nipples were hard and rose rigidly from the center of her pink areolas. My eyes roamed down to her bald pussy and I licked my lips. Impishly, she smiled at me. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she kissed with so much passion I could taste her affection on my lips. I gently, but firmly squeezed her breasts. I took an erect nipple into my mouth and sucked on it hard.

“Not yet, Bro,” she hissed. Pushing me away from her breasts, she undressed me. She pulled my sweater off first. Running her fingers through my chest hair, she raised goose-bumps on my flesh. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped my trousers. Gleefully, she fished my hard cock out and studied it for a moment. She kissed its swollen helmet then licked the drooling pre-cum from it. Looking me straight in the eye, she said, “I love your forbidden cock. It gives me so much taboo pleasure.”

I stammered, “Glad you like it.”

“I love it, especially, when it’s so hard.”

She licked the underside of my shaft. Smiling up at me, she stroked my cock. Her hands twisting and turning as she tugged on it. She put my cockhead into her mouth and sucked on fiercely while continuing to stroke the remaining shank. Soon, she was sucking and stroking my cock for all she was worth.

In no time my cock twitched in a frenzy and my testicles tightly contracted. Cum spewed from my cock. My shout of elation reverberated throughout the cabin, “I’m cumming, Yvonne.”

Her mouth filled with my cum. She swallowed it all. Twirling her tongue around my still bloated cockhead, she cleaned cummy remnants from it. Then she released my cock from her mouth and giggled as I collapsed into a nearby chair. She smiled at me and whispered huskily, “Your cum tastes great, Bro.”

Sprawling back on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, she pinched a nipple. In the dancing firelight she lazily ran a finger between the folds of her glistening labia. Seductively she cooed, “I’m ready for you to fuck me now.”

I stood and shed my trousers then stepped out of my boxers. Joining her on the bearskin rug, I reached for one of her creamy white breasts. Gently, but firmly I squeezed it. I smiled as she moaned, appreciating her responsiveness. I kissed her lips then her neck. Slowly, I moved my lips down her body to suck an erect pink nipple into my mouth.

Running her hands through my hair, she murmured, “That’s it, that feels so good.”

Leaving her heaving breasts, I trailed my tongue down her trembling torso. I teased her by blowing my hot breath over her tummy. Goose-bumps rose all over her trunk. I kissed and licked my way down her body until I was between her legs. I brushed my lips on the bare skin above her stocking tops before sucking little hickeys on her thighs.

Her pussy splayed wide before me like a blooming rose and her fragrance beckoned me to feast. Nipping one of her pussy lips lightly with my teeth, I gently tugged it from side to side and sent snake-like tongue flickers into her interior. She moaned, tangling her fingers in my hair and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. When I slid two fingers into her simmering snatch she gasped at the unexpected penetration and muttered, “Feels good, so good.”

Her clit peeked from its hood and I darted my tongue against it. While I sucked on it, she babbled unintelligibly. Her body was racked with pleasure. Pulling my fingers from her pussy, I replaced them with my thumb. Meanwhile, I worked a saturated finger up her butthole while she clutched the bearskin rug, growling. I pinched my finger and thumb together until they touched, separated only by her interior. At the same time I tenderly bit her clit.

Yvonne arched her back and screamed. Her body convulsed with orgasmic gyrations for several long moments. It seemed her whole body was trying to levitate. Suddenly, she collapsed into silence. Looking at me through half-open eyelids, she feebly smiled.

I arose from between her spread legs and put my hands behind her knees. As I pushed them towards her breasts, she seized my rock solid cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. I slowly sank my cock completely into her pussy. When my bloated balls rested against her pretty pink pucker, and I could go no deeper, warranted gratification caused us both to sigh.

“So hard, so hard,” groaned Yvonne. She dug her fingernails into the flesh of my ass. Her eyes widen as her cunt convulsed around my cock in a sudden orgasm. She shut her eyes and wailed, “Ahhhh!”

I hissed and fought back my own urge to cum as her cunt wetly contracted around my cock. I huffed, “Yvonne, your pussy feels so good.”

Once she recovered, she demanded, “Fuck me, Bro. Fuck me hard.”

With that kind of encouragement I pummeled her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. I set a fantastic pace that drove waves of ecstasy throughout her body. As I hammered my cock into my stepsister, her big breasts bounced to and fro directly propelled by my cock.

She twisted her nipples, squealing with depraved delight. Reaching between her legs, she diddled her clit with urgency. Her hips bucked upward furiously matching my downward thrusts. Her passion peaked. Wild-eyed, she howled, “My pussy… cum… my pussy… cum.”

I felt her cunt contract as she wailed in ecstasy as wave after climatic wave crashed down on her. After she relaxed I frantically plunged my cock into her hot box like a lunatic while she bounded her heels across my ass like bronco rider.

My stepsister must have felt my cock grow inside her and surmised I was ready to cum. She begged, “Fill my pussy, Bro. Fill my pussy.”

My cock exploded into her quivering quim. I spewed spunk deep into her belly. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I hissed as white light exploded in my brain like bolts of lightning. My passion drained with each lustful spurt.

I rolled off of my stepsister spent. I lay on my back panting and gasping for breath.

Yvonne cuddled up to me. She kissed me. Running her fingers across my skin sent tingles to my core, I hugged her closer. Basking in post-coitus bliss, she looked into my eyes and said, “I just love our annual ski trips, and I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I replied, smiling at my stepsister. Then I asked, “Do you think we’ll actually go hit the slopes this year?”

Grasping my cock, she tugged it back to hardness and said, “I doubt it.”

Fun At Bridal Shower Part 2

“You stay under your shower for a few minutes baby, we’ve got a few things to set up, then part 2 will be ready ” Missy cooed in my ear.

I nodded, smiling, and felt Missy’s mouth press tightly against me, I opened my eyes, looked into hers, and I felt my lips warming against hers, I could feel myself melting against her soft, wet lips, and her tongue slipped inside my mouth. Oh my god, that felt so hot, I love passionate kisses, and was discovering that it wasn’t really the gender that mattered, it was the person. Ever since we were 15, I’d felt exciting tingles when I’d thought about kissing Missy, although I was way too scared to act on them. What if I’d exploded our friendship, that would hurt so much. Now free to act on what I’d felt for the last 5 years, I eagerly returned the kiss, a long, passionate press of lips and tongues. I could feel warm pulses of pleasure coursing through me as our lips shared the passion we felt. When Missy broke the kiss, I could feel my face flushed with excitement, my nipples stiff, erect, and achy, and my pussy pulsing warmly. Judging by Missy’s flushed face, I could tell that she felt the same way.

Missy stepped out from under the shower, and I closed my eyes and turned my face up to the streaming water, reveling in the feel. I felt like all my tensions, all my inhibitions, all the crap of the outside world, was draining away. The idea of spreading my legs, and having 20 horny ladies dining on my pussy still gave my pussy a pleasant sense of warmth. Even just a few years ago, the idea would have struck me as being perverted and deviant. I smiled, I was glad that they had stripped me, not just of my clothes, but also my inhibitions, and shown me how unperverted it was.

I was drifting, and I suddenly heard Missy whisper, “Ok Syndie, take my hand and follow me. ”

I stepped out from under the shower, and saw that the patio area had been covered with large inflatable air mattresses. She led me along, everyone following, to a large wooden chest. She turned to me, smiling.

“This is what I call Missy’s Toy Box ” and as she swung up the lid, and I looked inside, she giggled “with lots of toys for our boxes! ”

Missy wasn’t kidding, I gazed down at all the toys of pleasure. Vibrators of all shapes, sizes, and colors, big, long double headed dildos, those looked like real pussy stuffers, smaller dildos with harnesses, everyone was gathered around, and Missy grinned at our expressions.

“Before Syndie becomes an old married lady, she needs to let go, and enjoy a last fling before the ring gets put through her nose! ” Missy said.

She may have sounded like she was kidding, but I saw the look in her eyes, and caught the undertone of what she was really feeling. She had said that there was no way she was getting married, she couldn’t stand the idea of becoming some man’s wife, it made her feel ill to be labeled as some man’s anything.

Missy continued, “And what better way, than an all girl orgy? ”

I watched as hands reached in, choosing toys. I noticed my Mom and my fiance’s Mom taking strap on dildos, my Mom had a black 10 incher, shaped just like a real cock, while my fiance’s Mom Donna had one just like it, except it was a baby pink color. My Mom took Bonnie Longbow by the arm, and led her to an air mattress. I felt my arm being taken, and Missy was smiling at me as she took me to the air mattresses. We were right next to my Mom and Bonnie, and my Mom was laying back, and Bonnie was squatting over her face, urging my Mom on.

“Ummm, oh yeah, lick my pussy Lisa, make me cum, make my cunt squirt, make me cum all over your face! ”

I watched the exciting spectacle of my Mom gripping Bonnie’s hips, and pulling her down tight against her face. Bonnie let out a squeal of pleasure as my Mom hit her hot center. I was tingling with lust, but also a bit scared. I wanted to lick Missy, just like she’d licked me, but I’d never licked a pussy before, and Missy was going to be my first. Oh god, I hoped I wouldn’t be a dud at this.

Missy knew me, after 14 years, she knew what I was thinking, as she whispered, “I’m gonna be your first one, right? ” At my nod, she smiled and said, “Don’t worry Syndie baby, you’ll be great. And, it’s an honor to know that my pussy will be the first one you licked, I’m claiming a virginity of yours! Ok baby, are you ready? ”

I nodded, my heart thumping, and she told me to lay back. She put a pillow behind my head, she swung her leg over my head, and then her pussy was inches away from my face. Oh god, the view was incredible. She had shaved herself clean all around her opening, and her hot crimson love flesh hovered over me, I was gazing up at Missy’s beautiful sex, almost hypnotized at that hot pink opening all shiny and wet with her juices. The erotic scene just made my pussy surge with heat. I could feel the warmth radiating from between her legs against my face, and the scent of her in heat almost made me dizzy with desire. Her neatly trimmed triangle of red pubic hair above her opening was glistening with drops of her juices, and I could feel drops starting to patter my face, she was dripping with desire.

“Umm, oh yes, yes, you’re so sexy baby, and I’ve been eager for you to lick me. You’ve made me so hot and juicy, my pretty pussy needs your tongue. Do you think my pussy is pretty baby? ” Missy whispered.

“Oh Missy, it’s beautiful, your pretty pussy is like a work of art sweetheart ” I cooed, my voice thick with desire.

Missy crooned, “It’s all for you baby, lick me however you like, take your time, and enjoy your first time licking pussy, you’ll love it! ”

I was fired up to the max, I couldn’t wait to taste that sexy, beautiful pussy. I looped my arms over her hips, and pulled her down against my mouth. I could see her eyes wide with desire, looking down at me as felt my tongue reaching out, shyly, and then the soft, sizzling feel of my tongue stroking gently at the folds of her pussy. Missy let out a moan of pleasure, and I was wildly turned on by the hot, erotic taste of her juices. I started to eagerly lap up the dripping juices, they tasted too good to not do so. I let my tongue roam, licking more forcefully along Missy’s luscious pink inner lips. One taste was all it had taken, once I’d gotten a taste of Missy’s peppery, musky juices, hell and wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me. I pulled her pussy tightly against my mouth, and I went to work.

“Oh yeah, feels so good baby, ummm, oh yes, lick me baby, make me cum, I’ll give your sweet face a special bridal shower when I come all over your face! ” Missy growled huskily.

With encouragement like that, I was eager to make Missy cum. My tongue started dipping deep into Missy’s fiery center, licking up all the peppery, musky juices flowing out, oh, she was so wet, so delicious. I may have been new to the game of licking pussy, but I felt I made up for it with enthusiasm. With Missy encouraging me on, I licked her furiously for a few minutes, then Missy lifted her cunt from my mouth and moved up to position her pink, hard clit directly over my lips.

“Now, lick my clit baby, my hard pink clit is eager for your tongue, lick my orgasm button, and make me cum baby. ”

I surrounded her with my mouth, my waiting tongue started to swipe at it, and I heard Missy’s squeal of joy. I heard a shriek of pleasure from right next to us, and I slid my eyes over, to see Bonnie bucking wildly on my Mom’s mouth, and the splatters of girl cum gushing all over my Mom’s face. Bonnie quickly moved back, nudged herself against the dildo and slammed down, letting out squeals and grunts of pleasure as she took in the entire 10 inches in one thrust.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck yes, fuck me fuck me! ” Bonnie growled.

Missy’s hands caressing my head brought me back to the here and now, and she whispered, “Oh yes baby, so good, so good, gonna cum baby, oh yes, gonna cum, yes, yes oh YES! ”

She let out a loud moan of pleasure, and then I felt the release. My face got the bridal shower she was promising me, as I felt her girl cum start to jet, thick, hot streams spraying all over my face, oh yeah, it felt so fucking sexy to get such a wet, juicy facial.

Right next to me I heard the howls of orgasm as Bonnie rammed herself to another pussy squeezing climax. Oh my pussy was burning up, Missy slid off my face, and I saw my fiance’s Mom Donna standing over me, smiling, that 10 inches of baby pink strap-on pleasure so ready for me. I spread my legs wide, and I felt Donna take position, and nudge her dildo against me.

Missy was ready for more, and my Mom wanted a go at her, now that she had cum all over my face.

“Ok baby, on your hands and knees! ” my Mom growled.

Missy eagerly took position, and my Mom got behind her.

“Ok Missy, I want you to ride my cock, doggy style! ”

My fiance’s Mom seemed to be watching my Mom and Missy, then my Mom looked at her, smiling, and then, as my Mom nudged her dildo against Missy’s up-thrust pussy, and slid it in, in one smooth stroke, Donna did the same to me at the same time, in one smooth push, my pussy was stuffed. Ummm, my fiance had a seven inch cock, but the feel of that ten inches splitting open my pink walls was a whole new world. I let out a cry of pleasure, and Missy growled, and urged my Mom on.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Lisa, ram my cunt with that big fucker, let me have it! ” Missy cooed.

“Feels so good, fuck me Donna, fuck me good! ” I growled.

Donna smiled down at me, and started a rhythm, the feel of my tight pink walls getting split open by the hard thrust of that big pussy splitter, ummm, it was pleasure and then some, and I was getting a fantastic fuck. I looked over, saw Missy’s face a study in bliss, as my Mom gripped Missy’s hips tightly, pumping her pussy from behind. My Mom saw me watching, and growled, “You’re next sweetheart, I’m gonna fuck you so good baby! ”

That send a shot of lust through me, the idea that my own Mom was going to fuck me! I wrapped my legs around Donna’s waist, tilting my hips up. I wanted every last bit of that dildo jammed up my cunt, oh fuck, I was in a red haze of lust, and I let Donna know exactly what I wanted.

“Oh yeah, give it to me “, I gasped, “Let me have it! I want you to fuck me as long as you can! Give me all you got, Donna! Fuck my cunt, fuck me! I’m an overheated little slut who needs to be fucked hard. Fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! I love to be teased and fucked by your big, hard cock! Let me have it, slam my pussy! Fuck me, fuck my fiery fuckhole, fuck my overheated cunt, fuck my brains out! ”

Donna growled, “Oh yeah, such a sexy little bitch, umm, feels so good to fuck my future daughter-in-law. Feel my hard cock fucking you baby, and just cum, cum like crazy! ”

I was letting out continual cries and moans, fuck, it was too good, and I could feel it building, then I felt the trembling deep down, and I knew I was gonna cum, oh fuck, I was gonna cum like a fucking train.

“Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, make me cum Donna! ” I cried.

Donna cooed, “Oh yeah, cum for me, cum like a lust filled daughter-in-law, cum like a horny little slut, do it baby, cum all over my cock! ”

That did it, and I let out a pleasure filled shriek as I felt the spasms start, my pussy pouring juices around the plunging dildo, exploding in a giant gush of pleasure. Dimly, I could hear Missy letting out shrieks of joy as my Mom pounded her to orgasm. Both Missy and I were wrapped in the grip of climax, it just made me wild, Missy and I exploding at the same time.

I felt Donna withdraw, then she repositioned herself over my face. Um, yeah, those hot pink folds, all shiny and wet with her juices. The lust scent of Donna’s crimson center made my pulse pound, and I wanted to see her tattoo. I lifted me eyes up, and studied the design. A long branch with a rose on it, was twined around a branch with a carnation on it. Just above the branches, were the letters L T, written in a cursive, very stylized form. I wondered about what it represented.

I asked, “Donna, what does your tattoo represent? ”

She grinned and said, “Well how about you think about it for a while. But for now, my sexy soon to be daughter-in-law, your face needs another bridal shower. Eat me baby, I’m so wet, lick me, and make me cum all over your sweet face! ”

She lowered herself down, and I looped my hands over her hips, to bring her into contact. My tongue slid along her lips, and I was rewarded with a gush of juices, umm, oh she was so wet. The sweet, erotic taste fired me up, and I hungrily went for her sweet treat. As I eagerly licked her nectar, and she squirmed above me, a part of my mind marveled at how different the taste of Missy’s pussy, as compared with Donna’s pussy. I realized I had a lot to learn about the fine art of lesbian love.

Donna was making little noises of passion, and she cooed, “Ummm, finger fuck me baby, ram my pussy, I wanna gush all over your sweet face! ”

I placed two fingers against her, and as I went for her stiff, hard clit, I jammed in my fingers as deep as I could. She gave out a growl of pleasure.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck me baby, yeah, make me cum! ”

I eagerly did so, wanting another facial shower. My fingers slid in and out, fucking her dewy wetness, I could hear a squelchy noise as my fingers were stuffed deep into her soaking center, over and over. Her clit was twitching wildly in my mouth, my tongue lashing at it.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes, gonna do it, yes, yes, fuck, YES! ”

Donna’s voice rose to a howl, I could feel her pussy tighten down, clamping at my fingers, and I felt the squirts hit my face, oh god, she was a real squirter, and my face was plastered by her cum, jetting all over, giving me another facial bridal shower. I mouthed the flow, loving the erotic taste of her juices all over me.

Donna swung up, and my Mom was standing over me, that 10 inches of black dildo, wet and shiny with Missy’s juices smeared all over the shaft, ready to fuck me. I was almost going crazy, the idea that Missy’s juices were going to lube up that stiff cock for my cunt, was keeping me red hot. I could see a smile of sheer lust cross my Mom’s face.

Donna grinned, and said to my Mom, “Uummm, your sexy daughter is one fine ride, ride your sexy daughter Lisa, you’ll love it! ”

They joined lips, mouths opening to each other, sharing tongue filled swirls of passion. My Mom broke the kiss, and growled at me, “Ok Baby, now it’s my turn! “

Fun At Bridal Shower Part 1

I was excited, it was a glorious June day, sunny and warm, I was getting married in three weeks, and my friends were throwing me a bridal shower. They’d been planning it for quite a while, and it had been like a state secret. No one was giving me any hints, they just told me that it would be a bridal shower like no other, then giving me a cryptic smile. My natural curiosity was aroused, and I was very eager to see what they had cooked up for me.

It was being held at my best friend Missy Woodrow’s house. Well, more than a house, it was a mansion. Melissa (or, as her friends were encouraged to call her, Missy) had inherited the mansion, plus her parent’s sizable estate, when her parents were killed in a plane crash 3 years ago. Missy was determined to live life, enjoy it, as she had seen, you never knew when you number was up.

Missy and I had grown up together, we had met when we were both 6 years old, and 14 years later, we were still best friends. Missy had been eager to have the shower at her place, so, at 1 PM, I rang the doorbell, and was ushered into the mansion by her butler. I’d seen the inside many times, no doubt Missy needed a small army of people to keep it in good running order, I joked that I’d feel like I’d be agoraphobic, living in so much space. Missy, her eyes bright, greeted me in the library.

“Syndie, great, now that you are here we can get the party started! James, we’ll be out on the patio, see to it that we are not disturbed ” Missy said.

“Very good, Ms. Woodrow ” James replied, in a cultured, respectful tone.

We stepped out through the patio doors, and I noticed that the windows looking out on the patio had thick, heavy blinds covering them up. I wondered idly about that, then I was surrounded by the guests, there were 20 in all, 18 friends, and the mother of the groom, Donna Selton, and my Mom, Lisa. We were all talking and chattering, as we drifted over towards the pool.

“Okay everybody, time to give Syndie her shower! ” Missy exclaimed.

I suddenly felt myself surrounded, and my god, I felt several sets of eager hands working to remove my clothing. I felt the buttons of my blouse being undone, other hands were unzipping my skirt. My now open blouse was slipped over my shoulders, deft fingers unhooked my bra, and I felt my tits swing free as it was tossed aside. My skirt fell to puddle around my feet, and a set of hands swiftly slid my panties down. I realized that I was now totally naked, and I felt a rumbling of disquiet down in my belly. Being totally nude amongst 20 women who were still clothed was a situation I’d never been in before, and I did my best not to let that small worm of worriness grow. My fears were allayed somewhat, when all the 20 women started to strip, not just to bikinis, oh no, they all got themselves as bare ass naked as I was.

I gazed around in amazement, I’d never seen so much nudity on display ever. I looked at my Mom, and my fiance’s Mom Donna, at 43 and 45 years old, they may be the oldest women in the group, but their bodies were in fine shape. My Mom had a flat stomach, tight, firm ass, orange sized breasts with hard, perky nipples, and had the same blonde hair and green eyes that I had. My fiance’s Mom Donna, had a more voluptuous shape, wider hips, with a wickedly sexy curve, a slight tummy swell, and big, luscious breasts, with big dark rose colored nipples. Having been born in Italy, her skin tone was more olive, with hair as black as a raven’s wing and rich, dark eyes. I was somewhat surprised to see that their pubic mounds were bare and smooth, I was even more surprised to see them sporting what looked like new tattoos just below their navels, reaching down to where their pubic hairlines would begin. I couldn’t make them out too well, I’d be eager for a closer look. I had gotten my regular Brazilian just yesterday, I was waxed bare and smooth, my fiance loves the bare pussy look, and I love the way it feels to be bare and smooth. I detested pubic hair, and was determined to never let it take over my pussy. Realizing I’d been gazing at Mom and my Mom-in-law while feeling a sexual rush pulse through my pussy, my face felt flushed and hot. I moved my gaze around, taking in all the sexy shapes of my friends, a smorgasbord of body shapes. Wide hipped Rubenesque beauties, slender and lithe bodies, and everything in between was on display. I felt that I stacked up pretty nicely, my ass was a nice heart shape, my breasts were a very firm 36C, and my fiance could never get enough of me. Just casually walking around his apartment nude could get him going every time.

I realized that my nipples were stiff and hard, I felt my pussy starting to squirm, my god, I was so turned on. It was helped along by the hot, lustful gazes of my friends that were directed at me. This was a revelation to me, the most I’d ever done was have a few make out sessions with a girlfriend in high school. We never got beyond feeling up each others tits, I think we were both scared too go any further. The idea of liking a girl in that way didn’t seem right. Now, the idea that I could be turned on like this was something new to me.

Missy said softly, “Time for your shower, Syndie. ”

She took my hand, and led me towards the pool. It was a big pool, olympic sized, and at one end, a smooth wall led up to a second deck. Missy smiled, flipped a switch, and a waterfall started on the second deck, pouring down water like a giant shower. The water splashed down on a deck style projection, and drained right into the pool. Missy smiled, and led the way in to an area where we were standing right behind the falling water. She then gently urged me onwards.

“There you go baby, stand under the waterfall, and get a great shower ” she said softly.

I stepped towards the spray, noticing the no slip tile floor underneath the falling water. I stepped into the flow, and reveled in the feeling of that warm water cascading down my body. The feel of that water sliding down my nude body amplified the pulse of heat that was in my pussy, I was getting more turned on by the minute. Everyone was gathered around the pool, watching as my naked body was caressed by the falling water. My Mom was coming towards the waterfall, carrying a plastic pool chair. My fiance’s Mom Donna joined her, and they joined me under the spray. They set down the chair, and had me sit in it. I was now just in front of the falling water, feeling the warm mist of it covering our bodies. Then My Mom and my fiance’s Mom gently grabbed me behind each knee, lifting my legs up and apart. I could see this position was putting my pussy on display, parting it, and I could feel my lust climb higher.

“Okay Missy, as the hostess, you get the first taste ” my Mom said.

I watched, my pussy starting to pulse, as Missy grinned at me. Oh my god, I was so hot, my best friend was about to lick me for the first time, my cunt was so hot and so horny, I needed some relief.

Missy cooed huskily, “Uhmm, oh yes baby, so nice, so smooth and bare. I adore pussies bare and smooth, just like yours. I’m gonna love licking Syndie’s pretty pussy. ”

She knelt down, I saw her licking her lips, then I felt the exquisite fire of pleasure as I felt her mouth at me, her tongue zipping out, and licking at my lips. Oh my god, yes, that felt spectacular. I looked down, saw her head of long red hair going at me. I cradled her head in my hands, stroking at her hair, and told her how good it felt.

I gasped out, “Oh fuck, oh my god that feels so fucking good, lick me Missy, my cunt’s burning, lick me baby! ”

Missy was spurred on, knowing that I liked it, and she went at my churning box with a force, her tongue digging deep, licking all the juices my cunt was churning with, then she spread my lips apart with her fingers, and slid her tongue up, up, and swiped it over my clit, repeating the exciting slide of her tongue again and again. My clit was rock hard, bright pink and sticking out, eager for more.

Missy cooed, “Oh yes, so eager, your nice stiff clit is so ready. Time for you to cum baby, feel what my mouth does to your beautiful clit, and cum like crazy baby! ”

I felt her mouth surround me, my throbbing clit encased in a hot, wet heaven of sucking and tongue lashing, and I felt the rush race at me. I grabbed her head and pulled her tightly against my pussy, eager to maximize the contact, and I felt the all encompassing wave of orgasm grab me. I let out a shriek of pleasure, I could feel my juices pouring, flooding Missy’s cute face as I grunted, growled and squealed my pleasure, my body shaking and jerking wildly. I kept her face tightly against my spasming pussy until my orgasm had spent its force inside me.

I looked around, and saw the line up of my guests, and as Bonnie Longbow took her place between my spread legs, and eagerly began licking at me, I realized they were all lined up to lick my pussy. Oh my god I was going to be licked to ecstasy over and over. Bonnie’s expert oral ministrations on me took my mind back to focus on how well my pussy was being licked, and I cuddled her head to my pussy, stroking at her short blonde hair as she went at my throbbing pussy. I was being turned into a hot and horny cunt, whose purpose was to cum, and cum, just fucking cum all over the place! I grinned, I could do that, and I felt another rush as Bonnie’s slid two fingers up me, hitting my G spot and bringing me to a noisy, gushing release. My howl of pleasure filled the air, and I looked down, feeling my cunt pulse crazily, gushing my girl cum all over Bonnie’s eager face.

I growled with pleasure as Carlene McCallum then took her place between my thighs, and again I was being licked to ecstasy. The afternoon became a blur of pleasure, as my friends all took a turn at me, licking me to orgasm after orgasm, my churning cunt cumming over and over, fuck, I’d never cum so much, in so short a time.

I felt my fiance’s Mom Donna, release her hold on my knee, and Missy took hold of it. I watched, in a haze of lust as my fiance’s Mom took her place between my thighs. Donna ran her nose all over my pubic region, swirling her tongue around my smooth, hairless mound. She gently spread apart my inner lips, her nose sniffing at me.

“You smell lovely “, she whispered, “I can’t wait to taste you. ”

I was so wet, I could see my juices bubbling up, my cunt aching for more attention. Donna lowered her face, and I felt her tongue reach out and make contact. Being so wet, I barely felt the first soft caresses of her tongue. As her tongue started to swab more forcefully at me, my moans of delight urged her on, and soon she was driving her tongue deep into my hole, wrapping her tongue around my clit, and tugging on it. Finally, she brought her fingers into play, and brought all her talents to bear on my aching pussy. Donna was no novice at lesbian loving, she took me up and over quickly, I cried out, cumming hard around her fingers, gushing juices out for her tongue to lick up. She stood up, grinning at me. Here was this beautiful woman, my future mother-in-law, her lips and chin covered with my juices.

I felt my Mom release my leg, Donna took hold of it, and I felt a rush as my Mom whispered, “Now it’s my turn. ”

My mind churned, the idea of my Mom going down on me. Incest, it sounded so nasty, so depraved, and the perverse thrill of it made me more than eager, I could feel my cunt aching for the touch of Mom’s tongue. I could see my Mom grinning at me, and she knelt, and took position.

“Ummmm, my sexy daughter has such a pretty, sexy pussy, and I’m gonna lick you baby, I want you to squirt all over my face! ” my Mom cooed huskily.

Her head moved forward, kissing all over my pubic triangle, I moaned from the exciting sizzles, and her tongue slid out, and glided up and down my bare, slick pussy lips. She eagerly plastered her face against my pussy, her tongue slid inside, licking up my juices, as her fingers gently spread apart my tender folds. Ohh god, the feeling was so fucking nasty, perverted, and so fucking enjoyable, I just let it go, and let my Mom have her way with me.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, lick my pussy Momma, lick me until I squirt, I wanna plaster your face with my girl cum! ” I growled.

My Mom was spurred on, and oh boy, she was no novice at pussy licking either. Her lips and tongue were hot, sure, and knew just where to lick me, bringing constant moans and growls of pleasure. My Mom kept at me, nibbling gently, tasting me, making hot, delicious love to me with her mouth. My clit was twitching, hard, erect and straining for Momma. She drew my twitching bud gently into her mouth, and I was now panting with desire, as her tongue went to work on my throbbing clit. I was feeling the rush of another oncoming orgasm, she shoved two fingers deep, and started to polish my G spot. Oh fuck, that did it, and I let out a full throated shriek of pleasure, I felt like I was being eaten alive as I exploded. I humped up at my Momma’s mouth, my pussy started to squirt, gushing my juices, and my Mom got a face full of my girl cum as I howled and thrashed wildly as my whole body convulsed in ecstasy. Momma kept her mouth tightly against my pussy, not letting me go until the last pulse of orgasm had spent its force.

My legs were gently lowered, and the chair was lifted backwards, and I was back under my bridal shower.

Missy whispered to me, “Enjoy baby, that was part 1, now, wait’ll you see what part 2 of your bridal shower entails! “

Family Love 

Families who have sex together
Lovers who are over eighteen
A daughter and father are lovers
This behavior is in their genes

He loves to fuck her in her butt
His wife doesn’t like it up her ass
His daughter loves sex and other smut
His wife complains she has gas

He bends his princess down
And slides his cock right in
She’s smiling with no frown
Later they’ll fuck skin-to-skin

Susan’s ass is very tight
As he holds her curvy hips
Daddy will fuck her all night
Susan grunts and bites her lip

Daddy fucks his sex queen
She’s screaming his name
How he loves his slutty teen
Fucking her is a wonderful game

Meanwhile, Mother fucks her son
He’s Susan’s twin and really hung
His mother loves his sexy buns
She loves to lick his cock with her tongue

Mother is on her knees
Michael is holding his dick
She opens her mouth with ease
And sucks Michael’s prick

Daddy puts Susan on her back
And fucks her slutty cunt
He plays with her firm rack
While she moans and grunts

Mother is milking Michael’s cock
Giving her son amazing head
His mother loves to cock-suck
Michael wants to fuck now on his bed

Daddy releases his come
Into his daughter’s wet box
They’ve had so much fun
While Susan enjoyed Daddy’s cock

Michael’s mother is on her side
He lifts her leg right up
Her pussy is opened wide
He calls his mother ‘buttercup’

Michael’s mother is loving his dong
He’s so fucking big
Her son is smelling her thong
Her son is quite a pig

Michael’s mother starts to scream
Michael has blown his load
He fills his mother’s cunt with cream
Growling as he explodes

Everybody goes back to their rooms
They’ve enjoyed their incest relations
This family is probably doomed
Over their family sex situation