Morning Glory

Each dawn when the rays of the rising sun

Announce the coming of another day,

Even before the lethargy of sleep

Has relinquished its hold upon my mind,

Sweet memories of the torrid passion

Of our many nights of ecstatic love

Arouse exquisite stirrings in my loins;

And whilst warm limbs are bound in lassitude,

The beating of my heart grows fast and strong

Sending hot blood coursing through my body

And awaking my still recumbent cock

Until it stands erect in carnal pomp.

No longer able to resist the pulse

Of lubricious delight which burns like fire

Along the spine of my hardening shaft,

My fingers seek those sweet and tender spots

Behind the swollen crown, and with slow strokes

I rehearse the sensation of my cock
Parting your delicate engorged petals

And sliding deep into your velvet heat.

The motion of my hips thrusting upwards

Recollects the balletic ecstasy

Of our nightly ride on waves of rapture,

To the summit of libidinous joy.

An impulse of autoerotic lust

Captures me within its exquisite grasp

Driving me in ever faster frenzy

Towards the sweet death of orgasmic bliss.

The onanistic intoxication

Of erogenous self copulation

Fills my mind with explicit images

Of your soft naked flesh flushed with desire,

And piercing jets of promiscuous fire

Erupt in arcs of priapic pleasure,

On the altar of carnal elation,

In ejaculatory paradise


New Girl In Ladies Prison

she was a good girl
but she partied too much
she got in trouble
and dropped out of college
her parents could not control her
smashing the family car again
and again
running away with boys
fucking all hours of the night
cat on a hot tin roof
and it was time to
extinguish her sins
in the Ladies Prison
she stood in the chow line
large women, black women,
straights, gays, lesbos
cunt whores, bikers
and they looked at the
new girl
“Wait till we get you
in the showers whore”
said the biker lady
“You gonna’ purr like
a kitten down there”
a black lesbo said
she ate her oats
and another big lady
bumped her
“You come to me honey
if you need protection,
I got pussy around her for sale
too,,,, if you need that” she said.
“You be my little cheesecake
& I can be your sexy Mommy”
she said
Buffy, was afraid
and it was time for the showers
The guards told her to strip
near the laundry basket
the guards were licking their lips
her small 5 foot frame
and pointed nipples to the sky
were hard as rock
and her blonde pig tails
were hanging low
her blonde pubic area
had a tuft of fur
and a lady guard
took a smell of her naked
as the girl reached for a towel
in the shower room
white girls, black girls,
pink girls, whore girls
tattooed and sweet
hairy pussy
bald eagle pussy
Tomboy lesbos
and they watched
the new little girl
touching herself with
a pink soap bar
and they nodded
to each other
“Get her”
they yelled
two black girls and a white
girl pulled her by the
and slapped her face
“To the laundry room”
and they carried her away
like a meat pie–
shoving her down,
onto the leather training table
a bondage room homemade
by guards & inmates
they got her wrists and ankles
in leather cuffs with
stainless steel rings
and she was helpless
she could not fight
they got her restrained
and she peed on the bed
“You like black girls whore?”
asked the white guard
“I could learn” the girl said
Buffy was spread eagled on
the leather table
and the black girls
had evil grins
“You gonna’ be our slave
down here” one said
The black ladies each
took a nipple of Buffy
and bit her nipples
sucking and biting
trying to arouse the girl
she tossed and turned and
could not fight the fight
the white guard
began licking Buffy’s inner thighs
with her long pink tongue
she began a game of cat & mouse
teasing her girl bud
and flicking her tongue on the
girl’s erect clitoris
“Mhhhhhhhh ohhhhh”
and she arched her back
the black girls continued sucking
her pussy
all of a sudden, a black man
entered with a large erection
He walked over to Buffy,
and put his cock on
Buffy’s inner thigh
teasing her
Then he pushed his cock
slowly into her girl hole
he built a tempo
and went in & out
in & out
and she was being fucked
to the gills
oh yeah she yelled
and he slid in & out
taking slow turns
of pounding her
then stopping & starting
she was being fucked very
the black girls continued sucking
her nipples
& now French kissing her
the white lady also
French kissed the black girls
the man grunted and let his
semen ejaculate from his
cock head
into the girl’s
honey hole
the black girls
dried the
girl’s sweating forehead
with a towel

Flashback Of Sexual Abuse A La’ Carte

Daddy’s whip stung
the neighbor lady
liked foot long hot dogs
salivating through a
leather bondage mask
whips, the flanks & buttocks
not the place for honest people
whores and perverts
masturbate through their clothing
leaving stains permanently
on their dirty clothes
and salty souls
a girl screaming
as the penetration
takes control
the whip
a girl with long braids
and red freckles
her fingers
in petroleum jelly
a man and woman
getting it on
in a bean bag chair
dogs biting a screaming
singing drunk
in a basement recreation room
foreplay of a man
and woman
not the place of honesty
greed, lust, perversion
no laws, no rules
too many years ago
hidden chambers
riding on top
a boy turned into girl
a girl turned into boy
big cocks
and super 8 movie
too strong
in this town

April Likes Mommy’s Big Boobs

April was the neighbor girl
and Mommy was the pervert
after school buddies
a lady & a girl
toenails painted blue
nipples hard & pink
a woman’s pussy
and a younger girl’s
tight pink slit
running fingers through
a mature woman’s
pubic hair
kissing of tongues
sucking of chins
I will be your slave
you suck me here
I will kiss you there
forced to the nudist colony
people after hours
fucking on the floor
Mommy has big boobs
riding on top
her milk udders
so fucken’ delicious
in a girl’s mouth
biting the big nipples
she is lactating and
Mommy’s milk
squirts down a girl’s
pink throat
big pink phallus
up a girl’s ass
pain and grunting
the orgasm is
not far away
April loves Mommy’s
big boobs
tasty as peaches
sweating in the sun
bare feet on my shoulders
the taste of Mommy’s pussy
is dirty and evil
please don’t catch
us in our

I’m Sorry

i’m sorry
but im going to devour you
like toast with butter and jam
let go to me
loose your self in the exaltation of suffering
albeit a difficult pleasure
feel me ruin you with every strike and stroke
blister tear and pierce
a quandary of liberation bleeding
take more then whats dished
ill turn you into a gushing river of squeals
and filthy verse
in four letter words

i’m in love with your anus
colored almost purple
like a wild mouthed poem
make it kiss me
let it eat my face
its more beautiful then an Hawaiian sunset
more tender then a baby lamb
your sweet lipped vulva
a buttery sticky bun
its drools liquid diamonds

i’m sorry
i hit your tits so hard
but they bounced and bounced
and it drove me near mad
so gorgeous bruised and bleeding
casaba torrents
all hot stings and sweet

you stand glorious
between beauty and annihilation

your mouth swollen from being slapped so hard
nose bleed and mucous
your eyes enormous wombs
like fingers touching me

oh baby
im sorry
your tears imploring
pleading and drunk
on hair pulling frenzies

curse my brutish rampage
of sex gone mad
turning your body
into clouds and red splash ribbons

don’t be sorry
she said
with pursed lips
your torments are my own
i am an abyss of dark desires
a savage wraith
i want to kiss you like a lecher
all nipples and cherries
with legs squandered wide
a Halloween grotesque
with a ponytail

are you going to eat me
like a communion wafer
if it will save you
am i not a saint of lust

“There is no greater love
than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”

so have your fun at my expense
make me your house of horrors
for the scalding of your whip

ill be good
please do your worst
and ill show you my best
promise me
pretty please
kisses and cries
i am all rainbows and ash

Star Light

Little light across the way,
I wonder what you have to say.
Like a beacon in the night,
it guides my eyes towards the light.

And if I peer to yonder glow,
what new things am I to know?
I search across the darkened field
and wait to see what it may yield.

To see a shape or shadow there

causes me to halt and stare.
It dances there for me to see
and builds my mind’s own fantasy.

I know its fruits are out of reach,
and right from wrong my heart does preach.
But still I look across the way
and wonder what you have to say.

Sexual Communion

pomengranate feelings
each a jewel
in their captured state
meant to be savored
one at a time

taste of me
bite into my lust
& free my tortured soul

i writhe in agony
at the thought of your touch
just a wink away

we are on the edge
falling off the precipice of sin
be my savior
hear my confession

as i go to my knees
i whisper hail marys
to the tip of your hardness
& i swallow all of you

take in my sunshine
while i throat your darkness
my wicked priest of debauchery

bend me to your will
i’m a little girl lost
discpline me
with an ungodly pounding

hung from the cross
of your disapproval
i take you inside my tightness
& cry out in pain

delving ever deeper
until i’m pulsing sweet juices
upon your unholy member

my ass now a black hole
it drips your cream
holy communion given
& salvation recieved