While I Was Bleeding

Where do I begin to explain the beating?
You watched as I sat there bleeding,
You never cared about my feeling.
My hurt had no healing.
Rape after rape I knew I had to escape,
never allowed to look up,
never allowed to talk..
Beat me so I couldn’t walk..
I remember the day I almost died,
you laughed, while I cried.
You beat me so bad while you cursed out my dad!
I could never withstand the pain, you are insane!
You played me like a game..
This time I win, and you, you have committed a sin..
When you burn in hell, which time will only tell,
god will ask you, “why, why the beating of this woman whom you took to love?
Did you forget who was watching from above?”
Remember when I hid under the bed from you, what was I suppose to do,
you kicked me in my tummy,
I lost our baby and you thought it was funny.
You degraded me and put me in dirt,
you loved to see me hurt.
Now that I have gotten away through my planned escape
I have no more tears or any fears but the memory will last for years.
God has blessed me and now I’m not afraid to see.
I am brave, brave enough to have a child now,
brave enough to have found marriage,
and brave enough to believe in love,
thanks to god above..


So Many Doors Of Pain

My mind is full of many doors
Where lots of secrets dwell.
Not many people get inside.
I’m scared they might just tell!

Door one was first established
A very long time ago.
I was only four to start with.
I guess I didn’t know.

By eight it had grown worse.
It hurt more than you could know.
I tried to stop and tell him.
He wouldn’t listen, though!

Many things happened
Behind this wooden door.
I learned to shut up and say nothing
So I couldn’t hurt anymore.

I was just young and small
What sort of fight could I give?
I lived a life of silence,
At times too scared to live.

Door two was small in comparison.
Just one event lives here,
Another horrid memory,
One fueled by lots of beer.

He came in one night mistaken.
At least that’s what I thought,
Until he wouldn’t go away.
Again, more pain he brought.

I can’t write what he did.
The word escapes my mind.
I just floated into dreamland
Until eventually he left me behind.

He came back within minutes.
Once obviously wasn’t okay.
I tried to tell him to stop and no,
But he wouldn’t go away.

I pretended it didn’t happen.
Went to school the very next day.
This door is heavy and solid,
Behind it this memory stays.

The third door is even bigger.
Betrayed by a best friend.
Again, the word no meant nothing.
It’s like it never ends!

There are other doors in there,
Although these are relatively small.
I often look for reasons.
Deep down aware there’s none at all!

It’s easier to blame myself.
That way there’s a reason.
However, shame and anger linger.
Tears may come this season.

These doors need to be opened
To make room inside my head.
I want it to be a happy place,
Not one that’s full of dread!

Loving My Daughter ( In Ways That I Never Thought Was Possible)

All characters are/were over 18 at the times of portrayal.


My wife Andy changed when our daughter became a teenager; I think she thought Janet had become a rival to her. Andy became so dark and spiteful. Things came to a head when Andy became violent with Janet when She was fifteen. Andy tried to strike at her daughter, but Janet youthful reflexes enabled her to push her mother away.

Unfortunately Andy was in the direction of a flight of stairs . . .

Andy survived, but from her hospital bed she set the police on Janet  was taken into custody and I first visited my daughter to comfort her, then to my lawyers and thirdly to the hospital to serve my wife with divorce papers, then back to Janet

I did what I could for Janet but I’m not a lawyer and I’m not rich; the court ended up sending her down for four years, to a young offenders’ institution. I visited regularly and she seemed to be doing okay there. At the very least she kept her head down, finished her schooling inside and got time off for good behaviour.

Janet release came just after her eighteenth birthday, which I was glad about; since any longer and she would have been sent on to a normal prison. We met in the release room, where she signed for her things and her parole.

She hugged me tight for what seemed like an hour; I felt the form of an adult woman pressing against me, where I had only been used to a child before. She was still shorter than me, but she had grown up.

Janet was quiet during the car ride home, except to ask where we were going; I explained I’d moved house, gotten a two-bedroom place for us since the divorce. When we arrived I showed her around and she remained quiet. It was only after I commented that her room was smaller than her old one that she whispered warmly that it was perfect and she hugged me again, pressing her face into my chest and she cried.

I let my daughter get it out; the mass of bottled up emotions she had been concentrating within her. Not letting go of me she sobbed as she told all of her fears, the possibility that I might abandon her, that she might go back to prison, that she had no future, that her mother might come back . . .

(Of course she wouldn’t know that her mother could never come back. A couple of years ago during the divorce she had shown up drunk and tried to attack me. I lost my temper and snapped her neck. I threw her body off of a bridge and with the alcohol in her blood the coroner concluded suicide. I kept all of it from Janet for her mental safety.)

I pulled Janet  off of me and looked her in the eyes. I said that I would be there for her, for as long as I lived, unconditionally. I told her I loved her more than any other person. Jess replied likewise and said she owed me everything.

That evening we had a takeaway and just watched TV together, enjoying each other’s company. I decided to turn in and Janet followed me up.


I was just falling asleep when I heard my bedroom door open. “Daddy, are you asleep?” (Janet had been calling me ‘Dad’ since she was ten, but on seeing me today she had gone back to ‘Daddy’.)

“Not quite, darling, is something the matter?” I asked in the dark.

“I don’t want to be on my own tonight.” She said nervously. “Daddy?”

“Okay.” I replied “It’s a bit of a shock being on your own again isn’t it, having a room to yourself again? Still you’re a grown woman now; just this once, darling.” I lifted up the covers on my bed and I heard her shuffle over until she found the bed in the blackness.

Janet climbed onto the bed and slid in between the sheets. Her hands and legs found my body and she pulled herself against me. “That’s nice.” She said softly as her head rested on my shoulder.

Something was amiss, I felt. Suddenly it came to me and my hand instinctively felt across, feeling only hot skin, not fabric. “Janet, are you wearing pyjamas?”

“Oh Daddy” she giggled. “I’m completely naked. Why don’t you take your ‘jammies off too?” I could feel her hands now feeling over my chest. This wasn’t the touch of a child, it was the touch of an adult; a lover?

“Janet; what are you doing?!” I said with a sense of urgency at the boundary my eighteen year old daughter seemed to be intent on bending, if not outright crossing.

“This is the only way I can thank you, Daddy. I’m here to give you what a man needs.”

“No!” I cried out and reached for the bedside lamp. We both squinted as it suddenly illuminated the scene, I lifted myself to a sitting position. “You don’t need to thank me at all. And I’m your father, this is just wrong. This isn’t how we should be.”

Janet looked at me pleadingly. She was sitting up too, holding the duvet to cover her chest. “But Daddy, I want to. All the time I was inside, you were the one who gave me hope; you gave me the strength to keep going. All I could think about was you, alone out here. Now I’m out, we’re together. We’re both adults. I even kept my virginity inside, to save myself for you.”

“Look darling, I think you’ve got things mixed up; one thing that should be two. I’m your father; I’m here to protect and support you. There will be another man out there for you to find; someone your age with whom you can fall in love with and build a future together.”

“Daddy; but what about your future? I want us to be together.”

“I’ll support you until you find your Way, and I’ll always be here just in case.” I was looking at my daughter torn between the image before me of a naked nymph in my bed, and the person that was my child. I was tempted certainly but I had to think of her actual needs first. “I can’t be your lover too, I’m your father.”

“I don’t care. You’re the only man in my life; I want to give you everything. I’ve had almost three years to think about this and my mind is made up.” Janet said, deliberately dropping the duvet to show off her pert breasts.

One of her legs was wrapped around mine. My cock was erect from the stimulation of her touch and view. She pulled away the duvet and took hold of my cock through my pyjamas.

I reached out and grasped her wrist. “No!” I said firmly.

“Trust me.” Janet replied.

I can’t explain it; my grip slackened and I let go of her wrist. She opened my pyjama Fly and pulled my cock out. I don’t know why I let her, but I felt I couldn’t move, like I was only a spectator as she crossed the line into incest.

“It’s so beautiful, Daddy; your cock is gorgeous.” Janet said, in quiet awe. “It’s better than I imagined, so much.”

I watched as her dainty hands grasped it while her body re-oriented. She stroked my cock a couple of times, which felt amazing, and then she plunged her mouth onto it, taking my eight inches deep into her throat.

Despite my pseudo-paralysis I was trying to stop her, but the moment I felt the tightness of her throat around my cockhead; I gave up and accepted it. Partially because my mind was now flooded with both hormones and a single question; where the fuck did she learn to do that????!

Janet must have read my mind as she came up for air “I did it Daddy! I practiced on Kealy’s dildo for months, to be able to deepthroat you! But a lump of silicon isn’t a cock; I didn’t know for sure until now! Woo!”

And to prove it wasn’t a fluke, she did it again; sinking her head down over my cock until I felt it bending with the shape of her throat as her lips kissed my crotch around the base of my cock.

She came up again and looked frustratedly at my cock. “Daddy, I so want to make you cum and swallow your cream, but I’m going to have to do that another time.” My teenage daughter turned to look at me. “Daddy? Can you take my virginity now please?”

I took a deep breath; this was all happening so fast. “Honey, are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want to hurt you. We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“I’m an adult now. I know exactly what I want. It’s not something normal, but I don’t care.” Janet said indignantly.

“I’ve been an adult for a lot longer; I wish I always knew exactly what I wanted.” I replied honestly.

“You haven’t been stuck inside with nothing to do but think about it, Daddy! I need you to take me, take my virginity and claim me as your lover.” Janet raised herself onto her knees and took my hands, pulling me up too.

I watched as she laid down on her back, her gorgeous flawless naked teenage body on display for me.

I knew I couldn’t deny either of us this so I climbed over her, my rock hard cock rubbing her belly as I placed my legs between hers. I moved down the bed, kissing her all the way down and sucking her nipples in turn.

“Just fuck me, Daddy!” She cried as I lavished attention on her body.

“No darling. Not this first time; . . . losing your virginity . . . can’t be the result . . . of a quick fuck. First I’m going . . . to taste you” I said as I reached her shaven sex. I cupped my mouth onto her wet snatch and probed inward with my tongue. The taste was unbelievable; I had found the ultimate flavour.

“Oh God! Daddy!!” Janet gasped as I licked her out “Yes, yes, lick my Pussy ,Daddy! It’s yours; all yours!”

Her hands pressed my head against her. A part of my mind was still incredulous; this was my little girl I was eating out; and yet now I was doing it, it didn’t feel wrong. We had simply found the ultimate way to express our love. I was eager now to take her; but this was my girl’s first time, so I took my time eating her out. Janet was already nice and wet but I was also enjoying her sweet virgin nectar.

It was also a massive turn on to know I was not the first person to eat her; how many lovers had she had on the inside? One thing was certain; they would have all been hot teenage girls just like her . . .

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddeeee!” She cried “I’m cumming!”

As she screamed out, her nectar flooded out. My little girl was obviously a squirter, very sexy. I drank it down and continued tonguing her pussy and rubbing her clit with my nose. The pressure from her hips was massive as her body clenched in her climax, my hands kept my head from being crushed.

As she descended from her orgasmic high I stopped licking and brought my head up. “Now you’re ready.” I declared.

“Yes, Daddy. Please fuck me. My body belongs to you now.”

“I love you Baby.” I said as I climbed over her. Any lingering doubts about the incestuous act I was about to commit had long faded. My daughter was now a grown woman; she had adult needs now.

“Daddy, please fuck me” Janet repeated “I know it’ll hurt but I have to have you inside me, so much!”

She is so beautiful beneath me. Her body is perfect and screams to be fucked. My cock is harder than I’ve ever known it, almost painfully engorged ready to serve my daughter. I guide it to her petal-like lips and slide it into her 

“Slowly please Daddy!” She cautions breathlessly, experiencing her pussy filling up for the first time.

“Trust me honey.” I replied, already going as slowly as I dared. She was very tight but so hot and wet; I was resisting plunging in, but only just; the last thing I wanted was to hurt her. I realised this was the thing about incest; we already had such a deep love and caring bond with each other that sex was simply a step further.

“I can feel you; you’re on my hymen. I’m ready Daddy; break through!” Janet said gasping as her vagina gripped the tip of my cock. “I need you in deep!”

I could feel it too. “How do you want it honey? Fast or slow?”

“Slow please Daddy, make me a woman now please!”

I added force and could feel it stretching.

“It hurts Daddy! It’s so painful.” My daughter cried out.

“Stop?” I asked, worried.

“No! Just fucking do it!” Janet screamed through the pain.

I pulled back a bit, and then plunged deep into my daughter, bottoming out inside; my balls slapping on her arsehole outside.

Janet eyes went wide “Fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed.

I held still, not wanting to hurt her any more.

After a few seconds, Janet looked up directly at me, grimacing. “Daddy, it still hurts but I think I’m ready now to get fucked.”

“Not fucked, darling. Loved.” I corrected her as I slowly pistoned in and out of her tight pussy. “I’m making love to you, my angel.” And I kissed her.

Janet responded to the kiss and our tongues soon met, sloshing together as we kissed passionately as we coupled. The kiss was broken as she orgasmed, gasping for breath as her body fluttered beneath me.

I slackened my effort as I waited for her to finish, my cock gently sliding in and out of her tight hot wet spasming quim. I want to make it last but my daughter was too tight a fit. I pulled out and let Her recover.

After a minute her eyes opened “Why did you stop Daddy?”

I kissed her again, still holding my body over hers. “I’d have cum, darling, and you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it.”

Janet looked down At her body at my still erect cock. “You’re all . . . bloody.”

“Yeah, that’s what happens when you shove something through a tissue membrane. Take a good look angel; that was the only time I want to see you bleed. Are you ready to keep going?”

“Can I be on top, Daddy? Oooh!” She asked and squealed as I responded, dropping my body onto hers, wrapping my arms around her; and rolling us on the bed.

“How’s that?” I asked, now lying on my back with her on top of me.

“Fun!” Janet replied as I released her from our embrace and she rose up over me. “I can’t believe I’m doing this! Again!” she said as she manoeuvred her hips over me, aligning her pussy over my cock.

I just laid there and let her handle me into docking angle. I was watching the look of concentration on her face.

She sighed as she lowered herself, embedding my bloody cock back inside her. “Ahhh, that’s better. That’s where your cock belongs, Daddy; in my Pussy. I was made to fit it.”
“It certainly is a tight fit darling.” I observed.

“Exactly!” She said, starting to bounce on me.

The delay had relaxed me and so we were fucking for a while. I loved watching her pert breasts bouncing and I held her hips with my hands, giving her a little help and steadiness.

“This is it Daddy, this is what I dreamed of when I was inside, I was riding my Daddy’s big cock; he was filling me up and fucking me!”

“I’m nearly there darling. Tell me who you belong to?” I asked.

“I belong to you Daddy; I’m Daddy’s little bisexual fucking slut!”

“So  fucking right!” I agreed and used my hands to ram her down upon me, my cock deep inside my daughter’s vagina as my orgasm hit and I fired up into her.

“You’re cumming Daddy! Aaah! I feel it hitting my insides!” Janet cried out “I’m cumming too Daddy! You’re too fucking gooooooooooood!”

I pulled her upper body down and held her body against mine as the last of my cum deposited inside my daughter. Her nipples were like bullets, indenting into my chest.

Janet raised her head once her orgasm finished and looked at me.

I broke the silence that had followed our orgasms. “I love you darling.”

“Love you too.” Replied Janet and we lightly kissed. “I meant what I said, Daddy; I belong to you now.”

“At least until we find you a nice boy your own age, darling. I can give you what you need for the now, but you need someone for your future.”

“The future can wait Daddy. I’ve got you back and I’m happy with now.” Janet said and slipped herself off me and laid her body beside mine, with her head on my chest. “Now is everything I need.”

I put one arm around her and the other pulled a sheet over us. We talked, basking in the afterglow of sex and feeling completely close to each other.

“What made you start thinking about us, sexually?” I asked, curious.

“Well, girls talk a lot. I learned so much in that place. A good number of the girls had been abused by their families; I mean sexually; some actually enjoyed it, most didn’t. One thing got me thinking; how could a father rape his own daughter? It seemed so evil at first. I thought of us in that situation; if you had forced yourself on me . . .”

“I would never do that!” I interjected.

“Oh Daddy, I know. But it turned me on; the idea of you taking me for your own pleasure. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. But I knew you wouldn’t do it, because you love me; I had to give myself to you first.” Janet explained. “I realised it was what was missing from both our lives and it would make you happy, and me too. Look Daddy, I really don’t want this to be a one-time thing.”

I stared at her. “Honey, what we’ve done is wrong and probably illegal too. But damn society, I’ve never felt closer to you. As long as you want to make love, well; I want to too.” I pulled her to me and we kissed again. “Besides, I own you now.” I added lightly.

“Yes, Daddy; I’m yours.” She replied seriously.

After a while, Janet lifted herself up and asked “Are you tired?”

“Not really, darling; you don’t have to go or anything.” I replied, looking up at her.

Janet played with my chest hair. “No, Daddy. First; I’m never leaving your bed. Second; I want to fuck again.”

“I wish I had your youthful energy, darling. I think I can manage another go. What do you want to do?” I loved her energy and realised I was going to be kept very fit; just from fucking my teenage daughter, or the exertion could kill me . . .

Janet looked at me with a mischievous glint in her eye “Would you like to fuck my arse, Daddy? I’m not a virgin back there, but I’m still nice and tight.”

“Who on Earth have you been having anal sex with?” I asked incredulously.

Janet smiled “Oh Daddy, don’t worry; yours will be the first real cock in my arse. When I was inside we . . . well, all the girls, we . . . well, fucked like rabbits! Strap-ons, toys, fingers and licking each other! When you lock a load of horny teenage girls up together; that’s what happens. But I wanted to save my pussy for you, so when I got initiated I sacrificed my other cherry instead.” She giggled “Turns out I like anal, so it wasn’t too much of a bother. Where do you keep the lube?”

“Lube?” I said blankly. “Err, I haven’t got any.”

“Oh my poor Daddy; all this time you’ve had no-one to love you; no-one whose arse needed fucking regularly. Don’t worry, you can get me nice and slippery with your tongue and I’ll then do the same to you.”

I got up and had her lay on the centre of the bed. I pushed her legs up until her knees were at her ears, exposing both her holes. I had her hold her legs in place and I went for a damp wash cloth.

Returning, I washed the entrances to my daughter’s holes and then my cock.

I discarded the cloth and bent down to get personal with her vagina again. She writhed as I ate her out. “Daddy, my arse, fuck my arse” she moaned.

“Patience, angel.” I replied and continued to tongue her cunt for a short while. Then I moved down her perineum and latched onto her arsehole with my mouth. I made as much saliva as I could and spat it into her rosebud and licked around it, enjoying her anal flavour at the same time.

Then I moved up over her, aligning my cock with her mouth. “Give it a good wet suck darling” I instructed, lowering my erect cock into her mouth. It felt heavenly as my daughter blew me but I regretfully pulled out.

I moved back down until our faces were level. “Ready?” I asked.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” She replied and we kissed for a moment then I aligned my cock.

I pressed against her anus, while watching her face for expressions of pain.

“Put it inside!” She moaned softly.

I pressed forward and felt her anus slide around my cock.

“Go deep, Daddy! You’re filling me up!” she exhorted as I continued to slide in. My cock felt like it was being crushed, but I could feel it was Janet skilful use of her muscles rather than her arse being unaccustomed to penetration.

I bottomed out, my balls resting against her. Janet relaxed her legs, letting them press against my shoulders

The Love Of Pain

I want,
To fuck you,
Till it hurts;
Both of us.

I will suck,
Your nipples,
Mark them with,
Kiss bruises,
While you,
Rake my back,
With nails,
Drawing blood.

My grip on your butt cheeks,
Will leave hand prints,
In angry red.

Your hands will mark,
My butt cheeks,
To match yours,
With spots of blood,
Where your nails,
Dig in.

I will spread you,
Stretch you,
Pound you,
My cock,
into your cunt,
Bruising your groin,
Damaging mine.

I will moan your name,
In tune to your,
Crying out mine.

Your hips will buck,
Your legs will shake,
Your cunt will tighten,
Your pussy will flood.

My groin will slam yours to the bed,
Pin it there,
My cock will throb,
My ejaculation will fill you.

We will lie exhausted,
On sweat stained,
Blood stained sheets.

Our bodies will,
Each other,
For days.


My Name Is Cat
My Sister Is Jada
I am Ten
And she is Eight

Our dad’s always mad
He screams and he yells
I don’t think he likes us
It’s easy to tell

Mum’s only kind
When dad’s not around
And when he is home
She hardly makes a sound

Mum’s always out,
Never home
Dad’s always drunk,
And always alone

As soon as we hear
Those jingly keys
We run and hide
We run and plea

We find a place
And curl up tight
I hold her hand
And she holds mine

And soon enough
Dad then walks in
Don’t make a sound, don’t say a word
I pray inside, deep within

But Leigh, she cannot help herself
For the pain is just too much
“O-God” she yells
“Why are you so mean?”

He doesn’t like what she has said
And beats her even more
And with one last hit
Hard and strong, he pulls away and watches

She takes one last Gasp of air
Our hands still holding
Then falls to the ground where I sat
And doesn’t move a muscle

I stare at him
My eyes so blue
He looks at me
And yells “O you!”

“How dare you
Make me so mad
This is all your fault
Go cry be sad!”

My name is Cat
My sister is Jada
I am Ten
And my beautiful sister was only Eight

That day my Daddy
Murdered her
My best friend
She was my world

We stuck together
Through thick and thin
But now she’s gone
I’m lost within

When I was Ten my sister Eight
My Daddy murdered Jada
Since that day I have not spoke
For it’s speaking that made her die.

Hush Little Sister

I was abused from the age of four by my family, as was my older sister, who died from the abuse. I am now twenty-one, and this poem is what I sometimes wondered about – if she was looking down on me and helping me survive. When I was rescued at the age of twelve, I was encouraged to write down my feelings, and this poem was something I created back then. This is the first time I’ve shown it to anyone, and I dedicate this poem to my sister, whom I hope is at peace.

Hush, little sister
Please don’t cry
I wish I could be there
To sing you a lullaby

I can see your arms
Bloodied and bruised
That’s strange, little sister
Mine were like that too

I know you scream
When Daddy’s there
Hush, little sister
I know you’re scared

I can see the way
He’s hurting you
I’m sorry, little sister
He did that to me too

I know that people
Ignore what’s going on at home
That makes me angry, little sister
You shouldn’t have to be alone

Hey, little sister
You want to know why I’m not there?
It’s a sad story, little sister
But people should care

You see, little sister
One day Daddy got high
You were asleep in your crib
So you didn’t hear my cry

He screamed at me
And smashed my head against the door
While you slept, little sister
I died on the floor

You know, little sister
I don’t think that I would have died
If someone had only bothered
To listen to my cries

But hush, little sister
Daddy’s coming home
Quick, get into bed
You don’t want him to find you alone

I’m sorry little sister
He’s in a bad mood
Run while you can

Uh oh little sister
He’s lifting his belt
Scream while you can, little sister
Call for help

Hush little sister
You don’t need to cry
No one can hurt you
You’re in my arms tonight.

MILF Slut Sequel Four 

Sandy’s evening at the Party Boat was not over. She was still full of lustful energy and felt as if she was only in the first inning of a nine inning game. After several minutes, Sandy decided to go out onto the deck for another look at the stars and full moon while Terry napped. It was a warm and comfortable summer night with only a suggestion of a breeze when a man came up behind her and said,

“Hi Queenie.”

Like Sandy, except for his thong and nipple clamps, he was nude. He had the start of a beer belly even though he was still young and was sporting an erection that Sandy could not ignore.

“Hello,” she said politely. “Looks like you are having a good time?” she said, gazing at the firm appendage between his legs.

“It’s okay. I wanted to do anal but Louisa doesn’t do anal. She wanted to be with Guy anyway. She’s there with him and Sylvia,” he said with a slight slur. “It’s okay. Now I’m here with you Queenie. Do you do anal, beautiful?”

“I suppose so, but it depends on my mood.”

“What’s your mood now?” the man asked.

“Romantic. The full moon really gets a girl in the mood.”

“So, let me do you here,” he said rather forcefully.

“No way. I’m not doing anything out here,” Sandy said leaving no room for compromise.

“Okay, let’s have a drink in my cabin.”

“Alright but just a drink.”

He grabbed her nipple chain and led Sandy to a cabin a few doors down from number three.

The man still hadn’t introduced himself when they stepped inside the room. He poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels.

“Ya want some?” he asked gruffly.

She said she didn’t drink whiskey.

“Okay, you don’t drink whiskey, but you do anal and that’s just fine with me. Bend over on the bed, slut,” he said brusquely and gave her a shove.

Sandy had never been treated that way but his rough manner turned her on in a way she had never experienced. She bent over on the bed as he had commanded, then turned back to him and said,

“I don’t do this without a condom.”

He was rubbing his dick to get himself harder in anticipation of plowing into her ass, but he stopped for a minute to reach on the bedside table to grab a small foil package and a jar of Vaseline.

“Here ya go whore. If you want it, put it on.”

Sandy took care to roll it on his stiff prick so as not to tear the latex. He gave her the jar of jelly and she obliged by smearing a large glob over his hard member.

“Get over by the bed, tramp,” he demanded.

In a strange way, being humiliated just made her feel sexy and she felt her juices flowing again. Sandy inexplicably enjoyed the suggestion that she was nothing but a fuck doll.

She bent over the bed waiting for his assault. The man’s first motion was to rip down her thong then split her ass cheeks with his cock entering her ass without the slightest hesitation. He banged into her for a couple of dozen savage strokes and was finished.

“Okay, get the hell out of here, bitch.”

“You’re an ass whatever your name is,” she said slamming the door when she left with cum oozing out of her rear and Vaseline smeared all over her ass cheeks.

Terry was awake when Sandy stumbled into cabin three. “My God, Sandy, you look like a tornado hit you.”

“I know. I met some jerk out on the deck. He was rude, condescending and an asshole. He treated me like I was a whore and his slave.”

“Oh you must be talking about Big Al. Ya know, when he has been drinking he gets that way but otherwise he is a teddy bear. Come over here. You need a hug.”

Sandy didn’t go into any more details but after cleaning herself up, she joined Terry on the bed. She felt the comfort of his arms and the warmth of his body. Quietly in a deep voice he began talking about his life saying he had been married for three years to a woman who was married to her job.

His wife was away on business trips almost every month and sex with her was mostly a quickie. He couldn’t explain why he had married her. They have little in common and are not a good match. Last week his wife filed divorce papers. Terry said he was unhappy and thought the Party Boat would boost his morale.

Sandy said she had a good marriage although being on the Party Boat was exciting. Her friend, Phyllis, had talked her into it and maybe her curiosity had gotten the best of her.

She said, “Here I am and you’re making tonight better than I could have ever imagined!”

“Let’s take off those clamps so I can help your nipples feel a different sensation.”

Once her nipples were free, it took time to get them feeling normal again but with Terry’s help, they soon became sensitive and responsive. He placed his lips up against each breast and circled her nipples with his tongue. Sandy’s erect nipples were ripe for Terry to suck sending electric sensations between her legs. She was moist again and eager to sit on his stiff elongated pole.

On top was her favorite position and that is where they began their second coupling. Sandy rode him with her accustomed energy and enthusiasm. Wanting more, she reversed herself and rode reverse cowgirl. Later, he slipped into her cunt doggie style and she indulged herself with the pleasure of each stroke . The blissful action lasted well into the night with Terry cumming often and Sandy enjoying euphoric highs with each of her orgasms. They fell into each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep around three in the morning. It wasn’t until dawn that Sandy gave Terry a gentle nudge to wake him.

Sandy said, “Terry, we need a shower. We both reek from last night,” and dragged him half awake into the shower.

She loved soaping his balls and penis. The contrast between his dark skin and the white soapy bubbles made for an alluring sight but best of all was the feeling of her hand washing the slimy soap on his soft balls and stroking his hard cock. Terry also enjoyed the moment by rubbing her heavy breasts giving special attention to her clit.

The shower stall was tiny but they managed. When they had rinsed off, Terry stood with his legs far apart inviting Sandy to use her lips on his squeaky clean shaved testicles. She got the message and was quickly on her knees. Water continued to cascade down their bodies as Sandy moved between his legs. His balls hung like fruit on a tree and she devoured them with her lips and tongue. His cock grew even harder and was full and hard again.

“Sandy, I need you one more time.”

She smiled. Terry helped her stand in the shower and she turned her back to him. The compartment was so small that when she leaned over offering him to take her from the rear, her head hung outside the stall. They both knew he was too big to take her anally, so he forcefully plunged into her cunt. His hands held her hips to help steady her as he continued to thrust into her welcoming pussy.

Terry drove his thick, rigid cock into her with strong, deep strokes. She once again entered that blissful serene world of sexual tranquility. Being filled with his hard muscular cock felt so overwhelmingly right that at first she couldn’t manage to say anything, yet she squealed with delight. She wanted to feel his cock pulse again and fill her with the spreading warmth of semen as he had done earlier.

Without thinking and unashamed, Sandy yelled, “I want you to cum inside me like it’s the last time you will ever cum.”

He moaned as he realized what she meant.

“I want you to shoot your jizz inside me, deep. Fill me with your seed my beautiful knight. Shoot that cum into me.”

Her orgasms began to build and with a quick flick of his middle finger on her clit, she was over the edge. Sandy came with orgasms so powerful that she was on the verge of fainting.

“Oh, God,” he said as his own orgasm began. The pressure behind the base of his cock finally erupted. His cock and balls convulsed together as he threw himself deeper into her clutching cunt, shooting volley after volley of his sperm-rich semen inside her fuck tunnel. Rope after powerful rope of his potent seed filled her pussy until he collapsed from exhaustion. And when their orgasms subsided, he locked eyes with her deliberately squeezing his last few milky drops of cum into her. She watched with pleasure, revered it and enjoyed it to the very last drop.

“Sandy, you get better each time we fuck,” he said as they helped each other towel off. “You are the fuck queen I had hoped for,” he said giving her a kiss.

“And you are the cock knight I have dreamed about.”

They dressed and went to breakfast, but first the Black Knight handed her a gift. It was like Phyllis had said, a sealed envelope to be opened later.

Sandy was home around two on Saturday afternoon. She showered again and changed clothes putting all evidence of the Party Boat in the washing machine to clean away the stains from the previous night. Her daughters arrived home about an hour later.

Sandy overheard the girls tell each other of their overnight with Herald and Floyd. She only half listened but learned that each of the girls had spent the night fucking these guys. She couldn’t afford to be hypocritical since she had been doing the same thing. She thought, “Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Sandy closed her bedroom door for some privacy. She sat on the bed and opened the envelope. Inside were five crisp new hundred dollar bills along with Terry’s business card. It read, “Call me. Love, your Black Knight.” And Sandy made a mental note to be certain to take advantage of his offer.